Gov. Ron DeSantis and Freddie Figgers during a trip to Tokyo in April to meet with Japanese business leaders UPDATE: Oct. 31 The Orlando Sentinel reports "As Scrutiny Mounts, DeSantis' Disney District Cancels No-Bid 911 Contract" By Dan Christensen, Oct. 29 - The Florida Commission on

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony. Photo: CBSNews By Dan Christensen, Believe it or not, but there’s been another delay in the administrative trial of Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony on charges that he has repeatedly lied under oath throughout his career as a police officer. Canceled is the previously

By Francisco Alvarado
In a three-month span, North Bay Village Mayor Brent Latham’s relatively controversy-free tenure has sustained a few dings. He was found to have likely violated state law barring public officials from accepting expensive freebies from people doing business with governments they represent. And


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