Trump money too hot to handle, but tainted donors back Miami-Dade mayor, opponent

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and School Board Member Raquel Regalado

By Francisco Alvarado
As Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez gears up for a tough 2016 re-election battle against Miami-Dade School Board Member Raquel Regalado, the political organizations supporting the two candidates are taking money from donors with scandalous histories.

Better late than never: Online access to court files arrives in South Florida


By Dan Christensen
Nearly two decades after the federal courts did it, state courts in South Florida and across the Sunshine State have begun to allow the public online access to documents contained in case files.

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Hospitals grab at least $1 billion in extra fees for emergency room visits

By Joe Eaton and David Donald
The Center for Public Integrity
Judging by their bills, it would appear that elderly patients treated in the emergency room at Baylor Medical Center in Irving, Texas, are among the sickest in the country — far sicker than patients at most other hospitals.
In 2008, the hospital billed Medicare for the two most expensive levels of care for eight of every 10 patients it treated and released from its emergency room — almost twice the national average. But the charges may have more to do with billing practices than sicker patients.

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How doctors and hospitals have collected billions in questionable Medicare fees

By Fred Schulte and David Donald
The Center for Public Integrity
Thousands of doctors and other medical professionals have steadily billed higher rates for treating elderly patients on Medicare over the last decade — adding $11 billion or more to their fees and signaling a possible rise in medical billing abuse, an investigation by the Center for Public Integrity has found.

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Hallandale city manager calls in special auditor to review property bought from ex-congressman

By William Gjebre
New Hallandale Beach City Manager Renee Crichton has hired an independent auditor to review the controversial $1.1 million purchase last year of property from a charter school company run by former Broward County Congressman Peter Deutsch.

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Foreclosure Fail: Study Pins Blame on Big Banks

By Paul  Kiel, ProPublica 

Over the past several years, we’ve reported extensively on the big banks’ foreclosure failings. As a result of banks’ disorganization and understaffing — particularly at the peak of the crisis in 2009 and 2010 — homeowners were often forced to run a gauntlet of confusion, delays, and errors when seeking a mortgage modification.

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Mysterious “wife” of 9/11 hijacker visited Broward County Courthouse as terrorists struck

By Dan Christensen and Robbyn Swan
A woman who identified herself as the wife of Mohamed Atta, the 9/11 hijack leader, appeared at the Broward County Courthouse the same day the terrorists struck seeking to clear up Atta’s traffic record.

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The Bailout: By the actual numbers

By Paul Kiel
Quick, how many billions in the red are taxpayers on the bailout of GM? AIG? Fannie and Freddie? Is it true that the government has reaped a profit from bailing out the banks?
It should be easy to find answers to such questions. But while it’s a snap to find rosy administration claims about the bailout, finding hard numbers is much more difficult.

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Hollywood mob lawyer Joe Varon’s final case: daughter vs. caregiver in messy probate fight

By Ann Henson Feltgen
During a 40-year career attorney Joe Varon defended mobsters and other notorious figures, bragging while not all got off the hook none were executed. Now, it is his heirs who are in court.

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Worried over money for schools, teachers oppose ballot measure backed by Catholic Church

By William Gjebre
An argument over government support of religious organizations and schools has erupted between unionized teachers and the backers of a state proposed constitutional amendment, including the Catholic Church.

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Mitt Romney’s tax mysteries: A reading guide

By Cora Currier, ProPublica Last week, the website Gawker published more than 900 pages of documents from Bain Capital, the private equity firm Mitt Romney founded, and headed from 1984 until 1999. The document dump didn’t reveal much about Romney’s personal investments, but it added a bit more to the pressure on Romney to release more of his […]

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