ATI career school company implodes amid fraud claims; $3.7 million whistleblower settlement

By Dan Christensen, oie_2941128RKljF32J (1)

A for-profit career school operator with once-bustling campuses in Broward and Miami-Dade counties agreed this month to pay $3.7 million to the government to settle whistleblower fraud claims.

ATI Enterprises, which operated as ATI Career Training Center, agreed to the payout while denying accusations it had recruited students at homeless shelters, strip clubs and among criminals, then forged paperwork to make them eligible for thousands of dollars in federal tuition grants and loans.

The settlement, announced by the Justice Department last week, comes as crisis managers liquidate the Texas-based company by selling off assets and transferring or referring students to other schools, according to interim CEO Michael F. Gries.

At its height a few years ago, privately held ATI boasted 24 campuses in five states with more than 3,000 employees and 16,000 students. It was valued at more than $400 million.

ATI’s South Florida training schools in Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, the Doral area west of Miami International Airport, and Miami Gardens closed at the end of last year, Gries said.

Whistleblower Dulce Ramirez-Damon

Whistleblower Dulce Ramirez-Damon

The settlement resolved a pair of federal whistleblower complaints, including one filed in federal court by Dulce Ramirez-Damon, ATI’s former assistant director of education in Fort Lauderdale.

Ramirez-Damon’s False Claims Act complaint was filed in secret in July 2011. It alleged that ATI had engaged in a “systematic and nationwide fraudulent practice of forging documents and records to create an appearance of student eligibility in order to receive federal funds.

A similar whistleblower action was filed in federal court in northern Texas in 2009. Both suits have now been made public.

Private individuals bring false claim lawsuits in the name of the United States. They share in any recovery, in this case up to 25 percent plus attorney fees.

After investigating, the government decided to intervene on Aug. 7 in Ramirez-Damon’s case for the purposes of settlement, court records say.

The Department of Justice’s press release said ATI’s payment would resolve allegations it “falsely certified compliance with federal student aid programs’ eligibility requirements and submitted claims for ineligible students.”

ATI also allegedly misrepresented its job placement statistics to authorities in Texas in order to maintain its licensing and accreditation, the press release said.


Federal prosecutors in Miami, Washington, and Texas investigated, along with the Department of Education’s Inspector General.

“Federal financial aid is there to help students attain their dreams and goals, and misuse of these funds to increase corporate profits is unacceptable,” Miami U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer said in a press release. “We are committed to ensuring that federal student aid is used for the benefit of students.”

Neither Ferrer’s office, nor Ramirez-Damon’s Miami lawyer, Bjorg Eikeland, responded to requests for comment.

Former ATI CEO and Chairman Arthur E. Benjamin

Former ATI CEO and Chairman Arthur E. Benjamin

ATI has changed hands a couple of times in recent years, with the current owner being Texas-based Ancora Holdings.

But according to Gries, “all of these allegations” engulfing ATI occurred under the leadership of former ATI Chief Executive and Chairman Arthur E. Benjamin, a resident of Delray Beach.

Benjamin, who now runs Salt Lake City-based Stone Mountain Investments, did not return a phone message left with his office. Here’s a link to a You Tube video he made about ATI when he was CEO.

Benjamin worked at ATI from 2005 to 2011. While there, he contributed tens of thousands of dollars to a bipartisan array of Congressional candidates, according to federal election records.

Florida recipients of Benjamin’s largess include: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston; Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Miramar; ex-Reps. E. Clay Shaw, R-Fort Lauderdale and Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton; and Charlie Crist, the ex-Republican and ex-governor and presumed frontrunner for the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

The whistleblower lawsuit alleges that within a month of Ramirez-Damon’s hiring in October 2009 it became apparent to her that ATI was engaged in active Pell Grant fraud. She said she notified her superiors, but that company management chose “to look the other way.”

Ramirez-Damon claimed she was abruptly demoted in April 2011 and transferred off the Fort Lauderdale campus at 2890 NW 62nd Street to a job as an instructor in Miami. The reason: “to keep her silent” and deny her access to school records, the lawsuit said.

She is no longer employed by ATI.

Pell Grants provide government aid to students from low-income families. At ATI, students could take courses to train them for jobs in automotive, health care, business, information technology and other fields.

According to the whistleblower suit, ATI falsified documents to enroll “as many students as possible” in programs with tuitions ranging from $13,741 to $46,744 per program. One former ATI employee is quoted as saying “the ATI culture…was to recruit anyone with a pulse.”

The numbers could add up quickly.


“With a student mass of over 750 (in Fort Lauderdale) alone, and 18,000 country wide, federal subsidy of tuition is a very lucrative scam for ATI,” the suit said.

To find students, the suit said, ATI admission representatives targeted “the ‘down and out’ at homeless shelters, strip clubs and poor neighborhoods.” The “bait” to entice them to sign up was the promise of financial aid and low-interest loans. ATI distributed flyers promising lucrative salaries and guarantees of job placement.

The alleged fraud by ATI was sweeping: forged admission exams, forged proof of education, the acceptance of students without screening for criminal history, forged attendance records and falsified grades – all done to make it appear that federal standards were being met so the money would continue to flow.

In the lawsuit, Ramirez-Damon contended, “of a student body of 750 enrolled students” in Fort Lauderdale “at least 150-200 students have a violent or drug-related background.” She provided the names of more than a dozen such students in her complaint.

“It is common practice at ATI when a student is missing attendance, that employees check (the) Florida Department of Corrections website to see if the student has become incarcerated,” said the lawsuit.

ATI would also “re-circulate” poorly achieving students who faced dismissal, letting them know that they could transfer into another career training program. “This way the old grades no longer count and the student is again eligible to receive financial aid,” the suit says.

Some students who failed would fail again because they did not have the academic ability or background to take the courses they were in, according to the lawsuit.

“As a result, the students incurred more debt without graduating. ATI, on the other hand, has made more money,” the suit said.

The government’s press release noted that $2 million of ATI’s settlement payout would be used to refund student loans involving lawsuits brought by individual students against ATI.

The press release did not say how much taxpayers lost on government loans to ATI students.

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  • I worked as an internal auditor at ATI in 2007 and pointed out many of these problems to my supervisors, after which I was fired. I had found an undocumented student at a Miami campus and although this student did not receive federal funds, it was illegal for her to be enrolled in a degree or certificate granting program after 9/11/01.

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  • I attended ati in Albuquerque New Mexico it shut down before I could receive my diploma or finish my hours was on leave for pregnancy and went back and what u know they closed I heard it closed due to being a fraudulent school …I contacted my loan provider to get my papers to see bout getting it all discharged I hope it works out because I’m in a big hole..with a loan of 15,000 not right

  • I attended ATI Career Training Center (Distance Education) in 2010. I was never able to get a job in the medical filed. They claimed they had job placement….what a joke. I have loans that total over $11,000 and cannot use the Certificate they gave me for anything but scratch paper….Does anyone know how to get these loans forgiven? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I attended ATI career training center 2010 to 2011 and I just found out that they are all closed down and I cant even get my transcript or any proof that I finished the program in HVAC I am having a hard time getting employed because the is no prof that I finished, but I still have that loan hanging over me my credit destroyed no one will take a chance knowing that the school I went to was a fraud…need info on loan forgiveness, any info please.
    [email protected]

  • I attended ATI Career Training Center in Albuquerque for 10 months from 2011-2012 for Medical Assistant.. I want to know if I’m eligible for student loan forgivness.. also am not working.. Thanks

  • i attended this school also from 2010-2011 anyone that can help please contact me on my email [email protected]

  • I attended ATI in North richland hills, TX 2009-2010 and would like information on how to get my school loans forgiven. Even though I did very well in school it mean absolutely NOTHING from such a name as ATI. If there is a class action I strongly feel like I should be apart of it. I was Valley Victorian, had a 4.0, and also had perfect attendance but none of that means anything.

    Anyone that can help please contact me [email protected]

  • i as well went to ATI in FL and they didnt help me get a job if anything they made me go to interviews and when i got there they had no idea who i was and why i was there. one of my loans went into collections and i still have loans from them how to i get this forgiven ??
    please help.
    [email protected]

  • I went to ATI in Miami for the medical assistant program never got a diploma. Several times IRS has taken my money for the loans

  • Loan forgivness

  • Need help getting info for loan forgiveness, went to ATI missed about a month or more due to an auto accident not sure how I passed, no certificate…nothing other then a student loan for a program I learned nothing from…please contact me.
    [email protected]

  • I went to the fort Lauderdale campus. It was truly a rip off. I need to get my loans expunged. There were times we didn’t have a teacher and was put in a room to watch movies. Smh. We all got ripped off

  • I need help on finding more information about the student loan forgiveness.. please email me at [email protected]

  • Has anyone heard anything from anyone about having your loan forgive? I attended ATI too and i definitely need mine forgiven as well. Anyone has info please contact me. [email protected]

  • I need help with the forgiven plan because i attendant ati in 2009 and only stayed for the first quater i shouldn’t have to pay that back in they were frad in fort Lauderdale

  • Good morning I attended ATI and now I am paying back a 35 thousand dollar + loan, for a associates degree in Ultrasound that I CAN NOT USE!! I am very furious at this!! Nothing was done that I work so hard for!! Monies that I am paying back can be going to my family!! I shouldn’t have to pay the money back because of they’re wrong doing!!!! PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS

  • How can I get a settlement and how can I get started on my student loan forgiveness?

  • how do i get the loan to come off my credit score and stop them from hounding me about paying back the loan. please need information to get my student loan forgiven.

  • I attended here in 2010 for an associates degree in auto tech and i also feel i shouldn’t pay my $26,000 dollar loan because i too was lied too and my information was used to rip off the government.. I shouldve gone somewhere else it was a really shitty experience the teachers didint give a rats ass about teaching properly and the workshops were crowded with about 4 different classes going on at the same time.. I need help

  • i knew something was suspicious when i didn’t get the loan at first try and their employee wanted to do it again and then i passed. I need help to. They offered me a job passing out flyers for a cellphone company. That’s when I found out that my certificates are useless. I graduated. I wasted my money. help

  • I need help as well with paying back the loan. I can not afford it right now and I need help. How soon can someone get back with me????? 786 4269683

  • I went to ATI and how can i get started on my forgiveness

  • My story is the same [email protected]. Is anyone getting assistance?

  • I went to ati to they fraud me to help me please!!!!

  • If anyone has real information as to how these loans can be taking care of it would be greatly be appreciated! The school has closed and there’s no way for me to obtain my information waste of time and now money! [email protected]

  • I went to ATI in 2009/2010 and i’m still receiving calls for a loan of $24500 from the credit bureau.How can i take that off my Credit please?

  • I am an ati victim as well. Anyone that know any information email me please at [email protected]

  • Call this number, I am receiving a refund from ati(877) 759-4729 I’m not sure how much I’m getting back. I received an email from them that’s how I recieved the number. I was at the Dallas campus.



  • How can I get a settlement and started on my student loan forgiveness

  • Please help me! I’m in total debit behind this fraudulent school!! They are telling me that I owe an outstanding balance of $7,276!!! The IRS took my taxes last year and again this year!! This is very unfair to me! and I feel like I’m being rob!! Someone please help me ASAP!! [email protected] (214)-962-6234 please call me or email me information so that I can fight against this!

  • I wanted to this school and got fuck over so when can I get my money back. I’m in okc and this school is taking my taxes so what they going to do about it

  • Hello everyone, I too was a victim of the ATI scam that was carried out back in 20008- 2011
    I’ve been trying to find a way out since the credit bureaus are hounding me about pay back, just as they are you.

    Reading some of your comments I’ve decided to reach out to you all

    I’ve taken the time out of my day to compile a step by step report to help you get this injustice solved but it’s going to take time to read over this stuff and some phone calls.

    First the department of justice (DOJ) put out this article in reference to shutting down ATI:

    And a key point that it states is:
    – “Allegedly, ATI Enterprises knowingly misrepresented to the Texas Workforce Commission and to the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges its job placement statistics to maintain its state licensure and accreditation.”

    – “To participate in federal student aid programs, as authorized by Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (Title IV), schools must enter into a contract with the Secretary of Education called a Program Participation Agreement, in which they agree to a number of terms.”

    – “For example, if an institution advertises its job placement rates as a means of attracting students to enroll, it must make available to prospective students its most recent and accurate employment statistics to substantiate the truthfulness of its advertisements. The government alleged that, by misrepresenting its job placement statistics, ATI Enterprises fraudulently maintained its eligibility for federal financial aid under Title IV.”

    According to that ATI did misrepresent its job placement statistics and job salary outlook, because that was its main method of advertisement. Now with that being said this can be used in support for cancellation/discharge of the debt from the student loan.

    Secondly in this article:

    It states the following from the Justice Departments 47-page civil complaint in federal court in Texas charging the trade school ATI with defrauding the government.

    – ATI allegedly lied to prospective students about jobs they could get and salaries they could earn through ATI programs

    – Texas regulations require career training schools to have job placement rates of at least 60 percent in order to keep their state licenses, which are necessary for federal financial aid. According to the complaint, ATI reached that target by lying: making up false jobs and false employers; inducing a worker at a trailer manufacturer to falsely tell authorities that ATI graduates worked there; creating fake business cards for students that the school couldn’t place; counting business administration graduates as placed in their field if they worked as cashiers; and employing graduates for a single day past graduation at ATI itself and then counting them as placed.

    According to these statements they can be used in support for helping cancel/discharge the loan.

    Lastly we’re going to be looking at how to get these loans cancelled/discharged and start the process from looking at what the federal student loans website states here:

    Key points from this article:

    Discharge Criteria
    – You may be eligible for a 100% discharge of your Direct Loans, Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program loans, or Federal Perkins Loans under either of these circumstances:
    • Your school closes while you’re enrolled, and you do not complete your program because of the closure. If you were on an approved leave of absence, you are considered to have been enrolled at the school.
    • Your school closes within 120 days after you withdraw.
    – You are not eligible for discharge of your loans if your school closes and any of the following is true:
    • You withdraw more than 120 days before the school closes.
    • You are completing a comparable educational program at another school
    o through a teach-out agreement with the school,
    o by transferring academic credits or hours earned at the closed school to another school,
    o or by any other comparable means.
    • You have completed all the coursework for the program, even if you have not received a diploma or certificate.

    If you meet the criteria above you can call the company managing your loan and start the discharge process through them. ( direct loans, cornerstone loans,… etc.)

    If you don’t meet the criteria look at the next link here:
    Key points from this article:
    False Certification of Student Eligibility or Unauthorized Payment Discharge
    You may be eligible for a discharge of your Direct Loan or FFEL Program loan in these circumstances:
    • Your school falsely certified your eligibility to receive the loan based on your ability to benefit from its training, and you did not meet the ability to benefit student eligibility requirements.
    • The school signed your name on the application or promissory note without your authorization or the school endorsed your loan check or signed your authorization for electronic funds transfer without your knowledge, unless the proceeds of the loan were delivered to you or applied to charges owed by you to the school.
    • Your loan was falsely certified because you were a victim of identity theft.
    • The school certified your eligibility, but because of a physical or mental condition, age, criminal record, or other reason you are disqualified from employment in the occupation in which you were being trained.
    What I highlighted is the route I’m taking with cancelling the loan, because they falsely certified my eligibility to receive the loan based on my ability to benefit from its training, and I did not meet the ability to benefit student eligibility requirements as highlighted in the previous.
    How did I not benefit from its training?
    – The school was committing student loans fraud against the government – as supported in the first article:
    Allegedly, ATI Enterprises knowingly misrepresented to the Texas Workforce Commission and to the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges its job placement statistics to maintain its state licensure and accreditation.”

    “To participate in federal student aid programs, as authorized by Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (Title IV), schools must enter into a contract with the Secretary of Education called a Program Participation Agreement, in which they agree to a number of terms.”

    “For example, if an institution advertises its job placement rates as a means of attracting students to enroll, it must make available to prospective students its most recent and accurate employment statistics to substantiate the truthfulness of its advertisements. The government alleged that, by misrepresenting its job placement statistics, ATI Enterprises fraudulently maintained its eligibility for federal financial aid under Title IV.”

    – ATI allegedly lied to prospective students about jobs they could get and salaries they could earn through ATI programs – as stated in the second article

    – ATI enrolled students with prior felony convictions in criminal justice and health care programs without telling them that they likely would be barred from many jobs in those fields. An ATI admissions staffer who warned students that their criminal records could present challenges was reprimanded and told to stop because she was ruining sales

    – Classes were overcrowded, teaching was poor, equipment was out of date, and facilities were badly-maintained

    With all that being said, how can you benefit from a school who is committing student loan fraud against the government? And that is promising you a job and saying that they are accredited when really they are committing fraud? and the facilities, the teachers, the staff were not even acceptable? and At the expense of tax-payers dollars and students accruing debt for a fraudulent education? And expecting to pay it back is an injustice.

    Therefore, in summary of what I wrote:
    Contact your Loan management company and state that you want a loan discharged based on one of the following:

    Closed School Discharge


    False Certification of Student Eligibility or Unauthorized Payment Discharge

    and you may get all the money back that you’ve been paying the loan per as stated on the Federal Student Loan website.

    If all else fails contact an attorney.

    paying for a fraudulent education is wrong and unjust.

    I hope this helps and, wish you all the best of luck with cancelling this debt.

  • I am also a victim of ATI. I attended 2005-2007, graduated with AS degree in Ultrasound, close before I graduated I found out the school is not accredited, which they had told me they were. they borrowed numerous loan with my social and forge my signature, most of those loans I didn’t find out after I graduated and was harassed by these loans officers. they have offsets my income tax and it’s not fair, I CANNOT WORK WITH THAT DEGREE, CANNOT TRANSFER THE CREDIT am left with tons of loans to repair. I was lied to and took advantages of. ATI is a scam and theft, they have to be a way we can get these loans forgiven and wipe away. I want to file a law suit against them. my credit is all messed up and am in debts left and right with all these loans that was taken out on my behalf unknowingly. I attended the Miami gardens location. which they’ve changed their name so Many times I don’t’ know what they name is now, . I need help and standing up and take care of this

  • I was not able to benefit from the education I received
    If you were unable to benefit from the education you received, you may be eligible to have the loan discharged (forgiven), depending on your circumstances.
    Your loan cannot be discharged because you were dissatisfied with the quality of the education you received, or because you failed to find employment in the field for which you received the education. It is the borrower’s responsibility to research the quality of the school before enrolling–though the government guarantees or issues the loan, that does not mean that the government guarantees the quality of the education offered.
    If you were unable to benefit from the education because of some disqualifying condition, you may be eligible for discharge if the school wrongfully ignored this condition. For example, if you attended a truck-driving school but did not have a driver’s license and could not obtain one because you are legally blind, you may qualify for a discharge.
    What to Do:
    Complete and submit a “False Certification of Ability to Benefit Due to Disqualifying Condition Discharge Application” form to:
    U.S. Department of Education
    P.O. Box 4222
    Iowa City, IA 52244-4222

  • I Attended ati ft lauderdale off mcnab & 31st no one will hire because ati reputation wasted a lot of time and effort to get higher education we need to start class action lawsuit this is bad anyone that can help email me [email protected]

  • I graduated from ATI in 1997 got a Associate degree for Medical Assistant . I never received employment . If any clinic consider hiring me I would find out that they would close down from a month to 4 months.I trusted my instincts not to take the jobs. I just finish paying off of my loan in 2014. The time I attended even the teaches were discussed because they couldn’t get jobs . So they had to settle for teaching at ATI. I pray that you all get your debts cancelled.

  • I was a victim of ATI scam I enrolled in respiratory therapy course in 2011. Then I got an email New year’s eve of 2012 saying the school was closed and had lost it accreditation. 3 months shy of graduating!!! Now I moved on with my life moved to a different state and woke up today to find out that my taxes were garnished due to defaulted student loans. Ati told me before it closed “don’t worry your loans will be forgiven, since the school closed” but forgot to mention that I had to apply for the loan forgiveness myself. Now I have to wait Lord knows how long to get my taxes back from the department of education. Not only did they rob Mr of my education, messed up my credit , but also took my taxes due to their unprofessional fraudulent ways. If your school closed make sure you tell the department of education cause if not the consequences can be devastating to those who rely on their yearly taxes and good credit scores.

  • I attened for a semester back in 1993, Still have 15000 loan on my credit report harrasing me. Felt like the school was a fraud back then. Even when I withdrew, they continued to make it seen like I was going and would apply for more financial aid. Can I get this removed.

  • I was also a victim of ATI scam I enrolled in the Network Administration program, I finished there in 2006. It was a waste of time….And it is hurting my credit score…..

  • Hello,
    My story is similar too a lot of you guys. I graduated in 2006 out of a Medical Assisting program. Ten years later nothing to show for but a $23000 plus loan, I haven’t benefited from this waste of time in anyway. I tried sign up with Freedom and Tax Defense formely Known as Liberty and Tax Defense. And they too ripped me off. i don’t know what to do at this point. My pride, my credit and my finances are hurting. Someone told me that the were a lawsuit going on in favor of students that were victimized by ATI and i needed to get my name on .Anyone with any confirmation to that please email me. Or if you have any information at all on what to do please reach out at [email protected]

  • I need a copy if my epa card

  • I am an ati victim as well. Anyone that know any information email me please at [email protected]

  • Has anyone had their loans forgiven? I would like to be part of the battle against this scam. I’ve been fortunate to be able to pay my loans and only have $1000.00 i still owe. I would like to get back those $7000.00 i flushed down the drain. This is so embarrassing and i feel i shouldn’t have to pay for something i can’t even transfer into any other school. If anyone has any information please contact me at any time [email protected]

  • Anybody know how to order the transcripts

  • Someone please help I graduated two before at I school closeed


  • Good morning I’m also a victim.Would love to know how I could get my loan forgiven. [email protected]



  • This whole school is a fraud. I will NOT pay any of the money back. Teachers without a real education or experience. Students were always high, drunk, or on drugs.The teachers promoted plagiarism and I got “F’s” for not writting in answers word by word from the text book. I left this school and pursued the rest of the education ON MY OWN. Yet this school has such a bad reputation and now the whole behind the scene about fraud has been revealed so NO ONE will HIRE ME. This is school is a disgrace and I will NEVER pay this back.

  • Need assistance on a lawyer experianced with school fraud woth my info that has landed me in debt and a future that is messy due to this fruad school. Plz give me a sum help. Thx a victim of ati fruad

  • I went to ATI Miami campus between 2011-2012. My school closed 2 weeks after I graduated (I didn’t even know about my graduation until 2days later, so I never went. They sent my diploma by mail.) Please, I need help and would like to know if anyone is finding a way to get rid of the loans.. That school was fake, teachers were fake, and teaching to those teachers was them giving you the answers. Please help.
    [email protected]

  • I attended ATI also from 2009 to 2011 and I paid off around 13,000 of my loan and i had to find work on my own then they tried to get the place I worked for to recruit and when I was out of work my loans went into default and the amount is right back to when I started 28,000 and some change now they want to garnish my wages I need to know what’s the right Course of action to get involved so I can actually get some where in life if any one has any info on the steps need to take please email me [email protected]

  • I also was taken advantage of by this school. I was making a 68 in one of my classes so they told me to retake it and it would look better on my record so I did. The class was three months away from the date they told me to retake it. So they considered me a drop out after I came back to retake the class. And was told I would have to reapply for my grants and stuff to retake the class. So theyconvinced me to retake the class so they could make me loon like I dropped out and then when I come back reapply for the loans so they can get more money. I’m wanting to get this settled so they will quit taking my taxes. If anyone has a suite against them and need my help email me at [email protected] thanks for all this helpful information!!

  • I recently got my student loan discharged. I attended the ATI in North Richland Hills, Texas. I did ALOT of research over the last few months. If anyone is interested in how I got my loan discharge email me. I am glad to help. ATI deceived the people who were trying to better their lives and ended up making ours lives worst.

  • For the info email [email protected]

  • Does anyone know what the official school closing date for North Richland Hills is?

  • Its has been very disappointing to know that companies you think you can trust you cant. I am also a victim of this scam. Believe it or not this situation have cause nothing but pain and agony in my life. Trying to do a career change as a Ultrasound Tech. I completed a full 2 yrs. then get to what I thought would be a graduation ended up the entire staff quit or was fired after the truth came out, ended up in a divorce, suffered a terrible financial hardship battle, became homeless had to return home to live with relatives, and still battling will the student loan crisis of $38,000 today. Please can someone advise me what I can do to resolve this issue.

  • Graduated ATI 1999 and I know I have been scammed. [email protected]

  • ATI did the same to me and my sister…. they took my sister ID and got her for $19,000 more and the classes where $18,100. I have 11,000 and i cant pay it back no job and no money cant pay….. we need just need to get a laywer

  • [email protected] If anyone has anything……

  • I went to ATI in 2007 and did finish my business administration program. I now owe money myself to the school board. I have been on a fedloans program for over a year but really don’t feel i should pay back for a school that was fraud. If anyone has information on how to dispute this please email me at [email protected]

  • Went to ATI Oakland park location in 07-08 along with few friends just trying to do better and now stuck with $17,000 in debt paying off loans for something that was never real! Just sad to see everyone trying to better themselves and get screwed for what may be a lifetime! Any info on how we can get help is gladly appreciated!!

  • I went to ATI in 2010-2011 and now they say I owe 13,000
    They already took 4,300 from my tax return which I should not of
    Had to pay. This is ridiculous we all deserve to have our turn in
    The settlement, it’s not fair we put our time and effort in to what
    We thought was supposed to help us rise up and make a better
    Life for ourselves and our families just for them to treat it like
    We were nothing but pawns in their BS games.
    If any one has information on how we can handle this
    Please share it with us.

  • I have been researching for what to do regarding the students and parents that are still paying for a fraudulent education. Although I only have come across very few articles like news articles posted in local city news paper/Huffington’s Post. These articles are mainly about lawsuit and there really isn’t much information other than the whistle blowers or the individual 25 students that did a civil suit. Now although they have been awarded and the school has been found to be fraudulent…But there is no information on what else to do, or where to go….they direct you to the Department of Education. I find it disturbing that the Department of Education has a criteria that has to be meet. I know I am not alone when I say why should anyone pay for fraudulent scams. I have submitted to several different areas because I am hitting brick walls. I honestly think a class action lawsuit needs to be create. The Department of Education wants their money….but why from the people who got scammed. This isn’t right and I will continue to search and fight for what’s right.

    please send your feed back and suggestions [email protected]

  • I need to know about tiis

  • I am also looking to get my loans forgiven, since I started getting billed asked Sallie Mae for ways to get these loans off my record. I filed a request with Navient whose response was that I have accepted the debt when they have not provided ways to help resolve the issue from the start.

  • I was also scammed was in the 2010-2011 class in Waco Texas. No one would hire me for hvac just because I received my certification from ATI. Tells you all you need to know about the school. Just a huge waste of time . Really thought i was doing something instead i was just collecting debt. Please I know the lawsuit is over but what can I do with these payments?

  • Jeff I went to the same Waco campus, had you in same class email me if you have any info on loan discharge

  • I am desperate need of assistance with this lawsuit I have been getting destroyed every year because of this please send me a message if anybody could help

  • I was wondering how can I go about removing this student loan off my credit report I was guarantee a job got nothing I attended two programs at ATI still to this day no job my diploma is useless and I’m struck with student loan can someone please help us I attended from 2010-2011 you can reach me #[email protected]

  • They garnished my wages and I never attended this school I need help ASAP

  • They garnished my wages and I never attended this school hell I never graduated highschool someone please helpe with filing a lawsuit

  • I was a student, but never graduated from ATI. Student loans were trying to make me pay. Which I haven’t paid but they took my tax return. After I found that out I contacted the US Department of Education. And they told me they’re going to send me a Loan Discharge Application: School Closure. I’m filling out the application now. I suggest everyone that has been a student at ATI to contact the US Department of Education. The lady their also told me it may take up to 90 days for them to make a decision on the loan discharge. I hope this helps, and for everyone to get reimbursed or loan forgiven.

  • This is some bullshit my income tax got taken because of some debt they say I owe for a fuckin school that got shut down I’m going to get me a lawyer about this shit because I really do feel like it’s not appreciate

  • Please assist me with any lawyers in the texas area. I was promised my G.E.D. upon enrollment and would be received before graduating. I graduated in business and management with no G.E.D. with a certification thats worthless. On top of that, i was a felon so no one would me. Almost $20,000 has been taken in funds. Thanks

    [email protected]

  • I need help in related the lawsuit I was rip off since 1988. stilt paying this loan of $42k why??? no graduate, no certification or diploma. I need help call asp.
    239-672-3070- Phil desir

  • Has any one gotten any positive feedback on what to do as far as this ridiculous student loans ? Which from what I reading a lot of got ripped off by ATI and now owe crazy amounts in student loans plus our diplomas are not worth anything.

  • I need help i have been in a different state for 6 years and came back to Texas just recently to find out that ATI is now closed and I am paying 15,000 dollars for a school that is a joke, how do i get out of paying for this 580-540-0311

  • I went there in 2005 was ripped off can someone contact me 8175832258

  • I attended in 2007-2008, need help also.. 7864685760

  • Attended in 2009-2010 need help: [email protected]

  • I also attended ATI in Maimi, completed the course went to uplift my certificate and told the school close down. Now I am left to pay 20+ thousand dollars in student loans and do not have a certificate even to acquire a job. I need help anyone with information please email me at [email protected]

  • Anyone have any info please email me gutierrezmcelia86@gmail they also promised me my GED graduated without it andnow people saying they are from ATI are calling me saying I need to pay

  • I went there and I am still paying over $20,000 in loans. [email protected]. they did not provide me with a job.

  • I attended in 2011 thru 2012 and they didnt teach me anymore than i already they want me to pay back 17.000 for non education,anx the finance company is harrasing me if u now how to help me pleaze email me at [email protected]

  • Two school loans where opened by A.T.I in Dallas off of Technology Blvd.faulsly under my name.I didn’t even know anything until a year after I stopped going to school and received a garnishment letter.I worked at A.T.I while being a student, Didn’t pay me all my money and where late paying.I told them first hand Loans carry to much intrest and Not interested. I was told I received the max grants I could get and wouldn’t need a loan.I only attended 8 out of 10 months.They charged me for the full 10 months!!I’m paying what I can for a loan

  • A.T.I opened two student loans under my name.I did not even find out until a year after I was unable to continue school,due to vehical trouble and transportation.I worked at the school to make ins meat while attending school.They shorted me on my emoyment checks too.They said I received the max grants I could get and didn’t need a loan anyway.I’m aginst loans because to much intrest. I never have had a loan.I was in school 8 months out of the 10 and they charged me for the full thing.I pay on loan when I can and still my money gets garnished.Please [email protected].

  • Two school loans where opened by A.T.I in Dallas off of Technology Blvd.faulsly under my name.I didn’t even know anything until a year after I stopped going to school and received a garnishment letter.I worked at A.T.I while being a student, Didn’t pay me all my money and where late paying.I told them first hand Loans carry to much intrest and Not interested. I was told I received the max grants I could get and wouldn’t need a loan.I only attended 8 out of 10 months.They charged me for the full 10 months!!I’m paying what I can for a loan so they will not take my money but they still [email protected] any advice

  • I too am one of their victims graduated with just a certificate and was told I had half
    Loans and half grants was to pay only 8000 back but now I have to pay 19,000 back
    And still can’t get a job in the ac field cause you need 3 years in the field and they were only giving 11 month crash course with job placement but it never happened.
    Please help. Email [email protected] Thanks

  • In same position owe over 23000 in student loan for a diploma i cant use come to find out i was not even eligible for program. Anyone get any resolution. ATI Oakland Park 2009-2010……[email protected]

  • I under impression that this a good school when I sign up in 2005 but come to find out the was not a credit and by me have criminal conviction I was so to be approved for any school loans I was promise a degree when finish I didn’t not receive I was promise a job here it is also 12years later I owe 27,000 in debt I find out can’t work in the field and they my so bad that I can’t even get rental furniture

  • i need help i just found out that i’m not able to be certified in medical assistant due to ATI not being an accredited school, therefore, i’m on the verge to loose my job because of this. I’m a single mother and need help…Please email me info: [email protected].

  • Started Ati in Jan 22, 2010 . Stopped going mid Feb. , Because I have to have high school diploma or take in house GED classes. Quit after that. Never got any mail because was living in different addresses every year. checked my credit. Saw that i owed full amount plus interest and advanced classes a year later… Please help 561.613.5863

  • i was an ati student back in 2012 in miami florida I owe loans they are garnishment my pay check and ruin my credit score badly i was lie to enroll this school start without a GED at the age of 19 . they could advantage teacher help us cheat to pass exams . the whole school was a lie

    I NEED HELP !!!!1
    [email protected]

  • I attended Miami Gardens Campus from 2008 – 2009 and still paying student loan. My Ultrasound Program was not accredited, the school lied when I register to that program saying it was fully accredited.
    Does anyone got help in stop paying their loan?
    Please send me info [email protected]


    [email protected]


  • I am also a victim.

  • Please someone any please help us this isn’t fair they should wipe our student loan clean.

  • My son Is a victim of the horrible scam
    With myself co- signing ..this nightmare continues to tear our lives apart as recent as this 2017 tax 2013 my Son tried reaching out for help and took a dept consolidated loan proposed by former president Obama trying to get help with this mess…and paid the company Campus Dept. Solution ,Thousands of dollars later to find out they never paid any of the loan off and folded over night..a 12,000 loan
    Now is 25,000 or better ..This young man is besides himself ,the whole family is..I would ask if there is a class action suit pending on these companies , I beg an honest and trust worthy legal rep. Plz. Contact me
    [email protected]

  • It is July of 2018. I am diligently trying to get my Loan discharged as well. I am open to any suggestions at this point. [email protected]. Im thinking class action law suit.

  • Has anyone received information on this??

  • Please help I also was scammed, in 2010 never did I benefit from ATI and now in dept. and tarnished credit for ever,I am finding out now how many were scammed. I put all my hopes in this school, I just always thought I failed my self, Please help reach me at [email protected].

  • I was apart of the Ati scam as well. I went to Ati right out of high school. I’ve never been to any other college, so yes I can say Ati career learning center messed my life up. Please help me my email Is [email protected]

  • Need some info, I attended 2002/2004

  • I attended ATI Dallas, Texas and when I told them I needed to go through the program again, which they stated I could because that is something they offered. When I graduated they said they would place me, I was on the Deans list. So I thought I would start a great job and a new life. It sad to say, the next time I went there, they had tore down the School. Now there are Shopping strips and Loft’s there. So today I find out the IRS is Garnishing my wages. I need my money, I have 2 daughter and need to take care of my family. This Company never held up to there end and I’m mad. Could someone please help me???

  • I went to ATI in N. Richland Hills and they are still taking my taxes! When I was in school students complained and had videos have teacher sleeping in class! By time they hired new teacher we were already graduating. Tried working with them on job placements by never could find a job. A tone can help me get out of this?! [email protected]

  • I need help they r still taking my taxes! Students even had videos of teacher sleeping in class! Never helped with job placements. Poor teaching. [email protected]

  • If anyone found any info on how we can fight against this crap, please contact me. This is so ridiculous. And just imagine, the commenters on this page don’t even touch the amount of people they screwed!!

    [email protected]

  • I am victim
    And need more info

  • i want more information i went to location in okc nothing they said was correct! my email is [email protected] this crap is killing my credit

  • Plesse help me
    I went to ATI in Dallas.Sent me on a site that got busted by DEA
    I went to jail got out and they tried to say I abandoned them. Still pay on loans

  • Is there anyone to help?? I need get loan forgiveness for this piece of trash school. If anyone can give me some insight of what to do, I would be grateful. My email is [email protected]

  • Did anyone find out anything about student loan forgiveness? I went to ATI and it was a total mistake. I don’t feel I should have to pay for a scam school. If you have any information that could help me Please email me @ [email protected]. T

  • Trying to see if there is any relief from the debt that ATI put on students. It’s hard to find a job when you say that you went to ATI. They charged over 30.000.00 that I have been trying to pay off for almost 10 years now and still owe over 20,000.00. I am not even able to get any transcripts because the school was shut down. If anyone has any information please contact me at [email protected]

  • I attended ati and I just recieved a letter stating my check is gonna be garnished because I have been trying to fight this they lied and scammed me I need help my email is [email protected] I went to Oklahoma city campus

  • I was also a victim,went to Ati. In Miami Gardens,took diagnostic ultrasound,a total scam now I’m stuck with 60 plus thousands of dollars that I can’t afford to pay back and a degree I can’t use.please help,[email protected]

  • i went to ati in dallas. need help with student loans. [email protected]

  • Please contact me and update me

  • I attend ATI in Dallas need help with loans and pell grant refund I never received.( [email protected])

  • I went to ATI in Miami Florida that school was closed for FRAUD . They were apparently submitting Student Loans in students names that werent even in the school anymore . If you google ATI and Fraud you will see it. I too were having money taken from my checks at work and or my taxes taken every year. the only way to fix it is to call where your loans were taken out from . its been for me 20 years and im still fighting this crap !

  • educational funding Kept charging my account and close there doors
    ATI also close there doors
    They overcharged me over $5,000.00
    Who can I talk to for my refund
    ATI Miami 2003

  • I attended Ati and also need help over this fraudulent activities that accured It was all a scam I even heard the teachers saying management told them just to pass everyone please help contact me at [email protected]

  • I attended ATI during 2010 – 2011at the ft lauderdale location. I only went in the office to accompany someone I knew from the program I was living in at the time.
    Immediately one of the recruiters started to talk to me about attending school. He took me over to his desk and started to go over all the programs. I listened to what he had to say as it looked like he was trying to help me with my future. After going through all the courses he asked me which one I was interested in. I told him I liked the Personal Training course because it seemed interesting. Never did I expect to be starting school that very same day. Next thing I know I was in another office signing paperwork and being put on the phone to obtain financial records from years past.
    They did not give me any time to think about anything, I was pressured and lead into a direction I was not prepared to go in. The course was 30,000 dollars!!! This very same certificate, NASM, cost no more that a few hundred dollars if you go directly to the companies website. How is this school going to charge 30,000 for something like this!?
    The guy who recruited me wanted to know all the people in my program and at first it didn’t dawn on me why he was being so nice, he even showed up to my church a few times to recruit but it didnt make sense.
    I cant believe what a snake this man is, he was a hatian guy, cant remember his name but this guy was a low down dirty roach, and so are all those scum bags in that office who took advantage of all of us.
    If you can help me in the right direction it would be great as I am now drowning in student loan debt because of this…….

  • I am one of those victims as well i graduated in 2011 and owe so much in student loans the school cloes after they said lifetime job placement and they never did!!! I have yet to get a job bc it was a scam school

  • I’m also one of the students affected by this scam school if anyone has any leads to legal help please send me the info [email protected] thank you

  • I am still being affected by the Ati mess for school loans and being garnished. Someone please help [email protected]

  • for everyone asking for help. google student relief programs or something in those terms. there is a charge and you might come across the federal student aid advising not to pay a company to do something that they can help you do for free because at the end they wont fully help you because it is not convenient for them. Do your research.

  • I need help also if anyone can help please email me at [email protected]

  • hi was wondering if anyone found out a lawyer to call or anything about this is this nuts and unfair to all of us ! there is more of us than them if they got a settlement then why are we still having to pay with our tax money or checks (garnishment )we are getting ripped off ! im in okc please let me know if anyone found anything at ati okc campus

  • Tina Yeager I also went to ATI graduated early 2000 and was never placed in any job I signed up for a lawsuit and I still owe the government $8000

  • I was a victim 954-756-3020

  • I attended ATI in Dallas from 2006 -2007 and I owe 20k it’s messing up my credit, prevents me from getting certain jobs. This is wrong and if they paid the government then our debt should be wiped clean .

  • I attended ATI in Dallas from 2006 -2007 and I owe 20k it’s messing up my credit, prevents me from getting certain jobs. This is wrong and if they paid the government then our debt should be wiped clean.

  • I went to ATI back in 2010 through 2011. I need help to file a a lawsuit. They been garnishing my taxes up to 2019. And I never took out a student loan with them. But the IRS keep taking my taxes. I need help.

  • i went to ati in 2008-2009 for the nasm program. in the 9 moths i was there i had about 8 or more instructors and did not know what was going on. they only didn’t know bc the school did not prepare them. it was very hard to learn any thing becuase it was always changing. i had to pay 16000$ for a cert i didn’t get and i could of paid 1000$ and got y cert. i did not learn anything there and very disappointed. i was now in debt but then i signed up for the army. that school was a complete joke. i was told i would have a job after but they could even train us properly. i was never told that i would be paying 16000+ other wise i would of gone somewhere else. i reaklly just found out about this bc i was away in the army. i would really like help on this. if anyone can help me please. email me PLEASE [email protected]

  • I went to this school around late 2008-2009 and didn’t learn too much, everything was inconsistent from staff to what was going on. Job promise and student loans that makes no sense. If anybody is filing a lawsuits let me know ill go in with you. [email protected]

  • Can I have more info please?

  • Am a victim can anyone email with some info how to get rid of this loan please .

  • I too was a victim of this scam! My teacher was rarely in class, and we spent at least 75% of our time in the computer lab. (I was enrolled in the Dental Assisting Program in Richardson, TX.) Most of the kids in my class were recruited from Gangs or Rehabilitation Programs as a “Last Chance” program. I asked to tour the school during the day, and they denied that and asked me to visit on a Saturday. My guess was to avoid me seeing the type of situation I was enrolling in. There were drug deals in the parking lot and many students threatened to kill me because I looked at them. I was easily 15-20 years older than most students at the time and was looking for a way to better my life as a single mom. I would love to get more information, please? I have requested that my student loans be forgiven, as you can imagine I have not been able to use my “Education” as I learned next to nothing. Had I not gone back as a refresher course to my previous on the job training, I would have never been able to secure employment, and I know many never completed the course or were able to actually secure employment. It was a waste of my time and money!

  • I too, was a victim. I went to Miami gardens campus. still owe 32K in student loans and till paying. they told me the Ultrasound program was accredited when in fact it’s not. I can’t take the ARDMS I would have to attend school all over again. I have a AS in ultrasound and I can’t even get a job, left hanging

  • I was as well a victim of the ATI scam I was only enrolled for 2 months max before realizing there was no education provided. My instructor was never in the class and was watching pornography in his truck on his satellite tv in his truck. I had 3 instructors in 2 months. The school I attended was in Doral and the campus was terrible there was students walking around smoking weed on campus there were fights all day this school was horrible. The school was not accredited and out of the 10k in student loan debt I walked away with a back pack a calculator and a pair of safety glasses . I didn’t get a dime out of the loan that was given to the school so I am paying 10k back for what so my instructor could get paid to jerk off in his car this is crazy. I summited a borrowers defense to repay and after 2.5 years they just denied me for Failure to State a Legal Claim and Insufficient Evidence how much more evidence do I need besides the fact ALL of the ATI have been closed for fraud and there is countless people coming forward with the same issues and yet we are all stuck trying to repay.

  • I was impacted by this, 01 thru 03. How are they going to resolve this? Has anyone received [email protected]


  • I need help!! I am also a victim of ATI and my wages and taxes are about to be garnished because of this student loan I did not request. This has ruined life, I was living in a shelter when I was scouted. I am a high school drop out, how in the world can I have a student loan without a degree.

  • Ati is a bad school no hands on & they don’t get you on a job

  • I am also a victim! ATI CLOSED after I gave birth and reported to the Department of Education I graduated.. Wtf where’s my diploma now I have increasing loans yet no one will help

  • I need help in this Student loan scam I own the government $31000 cause I try to learn something I didnt even learn anything now I got pay back all that money I didn’t know better I was a kid back then. Please help 5615020723

  • Hi went to a.t.i and graduated in 96 and I am still paying on my loan and they never provided job placement plus I had misplaced my certificate during a move and there is no way I can get a duplicate

  • plz help information on erasing my student debt

  • I’m also a victim of ATI college of health, in Miami Garden FL. Went there from 2004 to 2006 still can’t get my ARDMS and still owning student loans. Please help me to cancel my loan. Thank you???

  • My name is Hale Adams 8704895036 [email protected] I went to Ati in 2011 and 2012 I have a default loan in my name I didn’t receive the department of veteran affairs paid my tuition and because of this mishap has really caused a lot of problems in my life please contact me so we can settle this matter I have been through alot of pain and suffering behind this

  • Please help me with the Law suit for ATI Loan. I was a student 2006-07. I can evwen get work or transcript from the school that was fake. My email [email protected]

  • Hello, I was definitely a victim of ATI Career Training Center. I have been looking all over for assistance on how to get In contact with them. [email protected]..

  • Google: ITT Technical institute student loans. Anyone that went to ATI technical, Florida Career College, ITT technical or any school similar you have a good chance of getting them discharge. I went to ATI and got mines handle under the relief bill through a student loan lawyer. Reach out to one or text me: 347-509-5108. Fred

  • I also attended this ATI school and was nun but fraud now stuck withe loans n my parents taxes were garnish from them cus this other half I have in my end need help on getting it discharge any info helps thank you in advance
    [email protected]

  • Please help I’m also a victim of this scam school. Went to ATI on 2006-2008 and I am struggling with a debt where no school would recognize my credits or my degree. Never been able to work as an ultrasound tech. Just want this nightmare to end !!

  • I went to ATI College of Health in Miami Gardens for the Respiratory Therapy program. We never had a lab, amongst many of the broken promises that were made. The tuition was over 40k. Still paying for it. Is there a class action law suit going on? If theres any information that be shared I would greatly appreciate it
    Thank you. [email protected]

  • They Recruited me at night club Their diploma is useless They Guaranteed me a job And they’re not accredited Let me know if anyone can help please Contact me at [email protected]

  • Please help I’m also a victim of this scam school. Went to ATI on 2011 for medical assistance and I am struggling with a debt where no school would recognize my credits I Just want this nightmare to end !! my email [email protected] and phone# (505)267-9997

  • Please help I’m also a victim of this scam school. Went to ATI on 20111 and I am struggling with a debt where no school would recognize my credits . . Just want this nightmare to end !!

  • My name is Jackie,
    I’m also a victim of this Scam.
    I went to ATI ON 2006.
    Where can I call

  • I also was scammed I attended in 2009 there was a class action lawsuit filed but I guess non of us were award of that. I submitted a borrower defense to repay and the department of education denied my claim after 2 years so i still have over 10k in debt this is crazy and no one is helping us.

  • My name is Sylvester Dixon Jr i went to school at ATI and didn’t get a job anywhere we throw a lawsuit against ATI but didn’t get anything out of it and they took All the tools back and we still owe the department of education and i don’t have $20,000 i can pay back i need to know what can be done about this mess please

  • I also am a victim of this fraudulent school. Please contact me ASAP if anyone has information on this.

  • Receiving threatening calls from debt collectors – school was shut down in the mist of me attending.

  • I am a victim of this scam. I attended from 2011 to 2012. Graduated with nothing. I called to talk to someone about sending my transcripts to find out it was closed with no one to help or point me in the right direction. I had worked jobs where i had presented myself with having my Medical Assistant Certification. This is a shame. I’m pretty sure if I asked for help from anyone it would go nowhere due to the politics of the situation. I now am still suffering with student loans and unable to go back to school until I’m in good standing. How in the hell did this happen? I feel for all students involved.

  • I attended 2005-2007. I still till this day have no job and in debt with student loans of over $50k. Went to ATI on W. Technology Blvd in Dallas, Texas.

  • I went to ATI College of Health in Miami FL, around 2008-2010 I am sure the school administration apply loans and grants without my consent. Some of the teachers did not even speak proper English or did not have the knowledge to teach in school. They end up garnish my wages. The loan was paid in full plus any additional charges. I felt it that it was unfair and it was a scam. Can I still get my money back ? Please email me. Thank You. Alicia

  • I too I’m one of those students. I enrolled in ATI in Ft. Lauderdale around December of 2008. And I was told not to worry about me NOT having a high diploma or G.E.D. high equivalency degree! So during my time going to that school, I really believed and thought I was finally doing something right. Even though I started to notice some shady stuff going on! For example: Yhe automotive department in which I was attending, I noticed the vehicles we were training on, was missing a lot of parts, the lack of tools needed to train on the vehicles. To tell you the truth. I started to lose faith in ATI do to the fact that the teacher whom was teaching had a over populated class! The teacher was great, he really tried. I withdrawn from ATI in Ft. Lauderdale on 7/29/2009. And now thanx to the fraudulent activities this school was in.. I am in DEFAULT with $13,042 in debt! My taxes were garnished in 04/2014 I think of $2,500 and again on 03/2019! So I just hope this all gets taken care for my future!!! And I hope this does’nt happen to anybody else! Thank you!!!

  • So even though ATI was convicted of these fraudulent charges. Why am I still in student loan default? I attended that school during the time of the fraud! I too noticed a lot of shady things going on during my enrollment. I attended the Automotive class, and they didn’t have all the parts for the vehicles we were training on! Nor did we have all the right tools!!! Even the class was over populated! The poor teacher tried his best!!! I was also told at the beginning to not worry about me not having a GED or high school diploma! I was recruited at the Broward Mall. A person came up to me and asked if I wanted to be in a commercial for white tee shirts. Then he switched it up and next thing I noticed, I’m volunteering to attend Everest school at ATI in Ft. Lauderdale!!!
    I’m telling you, on everything I love, I really felt I was finally on the right track in my life!!! But now all that has change since then. My debt for student loans are at $13,042. “WHY??? And my tax refund of $2,500 and again $782 were garnished!!! I and all the other students should be debt free from ATI’s fraudulent actions!!! And my garnished wages refunded back to me!!!

    Thank you sincerely,
    Evan Wilson
    [email protected]

  • I went to ATI and I can’t attend another school because of the loan of ATI if someone can help me with or tell me something my number is 754 267 2405 Freddie Ford Thank You in Advance [email protected]

  • Same here was scammed $14000 in loan and I’m still paying for till this day help
    [email protected]

  • I also went ATI in Fort Lauderdale 2009-2010 I felt I was over charge still paying my loans. I think it was over charge, 3,000 4,000 I have left. 1500 to pay please help. with some information thank you God bless.

  • Some please contact me I attended Ohio Medical Career Collage and they are making me retake a proc exam twice and 2 classes and a lab based off proc and letting others pass I cannot get ahold of anyone in the ATI department when I mention legal and lawyer they were scared and couldn’t get me to a supervisor . this is ridiculous and itd a shame that other people are going through this I need justice to be served immediate this is my livelyhood and this school is playing games with me and my finicail aid money .. this is ridiculous my email is [email protected] PLEASE some comment me if you have any answers on what I can do . I have a meeting with program and chair director tomorrow but I feel I have to take it up a notch.

  • My license was cancelled now I’m been asked for accreditation and ATI is closed after working as RDA for so many years now I get my career taken away please contact me [email protected]

  • I enrolled in ATI in Ft. Lauderdale around December of 2007. I graduated 2008. I am not even able to pull the transcript. So, the associate degree is fake and i have all these school loans to still pay out. Please help me. This school was a fraud.

    [email protected]

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