By Clay Duda, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange 

It might make for a more leisurely summer, but Kennesaw State University student Steven Welch didn’t dump college courses to have more free time. He did it because he couldn’t afford the cost.

Welch, 24, had to make the move because he no longer qualified for a Pell Grant to cover the cost of summer tuition.

Restrictions on the grant program, long used to help low-income and some middle-class students stem the cost of higher education, were enacted by Congress last year — but students are feeling the impact for the first time this summer as the changes are implemented across the country.

By Lilly Fowler, Fair Warning

Rescuers work at the scene of three boys trapped in a grain bin at Consolidated Grain and Barge in Mt. Carroll, Ill. Photo: Sauk Valley Media

Two summers ago, Wyatt Whitebread drowned in corn at the age of 14.

It happened on a hot July morning, while he was working at a grain handling operation in Mount Carroll, Ill. Soon after Whitebread climbed inside a storage bin to help empty it, equipment whirring nearby created a downward force, essentially turning the corn beneath the boy’s feet into quicksand.


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