Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s son rose to the top skirting lobbying rules, critics say

Mayor Carlos Gimenez, right, and his son, Carlos Gimenez Jr.

By Francisco Alvarado
As his father rose to power from county commissioner to strong mayor, Carlos Gimenez Jr. has climbed his way to the upper echelon of South Florida’s lobbying corps representing prominent clients like Donald Trump, the PGA Tour and American Traffic Solutions, the nation’s largest red-light camera operator.

Gov. Scott’s undisclosed interest – via First Lady – in Zika mosquito control company

Gov. Rick Scott and First Lady Ann Scott

By Dan Christensen
Florida Gov. Rick Scott has an undisclosed financial interest in a Zika mosquito control company in which his wife, Florida First Lady Ann Scott, owns a multi-million dollar stake through a private investment firm she co-owns.

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Gov. Scott quietly rakes in millions from stock sales; Florida’s blind trust law ineffective

Gov. Rick Scott
Photo: Joe Burbank, Orlando Sentinel

By Dan Christensen
Over the last 15 months, Gov. Rick Scott and his wife, Ann, through various entities, made more than $17 million selling hundreds of thousands of shares a single stock. Scott’s blind trust sold shares of that stock worth $2.54 million in December 2012. You aren’t supposed to know that. Gov. Scott isn’t supposed to know it either.

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A loss of faith: Fort Lauderdale church sale angers parishioners, worries neighbors

Fort Lauderdale's Episcopal Church of the Intercession

By Ann Henson Feltgen
For 60 years, the Episcopal Church of the Intercession has provided religious guidance and ministered to the needs of its congregation. Now, plans by the cash-strapped Episcopal diocese to sell the church and its peaceful, four-acre parcel in Fort Lauderdale’s South Middle River neighborhood, is roiling both church members and neighbors.

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Hollywood planning board members quit after conflict of interest warning from city attorney

Hollywood City Attorney Jeffrey Sheffel

By William Gjebre
Two Hollywood Planning and Development Review Board members have resigned after being warned by the city attorney of potential conflicts if they continued to serve while doing work for projects needing board approval.

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Voting rights advocates try to put oversight back the map


By Kara Brandeisky
When the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a key part of the Voting Rights Act last June, justices left it to Congress to decide how to fix the law. But while Congress deliberates, activists are turning again to the courts: At least 10 lawsuits have the potential to bring states and some local jurisdictions back under federal oversight – essentially doing an end-run around the Supreme Court’s ruling.

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Medicaid contracts, a close friend, big money and Gov. Scott’s re-election campaign

Gov. Rick Scott

By Dan Christensen
Before the Legislature convenes in Tallahassee next Tuesday, Coral Gables healthcare tycoon Miguel B. “Mike” Fernandez will host a Sunday afternoon BBQ with Gov. Rick Scott, his wife Ann, and key members of the governor’s campaign finance team.

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Comcast Foundation gives to minority groups likely to aid approval of Time Warner buyout


By Jason McLure
Center for Public Integrity
s Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Cable Inc. roll out a massive lobbying effort to win regulatory approval for the merger of the nation’s two largest cable companies, one key step for the companies will be garnering the support of prominent civil rights and minority groups.

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A psychiatric hospital for North Ridge site? Oakland Park commission set to decide


By Dan Christensen
UPDATE: FEB. 21 — With anxious residents watching at city hall and at home on computers and cable television, Oakland Park has put off for two weeks a decision on whether to approve a controversial psychiatric and drug rehabilitation hospital. The reason: Wednesday night’s hearing ran too late to finish the hearing.

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Judge: Deerfield Beach pump maker MWI doesn’t have to pay millions sought by U.S.

MWI Headquarters

By Dan Christensen
After a bitter, 16-year fight with the Justice Department, Deerfield Beach pump maker MWI scored a big victory last week with a federal judge’s ruling that the company isn’t liable for any damages for its violations of the False Claims Act.

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Payments to CEO raise new conflicts at top health quality group

Dr. Cristine Cassel, President and CEO of the National Quality Forum, speaking before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions. Dr. Cassel was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional outside compensation after she was hired in December 2012. (

By Marshall Allen
The top executive at the country’s pre-eminent health care quality organization is being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by two large medical companies that have a stake in the group’s work.

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