Coconut Creek officers kill man with Tasers; Police clam up about Wynmoor shooting


By Dan Christensen
Coconut Creek Police officers firing Tasers killed a man early Sunday morning inside the sprawling Wynmoor condominium complex, a usually tranquil gated retirement community, has learned.

Sexual affair between Miami judge, witness alleged amid tainted U.S. court proceedings

Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigator William Majcher and Miami federal judge Ursula Ungaro

By Dan Christensen
A dozen years ago, Miami federal judge Ursula Ungaro sentenced Martin Chambers to 15 years in prison for money laundering. For years, hushed allegations have swirled that the judge slept with the government’s key witness – a dashing Royal Canadian Mounted Police undercover agent.

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Embattled nonprofit Plaza Health Network sells property, insider pockets millions

The original facility of the Plaza Health Network, the Hebrew Home of South Beach, was sold last year for $13.6 million

By Francisco Alvarado
When nonprofit Miami-Dade nursing home operator Plaza Health Network sold a prime slice of Miami Beach real estate for $13.6 million last spring, its board chairman, Russell Galbut, collected more than $3 million for himself and his real estate company, Crescent Heights, according to company documents reviewed by

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Humana facing new federal scrutiny over private Medicare plans

The entrance to Humana headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky

By Fred Schulte
Center for Public Integrity
Giant health insurer Humana, Inc. faces new scrutiny from the Justice Department over allegations it has overcharged the government by claiming some elderly patients enrolled in its popular Medicare plans are sicker than they actually are.

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Going from bad to worse: the new southbound exit at Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood airport

SouthboundUS1exit ramp600

By William Hladky
The new southbound exit ramp out of the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport funnels vehicles to an intersection so congested it is rated near the bottom for traffic flow, according to a study commissioned by state transportation officials.

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Town’s class action RICO lawsuit says Florida public records law misused to extort settlements

Martin O'Boyle, left, and Christopher O'Hare

By Dan Moffett
The Coastal Star
Town of Gulf Stream in South Palm Beach County has rolled out the heavy artillery in its legal war against residents Martin O’Boyle and Christopher O’Hare, filing a class-action RICO lawsuit Feb. 12 in U.S. District Court.

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Miami-Dade commissioners find $30 million to fix iconic courthouse

The Dade County Courthouse

By Francisco Alvarado
Last year, local judges and prominent attorneys led an unsuccessful campaign to convince Miami-Dade voters to foot the bill for a new $368 million civil court building, plus $25 million to fix up the iconic Dade County Courthouse. The measure failed 2-to-1. Now it turns out Miami-Dade County already had a pot of taxpayer money available for extensive repairs needed at the deteriorating, 87-year-old landmark.

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Jeb Bush’s missing emails detail his lobbying support for Bacardi as contributions flowed

A screen shot of the home page of

By Dan Christensen
The mass release of emails covering presidential aspirant Jeb Bush’s years as governor omitted at least a dozen emails documenting behind-the-scenes lobbying support he gave to liquor giant Bacardi.

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Federal highway agency takes a hit over safety report on electronic billboards

Photo: Scenic America

By Myron Levin
Why did the billboard cross the road? It sounds like the opening line of a corny joke, but it’s actually a question raised by a baffling glitch in a Federal Highway Administration study on the safety of electronic billboards.

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Bulldog Extra

Josh Stein, a mentally troubled man of 38, died of an apparent accidental drug overdose the day after Christmas.  Broward’s elected public defender, Howard Finkelstein, says Stein’s death can be traced to anxiety and stress caused by “cattle car justice” meted out in Broward’s Felony Mental Health Court. In a letter last week to Chief Judge Peter Weinstein, Finkelstein chronicled Stein’s journey through the system after his burglary arrest in July 2013 for an ill advised taking, without permission, of a sickly red-footed tortoise that Stein wanted to nurse back to health. Finkelstein, who helped establish the specialized court to protect the mentally disabled in 2003, now says Felony Mental Health Court is a failure that must be shut down. 

Josh Stein

Josh Stein

Dear Chief Judge Weinstein,

Josh Stein is dead. A 38-year-old man has been forever silenced. His mother and father will never again see his smile, hear his laugh or hold and hug him. Their only son is lost forever. Now they are left with only pictures and memories.

He died a victim of Broward County’s Felony Mental Health Court’s callous, misguided treatment of the mentally ill. Full Story »

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