Broward Health goes dark; Gov. Scott clams up

By Dan Christensen, 

Fort Lauderdale’s Broward Health Medical Center, flagship of the North Broward Hospital District.

Things are getting stranger at Broward Health.

On Friday, the taxpayer-subsidized public health system began refusing to provide requested public information – in this case a list of the salaries of its top 25 executives who stand to receive hefty bonuses under a newly approved management incentive plan.

“We are only required to respond to requests for public records and not answer questions. Given that, Broward Health will not compile information,” Broward Health lawyer Kevin Hyde said in an emailed response. The hospital district paid Hyde’s firm, Foley & Lardner, nearly $2 million last year, according to information released before it stopped answering questions.

Broward Health collected about $137 million in property-tax revenue in 2017.

On Monday, Gov. Rick Scott’s office declined to explain why the governor hasn’t suspended three sitting Broward Health officials who were indicted by a Broward Grand Jury in December for violating Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law. The governor has broad authority to suspend appointed officials indicted for a misdemeanor related to the duties of their office, and has done so before with others similarly charged.

No explanation

“Our office is reviewing this,” said the governor’s press secretary Lauren Schenone. She did not explain why, four months after the indictment was handed down, the governor’s office would need to review Scott’s decision not to suspend in order to explain it publicly.

Two other former commissioners were also charged by the grand jury: Rocky Rodriguez, who resigned last week, and attorney Linda Robison.

Also Monday, in response to another inquiry by Florida Bulldog, spokeswoman Schenone said Scott’s inspector general has yet to complete a review of Broward Health’s contracts that was announced in February 2016 in the wake of the suicide of Broward Health President/CEO Dr. Nabil el Sanadi. Then Inspector General Melinda Miguel said the review was expected to be finished by July 1, 2016.

“The IG’s review is still ongoing pending additional documents from Broward Health,” Schenone said in an email. Why Broward Health has not yet produced those documents for the inspector general was not explained.

At the same time, the governor’s office explained for the first time the fate of Darryl Wright, the Broward Health commissioner who Scott suspended along with Commission Chairman David Di Pietro in March 2016 after Miguel expressed “grave concerns” about interference by the board into her review of those contracts.

Di Pietro sued Scott and was ordered reinstated by a Broward judge a month later. Di Pietro, declaring victory, then resigned. Wright, however, did not sue, remained under suspension and simply vanished from public discussion.

“This position was filled,” said Schenone in her email. “Additionally, his term expired on June 20, 2017.” She did not say who filled Wright’s seat, but Scott did appoint Robison to an unspecified vacant seat on the board a month after Wright was suspended.

Officials under indictment

The active Broward Health officials under indictment are Commissioner Christopher Ure, President/CEO Beverly Capasso and General Counsel Linda Barrett.

The decision by Broward Health to no longer answer the public’s questions comes on the heels of news earlier this year that the district was demanding thousands of dollars in administrative and legal fees before allowing public access to records about its lawyers and legal costs.

The stonewalling tactic was implemented by Capasso and Barrett last year to choke off disclosure of potentially embarrassing information.

Florida Bulldog’s request that prompted attorney Hyde’s March 30 email response sought specific information about Capasso’s salary and benefits and the salaries of each of the district’s top 25 executives. Those officials stand to benefit most from the incentive plan that was enacted last week.

The Sun-Sentinel reported March 28 that the board raised Capasso’s annual salary from $650,000 to $750,000.

“To respond to both inquires, Broward Health would have to compile the information,” Hyde wrote before stating that the district would not do so.

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Latest comments

  • It is obvious nothing is being done about the horrible behavior and raping of public assets at Broward Health.
    Satz or Bondi should be filing criminal racketeering charges. Go to and read Di Pietro’s motion for disqualification case number CACE16022981 and you can clearly see that the Gov’s hands are dirty. The Gov got Barrett her job to funnel public dollars to Foley and Lardner. Barrett got Capasso her job so that Barrett can continue to Gov’s worked unchecked because Capasso is Barrett’s puppet and paid off with her million dollar salary. The Gov won’t remove Board members because they could sequel about why her put them on The Board.

    About this story:
    There is nothing to compile and they should comply with your request, it is an excel spreadsheet of the bi-weekly payroll and hit sort high to low and annualize then add a column that adds 30% BAM!

  • Why was Pam Hatfield fired??? Becuse she proveded State’s evidence??

  • Bam is right.Oh this Gov.Scott is more slippery than an oil slick.Just today i read he is having piggy face Atty.Gen file appeal concerning Judge Walker ruling giving him until April 26 to come up with sometime of changes allowing felons to vote.I was going to go down to the elections off.and fill out app.for voting card.Now with his new move all bets are off until it makes its way through the Appealate court in Atlanta.Ok course i would have gotten that voting card.Scott was given until April 25 and if he did nothing with a judges order naturally i would have achieved that card.That plan is out the window for the time being.Again my trump would have been with documentations in hand to get the voting card.I hate when these elected official govern with self interest in mind.He knows damn well he doesn.t want these hundred of thou of felons voting cause he knows he would most definitely lose to Sen.Nelson.So what does Scott do order Biondi to file motion to rebutte.So its like a game of chess- he.moves up you move down etc.Again governing with self interest in mind is shady.Shame.Well now i wait . No choice.This notion even if Scott didn.t file the appeal u would have never gotten that card.Really huh.I had a judge is ruling backing me.Then fatso down there would have called the cops.Call them mention Robert Walsh and here comes the cavarly.Like a herd of horsing.With nerves of steel bring it on..

  • That’s why they are currently terminating any long time employees with any history… The CEO is ridiculous hiring all her friends at absorbent salaries…

  • And the fools and Broward Health this week fired my good Dr. Michael Chizner? And for what reason? His staff is shaken and I was told he was escorted off the property? It’s time to end this charade! Not happy at all – I hope he hires Di Pietro and sues these clowns!

  • Good old Chitzner.I remember my late mother was admitted to BGH .With at the time stage 2 Alzheimers the Er doctor thought it be a good idea they admit her to the psych ward.I went ballistic.How Chirzner got involved i don.t know.Oh yes.That floor is on lock down.My mother was on the other side, mind you door was locked.She could not admit entrance, nor could i.Then aide comes over and screams leave or i will call security.I stated open the door or i will smash the glass and proceed entrance.Thats when Bozo shows up.Open the door i stated.They buzzed us in.Yes.Me and Chitzner.I immediately stated im taking her out of here.So after calm down and Bs they let us leave.Oh he is a complete moron.Lecturing me that this is a hospital and blah blah.I stated you don.t put Alzheimers patients on the pycsh ward.Budget this that etc.We then left and i threw the hosp.johhnie and those stupid slippers at the psych attendant, who threatened to put me in jail.I stated this guy had dread locks.I stated this and that in front if Chitzner and we left.My wonderful experience with Dr.Chitzner…

  • Oh since i don.t lie ask the Ft lau police chief about it.Member that day Rick.He will verify.Was on the phone with him to witness the while mess.Basically with Chief Marvel on the cell, who was a Captain at the time the hospital must have felt give him what he wants so he( me) gets the Hell out of here.It worked.

  • So, Chizner was fired…and received typical NBHD treatment after 35 years of service….the 10 minutes to clean out your desk and an escort off the property. Well, BH …it’s your loss as those of us that worked there and knew it when it was great, weep at the absolute shithole you’ve turned it into. It’s time the District is disbanded and is sold to the highest bidder. They don’t deserve tax assistance. I remember starting in CVICU then called CCU in 1986 with Dr. Cooper, Dr. Moody and Dr. Chizner. They were outstanding physicians and excellent teachers. The staff was top notch and the cardiac care unmatched anywhere in Broward County. They brought in Alan Niederman who was one of the most gifted interventional docs I ever had the pleasure to work with. Sadly, egos got in the way, leadership and politics changed and it was the beginning of the end of greatness. No human being that has given as much as Chizner has to this community deserves to be treated this way. Sadly, I’ve seen it done to many. Hopefully, I will live long enough to see those responsible perp walked and getting exactly what they deserve. I guess it’s Holy Cross from now on…..

  • Chitzner was no saint either.Besides seniority yrs there- my ass.You are forgeting how much he was paid for all those yrs.I get that all the time.I get owned this shop for so many yrs and u come around and take over.Yes.Yes.Pay your bills and i won.t have to take over.Stop wagering bets and who knows what else.My.point is seniority means a hill of beans.Lastly with Chitzner he was very nice to my mother.And being suckerboy Robert( both parents called me that, along with Boobie when everything was cozy.Didn.t last long, my fault.Other descendants state to these Ginzos it was all about Bernie and Ann and Robert mr fix it thought he could save the day- at least i tried.Tell Loretta at least my mothers is not a dead man walkin).Back to Chitzner i wish u well.Who u kidding you got a job lined up at JMH.And if u don.t your stupid.BGH is a mess.The gov instead of so concerned who i support( vote) that baldie is saying no way do i want u involved in all this(think again).No he has a hard on for felons.Anyhow he should take over that hosp. And get rid of that entire comm.Rocky saw the writing on the wall and as some of u point out is deeply, deeply concerned and worried that he might have to trade in those rayon suits for overhauls.Smart guy.Others take note..

  • The first of many to go, I hope, ! there are so many who have really milked this system for so long, lining their large silken pockets with public money and in some cases double dipping the system for so so so long. Where is the OIG where is ethics and compliance keeping quiet obviously, I work part time at BHMC and Delray Beach, The medical director at BHMC is the medical director at Delray, for that service Time for the truth and the scum to rise to the top and be removed

  • Another 20 + year director fired yesterday thanks to these shit heads.

    More employees getting 2% raises because “our hands are tied”.

    More of Capasso’s friends coming in to fire good people because “we didn’t like them”.

    Closing more departments to save more money, to hire more friends.

    But don’t worry… you’ll get your 17% raise… screw the emoloyees… and screw the people you’re firing…

    Shame…. Shame…. Shame…

  • You guys don’t get it. Capasso and Barrett are not qualified to be in their roles, they do not have the basic competency to provide leadership or even the technical parts of their jobs.
    All they know how to do is blame others and those before them. What have they actually fixed? Is operating revenue great? Do we have a Leapfrog A rating again yet? Are the employees happy? Are payers beating down the door at Broward Health because the quality is so great? Are doctors asking to be employed by Broward or are more fleeing?
    Any other organization would have never hired these clowns. The Gov and the spineless Board members he appointed want it this way. You don’t get it, it will not stop until Broward Health is destroyed. That is their goal. Get out now!

  • Acting CIO just got whacked, no one is talking about the why

  • Rumor has it that Beverly Capasso is already complaining aka whining that the job demands of the President/CEO is too much for her and her lifestyle.
    This is the same pattern she had a Jackson. She complained about the drive and traffic and the work hours and repeatedly reminded others that she didn’t need to work. She likely quit Jackson knowing that Barrett promised her a job at Broward Health. When that did not work out- she got on The Board again thanks to Barrett who needed votes to save her job.
    Capasso is a do as I say not do as I do leader. Hopefully the job is too much for Parkland Golf Club Princess and she quits. Something tells me she will leave with a million dollar parachute though.

  • This is a complete shit show It is excruciating to read these comments and the articles

    Pam Bondi??????? where are you ??????

  • Jacksons darkest days were with Capasso and Barrett,

    You also have some of our worst administrators, now working up there

    To be honest where is the Attorney general in all this, Indicted leaders in a public hospital?

    Tallahassee overlooking this It makes no sense what is happening there, something is not right here

  • Bev Capasso does not have a husband to support her and she has to be the bread maker. Poor Bev, heavy eye bags, wrinkle neck – she is not even able to afford a cosmetic surgery! She can’t even compare with Alice Taylor who did a very good job on her face for a 70 yrs old!
    So people, please take it easy at Bev, the poor woman, with such a high pressure to fire competitive good employees, and she and her puppies have to look around so hard to find uncompetitive friends to fill in the positions – not easy

  • What is it with mean spirited leadership at Broward Health? There have been so many competent nice people fired without thought or care about the impact to the organization. We know Beverly and Lynn are mean and small minded and they are a package to prevent the Gov’s scandals from coming out.
    But what is it with this crazy two faced Sandra at Medical Center? Why is she permitted to pick off a very competent person each week? How does this stabilize the organization? I thought The Board said the reason Beverly Capasso got the job was stabilize? These women needed more team sports that results in success not petty grudges and made up stories and rumors. Doesn’t anyone know that Sandra did the same at Imperial and the place go worse not better? Is anyone mentoring Sandra to be a CEO and stop doing what Tom Kester should be doing? He seems lost. I hope they get a taste of their own treatment someday soon what comes around always goes around.

  • The entire health system is a mess. It’s really sad to see good managers quit because they are being asked to do illegal things with their budgets and being undermined by administrators . Managers who have been there 30+ years are being walked out. Patient ratios are unsafe- nurses asked to take care of more than the max amount. New mothers can expect to never see their nurse as they have 4-5 other mothers and their babies which don’t count in the assignment. Physicians can no longer utilize office building due to “fair market value” woes. Inability to retain qualified physicians. Unequal treatment of employees- nurses get raises but our environmental technicians, nursing assistants, lab techs and respiratory therapists do not??? It takes a team to care for a patient- unfortunately the culture change needed in the system is to administer a large enema and it starts at the top with the governor

  • I so agree with “please show Bev Capasso some compassion” It must be so hard I mean so hard to “work” with old friends everyday, to make over a million and have over 170K in bonus coming your way, the terrible bags tired looking skin and bad hair day, from the hangover as she watches Golf in her million dollar home in Parklands, sipping(gulping) red wine, as her staff Like SUZY at BHMC rule with terror and Pete from HR terrorize and threaten managers with blast e mails,
    BHMC is now in a terrible state I mean terrible

  • Wondering if anyone know if Gov. Rick Scott is going to replace Rocky or is he going to leave three seats vacant for the New Gov. to fill? Interesting that the question below is from the Gov’s application to be on any board he appoints. Guess he better get rid of Ure, Capasso and Barrett Ha Ha!

    Have you ever been arrested, charged, or indicted for violation of any federal, state, county, or municipal law, regulation, or ordinance? (Exclude traffic violations for which a fine or civil penalty of $150 or less was paid.) Yes ___ No ___
    If “Yes” give details:
    Date Place Nature Disposition

  • And the corruption in the contracts department continues. The supply chain/materials management department is a joke. I take my business to Memorial where your treated like a human. Please someone take us over or bring in new leadership.

  • I have worked at BHMC for several years I can honestly say there is a special place in hell for Capasso, Santorio, Goldstein and Todd Atkinson. Barrett Ta and all the others You will all face judgement one day
    BHMC is a MESS People are terrified of their jobs, Peter from HR sent out a threatening e mail to all managers directors
    The winners are who from all of this ? who ?? do you sense anger do you sense hopelessness there is a black cloud over BHMC caused by you all
    Threats, bad management, Hostility abusive physicians, its all there Lack of nursing staff cuts here cuts there its awful and no one is listening Patients are suffering you are growing rich and this is not right not right at all

  • and AHCA site all the problems let them know everything
    Keep it focused on safety not bitching about people
    Be focused state concerns on patient safety give examples
    Remember you can be anonymous
    You have a duty to your patients if care is compromised and their is safety concerns

  • sorry grammar!

    You have a duty to your patients if you feel care is compromised and there safety is of concern

  • If it is accurate that the majority of employees and medical staff are unhappy with the Leadership, calling the Joint Commission is not going to help because they rarely pull accreditation.

    What will work is the masses of employees and physicians writing and calling Gov. Rick Scott and telling him to revamp The Board and The Leadership or he will not be getting your vote for Senator.

    Go above The Board and The Leadership and I’ll be you’ll see changes fast.

  • BHMC is in a bad state …….
    I am unsure what will happen
    30+ years service and look at it
    Threats from HR
    Staff walked out Gross incompetency all around from our new leaders , awful just awful,

  • Rick Scott will NOT have enough votes for his Senate run if he loses Broward and Miami-Dade, regardless of how much money he pours in. He just CANNOT afford it! Thinking about BH employees and their family and friends — that’s a lot of votes going to a different direction!!
    If Rick Scott has a working brain, he would have to do something to get rid of Capasso and Barrett and their VP/C “body guards” asap.
    Capasso and Barrett got tax-payers money illegally — will be punished one way or the other. Let’s sit and watch what’s going to happen!! Never missed!

  • The Nutrition Services dept is getting worse everyday. Jean Marie Reid is the poster child for incompetence. The Chef creates menus that are GROSS AS HELL! The lack of knowledge demonstrated by the Aramark staff is pitiful. The company is up for contract renewal but they are crooks too. Please let Aramark as well as Beverly and friends go.

  • Disgruntled Employee

    Your right! Aramark Nutrition and Housekeeping is horrible. Now nurses are expected to clean because they are so bad. When I complained I was told Sandra re did the contracts but Beverly didn’t accept the changes because it was too difficult for Aramark. Now we clean and are expected to care for patients! Customer Service and clinical care suffers. I used to complain about Administration before now it is a million times worse. The devil you know I guess. I’m interviewing at Memorial. They have Administration that cares and no one is charged with a crime.

  • I only know of one hospital have their accreditation pulled, a patient fell off the gurney in the ED and a security guard stepped over him and did not help, it was recorded and it took ages for the accreditation to be pulled

    Good idea but rarely works remember BH pays them to come in

    CMS is a better idea and ACHA but there agin corruption and the governor is involved

    As for us at BHMC its getting bad so bad Today I was at Memorial interviewing, OMG an amazing place

    The threats from Peter the HR PIG and having to clean then do patient care come on this is not the 1800’s

    It is no wonder the last Admin team bailed, this CEO “leader” is the worst and having indicted criminal’s with their body guards is just gross I mean gross

    Voting for SCOTT are you kidding me what he has done for BHMC is a disgrace

    Bring back Fat Frank !

  • dark dark days at Broward Health


  • The heritage of Broward Health is seriously under threat, the current administration are criminals, I teach my children the right way, for adults in such positions as to be indicted is a disgrace. They know right from wrong yet chose the deviant path
    Furthermore to the staff who cared for the children during the mass shooting and did not take part in the charade of publicity I congratulate you, for the staff who smiled laughed and posed for photos, the charade, shame on you all. Broward Health should be ashamed……. publicity from tragedy.
    The head Doctors of trauma and ED should be fired

  • For nurses week we have the perfect gift for Tom.
    We are getting him a real ‘pair’ so he may be assertive by encouraging Sandra to focus and develop CEO skills like recruiting physicians, improving the revenue, insurance agreements and community relations, and philanthropic development.
    With the new ‘pair’ Tom can grow the pair by realizing his on-line theory Degrees are not going to help him cultivate the credible CNO presence and leadership of one of the largest nursing staffs in the State/Country deserve. We want a CNO not a CEO that is stuck in her old roles.

  • BHMC is now the worst 18 months of change will take years to recover
    We have weak ineffective managers in some of our strongest programs and the counties largest hospital

    Take Tom to Walmart and buy a pair It will take too long to grow a pair

  • I can not tell you how awful it is working at BH at the moment this is a horrible time working at BHN These people are truly f’d up
    God look over the patients and may he deliver us soon from this wrath of pure evil

  • Everyone is walking on egg shells wondering who will be next
    Who will be the next to be out on the streets
    Question anything and you will be the next one

    This is no way to run a hospital

    Please someone help us

  • You can only help yourself.
    No one is going to help you.
    Vote for anyone other than a Republican for Governor and do not elect Rick Scott to the Senate.
    Vote for people who understand the importance of safety net healthcare and support it beyond getting their friends contracts.

  • I left North and came south to Medical, why I am now wondering! I respectfully request that Capasso put together Betti Ann and Tom combined they may actually come up with something of value, I have no respect for these 2 CNO’s and just wonder how such incompetent people survive
    I always remember however one quote “Never attribute to malevolence what is merely due to incompetence”

  • Word is flying all over BH that Cappaso turned in her letter of resignation. There is supposed to be multiple board meetings today…. hmmmm…. coincidence???

    Be gone, and take your little evil flying monkeys with you!!!

  • Capasso not only
    – ruined Rick Scott’s campaign,
    – ruined her own career (if there is one – probably this is the end), moreover,
    – ruined her VP/C’s “body guards” career too. These very incompetent people, Alan, Gino, etc, you name it — would never ever got this high level positions!

    – They came to ruin a community health system, which means ruining patients – they cannot afford it. They will have to pay back, maybe at the cost of their own health.

    – You do evil thing, it will come back to you. Never missed!

  • Bev was installed to sell off the system or at least make it smaller scale so that more goes to CCF and HCA which complain of unfair competition to the Gov.

    She got a million to do this bidding.

  • From all of us at BHMC

    Poor Bev, resignation is better than an orange jump suit, or is it striped jump suit at Broward Corrections?

    One thing is for certain, there will be no tears and upset people as there was with Pauline Grant when she was wrongly removed

    Cheers and Jubilations when you and your evil team leave especially Lynn Barrett Gino and Alan

    Sorry but when it is revealed what you actually all have done to BH you may wish you are in Prison,

    BH is in a state of Emergency it needs to be rescued from the current evil including our new c suite

  • To all readers, As you read these posts you must wonder if these are just isolated posts from disgruntled employees. Well I am not a disgruntled employee but sad to say they are all almost spot on. This new group of C suite execs is destroying the district and no one seems to care. It is a shame. Gov Scott needs to step in and if he doesn’t it will cost him some votes for allowing these overgrown children to waste taxpayer money and penalize the employees for their waste. The Senate race will be close and Scott should consider the few thousand votes he will gain if he steps in and saves our hospital district by replacing top management now.

  • I think you should investigate and 119 Andrew M. Klein’s application to be a Board Member. Did he disclose any prior relationship with Beverly Capasso and/or her Husband. They live in and belong to the same Parkland Golf Club. Seems fishy to have a possible “friend” on the Board and then get a million dollar salary. Also this would be important to know if it is true there is a conspiracy to sell the system (public assets) at a bargain price.
    Also ask Mr. Wellins why he did not want a Board Chair under indictment, i.e. his rationale not to vote for Ure but for Klein but Mr. Wellins voted over 360+ applicants to give the job to the indicted Capasso. He also thinks his General Counsel is great and she is under indictment. Something is really amiss here. There must be something we are missing.

  • A great leader and employee of BH was let go last week, for over 2o years I knew him as an outstanding person very professional and always putting the patient first
    When he became interim CEO he really did take the position seriously s a true asset to the system. We wanted him as our permanent CEO he is an exceptional human and wherever his path takes him we all wish him well
    As a physician I am disgusted at the current administration at North and Medical where I practice, patient care is suffering Broward will never be a Jackson and will never be an Academic center and the way you are treating physicians it will be a system with a very few specialists wanting to work there
    Good bye Robert Bugg I wish you well and know this was a cruel political move but many will miss you that is for sure

  • Fraud at the highest level continues at Broward Health, there are no doubt great nurses, and ancillary staff at the hospital trying vey hard to keep face BUT I recently received my bills from the system and the physicians there is great medicare fraud happening
    I was in the ICU care was great but in my bill it states physician care 90 minutes per day , now I saw that physician for probably 5 minutes, each day, If you do the math and each person on his case load is examined and has care for between 60 to 90 minutes as stated and lets say they have 20 patients plus clinics plus surgery, do the math……. has the day been extended above 24 hours?
    I will be writing to CMS with my bill, and hopefully they will rack the physician and fine the hospital for allowing this to happen

  • I am also not a disgruntled employee however I am also noticing how the current C suite is destroying our hospital This is not isolated to BHMC and I hear the same for all hospitals especially at north and terrible reports about the CNO at Imperial
    I am disgusted at the arrogance and ignorance of these people
    Scott really does not care this is obvious but our top executives and CEO’s should go elsewhere we are literally the laughing stock of the community

  • So since Sandra has been CEO (she is no CEO) she has fired:
    Brent Anderson
    Dianne Whitelocke
    Letitia Woods
    Patrice DelGrosso
    Mary Anne Usher
    And is now focused on Nicole.
    All excellent competent leaders. It is very obvious Sandra does not know how to set consistent expectations

  • The whole place is now really messed up

    Those that should go remain many of those above should have remained

    And some of the new people brought in as so called managers many without experience should have been fired

  • Sandra resigned today… stated had to take care of parents

  • Great news- Sandra is “leaving”
    Shame on corporate for permitting her to ruin the place before she leaves–a lot of damage in 6 months.
    I wish Capasso would swallow her pride and bring back Mark. He could get us back on track and he knows Joint Commission like nobody else.

  • Capasso

    You are Akin to Nero fiddling while Rome was burning

    The Mayor of Boca was arrested on lesser charges BUT she also misused her power

    Mark Robert Robyn and Pauline all great losses to BH

  • Once again BHN will be cashing in on the terrible shooting from February 14th

    A celebration on May 21st is planned

    Shame on you all Shame on you all

    No doubt more photo opportunities and more press

    all the hospitals have this celebration its called EMS week!

  • What is not fake news is the way BH is operating its hospitals

    What the Joint Commission thought about BHMC ………. FAIL

  • Where is Dr Chizner did he open a new practice? His name is still on BH website.

  • I have been trying to locate Dr. Chizner since he left without any luck.
    He had always given me excellent care and I want to continue with him. If anyone can provide information it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dr Chizner where are you so I can maintain a 10 yr relationship with the best cardiologist I have ever had. Mark

  • Dr Chizner

    Looking for you. : )

    Tod Cowen

  • Dr. Chizner
    Where are you? Are you opening a new practice? Has the hospital lost its collective minds? Your patients need you. Let us know where you are.
    Sumner and Dayle Sternstein

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Chizners for many years and frantically found information regarding his contact information. I was so upset with what happened and concerned as he is the only one who can treat my Dysautonomia and heart conditions. I think it is so unfair that we weren’t contacted by Broward Health in regards to Dr. Chizner. It is our health and our choice for him to remain our doctor regardless of the political situation at the hospital. He is opening his practice this August 1st at 12 NE 12th Ave Fort Lauderdale. He is sharing space with Dr. Half and can be reached at (954) 463-3416. Dr. Chizner’s new office number will be operating in August (754) 779-7150. I contacted him on my own as I want to remain his patient. I realize many other patients are concerned and I felt it was necessary to share this information.

  • I just posted information regarding Dr. Chizner.

  • Thank you Gina!!!!!

  • Gina, thank you so much for this information. My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Chizner 2001 and we felt so cut off from our health care by Broward’s actions. They were/are grossly irresponsible. I am going to follow up by writing to the authorities that govern healthcare and complain bitterly. I hope everyone else does the same….Lillian

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