Investigative news is in peril in South Florida.

Investigative reporting uncovers injustice, exposes corruption and holds those in public decision-making positions accountable for their actions.

But our area’s traditional newsrooms are distracted. Declining revenues have led to major staff reductions and there simply aren’t enough reporters to cover all of the courts, government entities, public services and businesses that may run afoul of the law and ethical practices. Citizens who rely on corporately owned media to make sense of local government – and keep tabs on those who run it – no longer get the alert watchdog they expect.

In the fall of 2009, — now — emerged from the turmoil that defines the new media marketplace as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. We keep watchdog journalism alive by paying attention to and publishing important stories that otherwise go uncovered because of shifting priorities and lack of resources in the region’s conventional media outlets.

We believe journalism is a public service that is essential to a free and democratic society. We are committed to bridging the gap by delivering more of the original, local, issue-oriented news and information our community needs. is a member of the Institute for Nonprofit News.


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  • ??????
    A good community service

  • Great gesture, but not too much attention is being paid on judicial corruption. We cannot continue to look the other way when we know judicial corruption is widespread in Florida. We cannot be afraid to report it when we see it. The law is the law, it is not politics in the courtroom.

  • Is the corruption I have to report which includes most of all the above, going to survive for any significant good? How am I protected? The corruption is so real and reality for me since 2005 and culminated in crimes entering a public school to stalk and successfully lie to his honest partner, lie to the office with badge and ID, to surprise the teacher, lies boldy through his smile, SRO called and trusts, to learn years later, from me, what happened that night. Since, good policeman retired, and not responsible. Partner lied to not responsible, but forced to retire with Shady Aux Sheriff to precede the plan to come to my home in the evening to correct me with anger and power. I had become free, and how dare I leave an insanity situation. When their corrupt way is seen as inviting. It was not for me. I will not tolerate it anymore and wonder can even the Florida Bulldog handle it, I am collapsing in defeat with no support that I have a responsibility to expose. I need a reporter to see what I have first to make a decision we can agree on as to what is to be done to upheave the unleashed fraud, perjury, cover-ups, and all in the name of what I do understand. Our society for good. We live in a democracy where law and allegiance to law for God and our greater good is the standard. I am called to expose, but scared. HELP ME TO HELP YOU TO HELP US THE U.S. As the Bulldogs you are! netm RSVP

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