Chief of FDLE Miami office retired after probe found he sent thousands of sexually suggestive texts

Troy Walker
Troy Walker ran the FDLE Miami Regional Operations Center. Photo: Google

By Francisco Alvarado,

For nearly a decade, Troy Walker lorded over the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Miami office with the iron fist of a paranoid tyrant. But it was Walker’s penchant for sending sexually suggestive text messages on his work-issued phone that led to his departure.

Last summer, Walker abruptly retired as special agent-in-charge of FDLE’s Miami Regional Operations Center, which he helmed since 2014.

The FDLE immediately clammed up about the matter. Florida Bulldog filed a public records request on July 5, 2023, seeking FDLE’s internal investigative reports about Walker’s departure. Earlier this month, after receiving no response, Florida Bulldog attorney, Edward Birk of Jacksonville’s Marks Gray law firm, notified FDLE that we intended to sue to obtain those public records.

Several days later, FDLE released its report of investigation. It laid out the reasons behind Walker’s sudden departure from the law enforcement agency that employed him for more than 25 years.

The probe, conducted by FDLE’s Office of Executive Investigations, sustained that Walker violated state agency policies, including “standards of member conduct, use of resources and acceptable use of information technology.”

troy walker
Troy Walker

A forensic audit of Walker’s work-issued phone revealed that he sent and received 6,886 “inappropriate and unprofessional” text messages of a “flirtatious subtext and/or sexual innuendo” with 13 individuals not employed with FDLE between Dec. 22, 2022 and June 16, 2023, the same day he retired when he was informed about the internal investigation, the report states.

The report does not identify the individuals Walker communicated with or cite any of the allegedly sexually inappropriate texts he sent and received.

“It can be determined that SAC [Special Agent in Charge] Walker failed to exercise good judgment and maintain the highest standard of professional and ethical behavior at all times,” the report states. “It can be determined that SAC Walker demonstrated a pattern and practice of misusing his assigned FDLE phone for personal communications.”

Walker, 57, did not respond to Florida Bulldog requests for comment via email and his LinkedIn profile. He also did not respond to a message left on the voicemail of his parents’ phone number. Personal phone numbers associated with Walker were either disconnected or belonged to individuals unrelated to him.

FDLE spokespersons Dana Kelly and Jensen Rayburn did not respond to requests for comment about the report and events that precipitated Walker relinquishing the top post in Miami. Last July, FDLE Commissioner Mark Glass promoted Felipe Williams, the Miami office’s then-assistant special agent-in-charge. 


According to two former FDLE Miami special agents who left the agency just prior to Walker’s retirement and an ex-FDLE supervisor who remains in contact with law enforcement employees in the Miami office, the top brass in Tallahassee, including Glass, forced Walker to retire.

On the day he left the agency, two assistant FDLE commissioners flew to Miami and met with Walker, the three sources told Florida Bulldog. Walker was given the option to retire or face termination upon completion of the internal investigation.

FDLE Commissioner Mark Glass

“Thereafter he was taken home by a special agent,” the ex-supervisor said. “The assistant commissioners called a group of agents into a mandatory meeting where they were told that Walker had retired effective immediately.”

It marked an inglorious end for Walker, who rose up the FDLE ranks since he joined the agency in 1997. During his first seven years, Walker was assigned to the Tampa Bay Regional Operations Center, where he was promoted to assistant special agent-in-charge in 2011. Three years later, then-FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey appointed him to the top post in Miami after predecessor Addy Villanueva was demoted and Miami’s second-in-command, Robert Breeden, was forced to resign. 

At the time, another FDLE executive investigation determined the Miami office — which encompasses Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties — was a dysfunctional, hostile workplace due to constant friction among Villanueva, Breeden and their subordinates. Bailey tapped Walker to restore order and morale.

But in February 2015, two months after taking over the Miami office, Walker was briefly placed on administrative leave with pay while FDLE investigated a “citizen’s complaint” against him, The Miami Herald reported. According to the ex-FDLE supervisor, Walker allegedly pulled his gun on a motorist during a road rage incident in Hillsborough County. State prosecutors declined to move forward with criminal charges and the internal probe was closed without any disciplinary action.

Apparently, Walker’s temper spilled over into his workplace, according to the most recent investigative report against him.


The executive office began a preliminary inquiry into Walker after receiving an anonymous complaint on Feb. 17, 2023 accusing him of creating a hostile work environment by ruling “with an iron fist” and utilizing “threats and intimidation,” the report states.

Ex-FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey

Walker allegedly singled out law-enforcement personnel assigned to the Miami office before he took over in an attempt to force them to resign or retire. Walker allegedly derisively referred to these special agents as “Old Miami,” according to interviews with five sworn officers in the Miami office, including two supervisors, as well as text messages and emails reviewed by internal investigations special agents.

One of the witnesses, Special Agent Aida Limongi, relayed that Walker told her “Old Miami agents did not trust him, were out to get him, were disloyal and disgruntled,” the report states. Other special agents told their Tallahassee counterparts that Walker had a “hit list” of employees he wanted to get rid of.

Special agent supervisor Dennis Roadruck told executive office investigators that Walker used the term “coward” to describe “individuals who talk behind his back or complain to Tallahassee,” the report states. Walker also made statements about wanting to engage in hand-to-hand combat with special agents who badmouthed him inside a boxing ring at FDLE Miami headquarters, Roadruck told executive office investigators.

The report also cited a text message in December 2022 that Walker sent an unknown individual in which he disparaged special agent supervisor David Quigley, who oversaw an FDLE field office in Key West. “He is worthless and one I inherited,” Walker’s text said. “He’s one of my worst. I only have two supervisors left from Old Miami and I wouldn’t have promoted either [of them.]”

The executive office investigators determined that no further investigation into Walker’s harsh management style was warranted, but the forensic analysis of his phone and other electronic devices turned up the inappropriate text messages, the report shows.

Additionally, the investigation uncovered that Walker violated FDLE policy by emailing his brother, Riviera Beach Police Major Travis Walker, an internal report about a police shooting investigation involving a deputy from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. Walker sent the report on Jan. 30, 2023 to his sibling’s work email address even though the document could only be shared with FDLE personnel, the report found. Travis Walker did not respond to an email request for comment.

Last November, executive office investigators contacted Walker to ask him if he wanted to review the case file. He declined. The probe was officially closed in January of this year, the report states.

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  • This latest unsuccessful cover-up is no surprise whatever to professional law enforcement officers. FDLE has never been what it claims to be. It was built in loose sand and has struggled since 1970:to have an identity, a purpose, a jurisdiction & a qualified, capable workforce. They have never come close. They want you to believe they are to the State what the FBI is to the nation. Most definitely not so, even as that has shown itself to be a self-immolating image. FDLE lacks standing, earns no respect whatever and continues in the sad tradition of using coverups & lies to mask its inadequacies. Perhaps the worst insults are:
    1. using this inept, inexperienced outfit to “investigate” alleged transgressions by other true law enforcement entities & persons. What would these paper pushers know about street cases in which real Police Officers use force? What?
    2. Permitting them to filch & intervene in important cases throughout the state, again because they have no true venue & simply lack the individual & collective experience/integrity to do such work. I have witnessed from inside their laughable attempts at validity numerous times as they tried to squeeze into big publicity cases to grab a piece of glory or relevance. Cops openly laugh at the “Special Agents.”
    I defy the press or their own dishonest media office to present a collection of 5 major criminal cases that were a successful product of a solo FDLE investigation. Prove me wrong. We’ll be waiting.

  • Postscript: Let’s not forget that it was FDLE that covered security for Governor Chiles who died alone in the gym without discovery by his bodyguard team. Impressive.

    And we should certainly hold high confidence in their investigative abilities when our current Governor gave them the simple task of doing a background check on his proposed appointment for Broward County Sheriff. The best they could do was check to see if there were any local warrants for the applicant’s arrest, requiring never getting off their chair. A partial list of what they missed: name change, murder arrest & prosecution, forgery arrest, various illegal drug usages, participation in a swingers adult sex club, multiple violations of state & federal firearms laws, written perjury on State firms for driver licenses, incomplete & false police agency applications, false claims of educational & athletic achievements, questionable performance evaluations at his only previous law enforcement job, which in itself was a prohibited hiring. Ad nauseum.

  • There is so much more that FDLE covered up. For example, who received “inappropriate” text? It was certainly not just to people outside FDLE but also to a subordinate. And this POS was married; I wonder how his wife feels about all this?

    FDLE would arrest itself for its lies and crimes if it were capable of honesty and integrity. While there are good people who work there, the shit rolling down hill is stinking everyone up!

  • Any chance those texts were to Sergeant Toney? Asking for a LEO who was fired for that Toney did.

  • Troy sends inappropriate messages and quits as I guess he should have. Sheriff Scumbag Toney blows someone’s brains out, hides it, lies about it a million times and gets protected by Troy’s old agency. 😂😂😂😂. Good thing Sheriff Dummy didn’t use LSD, get his license suspended 8 times, watch other men bang his wife, lie on FDLE forms, bounce checks and lie approximately 33 times on police applications. Oh wait, he did. Almost not believable I can’t figure out why Ron The Dummy DeSantis protects this garbage. Maybe Sheriff Sharp Shooter will give him a job. Look on the bright side of things. We get to keep listening to Sheriff Mumble Mouth tell us how important honesty and integrity are. 🤪

  • If Troy wasn’t a Democrat this wouldn’t have happened to him. smh

  • Tragic. Another vignette in the sordid LEO debacle at all levels these days, esp under DeSantis. Unless obvious if caught it’s just “more Men at work doing just about everything they SHOULD NOT”. Miami Dade, Broward, wherever. Good riddance to rds January 2027. He can beat the streets as attorney at large looking for Clients. He will never be elected to political office again.
    Take that to the Bank. Thank you Francisco Alvarado, DC and FL bulldog.

  • It NEVER ENDS in South Florida! Crooked politicians, prejudiced, corrupt judges, lying lawyers, dirty cops and now the head of the FDLE Office in Miami, Troy Walker…who thinks with his dick instead of his brains!!! 6886 text messages to and from 13 women found on his FDLE-issued phone! And ALL of them within a 6-month period! When did this Asshole find time to do any work?!?! Now, we get to the part no one has mentioned…yet! If even ONE of those women comes forward and files a sexual harassment claim against Troy Walker and the FDLE, it will be yet another major scandal connected to the law enforcement community in South Florida! Let’s not forget the 17 Broward Sheriffs Office deputies and employees that were indicted for PPP fraud!
    All the woman would have to say is that she engaged in texting activities with Troy Walker out of FEAR of RETALIATION by Walker if she didn’t!!! (Remember his “tyrant” reputation).

    By now, Troy Walker’s wife should already be filing for divorce and taking him to the cleaners! Did Walker’s indiscretions include ONLY his sexually-oriented texting? Or did it go FARTHER??? Did he “hook-up” with any of those 13 women? It certainly would seem likely! This story may NOT be over!

  • Edward Crespo has the best understanding of this entire fiasco. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Thank you Edward.

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