Broward Health will start lobbyist registration in June, according to CEO

By Dan Christensen and Karla Bowsher, 

Broward Health's board of commissioners at a meeting last month.

Broward Health’s board of commissioners at a meeting last month.

As Broward Health’s board of commissioners dithered last week about how to implement a 12-year-old, yet newly discovered lobbyist registration policy, reform-minded CEO Pauline Grant said she would have a registration system up and running in June.

“I have come up with procedures to implement registration over the next couple of weeks,” Grant said in an interview on Friday. “It will be done.”

News of Broward Health’s failure to enforce its own lobbyist registration policy gave yet another black eye to a beleaguered hospital system that’s already the focus of federal and state agents.

In a brief discussion at Wednesday’s regular board meeting, Commissioner Sheela VanHoose said board members want an online registration system. In an interview afterward, she said it should be comparable to those used by Broward County or Broward Public Schools.

“That to me is accountability and transparency at its best,” said VanHoose, whose paying job is as a lobbyist for Charter Schools USA.

VanHoose heads the district’s Legal Affairs Committee, which spent months studying how to develop a lobbyist policy without being told by staff that a policy already existed.

“You assume these things are being taken care of. The board doesn’t get involved in operations,” said Broward Health board Chairman Rocky Rodriguez. “The public has a right to know who is lobbying the hospital district.”

Broward Heath CEO Pauline Grant

Broward Heath CEO Pauline Grant

What’s happened has caused VanHoose to wonder whether other policies have not been followed. She said she’s talked with Grant about creating a searchable database of district policies.

“People come and go … so there has to be a process put in place to make sure nothing slips through the cracks in the future,” VanHoose said in an interview.

Unlike city and county governments, hospital taxing districts like the North Broward Hospital District – Broward Health’s legal name – are not required by law to register lobbyists or compel them to publicly disclose what they’re up to and who they represent.

Lobbying policy adopted, not implemented

In 2004, however, Broward Health’s board adopted a five-page lobbying policy requiring lobbyists to register, identify their clients and disclose both the nature of their business activity and any business or financial relationships they have with Broward Health board members, employees or agents. Also while under oath, lobbyists were supposed to submit an annual statement for each of their lobbying expenditures before the district in excess of $100. Violators can be debarred.

Still, the district has never required a single lobbyist to register.

Nevertheless, district records show that the board was aware of its policy enough to modify it in 2014 after Rodriguez complained about being swamped by “tons and tons of phone calls” from advocates for doctors and others in contract negotiations. The change: lobbying was prohibited “during the consideration of any contracts.”

Wednesday’s board meeting also included a brief speech by Broward Health compliance manager Brian Nicholas, who talked about a “culture of fear, retaliation and bullying” at the district.

As an example, Nicholas cited the reaction of board Chairman Rocky Rodriguez and Commissioner Christopher Ure to a recent anonymous letter that accused General Counsel Lynn Barrett of impropriety involving the Baker Donelson law firm.

Broward Health hired Baker Donelson last year to serve as the “independent review organization” that monitors its compliance with the terms of its federal settlement of Medicare and Medicaid fraud allegations last fall. Nicholas said that when the anonymous complaint was discussed at a May 18 committee meeting, Rodriguez and Ure were only concerned with trying to identify the author, not with the complaint itself.

“I believe you’ve now given a figurative middle finger to the federal government,” Nicholas told commissioners. “I will undoubtedly be retaliated against.”

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Latest comments

  • Perhaps the current board will have two lobbyist registration logs; the real one, required to be completed by democrat lobbyists and those who fell from Rick Scott’s demonic grace, and the one they’ve obviously been aware of yet never used for the republican lobbyists and friends of our demonic governor. If Rodriguez is inept in his abilities to remember his discussion from 2 years ago then perhaps he need resign from the BOC due to frailty of memory, or is that selective memory Mr Racoon? Thank you Bulldog for sticking to important issue not addressed by childlike writer at the Sun S who thinks whoopie cushions take precedence over lobbyist rules, and for also highlighting Brian Nicholas’ message of heightened retaliation and fear at BH. That beat goes goes on and on.

  • Brian Nicholas should be given a Hometown Hero award! It took guts to address the BOC and to call them out about the truth of their ruthlessness and total disregard for their own corporate compliance policy to report anonymously, never mind every and anyone’s constitutional right to freedom of speech. I suspect Brian is equally intelligent and resourceful. As such, Barrett the Barracuda, Rocky the Raccoon, Sheela Loose as a Caboose, Robbing the Hood Robison, and WAY too many cheeseburgers Ure may well be wise to ensure Brian is not fired, and that the correct course of action be taken. This is something Robbing the Hood Robison might want to ponder since Barrett the Baracuda seems to think she is like the Teflon Governor, but I assure the Barracuda that some things do stick, and permanently. Robbing the Hood Robison, I realize this is not a mergers and acquisitions issue so please read up on the segment of law I’m referring to and guide your ship of fools out the door, clean up BH, and then fine, sell it to whoever you want but make sure the citizens tax dollars aren’t robbed out from under their feet in the mean time. Return their unused monies. Rick Scott, super pacs, and other politicians, attorneys, etc went to school and are now capable of earning their own HONEST living. Getting rid of scrupulous greedy jerks, returning g the tax payer money, and selling BH to a private entity for a reasonable fair market price is the LEAST you can do for YOUR community. As for the merry band of idiots, their karma will assuredly come for them if not the law.

    As for the log, the board has known for a VERY LONG TIME that there was a policy and requirement for lobbyists to sign in. In FACT, Rocky the Racoon mouthed off about excessive access by lobbyists to HIMSELF and it was mentioned that the policy existed. I know because I was there and heard the discussion. So if your memory is that vague, Raccoon, I concur with AW that you should remove yourself from the BOC due to mental incompetence and consider moving into assisted living!


    Cut and paste the link into your browser and read this important and thorough article that explains what WAY too many cheeseburgers Ure has been up to with YOUR tax dollars and why he should be removed from the BOC. I highly doubt the FL IG is looking to potentially prosecute but instead to see if/how to cover his big fat *#%…….that is, unless Rick Scott needs a fall guy!

  • betcha a double cheeseburger billy “the bandit” rubin won’t register as a lobbyist

  • Broward Health pays a VP of Government Relations a handsome salary to be part-time at Broward Health and Full Time at another job. One wonders how she has the time?

    Charlotte Mather-Taylor was in the same position in 2004. Why does she claim no knowledge of the policy? Could it be because she is behind the scenes trying to manipulate herself into the the CEO role?

    Oh and believe me Mather knows Rubin well.

  • Well, it’s business as usual at the BH shitshow. P Grant chimes in late as usual about getting the procedures in place. Ah,.. They are already in place. Enforce them you stupid bitch. And how does she not know about these existing procedures. Pauline Grant to the rescue,.. Again. What a phoney bunch of crap. All these pricks do is primp and parade in an elaborate dance of self aggrandization. Phoney fucks. Talk about shutting the barn door after the horses are out. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE PUT A STOP TO THESE FUCKING CIRCUS CLOWNS. Please help us. Now !!

  • Charlotte Mather is a criminal. Paid full time by broward health taxpayers money and NEVER there. Been scamming for years.
    So sick of all these self righteous players. Grant, Wong, Lewis, Mather, Peek.
    Over a million dollars a year in salaries..closer to 2 million for what?

    We need supplies on the nursing units, patient care is compromised. GET RID OF THEM.

    Commissioner Van Hoose, want to know what other Policies are not being followed? Pretty much every HR policy that is for sure. We have a culture of nepotism and favoritism. Very sick place to work these days.

  • Bring It and Where is Mather are spot on. One can look for Mather WEEK AFTER WEEK but never find her. Just the high dollar collectibles she has received along the way which makes one pause given ’employees” at BH are not allowed to take gifts of monetary value…..ahem. Reminds me of a song. Charlotte, come out, come out, wherever you are, do some real work for OUR community, get off your self righteous star! But she is instead bedding the politicians, figuratively that is, but ad nauseous at best. Hey Donna Lewis and BOC, as a BH tax supporting citizen within this county I am officially filing an anonymous complaint against Charlotte Mather. My concern is that she has violated BH policy repeatedly, which does permit employee acceptance of gifts that exceed a limited monetary value that I believe is limited to around $250 per item. Start with that signed electric guitar on her wall…..proceed to other crystal and art objects. Take a good look at the inventory that pumped up peacock proudly displays as if her feathers too are drenched in Teflon. When done with your investigation please reply to me on this blog with your findings.

  • Qui tam Ure’s days are numbered. This week the OIG and FIG received plenty of information to fry his ass as well as a few more people. He is a liar and snake. You can see it in his eyes at the board meetings. What about the 119 request Ure submitted to get copies of all emails sent between Vinette Hall and Commissioner Wright going back to 2014!! This is so not right as a board member. What could he be up too!! He needs to get his hands out of the operations.

  • As the tet-a-tet has unfolded between Barrett the Barracuda and spineless throw you under the bus to save self Lewis, the exec mobsters and their mafia BOC, serve ta to the anti Christ himself, Rick Scott, have seemingly continued to managed to bank millions upon millions of tax payer money into the hands of Scott’s friends be it the Zachariah’s, etc. but for what? Where or where are you going on Monday, Ricky boy, and what news will you bring to that bloated jackarse Donny Boy Trump? I see you are promising him a win in our beloved sunshine state. Would I wrongly assume you’ve been giving our tax dollars to your friends with the expectation of substantial funding into your super pax and Donny Boys campaign? Will you once again relocate voting booths out of democratically strong areas and into republican areas like you’ve done before? And given you are so sociopathic you have no concept of not lying aren’t you really gunning for VP and for Jordie Boy Zimmerman to be the next disgraceful governor? You never have and you still don’t foll me tricky Ricky.

  • Oh, if I was unclear. That’s the millions stollen from BH to fund those “special interests”

  • @overit. Can only hope Lewis, Peek and Wong are in the frying pan. Empty the snakepit, find a new CEO that is actually aware of their surroundings and let us move on.

  • Unfortunately these “VPs” at BH are the ones going nowhere. They are covering their arses to protect their $200+ thousand dollar salaries and/or are in complete cahoots with the BOC and Rick Scott. Hundreds of millions of dollars at BH have been spent this year, all tax payer money intended for care of the poor, despite impending financial collapse, all now in the hands of very wealthy, influential, and amoral republicans and super pacs with the intent of funding Trump as president, perhaps Scott as VP, and perhaps Zimmerman as Fl Governor. The residents of this community have done nothing. They have therefore permitted and assisted this, and they’ll be first to bitc* when they don’t like the end result; a ruthless, narcissistic bully and bipolar president, a completely conscienceless sociopath as VP, and another conscienceless, amoral, narcissistic as the next Fl Governor because our state is so full of unintelligible life sources that have yet to figure out how this current pric* has screwed them all over. Great. Sorry for such straight to point negativism but this is what we are now dealing with. Hopefully at minimum Barrett will lose her license to practice law. As for the rest, the wheels have travelled too far to be reversed. If or when the FBI takes action I am afraid it will be way too late for our state and country.

  • I hear Lynn Barrett and her not so independent IRO attorney amigos have made inquiry into the private sex lives of certain colleagues. What’s that old saying about glass houses and throwing stones? My two cents on this one; Lynn should air out her own dirty panties, oops I mean laundry, first.

  • Hey Dan. Would I correctly assume the lobbyist sign in log is public info upon any tax-supporting residents’ request?

    Thanks QT and AC for the sheer entertainment of the ugly truths at BH. I too hear rumors about Lynn’s sexcapades and agree wholeheartedly, if she does’t want people asking questions or potentially exposing where and whom she beds herself, she ought to pass on that same courtesy to others. What a slug!

  • Please spare a thought to the staff and patients in all this, BHMC provides good world class quality care. We work hard and have all been let down by management the board and physicians . It is so demoralizing people are looking for other positions and leaving, even suggestions of SEIU, This is a hostile work environment currently
    BH needs the like of the president who too over Jackson to sort out this mess. in my humble opinion. I can’t even sign my name for fear of retaliation
    Depressed and sad

  • ICU nurse. Could not agree with you more. My friend works at MHS and they have been told to be cautious of hiring BH nurses as they are not clinically well trained, continuing education is poor, competencies overlooked…etc.
    Insult to injury, it’s like we are stuck here in hell. No one cares for anyone but themselves.
    Depressed, sad and add frustrated and disgusted by the greed. Oh, let’s see those management bonus checks fly off the shelves in a few months, that won’t be cut, that’s for sure.

  • Everyone should read yesterday’s article on politico. A “buried” external audit containing damaging info pertaining to Donna Lewis was surfaced. It’s not that I’m her biggest fan by far; but it’s the timing and reporting of that information by Rocky the Racoon and fat boy Ure who are the crooks in this hot mess. They’re so far up Rick Scott’s butt a colonoscope couldn’t reach them! And since the twin set is involved, it’s not taking any leap of faith by assuming Barrett the Barracuda is the deviant behind this, payback and round two for the release of that anonymous email sent to certain employees and released to the media re: the fraud being committed at BH, Donna’s thus far refusal to hand over EVERY AND ANY EMPLOYEES ANONYMOUS REPORTING OF FRAUD AS PROVIDIONED NY POLICY IN WRITING, hiring of an attorney to fight back against this and your sleazy BOC and inhouse counsel who BTW had no success at MHS, and Brian’s heroic public statement about these behaviors at the most recent BOC meeting. Employees. What are you waiting for and what are you so afraid of? If you do not COLLECTIVELY stand your ground, union or not, and COLLECTIVELY DEMAND the real bad apples leave or else you will, you will continue being crushed beneath by this Rick Scott machine. From my view, appreciating you need a paycheck, you just have no choice left as YOU are being screwed sitting idly by. Have courage, stand together, and demand removal of your evil doers ( Rodriguez, Ure, Van Hoose, Wong, Taylor, Fusco, Barrett) or Else start calling out sick, en mass, leaving the system, not you, unable to care for pts and needing to transfer them to other health systems who’ll be happy to fill their beds, period!

  • Can’t agree more AW, other than possible statue issue with numerous call outs by staff. But I agree the health system would be o ER the barrel w/o them, not w/o the leadership that does little beyond infighting amongst itself, and impedes quality of care. Good clinicians should have gotten out long ago. If they delayed, they should start looking elsewhere where they will be valued and treated respectfully. And patients who have choice should take themselves elsewhere. Regardless of the endearing face and good intent of the many good clinicians BH cuts corners on pt care items and staffing, neither of which bode well for quality care.

  • We (clinical staff) are not wanted anywhere else.
    We have the worst clinical education programs, not trained on new competencies. They say its finances but the education leadership can not focus on what is needed. All levels of corporate directorship should be seriously looked at a changed.
    We desperately need a new CEO and a complete housecleaning. Too many people been here waaaaaay to long.

  • Some clinicians have moved on and have blogged how happy they are so, RN, don’t wait for BH to put you in a position of strength so you can move on. Do it yourself; take courses, get a certification, join a professional organization relative to your interests. Show potential employers how you go that extra distance to stay up to date on your skills and then bring that to the interview table. You can do anything YOU really want and choose to do!

  • Good Advise
    We should have a blog or devise a plan to get ahead .

  • It is very interesting reading this blog, clearly some people are just miserable and need to move on. Care at the bedside is better or just as good as Memorial, BHMC delivers great care and I see the CEO walking around and following up with concerns all the time. I’ve also seen Pauline rounding. There are always negative people in every group.

  • The problem with Lynn giving Rocky a script is that he is so dumb that he messes reading a script up.

  • A dear friend of mine, an RN, just gave me her copy of Florida Nurse, a publication by the Florida Nurses Foundation. While I feel their president, Leah Kinnaird, is preaching to the choir and ought to be writing to the public instead, her article is about understaffing of nurses, never mind clinicians without the same level of training who call themselves nurse, and the impact this is having on the safety of patient care. Something called “Magnet Status” is apparently an option for hospitals to pursue BUT it requires a standardized ratio of RNs to patients though still does not address “turnover” rates during a nurses shift that result from admissions, transfers, and discharges of patients. Wow! So by not choosing to become a “Magnet” hospital, hospital bean counters determine staffing ratios based on what? Their bonuses? And when within the walls of an amoral health system where nurses are blatantly blogging about how much worse staffing and morale are in comparison to other health systems that wo t even hire them now due to poor training, etc, where does this leave Broward Health patients????? I’ve said it before and I will say it again; I would NEVER go there for my care or permit a loved one to go there either. Not sure where this “nurses association” is as they’ve yet to write such similar article for the public, the people not on the know but directly affected by low nurse ratios, or why this association does not look at facilities like Broward Health and determine if it should even be allowed to keep its doors open with what we are all hearing!

  • Oh, and if this was the medical or hospital association I somehow expect their voices would be loud and clear!

  • @ I say. You are one, probably not a nurse and two, BHMC is NOT the only hospital In the system.

    @Akward are absolutely right on. Staffing ratios are second to management bonus’. At BHN you are forced to flex off to save money
    then the floors are left at dangerous staffing levels. Pauline Grants brainchild..”flexing for dollars. She’s a real I (don’t) Care Warrior.

  • BHN is full of warriors, called the C suite, Grant, King, Ruditz, horrible people, always were always will be time for new blood around here
    BHN forced to flex is so true,
    Flex for dollars some brain child
    I wonder how they sleep at night but they are warriors,
    Look at how many of us are leaving look no further than the ICU
    Enough is enough

  • So I am a real pollyanna, I go to work, I give the best care I can, I don’t let my critics upset me and I am gracious for the help people give, I can not change the way people think of me and I can not change the past board CEO CNO or anyone else. I am thankful for my job, I am thankful for the people I meet each day, and the lives I change Broward health provides great care, I am Broward Health, I pray for all the negativity to stop, Just remember we are Broward Health everyone of us who work at IP, BHN, BHMC and BHCS and all the clinics can make a difference in everyone we meet

  • Very Happy, you must either be one of the c-suite, attempting to tamp down reality under phony disguise, or drinking a lot of that off color koolaide. Staffing ratios are abysmal, and they present risk to patient quality and safety of care. That is u fair too ALL of the hard working clinicians, and it is unfair to an unknowing public. Open your eyes, become a professional and realistic adult. Playing possum neither helps your colleagues nor your patients!

  • Talk about timing! AC, RN, and RN MSN should be commended for their honesty around this frightening issue. Abysmally low staffing ratios at BH cross the board for both clinical and non-clinical employees. When staffing declines, but the volume of patients and their care needs is sustained, staff will begin to cut corners just to stay above water and survive. They will do this not because they don’t care. They will do this because there is NO HUMAN WAY to get all of the tasks accomplished within the designated amount of time. This may result in offsetting what should be done on one shift to another. But since the next shift is overworked too, those staff members will summize that they are being dumped on, and both team work and morale will plummet. This is not exclusive to nursing. How about cleaning staff who support infection control when cleaning patient care areas? How about imaging and lab staff who are supposed to adhere to rigid processes to avoid error? And let’s not forget nutrition and pharmacy, or PT, OT, ST! Still feel safe and joyful, Pollyanna, enough so to be a patient there, or might you consider another hospital for elective care that has 0.25 or greater staffing above what BH provides? Me, I know where I will go for elective care. And I DEEPLY RESENT having no choice if injured within BH’s trauma zone as then my voice and choice will be robbed from me!

  • Hey BH. Where are your BOC meeting minutes for April and May 2016, and agenda/meeting date and time for June 2016? None are publicly posted!

  • It does seem BH is behind on posting BOC meeting minutes. Perhaps they go out to some external law firm being paid an outrageous amount of money, gratis Lynn Barrett, to be reviewed before their release. LMAO! Although comments about staffing at BH have been great, I’d like to circle back to two other issues; this tet a tet going on between compliance and Lynn Barrett and the BOC, and lobbyists supposedly needing to sign in. With regard to first issue, what are the findings of the recent federal OIG visit? Have Lynn Barrett, her attorney amigos, her amigo IRO, and the BOC stepped over the line into operations, and have they acted in a collusive and inappropriate manner? And what’s Pauline’s progress with that lobbyist policy and sign in log? If in place, who needs to sign it? Aside of Sheela van Hoose, an affirmed lobbyist, how about Rodriguez and Ure who travel what seems to be weekly to Tallahassee? Aren’t they lobbyists? And if so, how can be justified to sit on the BOC, and do they need to sign in?

  • The good-intentioned and good-hearted clinical staff at BH could not possibly have imagined this collosal political upheaval would threaten their most noble and honorable of career choices: Saving human lives. How can this be? The clinical people I know are squarely focused on what they were trained to do and work VERY hard to get ahead…only to be disregarded and pretty much forgotten in all of this. If the quality of patient care is now becoming impacted by this upheaval, what does this say about the residents in the NBHD? We all deserve better than this caliber of leadership; yet nothing changes. The Real Betrayal.

  • Now here comes DDP, crawling out from under his rock, asking the good citizens of the county to foot his legal fees for suing and winning against Rick Scott when removed from the BOC. Since DDP settled on $5m to his dear friend J Zimmerman, after learning the $71 m he was going to originally approve might his arse, perhaps JZ will cover his attorneys fees instead, JZs way of thanking DDP for $5m for 1 yr of ads that no way could have been on BH.

  • The house of cards will fall

    sooner than people think

  • And let the house fall on Doris Peek, Dionne Wong, Vinette Hall and Donna Lewis.
    These women are incompetent, despicable and do not have the talent to bring down a commissioner and legal counsel, despite their daily efforts.
    They are way out of there league. Remember, secrets don’t stay secret forever ladies.

  • And as that house of cards falls please add the name of Ruditz the CNO at BHN and may she suffer the pain humiliation and degradation I had inflicted upon me and my family when I worked there. And let her epitaph read KARMA
    This lady leads the way in all things a CNO should not be May your Gd save you from yourself

  • FloridaBulldog, you’re too quiet. Keep digging. We need more news. We need more information. BH is running low on money. We HOPE, PRAY, and WANT to be bought by a bigger, stronger, and healthy system. One with brains, not like the corrupt, incompetent, sneaky, snarky, despicable, nasty cowards, and evil group of liars, just waiting for their time to come. They will continue to SUCK the life out of BH, the employees, and laugh at everyone while they do nothing for a hefty paycheck. YES, hello Doris, Dionne, Vinette, Donna, Lynn, and Kevin, who must be receiving BL$WJ0BS from each one of them.

  • Florida Bulldog, keep hunting. This story is not over. I am no longer with this hospital group. I have seen things that have made my hair stand on its shaft. The poor nursing due to understaffing. Patient loads too high for staff to care for. Doctors who note seeing patients but merely walk in room and see patient for 1 SEC, afterward document in chart a lot of BS. Sanda the Natzi from BHIP is now going to clean up BHMC…she and her mighty thunder thigh Alice have only turned BHIP from a Grade A facility where employees loved to work to a disgruntled, incompetent facility with cost cutting tactics and employee intimidation. Fire all these leeches that are being paid with taxpayer funds.

  • I currently work at Broward Health Imperial Point and have not been following the comments shared on this blog. My next door neighbor shared that she had read some comments and then shared them with me. She said, “I thought you loved working for Broward Health and, in particular, Imperial Point.

    So let me chime in…

    I go to work every single day and strive to be positive, respectful, thoughtful, and conscientious. My focus is on the patients and their families – and in seeing that they get the best care possible. That is what my CEO, Alice Taylor expects. It is what my CNO, Sandra Todd-Atkinson expects and we are ALL supported and appreciated for doing our best.

    In our hospital setting, we have a strong team of high achieving employees and our leaders do appreciate us – and they do see that we have the resources and tools to do our jobs. People who set the bar low for themselves really do not last long on our team, because performance expectations are high. That’s a good thing – to be working in an environment that wants only the very best for our patients and their families. Congratulations to Alice Taylor, Sandra Todd-Atkinson and all the entire Broward Health Staff. Let’s keep up the great work. I am blessed to be working with you!

  • BHIP employee grow up. Your hospital is a $&@€ hole. Now your maniac CNO is going to BHMC to further drive that place into the ground. Your CEO is totally I competent. Obvious signs of Botox poisoning. Lowest customer service scores in history of the facility. Take the blinders off.

  • Fortunate for BHIP they attracting some high performers from other facilities, I know 2 who transfered
    At BHN they still suffer from the worst CNO, I am surprised nothing has been done by management but then again ……
    Staff are leaving in record numbers, patient satisfaction down and they have more agency and travel nurses than ever before. When will the management get it ? I too have just found this blog and the comments are very true and life like It is a MESS I mean a mess, pleased to have worked there even more pleased I left, when I commented on the work environment the answer was “If you do not like it you can leave” so I did! Up yours HR at BHN
    Shame on the upper management for letting this happen ?Pauline Grant where are you?

  • This is actually funny and I am enjoying this site! First and foremost, the response to EX BH from some Arse with their head up one of the Admins Arse. The facts:
    low hospital scores!!! READ them they are public knowledge!
    HIGH nurse turnover/mostly new nurses with no experience/incompetent nurses who some don’t even speak English properly/they fired all the good talent to cut costs and pocket the money/not prejudice but white is not right there, lol/management has been swept out the door as well if they did not buy into the kool aid/ED (emergency department) doctors rack up every possible charge to increase $$$$$, Bonus possibly/Employee intimidation by management/Abusive patients who are there for months on tax payer funds/repeat clientele who abuse the system and staff/low pay for over worked staff/climate of “I want out of here from staff”/Nurse managers, 2 of them whom I had the pleasure to work with that couldn’t get their way out of a paper bag!
    Do the math, it smells of sh*t !!!
    Get a large dumpsters and in it goes CEO, CFO, members of Management, push button and dispose of properly!!!!!

  • My neighbor told me about this web blog, seems like BH has some cleaning and grooming of its upper management. I hear nothing from family or patients Here I want to say
    My uncle was admitted last year, because of BHN he is alive today, the team who cared for him was great, he was a trauma patient, really looked like he would pass away, Dr N top doctor!saved him . The hospital is not fancy it is clean and old, the rooms are all shared and tiny, but from the minute you enter the staff really try hard. Well done ERIC at the front desk always cheerful, when I first came to the hospital, he was so reassuring, Marilyn and her team in the MIC, made a point of talking every day, Jackie the social worker helped more than you can imagine Everyone gave more than 100%. Thank you all Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • Jane.
    No one is saying there are not any competent or well intended employees within BH. What INSIDERS are saying is that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS have been, and continue to be SQUANDERED BY BH LEADERSHIP. So, Jane, I ask you; if this amount of money is being misappropriated,
    1) HOW should the board and c-suite be held accountable?
    2) WHAT impact do you think this hemorrhaging of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS has on staffing, and the quality of patient care products and services?
    3) Do see BH’s competitors in the blogs? If not, what do you think they and BH are doing differently, and which do you feel better about having your baby or mom cared in?
    Come on Jane. I’m glad you met good people along your BH journey, but to hide behind luck instead of addressing the truth just permits BH to keep on keeping. My suggestion for the upcoming tax year:

  • Oh My God the former and current staff commenting on this blog are mushrooms in the dark.
    Director your anger to the Board of Commissioners and The Governor, they are ones directing business to friends and trying to sell the system to friends to get their hands on the billions in assets.

    Ever worked for HCA? I have, never again!

    All leaders are just pawns, the are not involved with the Republican Board.

    Every leader mentioned here is a good person, if someone is mad at them, its likely they held the blogger accountable for performance.

  • Direct and Qui Tam
    OMG how right you are
    I am so pleased Jane and her family had a great journey, especially in trauma,
    As for HCA…………… NO WAY HCA………..
    as for BH corruption corruption corruption

  • I fail to understand why reporters have let this path overgrow and become lost. BH continues to move right along as the fiscally irresponsible system it has been yet not a peep from the media, even with BH sustaining a very high property tax rate when Memorial is less than half of what BH charges. Sure, BH has more indigent folks to care for but last I remember they withheld 25% of what they paid their employed doctors if they dared refer indigent patients for care using tax subsidies. So Bulldog, where did you go? Is BH requiring lobbyists to sign in yet, including those the board is in bed with? Why do they need to sustain high proportion of property tax subsidy? What exactly is happening with their CEO vetting? How does Coral Springs justify peds and overall expansion when they perform poorly with CMS quality measures? Hello??! What have they done to improve the budget? Who does their advertising or security and for how much? Tons of stories and probable continued deceipt going on and on with everyone putting their head in the sand n

  • Nothing will be changed as long as Peek the Sneek, Ding Dong Wong, I Can’t(stay awake) Grant, Donna Sue Us Lewis, Vinette Stall Hall and the likes are still there.
    Too bad commissioner Ure and others can’t hear how these women talk about them in the office. Never heard such board bashing in my career. Not sure what is up with this group but they clearly need to go, no longer in it for the right reasons.

  • The board must go too. Urea Ure and Rocky the Raccoon are CONSTANTLY visiting their friends in Tallahassee and for what? All but Maureen Canada are in thick though Canada intent on not stepping down and distancing herself from such slime and for what reason? The wheels ARE turning while the media plays possum. BH is for sake folks. When it sells to a private entity that Rick Scott is invested in via a blind trust, and you see the level of fraud committed that will make BH look honest, don’t come out screaming because you did nothing up front to expose and possibly prevent it! If in doubt, count the dollars my friends that HCA and TENET have been fined for Medicare fraud. BH pales in comparison. The only public system run with fiscal integrity is MHS. The citizens in this community would be best served if BH stayed public and merged with MHS. Raise your voices people or get the snow job of your life!

  • I see Robison and Ure trying to railroad the outside auditors. If no press, and if people remain silent, they will get away with something they should not. You can thank the governor and his pet chihuahua Blondi.

  • Another executive is fired today with a one-year severance package including health care benefits. The Board needs to look at this policy and review it many more Executives will tumble and receive the same benefits. millions of dollars of taxpayers money are going to support incompetent people for years providing them health insurance benefits and other amenities. This is so unfair to the workers who when they are let go because finances are so bad they no longer have jobs get two weeks severance and no benefits. I wish somebody would start looking into these obnoxious HR policies at Broward Health. Every board member should receive a letter asking that this policy be changed immediately. These Executives do nothing but countermand the board and other leaders and then get a golden parachute on the back of the taxpayers. This is not General Electric or a major corporation this is a not-for-profit entity why are they getting Severance packages

  • I heard a rumor that BH fired their VP of Corporate Compliance right after they fired their outside auditors. Looks like Rick Scott, with the aid of Linda Robison, are removing any remaining barriers while waiting to collect the bounty of cash coming in via property tax before that money magically disappears and the system is sold to a friend of slick dicks with whom he has a big financial investment. With current property values high this will well exceed $1 BILLION, no?

  • Sick and Qui, I am surprised she lasted so long, but perhaps they need to look the CNO and her track record at BHN, record numbers of staff leaving shortage of nursing staff, and I have heard rumors of a nursing agency bill of over $400,000 dollars by some managers I keep in contact with. Now that is an executive that not only creates problems internally but also externally, this should be publicly out there and her management style of bullying and intimidation investigated by Grant and the commissioners

  • Stay away from the commissioners. They are not your ally! Neither is that pearl bearing wolf in sheeps clothes who is taking her piece of the pie before retiring as a wealthy old hag who can’t keep her eyes open. Your Corp Compliance officer was fired for trying to protect you and your rights to file grievances anonymously. The board and that cut throat wolf of a CEO saw to it. If you file a complaint now, there will be no protection as it will go to barracuda Barrett, the attorney desperately in need of a good hairdresser who only wishes she could cozy up to dick Scott at night. They will fire anyone who complains in a heartbeat. How do I know? The walls aren’t soundproof, and neither is the parking lot that Barrett has misunderstood for far too long as being safe. It’s been buzzing Lynn so smile!

  • PS. Check in on that dimwit of a CNO at Coral Springs. Despite some of the poorest performance in quality in the country she still manages to retain her job, as does Drew. Who you know. Who you blow. The Broward way!

  • I suggest folks pay their property tax bill AFTER the bond rating and whatever fallout occurs oth the outside audit why give your hard earned money to Rick Scott and friends before he collapses the system.

  • The C Suite in all the locations suck. Name one competent executive.
    They have all raped and pillaged this system until there is nothing left. Ding Dong Wong is still hoping for management bonuses to be paid out. She needs more jewelry and expensive clothes. I agree with Qui Tam, the walls are very thin. While the board may not be your friend, neither is bashing them in the open a good idea. Get a new CEO and fire the lot. No severances either..just let them go. They deserve nothing, they have taken it all anyway.

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