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  • this is what the future of journalism will look like.

  • I came to this site because I was impressed with’s work on the Gabrielle Shaink Trudeau story. I am not surprised that you are veteran journalists. I hope your funding remains solid.

  • I just saw the Broward Bulldog mentioned and thought I’d look you up. I founded the Austin Investigative Reporting Project (dba The Austin Bulldog) a year ago and got 501(c)(3) approval in September. I will go live with the site on April 1. I just thought I’d let you know you’re not the only Bulldog in the news business.

    Good luck with it.

  • We love this site! A lot of our staff is from South Florida and were pleased to see it spring up. It gives us motivation to know this is happening elsewhere — not just at UCF.

    We’ve been digging into covering corruption in Student Government here that was going unexposed by traditional media. Good luck to you as your pave the way for the future of journalism!

  • I am glad that my I was told about this site. Florida desperately needed a real news site. I look forward to reading more great stories.

    Thank you,

  • Can you tell me if you heard anything about the broward school board swapping the KCW building for the atlantic bank building on cyress creek. Could they do with with out the citizens vote?

  • I never see news about the Memorial Healthcare system, I have my own opinion about the system, but would like to hear what the Broward Bulldog’s opinion of the hospital system is.

  • The ongoing nepotism in Broward Schools needs to be addressed, it continues to place incompetent people in leadership roles. One look at the Alpha Kappa Alpha website shows many members wearing their ID badges at private events on school property. The HR hiring guidelines are clear about hiring people based on family connections or the organizations they belong to.

  • Kudos… If this is the future of news publishing, then I approve…. We must break up the MSM logjams that leave us dangerously uninformed.

  • Well done, Broward Bulldog, you appear to have it cracked. Your views and analysis are on the ball. Ireland sadly needs its own alternative media outlet to deal with all the “legal corruption” aka, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, political, regulatory and Director Capture. Wbechave been described as the wild west of White Collar Crime…………keep it up.

  • sorry, should have read- “We have been described……….

  • 9/6/14

    “A Sunny Place for Shady People – Broward County Crooked Judges & Courts.”

    To Whom It May Concern;

    Please investigate Judge John J Murphy III, Broward County he is due for automatic unopposed re-election, November 2014.

    In a recent wacky court case CASE Number CACE12034544

    Sherwood Condominium Association VS Vanda Grant (age 67)

    Judge Murphy III, issued a “Writ of Possession”, to people whom did not own the property and the 67 year old women “Vanda Grant “was evicted!! Furthermore, Judge Murphy is blocking her access to the court.

    Coincidently, The President of the Sherwood Forest Condo Association, is a Broward County Firefighter – Patrick M Jones.

    Is Firefighter Jones using his influence, as a Broward County employee with the Judge? There is a grave injustice and this has not played out to the letter of the law. The Broward County Court System is corrupt, it truly is the Wild West! There is no due process.

    Subsequently, I understand that there is a motion pending his disqualification in this case. I am a concerned citizen. I will attend a hearing, but the Judge is not granting a hearing! How could Judge Murphy III, let someone have a “Writ of Possession” for a house they did not own?
    Vanda Grant needs the media to help.

    Please contact the Attorney on this case Rose M Bute.

    I am contacting every agency and the news media for help. Time is of the essence.

    Kind Regards,

    Concerned Citizen CocoAnn

  • Well done, we need more sites like this.

  • Please help me!!!
    I’ve been permanently expelled from Miami Dade College for ‘words’ uttered….the us dept of education forced miami dade college to sign a voluntary agreement; however, its more than one year later and i’m still not returned to College.

    Who the heck is getting paid off? WTF?

  • Dan,

    I was always a fan of yours when I worked in radio news in Miami and I stumbled upon this site tonite, while dealing with (yet, another) judicial corruption in Pennsylvania, where I have lived and worked since leaving Florida in 1994.
    I could not agree more with your assessment of the breakdown of the news “business”, as that is all it really is, now – a “business” – and our job as journalists to, “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” is now compromised by the conglomerates driven by profit rather than the quest for truth.
    PA has its own judicial, legal, political, etc., troubles, and is ranked high among states for corruption, but I’m saddened to see all the troubles in South Florida, as well, because it harkens my feeling that the demise of investigative journalism has led to an increase in corruption among government employees and public servants, since the number one purpose of the press is to “keep government honest”.
    I only wish I had stayed in Florida to get to the bottom of who, exactly, framed my beloved ex-husband, Cary Keno, shortly after he announced he was not running for re-election so that he could join his new wife in Philly. That case has never been solved, to my satisfaction, even though Cary was acquitted in 45-minutes.
    There was a lot of wrong-doing on the part of a whole lot of people – none of them Cary – but the press dropped the ball
    At any rate, keep up the fantastic work, and I will keep reading.
    It’s good to know there are still some of us “old-schoolers” left.
    Elaine Keno
    At any

  • What does it take to get the Broward Courts to stop a pro se litigant from making a joke of the courts using plagiarism of other lawsuits to get out of paying debts and to harass people?

    A Broward County man plagiarized significant parts of a defamation lawsuit written by Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman. The Complaint claimed that author James Risen in a book, Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War wrote things that subjected NSA and CIA whistleblower Montgomery to “what is in effect a Fatwah which is an open call for any and all militant Jihadi Muslims should kill Plaintiff.”

    In trying to convince Broward Courts he had suffered damages from his ex-girlfriend a pro se guy plagiarized those exact words (perjury anyone?) and yet his lawsuit is being allowed to continue? The guy even summonsed his own 90 year old grandma for a deposition. What gives in Broward courts for junk lawsuits to be taking court time?

  • Any watch dog group monitoring hospice companies in florida

  • I am a former bso deputy. I was fired and I might have some dirt for you. Lmk

  • Here we go again … Another land grab with the City Commission giving away public land to the damn good hospitality group. The last opportunity for a downtown park given up for a potential white elephant! I suggest you do a report on this pending commission vote / action before it becomes too late

  • I have proof Nassau County Sheriff & Fernandina Beach Police Department Office is Skewing Crime Statistics by refusing to Document Crimes, refusing to take reports. I have proof of Perjury, Misconduct, Falsifying Investigations and Reports. I have Assistant Chief Tambusco recorded refusing to correct Egregiously False 28 page Investigation Report and refusing to accept Proof the Report is False. I have 5 years of Public Records on these actors.

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