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  • Thank you Bob Graham and Broward Bulldog. Real American patriots!

  • Exemplary journalism and public service.

  • too many questions exist as to why our government was not able to stop the attacks. and why we were told that a plane hit the Pentagon, when a plane did not hit the Pentagon.

  • i think it has less to do with the saudis and more to do with a false flag operation that apparently had to happen so that we could take over the middle east. We are now on President #2 that told us he would stop it and once he got in the pit couldn’t, so there is obviously a much bigger picture and story going on that we are better off not knowing…. not saying it’s right, but it is what it is. Those buildings were demolished with explosives, that’s pretty obvious and there are some “highjackers” who are still alive, that’s been proven too…. so I don’t think Graham is really helping us much here. Our relationship with the Saudi’s has to do with why we think we need to take over the Middle East and our odd obsession with that region and little to do with 9/11. 9/11, i believe, was only a touchstone event, not the grand event itself. When we find out what is really going on over there and what are goals really are, 9/11 will pale in comparison.

  • Thanks to Senator Bob Graham for his dogged determination in shedding like get on the important truths behind the attack of 9/11 as well as the role of Wahhabism in incubating and driving terrorism throughout the world.

    It is sad that many of the people following this Saudi connection still hold on to the belief that 911 what is a “Black flag ” plot. Ironically, the reality is both obvious and logical.

    I continue to hope that the investigative journalism by the bulldog and the efforts of good people like Senator Graham will hopefully bring us the truth.

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