VIDEO: 15 Years Later, Unanswered Questions of 9/11

Presented by Florida Bulldog  and Nova Southeastern University. Dan Christensen, editor and founder of the nonprofit news organization,  moderated a panel on Sept. 8 at Nova Southeastern University featuring former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, co-chair of Congress’s Joint Inquiry into 9/11; Sharon Premoli, a victim’s advocate who was at work on the 80th floor of the North Tower when the first plane struck; Sean Carter, a partner with Philadelphia’s Cozen O’Connor law firm who is helping lead a lawsuit on behalf of the victims’; Thomas Julin, Florida Bulldog’s attorney and a partner with the Gunster law firm in Miami; and Dr. Charles Zelden, an NSU history and political science professor.

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  • It was a fabulous and informative event.
    The Speakers, including Dan Christensen, were outstanding !!!

  • Dear Esteemed and Tremendous Readers and Supporters of the Broward Bulldog / Florida Bulldog:

    Aren’t we lucky to know, and to be associated with, tremendous patriots like Dan Christensen, his Family, his co-workers, and all of the extraordinary Board Members like Doug Clifton, and extraordinarily self-less volunteer patriots, who have done so much to right wrongs against our country?

    Surely there is a Special Place in Heaven for the Broward Bulldog / Florida Bulldog.

    Don’t you agree?


    Jackson Rip Holmes
    4848 SW 135 Place
    Miami, FL 33175
    [email protected]

  • i said this TWO YEARs ago on facemail:

    Frank Daddario September 12, 2014 · Miami ·

    if we wanted to END middle east terrorism we simply have to end Wahhabism in SAUDI ARABIA = period

    if we wanted to END middle east fighting we simply have to stop supplying the area with our weapons = period

    ………………..OF COURSE if we did either of those things it would hurt our OIL companies profits and it would hurt our military industrial complex financial gravy train

    and if we wanted to prevent domestic terrorism we simply have to get the results we the people have paid for in homeland security including airport security with professional well-paid experienced well-trained personnel and not the dismal crew of cheap-labor inspectors we have today = period

  • …………..look i get it wanting to sell books and promote agendas and glom onto 9 / 11 for exposure to market and promote theories – BUT as long as American supports ISRAEL every Arab extremists and terrorist will have fuel to use against US including wahhabis in Saudi Arabia who are covered by BUSH family loyalties – i noticed GRAHAM et al using the post – JEB! period to jump in here which is somewhat curious

    i would have NUKed Saudi Arabia on 9 / 12 / 2001 = period

  • okay WHO helped them do this ?

    here in South Flora-Duh of sunny skies and shady people where the police are the criminals with bankers such as Abel Holtz et al ABusing the American banking system here is not very difficult as drug dealers and kingpins have done it for decades now PLUS living here anonymously in such a transient or gated community or high-rise luxury condo no-questions-asked CASH economy real estate developers and agents make it a point NOT to ask who’s who

    so now come the FAUDs with OIL TRILLIONs and a hatred of JEWs and the Bush family in their pocket – and what makes Graham think these “questions” remain UNanswered ?

    next up – MIAMI as the MEDICAID / MediCare fraud capital of the nation

    we even have a GOV who at HCA was in-charge at that time of the largest fraud in American history – who luckily is now working for BIG SUGAR busy killing LAKE O and dozens of Manatee and fish (the Everglades is long ago D E A D)

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