Broward Health Chairman Di Pietro quits the hospital district’s governing board

UPDATE : Thursday, April 14 — Suspended Broward Health Chairman David Di Pietro today announced his resignation for the hospital district’s board of directors. He offered no explanation. On Monday, a judge ordered Gov. Rick Scott to reinstate Di Pietro. Scott has appealed that ruling.

UPDATE: Tuesday, April 12 – Gov. Rick Scott late today appealed Broward Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips’ order that he must reinstate suspended Broward Heath Chairman David Di Pietro.

The appeal would likely prevent Di Pietro’s return to the board before its next regular meeting on April 27.

The notice of appeal to the Fourth District Court of Appeal in West Palm Beach offered no immediate grounds to overturn Phillips’ Monday order. The appeal is being handled by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office.

The governor’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Di Pietro said, “I am confident Judge Phillips’ well-reasoned decision will be upheld and this is nothing more than a stall tactic by Gov. Scott.”

By Dan Christensen, 

Gov. Rick Scott, left, and suspended Broward Health board chairman David Di Pietro

Gov. Rick Scott, left, and suspended Broward Health board chairman David Di Pietro

A Broward Circuit Court judge ruled Monday that Gov. Rick Scott overstepped his authority when he suspended Broward Health Chairman David Di Pietro, ordering the governor to reinstate him immediately.

Di Pietro was suspended by Scott for alleged malfeasance. But Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips’ seven page order concluded that Scott’s executive order of suspension was “devoid of any specific acts of malfeasance” against Di Pietro.

In her order, Phillips said that if Gov. Scott wants to try again to oust Di Pietro his “executive order must comply with Florida law.”

In an interview, Di Pietro said he intends to return to return to the board and continue to serve as chairman. Some had speculated that Di Pietro might use a win in court to declare victory and announce his resignation.

In a written statement, Di Pietro added, “I am pleased and gratified at the Judge’s ruling reinstating me to the Board of Commissioners at Broward Health.  Judge Phillips’ order overturning Gov. Scott’s Executive Order is vindication of my service at Broward Health.

“Based on the judge’s ruling, I call on Governor Scott to lift his Executive Order against my fellow Commissioner Lt. Colonel Darryl Wright.”

Scott suspended Wright and Di Pietro on March 18 after the state’s chief inspector general, Melinda Miguel, expressed “grave concerns” that Broward Health board members might be interfering with her ongoing review of contracts at the agency.

Miguel began her review in the wake of the Jan. 23 suicide of Broward Health Chief Executive Dr. Nabil El Sanadi.

Di Pietro, first appointed by Scott to Broward Health’s board in September 2011, challenged the governor’s authority to suspend him in a lawsuit filed four days after his suspension.

A hearing was held on Friday at which Gov. Scott was represented by Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office.

Judge Phillips’ order says that her review of the case determined that Miguel’s March 18 letter to the governor recommending the removal of Di Pietro and Wright was deficient in a number of ways. Most importantly, it did not provide specifics about what Di Pietro had allegedly done wrong.

The letter’s statements “do not rise to the level of malfeasance such that the court could sustain the executive order,” the judge wrote.

Di Pietro hopes Scott will quickly reinstate him.

“I am proud of my record of fighting corruption at Broward Health, and with my reinstatement, I intend to continue to champion multiple transparency and accountability reforms.”

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Latest comments

  • Boom. Fighting corruption takes guts. Looks like DDP isn’t the only one with guts!

    That is all.

  • Well DDP, I hope you learned your lesson about with whom you (and your wife) choose to play in the sandbox with. That said, well done! Bravo!! One down for the governor. Hopefully this will open the floodgates and unleash all of the remaining unethical and illegal activities that this slimeball governor has yet to pay the piper for. Watch out Scotty Boy. You’ve gotten excessively arrogant and sloppy. Your friends are beginning to hightail it, leaving you alone and exposed. The bigger they are the harder they fall!

  • Poor Slick Scott. All of this injury to his poor little fragile ego. Hey Rick, wasn’t yo join us all for a chat over a latte?

  • My oh my. If DDP actually returns to BH what will become of Lynn Barrett, Ure, Rodriguez, Van Hoose, the outrageously overpaid external counsel, the planned revisit of the Zimmerman contract, etc etc etc? And doesn’t this implicate the need for far greater scrutiny of the Miguel/Bondi witch hunt at BH and true intent of their supposed investigation? I hope this is just step 1 in their schemes blowing up in their faces. I hope their day of justice comes through.

  • DDP!!! Fighting corruption?!?!? Don’t anyone believe the innocence. There is corruption stemming from his soul. But now….. the focus is to push your buddy Lynne out. Don’t forget about her celebratory “Christmas” party. Let’s watch those wine glasses shatter Barrett!!!!

  • Wow! I’m very surprised. But, pleasantly so. Does the governor appeal? Does DDP help expose more corruption? When would his term normally end? Now what?

  • I am calling for an investigation into the illegal misuse of taxpayers money by Broward Health Commissioner Christopher Ure for his personal gain.

    Commissioner Ure used public tax dollars in order to benefit himself in a personal opinion article published in the SunSentinel on March 21, 2016. This is clearly defined as abuse of position for personal gain under Florida law.

    Article here:

    By definition, “opinion” is defined as
    “an individual’s belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing.”
    The North Broward Hospital District and public taxes paid for the individual commissioner’s “opinion” publication and drafting with Hill & Knowles, who Commissioner Ure personally selected and had then- acting CEO Kevin Fusco hire (without formal bid, by the way) to self promote his opinion without consulation or inclusion of other Board members.

    This matter should be investigated and referred to the Florida Attorney General and Florida Inspector General under violation of Florida law 112.313 Standards of conduct for public officers, employees of agencies, and local government attorneys.—

    At the very least, the invoice for Hill & Knowles for it and should be made public along with the personal check from Commissioner Ure for reimbursement to the Broward County taxpayers. @browardhealth @sunsentinel @floridabulldog #browardbeat #christopherure #kevinfusco @pambondi @FLGovScott @miamiherald

  • I think most of those blogging on this site are lawyers who are motivated to get their opportunity to bill The District.

  • At the very least, Ure should have paid for that opinion piece since he indeed proclaimed it was his own personal opinion, not the opinion of the NBHD aka BH. Thank you, IG, for bringing that to the attention of the public. Let’s see if Mr. “I’m not a politician,” or “I’m new to the BOC and learning,” is learning the right thing to do by your publication, and if he therefore rises to the occasion and shows us all a cleared copy of the check he writes to reimburse the citizens in a second, self-paid for opinion piece!

  • Merry Christmas Lynn!

  • Wow Lynn Barrett what does this mean for you? No more celebratory party for you. Hopefully next party will be your exit party. VanHoose, Ure & Rocky won’t be able to protect you against the other 4!!!!

  • So there is a new article on south Florida reporter advising an anonymous complaint has been filed against DDPs wife, a judge. I don’t think it takes more than a 2 yo to know this is a Rick Scott payback maneuver that most likely involves that hag, Lynn Barrett. Well Lynn, let’s see how you are going to explain to the FBI and DOJ your use of a non-traceable phone at Broward Health meetings and most likely to communicate with your fellow psychoathic compadre, Dick Head Scott. Come on Lynn. Just what are you doing with that type of device in a place of business? The citizens in this community await your answer!

  • AC. I read it and I posted your comments re: Barrett’s use of non traceable phone. Honestly. The governor is a total nincompoop, and Barrett would be far better served by paying as much attention to her hygiene than what evil prank she intends to pull off next. Yes, Lynn, sadly there’s too much of that who you know who you blow going around but girlfriend, your oriface and receptive are like an abyss!

  • No surprise. Ricky boy appealing DDPs reinstatement. Wonder what paid off/I owe my soul to the devil judge they’ll come up with. Pathetic the gov and his merry band of butt wipes.

  • So, the governor and his boy DDP have had a falling out. What timing. Not long after the judicial appointment. Scott probably wins on appeal, but who knows.

    If there’s a big pot of public money, our governor will find a way to maneuver it into his pockets. Prison money, health districts money, education money. The guy is as crooked as hillbilly teeth. Granted, he’s not the first and probably won’t be the least. Jeb and his friends made a fortune off FCAT. But this guy takes it to a whole new level.

    Part of me blames the feds. If they would have at least indicted this guy back when he was with Columbia he would never have been able to run. A leopard does not change stripes. Maybe they can make it up to us and nail his ass this time. But truth be told, I’m losing faith in our G men. Look at all the stuff the FBI is allegedly investigating in Palm Beach and Broward, and nothing is really happening. All these corrupt public officials including 2 sheriffs and nobody is getting charged with anything. We all know where there’s smoke there’s fire. I guess once the 90’s rolled around and FBI agents no longer needed law degrees, the talent pool got bigger but the quality of work decreased. I guess the FBI ain’t what it use to be.

  • Lynn Barrett having her holiday party!!!!

  • tick …..tick……tick….,tick

  • Raindancer, leapords have spots…

    I am disappointed Davey didn’t stick around to fire Lynn. Also, watching republicans rip each other apart is sort of awesome. CANNOT wait for the convention!

  • DDPs resignation very sad, in a weird sort of way. DDP and spouse took favors but when Rick Scott payback became too slimy, DDP pulled back and Slick Scott sought to destroy not one, but two peoples’ careers. The tax payers and residents served by BH are the losers. We are idly sitting by as hundreds of millions of dollars are being stolen from us by the GOP for their own financial benefit, services provided by BH are increasingly dismantled, destabilized and unsafe per their own medical directors and clinicians, and HCA most likely ready to pounce and buy BH at 10 cents on the dollar after which they will most likely break up the system, and eradicate care in certain service areas, eg BHN because it serves the highest percentage of the poor and under insured. I don’t get the Feds. I don’t get why they haven’t stepped in given BH is under a 5 year CIA. The blogs have shared tons of info that should have prompted their investigation. It is hard and sad to believe our state and our nation have become so corrupt.

  • Employees need to run for their lives. Lynn is part of the Governor’s scheme to sink the ship fast or is an ignorant tool. The team is led by VanHoose the human horse, Charlotte Mather the spoon , Rocky the penquin Ure the phony, Myla Reizen…the pig lover and Billy Rubin the dwarf. The real plan is to sink the ship and sell to HCA before the corrupt governor’s term ends. Memorial and Jackson, you are next.

    It saddens me to know that Lynn is winning, even though she had to moved her office AGAIN, cannot meet deadlines, throws EVERYONE under the bus and looks like Lindsey Lohan on Flakka. Put some make up on, buy some clothes at a real store other then the outlet mall, get a belt, pull up your pants and buy some decent shoes and please cut and color that awful hair, take a bath and put some perfume on. Put your friends phones away maybe some contracts will get done. Stop colluding with Carlos, the slob. He doesn’t even come to work every day and get paid for full time work. Did u do that at the DOJ too Charlie? Buy some contacts too since you can’t see Myla in the audience when questioned. Stop sleeping with Kevin Fusco. What will his poor wife think. Stop screwing Rocky, stop being a conduit between board members. Stop calling Myla and having her proof read your emails.

    Hopefully ethics charges and Florida bar sanctions will be filed against her soon. Maybe Mike Satz will face you again like he did when you accused him when you worked under him. Never ever have I seen a general counsel who LIES! Actually is a pathological liar, is unprofessional and is not trusted by anyone. Stop giving kickbacks to Myla in the form of business and kickbacks to PYA. The hospitals have to flex nurses and you are wasting public funds.

    The Spectrum team continues to pray for the day when you leave on your own cause the board will never fire you as long as you follow their lead. PLEASE LEAVE. We have pictures of your disposable phone, pics of you and Kevin, pics of You in the bathroom on the phone. Notes of your bathroom conversation when you said, “yes, I sent the documents”.

    Is all of this really worth your $340,000 per year three year contract? Or is it the car allowance? Can’t be , because Your car matches your personality, ugly with absolutely no power.

    Your team lacks integrity, they take the food and drinks out of administration. With the 1.5 million in salaries you would think they can buy their own k cups. The only people who work hard are Val and Brett and your stepchildren France’s and Elizabeth. You won’t even have them all work together. We already know you are prejudice, but you make it obvious with segregating the protected class. employees.

    The only thing that will save us is a federal investigation for corruption. Everyone needs to call the FBI, DOJ and OIG report you all. Your day will come, your children will turn against you and then what? You and Myla can move in together and take care of her pigs.

  • Barrett, like Scott, is a psychopath and sociopath, incapable of empathy, knows right from wrong but becomes aroused when doing wrong, and has no ethics or conscience. In fact, Barrett probably feels a sense of power and superiority each time someone blogs her name, regardless of the fact that all of the blogs clearly convey complete and total disdain and disrespect towards her by all non psychopathic individual. She is not Ricks puppet; she is Ricks female incarnation. They probably sext each other numerous times a day, using those non traceable phones, as assuredly they get aroused each time they screw someone else over. If all else fails I am confident karma will be vengeful, even if not immediate. Karma always comes back around. One day she will be poor, alone, and completely powerless. Isn’t that really what frightens you the most, Lynn?

  • surely by now the FBI has enough info for an investigation . Is the FBI just as corrupt to sit back and do nothing?
    Reading all of the alleged wrongdoings is terribly depressing.
    People who are driven by fear do crazy things. I honestly hope that everyone who provides care can keep on going forward. Keep providing excellent care. Keep your spirits up.
    Whistle Blower, I wish employees started Whistling sooner! Thanks for your courage.

  • Yes, leopards have spots. Forgive me.

    Burner phones are perfectly legal and are not untraceable. It’s not smart to use one at home or work if you’re doing something illegal. Even if you’re on the move you have to switch phones and/or sim cards pretty often to really cover your tracks.

    DDP resigned before the gov won on appeal. It’s far from over. He and his buddy Chip are in it up to their necks.

    We got em all out there steppin and fetchin, likes their heads are on fire and their asses is catchin.

  • Fellow BH breathers can we not band together and report the motley crew of hauling ass out of Starbucks with his reptilian tail between his legs Rick Scott,
    broke ass chippy boy Lamarca,
    Melinda Miguel,
    the frayed purse socks and clogs wearing holes in the pants, texting blind ass Lynn during board meetings Myla,
    forked tongue, blind nasty ass trailer trash, sexting that Neanderthal pasty fragile diabetic lack of any original thought Mercedes Benz buying Fusco
    Do you really have a legit job wanna be a baller sub Porsche driving ure
    The wickedly evil behemoth millennial lack of life experience tweeting twit Sheela big as a house Vanhoose
    and I would have included that bastard NES had his cowardly ass not had himself killed off
    to the office of our state attorney specifically the public corruption unit. Michael Satz is our State Attorney.
    The number is 954 831 7487
    I am sick and tired of this daily dose of nonsense. I have a family to support and will have a difficult time finding a job once they give us 90 days notice that we are transitioning to an Hca facility and even shut down some of our hospitals.
    They may end up closing us down but can we just band together and say we fought a good fight for not only ourselves but for our community.
    I am a firm believer in karma. We may not live to see it but this motley crew will be paid back ten fold for their treachery.
    For those of you who don’t vote and can’t be bothered please take the time to become educated about issues and vote. But in the mean time can we submit calls to Mr..Satz.
    Do we need to get Ms. Peek to put the information online to get us going.
    Please do something fellow employees. If we do not we will not have a nice send off as my boy Kobe did last night.
    They could take away what Pl we had and say nice knowing you don’t let the door kick you in the ass on day 89.

  • Brethren not breathers sorry

  • Right on, Black Mamba Out! The residents served by BH need to wake up and take too. If patient care units need permission to order a box of pens, what do healthcare consumers think about the safety of staffing, the quality of pt care supplies, etc? And where are the voices of the medical directors at BHMC, eg Transkas, who stated safe care hanging by a thread? Assuredly it isn’t any better as Rick Scott, Barrett, Ure, Rodriguez, Van Hoise, Fusco, Wallace, Grant, and others continue to bankrupt BH in effort to sell at a pittance. Community wake up! Sure, you can choose to receive elective care where you want, but not emergency care. Out of the mouths of the physicians at BHMC; trauma care hanging services hanging by a thread!!!!!!!

  • Once again Lynn Barrett escapes trouble. With DiPietro gone she can breathe easy for a while. The sad thing is Rocky, VanHoose & Ure need to open their eyes, she is very slick and sneaky. Funny how her 30 day evaluation has been removed from the board agenda go figure. Lynn, how do you come to work every day knowing nobody likes you or wants you there???

    Gustafson and Canada it’s up to you to bring her down. DiPietro suggesting we merge with South Broward, really make sense in a way, North Broward is full of corruption unlike the south Broward district. Hopefully we can clean up this Board and legal counsel and get out of this corruption mess we are in and move forward.

  • Not surprising he can’t fight back in a true forum. He’d lose. So all his statements, all the rhetoric about what he plans to do now was a lie? Is everything a lie? (Who says he’s being followed, finds a tracking device, puts it in his house, sees it missing and says the criminals took it from his house and only talks about it to reporters months after the fact, not to police? A man with absolutely nothing to hide? An honest man?) What a scared little “man” to quit other than face an appeal. What a cares nothing other than himself and political gain for himself little man… The main reason he had that job? To prove himself, and take more, and trick people into believing something sbout him, that he is something that he isn’t. He appears to be a corrupt social and political schemer obsessed with his own image, nothing more, or else he would have fought. If he cared, he would fight the appeal. If he wants to help others, he’d fight the appeal. But he doesn’t care, and he knows he’d lose.

  • It seems there’s more to this than what’s been reported.
    He’s done bad things. They’d be talked about in an appeal. False words written by him or attorneys mean nothing.
    He should still be investigated.

  • Sorry Mays. You are missing the point the point big time bone hand washed the other, 10% DiPietro, 90% Scott. Stop playing ball as Scott ups the ante and find you and your family destroyed.

  • I have been quietly following this entire soap opera for weeks. But it is time for an intervention as several of you have lost track of the issues or of reality. Let me summarize and then I will retreat once more to my golfer hole:
    1. Lynn Barrett is a complete looser. She has never been “in charge”. Of any department and certainly not a 1.2 B organization’s legal affairs. She is at best a D – performer and never been at a any level greater than a director. Not even a vp.. She is a mere puppet for Foley and the Gov. She is too dumb to realize she is being played. her legal advise is wrong 90% of the time when she offers it. And the majority of the time she don’t know the answer so she outsources the question to the tune of almost 4M for six months. And that does not account for many invoices from Foley that she has been withholding since September.
    She and Kevin Fusco are “doing each other” and that is probably why her hygiene is so disgusting and why Kevin got an infectious disease that took three weeks to cure. But aside from inexperience and being a “nasty hoe” she is incapable of critical thinking or meeting deadlines. She is the Govs (or Billy Rubens) Trojan horse. She is choking BH. From the inside. Ask Ms Grant how many deadlines she has met in the last five weeks. NONE. Zero zip natta nothing. yet the team continues to carry the burden of keeping this great organization afloat in SPITE of her complete incompetence. She should have been fired when the board had their chance. … But again we all realize that Ure van noose and Rickey raccoon are in on the deal with the Gov. So forget the possibilities of the past. We are stuck here in the NOW and have to deal with the realities.
    2- Kevin Fusco signed six contracts In the five weeks of acting KING that fell out of compliance with procurement policy – not to mention created operational issues for many departments. In other words, Kevin broke all the rules and had he been allowed to continue as King, BH would have been in deep trouble with the state FIG and the OIG and the tax payors would have carried the burden of his arrogant actions once again. Thank God the board removed from power before he destroyed the organization. He was was struck by Lynn’s stinky red pubic hair and open ass and VaHooses political connections. He is an igoramous and desperate horny man with an homely wife who he does allow to be seen in public. He was and still is a nuclear medicine technician. That’s his range of motion. His wife would divorce him if she know what went on at the work place While in the role of King henquickly committed many sexual sins and hopes that no one noticed. We all noticed .. But we are bigger than his hard on and won’t tell his wife as it would destroy her and she is too fragile and homely to handle the truth His wife is just another victim of his immaturity and dishonesty
    3 Commissioner Ure absolutely interfered with operations with the HK deal. This contact was signed without vetting it without discussion and without knowledge of anyone other than Ure and King Kevin. When HK was requested for proof that the tax payers did not pay for the Ure OpEd with Sun Sentinel they did not respond. Ms Grant has requested cancellation of this contract that fell outside procurement code. If any Comissioner needs investigation it is Ure. The FBI and state should request information. But then the Gov would do another coverup like what is underway now… A white wash…. If the Gov knew how embarrassing it was to watch and listen to Ure he would remove him… Not just suspend him like he did with Daryl . Ure is a blow hard. Darryl at least served his county. Ure serves only himself.

    Enough. As I have never blogged. But the truth needed to be told. I hope the Fbi and state are reading. And we all fear retaliation… Not from the Board as Miguel pretended but from Lynn, Kevin (although has been neutered) and by Carlos the pretend ETHICS officer who is a drunk and a looser showing up for work three days a week and getting paid for five. He hides under Lynn’s skirt and hopes he does not get called out for his bad judgement and lack of compliance with BH policies and procedures. Someone should ask what really happened to evidence spoilage with Bravo …

    I’m going back in my golfer hole now. Things are seriously wrong. I hope the fbi or state ig picks up on these blogs. It’s the only outlet we have at BH since the board is corrupt except for Canada and Joel… and our General Counsel is THE problem that in the end will incriminating the Gov and the Board.
    Beware Rockey. The Feds are watching you and your sony

  • Wow, these comments have gotten completely out of hand and serve no purpose except to hurt people.
    Listen, I work there and I have seen wrongdoings from every angle from. From compliance to HR cover ups, to shady contracts in IS, to unethical behavior of the current CEO d jour. up until now, I have sat here quiet on the sidelines not wanting to get involved.
    Monday, I will get involved and go to the proper authorities with what I have witnessed and with the file I have kept at home for years.
    I do not personally know Barrett or Fusco. I do know that he has a wife and children and these comments hurt innocent people.

    I don’t think we have much longer to go anyway. We will either be sold, merged or simply lose our jobs. I figure there isn’t much to lose anyway, so here’s one for the innocent people caught in the crossfire. You want the truth, folks…you can’t handle the truth!

  • The feds have been watching a lot of stuff for a long time. Not just at BH. What have they done about any of it? When it comes to public corruption in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County, the feds are as useless as tits on a bull.

  • Seeing how frequently FBI agents are prosecuted on the DOJ-OIG web site, I believe they will do nothing too. Paid off. The FL IG is a joke, as is Bondi, AHCA, the BSO, etc as all are beholden to Scott. Nobody seems to want to take that crook down.

  • The people can’t handle the truth? What truth is that that we can’t handle. I’ve watched SVP’s, VP’s, Directors, Managers, and employees get fired for NO reason. They were highly qualified to be in their positions and did NOT deserved to be fired for political reasons. I’ve been around a long time and haven’t seen the disgrace that we are all witnessing now and have for the past year!!! Forget the hurt and stop being so sappy. The current administration is a disaster and sinking the entire system and calling them out on shit. Yes, I for one hope that HCA or Tenet purchase or acquire all four hospitals and get a fresh start. Fire the dumb shits!!! Everyone from Barrett (her incompetent team of dum-dums), Grant, Fusco, Peek, Lewis, Panyi, and most importantly Dionne Wong, SHE is a corrupt, user and abuser of the system!!! She is a disgrace!!!! They’re all a DISGRACE!!!!!!

  • Hey Wow you are so misinformed and have no clue what you are talking about. You must not read the paper much to make such an ignorant remark to have Tenet buy us out. They have more fraud than any system out there. Google it. If you do not work with these people keep quiet. There are good people working in corporate trying to do the right thing. The people that need to go are the board members trying to protect Lynn. Why no 30 day evaluation. She was given 30 days and is still walking the halls on her phone. She still hasn’t learned her lesson having a conversation in the middle of the hallway with Rocky.

    Board do the right thing. Get rid of her!!!!!

  • Geez Hey Wow. You really think HCA or TENET will fire those perpetrators or do you think they’ll hire them and potentially promote them for helping ensure BH bottoms out and sells to them for 10 cents on the dollar. Duh, hullo?

  • Hey Dan. Pull Dr Yogel’s, Transkas’s, and the interventional cardiologists contracts with BH so Rosemary from the Sun Sentinel can review and possibly reconsider her comments about all of the doctors having the patients best interests at heart. Money talks, and many of these lucrative contracts speak loudly.

  • Dan. I’d also suggest Rosemary ask who the manufacturer of “needed” interventional cardiology equipment is, and search Medicare’s Open Payments site to see if any of the docs at BH have lucrative relationships with the manufacturer, even associate cardiologist just in case one hand washes the other!

  • Well I see RS replaced DDP on the BH BOC with a long-time friend, Linda Robison, an attorney who specializes in mergers and acquisitions and healthcare. He obviously saw that LB, a bottom of the barrel gopher, was not competent to see his plan through, that being bankrupting and then privatizing BH. So he brought in a big gun. I am sorry that RS is going to win this game, but he is. But what I’m sorrier about is the seeming inaction of our community. If people sit home and blog instead of showing up at BOC meetings and taking other activist actions, their voices wont be heard and the offender will mow right over you. RS did exactly that, and is taking in excess of $800 million of tax payer revenue with him. BH will be privatized, and if anyone out there thinks this is a good thing, go on the DOJ-OIG website and start tabulating how many millions of dollars in fines HCA and TENET have paid for committing healthcare fraud. BH paid peanuts in comparison, and would have been far better off merging with MHS, the well run public system in south Broward.

  • Qui tam :
    Fear is a factor. This is a very small town. If one shows up at a public meeting, there’s a chance you’ll be viewed as a troublemaker or contrarian. Someone always knows someone you’ve met before. Most of the talk in the hallways are hushed. People still need work .

  • Sadly old soul is correct. Buddy says Scott’s appointment of Robison is indicative of need for ethics given she was chair of his ethics commission. Hopefully, she’ll get an accidental needle stick, but I highly doubt it.

  • Understood. But how troubling it is to think one can’t verbalize a viewpoint that may differ from others w/o paying a high cost for it. So much for freedom of speech or expanding our understanding by listening to and incorporating others opinions.

  • Unfortunately, even after 20+ years and numerous awards, I feel publicly voicing an opinion is not wise if you still want to work. Rocking the boat isn’t allowed. My take is, what ever happens,it will be dealt with and healthcare will continue – either pristine or sloppy depending on the quality of the practitioners rendering the care .
    One last point: every employee needs to feel appreciated and secure in order to do a good job. The unsettling atmosphere is affecting everyone’s energy.

  • Old soul is right, the unsettling atmosphere is affecting everyone’s energy. Things will never be normal unless people like Doris Peek, Ronaldo Montman, Richie Persaud, Donna Lewis, and Dionne Wong got fired. These are some of the people who had perpetrated the mess. How in the world these people can be allowed to continue to enjoy their 300 hundred dollars salary with impunity? Can someone explain this to me?

  • Dear Concerned Citizen,

    Sometimes, there is an expectation , but no clear answer.
    Can anyone explain why professional sports stars make tens of million dollar salaries? How can an average family of 4 go to any event? From tickets, parking,snacks. Etc.!
    Sometimes, one must take a deep breath step back and hope the check and balance system of BH is making strides to correct itself.
    Certainly by now,anyone who is powerful enough has collected enough pertinent information to make changes .
    I’m hoping for the best.

  • (Correction)
    Old soul is right, the unsettling atmosphere is affecting everyone’s energy. Things will never be normal unless people like Doris Peek, Ronaldo Montman, Richie Persaud, Donna Lewis, and Dionne Wong got fired. These are some of the people who had perpetrated the mess. How in the world these people can be allowed to continue to enjoy their 300 hundred thousands dollars salary with impunity? Can someone explain this to me?

    Dear Old soul: Ms. Grant hasn’t given any indication that any changes are pending… we got to wait and see…

  • With all due respect, I disagree on your comments re: stabilization of BH and who is responsible for the mess. Rick Scott is bankrupting BH, displacing hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars into his and his cronies pockets, and is then going to force its sale to a private health entity at around 10 cents on the dollar. Though I concur the people you named are incompetent puppets, he is the puppet master. And because Barrett is incapable of doing his deeds under the radar, he has now assigned a seasoned attorney to the board who will. DiPietro tried to back out after he realized Scotts degree of u ethical behavior and he paid a price. Scott takes no hostages; play ball or get buried. As a resident of this community whose money is being stolen, yes stolen, by Rick Scott I find it all grossly offensive and grossly unethical at best. So sorry ladies but this all of a sudden wanting to let it go and play nicely in the sandbox just doesn’t cut it. You keep that laissez fair attitude up and Jordan Zimmerman will get his $71M ad contract at $250K per week. No one spends near that amount on advertising. That is just 1 of the ways Scott bankrupting to privatize BH.

  • zimmerman – has he ever done ads for a hospital before? does he know about HIPAA? there patient’s names visible on charts in some of the ads.

  • *are*

  • Unless consented to, release of patient information violates HIPPA law.

  • qui tam, I don’t want to take a bystanders position to enable and allow RS to privatize BH.
    The Feds have all the information needed. It’s in their hands.

    Not the breadwinner for the grandchildren- who incidentally- has no legal rights in this state… take their sick kids to the doctor or dentist until their teeth are infected.
    I can name so many unjustices in this state, it’s mind boggling.
    Don’t get me started.

    We have to allow the dust to settle so employees can relax and provide good care and so that patients will seek BH facilities.
    And yes,I pay more than enough property taxes and was aware of RS’s reputation before he was voted into office. I didn’t vote for him.

  • Ps I hear Aurelio Fernandez is getting a sweet contract. Although he deserves it and is trustworthy, he’s getting paid big bucks from a public hospital system.

    Is RS going after them next?

  • Old Soul. I do hear, appreciate, and respect your response. For me, I would never consider receiving my care at BH because too much money has been pilfered from its infrastructure. But again, I appreciate your perspective and respect yours or anyone else’s decision to seek care there.

  • As for Aurelio, tenet. I do not trust him. I am sad and doubt things will be the same for MHS.

  • Is the SS reporter drinking koolaide? He urges us to keep an “open mind” about Scotts newly appointed BH board member, Robison, the long time personal friend of our relentlessly crooked governor who is a healthcare mergers and acquisition attorney currently representing MHS board member, Miller, who had dinner with El Sanadi during which time he was guiding Miller about to undermine the MHS board, obviously setting that healthcare system up for privatization in tandem with BH. Let’s also not forget Ure, who touts his innocence while he does the governors dirty work and publicly insulted and dissociated himself from DiPietro at BH board meeting. I could go on, but I think my point clear and backed up by historic articles Dan and Buddy have written. SS, you are pathetic. You are touting to politics and the Herald will now be my only paper!

  • PS. BH is going to be privatized, as is MHS and any other community/county hospital/health system unless people take action, bombarding that exoskeleton smarmy crook of a governor with calls, emails, letters, and their presence at Starbucks!!!! Once privatized, kiss your Medicare money goodbye as those private entities, like the pharmaceutical companies, see the price of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN MEDICARE FRAUD as nothing more than a minor offset since fines levied by the Feds are but a small percentage of what they pocketed!

  • Thanks AW for that wake up on Sunday chuckle! I couldn’t agree more. The Fl IG investigation is nothing more than a search and destroy mission to ensure Slick Scott not associated in any way to certain contracts while overwhelming people to ensure they can’t do their real jobs. The IGs willingness to s/w Ure only just shows how in bed Ure is with Scott. I agree while all the employees go back to work and stop focusing on this alarming and undermining business they will empower Scott to move more swiftly towards his goal. Hence my sandbox comments earlier. This is nasty business, it is all about the money to be made not only by the sell off of public health systems, but the enormous Medicare fraud that will assuredly follow since fines are but a small % of overall money made. These companies consider this to be nothing more than the calculated price of doing business.

  • And I agree. The SS really must stop drink coffee instead!

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