11 Saudi officials, including one at kingdom’s U.S. embassy, identified as 9/11 ‘accomplices’

The Saudi embassy is a white building set behind a parking lot filled with cars
The embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C.

By Dan Christensen,

Lawyers for 9/11 family members and survivors have identified 11 Saudi government officials who they say assisted the al Qaeda hijackers who attacked the United States 18 years ago, killing nearly 3,000 people.

“Saudi Arabian government officials were the accomplices without whom there never could have been a 9/11 attack,” New York attorney James Kreindler said last week during a talk at Dartmouth College.

Among the 11 is the so-called “third man” who is discussed in a highly censored October 2012 FBI Summary Report as having “tasked” a pair of Saudis living in San Diego with aiding two future hijackers – Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar – when they arrived in the U.S. in January 2000.The four-page report was obtained by Florida Bulldog from the FBI three years ago during ongoing Freedom of Information litigation.

According to Kreindler, the third man was “a high-ranking official in the Saudi embassy” in Washington who “sent an instruction to a consular official in Los Angeles, [Fahad al-] Thumairy, ordering him to provide the help that Hazmi and Mihdhar needed.’’

9/11 accomplices

Kreindler would not disclose the third man’s name, or the names of the other 10 alleged Saudi 9/11 accomplices, saying he was forbidden to do so by a “disgusting protective order imposed upon us by the Justice Department with the blessing of the court.”

President Trump ordered the declassification of the third man’s name at a September meeting with 9/11 survivors at the White House on the 18th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

The Justice Department promptly issued a statement saying the name was being declassified “in the public interest,” but would be given only to lawyers who represent the thousands of 9/11 victims now suing Saudi Arabia in federal court in New York. The kingdom, which is vigorously defending itself, has long maintained it had no involvement in 9/11.

Miami U.S. District Judge Cecilia Altonaga recently denied a request by Florida Bulldog to release the name publicly.

The day after the Trump meeting, U.S. Attorney General William Barr personally invoked the “state secrets privilege” in court to prevent the release of other censored information contained in the FBI report. “The remaining information that has been redacted from the 2012 Summary Report remains classified and/or privileged and protected from disclosure,” government lawyers said in a court filing.

October 2012 report

The FBI report addressed “Updates and Initiatives (as of 5 October 2012).” Among its topics were then ongoing efforts to charge a suspect (whose name is blanked out) with “providing material support to the 9/11 hijackers;” a June 2012 trip to London by agents and prosecutors “to exploit evidence seized in 2001 in New Scotland Yard’s searches of [suspected Saudi intelligence agent] Omar al Bayoumi’s residences and offices”; information about Mohdar Abdullah, a Yemeni whom Bayoumi tasked to assist hijackers Hazmi and Mihdhar and later “bragged” he’d done so to two fellow inmates at a federal immigration facility.

The outcome of those inquiries is not known, but no arrests were ever made.

The 2012 report’s release to Florida Bulldog was a stunning development in the search for answers. Former Florida Sen. Bob Graham, co-chair of Congress’ Joint Inquiry into 9/11, said the information it disclosed was “contrary to almost everything the FBI has produced so far.” Sean Carter, a Philadelphia attorney who represents numerous commercial victims in the New York case, called it a “powerful and important disclosure.”

“We’ve been repeatedly told by U.S. officials that all questions of Saudi involvement were resolved by the 9/11 Commission and now you have confirmation that there was an active investigation happening years after the 9/11 Commission shut its doors” in August 2004, Carter said.

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  • Not surprising that the Saudis would be co-conspirators in the 9/11 attacks. To trust ANY middle eastern Muslim country is just plain stupid! They HATE us and they always have! As more and more factual evidence comes to light, any lingering doubts about their complicity vanishes! And WHY should any of the information uncovered in the investigation be censored??? That “state’s secrets privilege” routine is a lot of B.S. The “terrorist war” against the United States will NEVER end…until we do what we KNOW has to be done to end it! We have the technology – now we just need to implement it!

  • The FBI has enough problems with the President these days to make this investigation from 2004 or 2012,a lesser matter. Sadly,and it may take another ten years,the lack of information released only tarnishes its reputation for independence and accountability. The Florida Bulldog is one of the few media efforts trying to get more details to us. Thank You.

  • Thanks to the editors, reporters, and publishers of this media outlet for their bulldog-like tenacity in reporting this important thread of stories. The U.S. government continues to obfuscate the true roles of the Saudi government and royal family in the 2001 attacks that drastically changed the course of history for our country and our society.

  • I would bet John Brennan could answer these questions if he were asked.

  • No Planes hit the Towers ! It was all cgi and tv fakery ! Watch 9/11 The Key and September Clues !

  • Edward– Saudi Arabia and the other “Muslim Middle-East countries” have good reason to hate us. It’s not just complicity by the Sauds… there’s plenty of U.S. involvement in obscuring the truth surrounding this issue as well… there has been since day 1 and it continues (into this administration) today. The word “complicity” comes to mind. It’s not a Saudi or an American thing… it has more to do with Zionism and the 1%. It’s how the game is played.

  • Any info on how these Saudi hijackers managed to magically make WTC 7 collapse in its own footprint at free fall speed despite not flying a plane into it would be appreciated. Otherwise, I don’t care how many Saudi officials have been implicated in providing financial support for the hijackers.

  • I had known in detail about the Attacks of September 11th since 1997. I told more than 100 people. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I lived in Kuwait and Yemen and Saudi Arabia. My original information came through Saudi Arabia. I know something about American foreign policy. I do not blame those people for making those attacks. You all had it coming. When you knock on troubles door enough times he will answer sooner or later.

  • It was mid June in 1983 and North Africa. A man named Khalid and I had a discussion about using commandeered fuel laid in aircraft to demolish tall buildings in the United States. He identified another man there as Osama. I did not speak with Osama, only Khalid. Also in 1997 I had interesting email discussions with people in Saudi Arabia. The Subject Was the Same, using commandeered fuel leg and aircraft has missiles for the attack. I told many people over a. Of 4 years up to and through the night of September 10th 2001. I knew exactly where the attacks would take place and when and who in general would do it. I also called a 911 number in Stuart Florida and told them they were in the area planning attacks and using airplanes. I had known all about this in detail for four years before it happened. You notice that all of your highest level elected officials and FBI and CIA insisted nobody could have known it was going to happen. The truth was easily pushed aside by mass media an Loi has prevailed across the land. Thanks for nothing. You people are your own worst enemies. And I might also add the Saudis and colleague did not tell me what they were going to do. I told them how to do it. You are welcome. Some people used terrorist tactics against to me in particular it was mid-june in 1983 in North Africa. a man named Khalid and I had a discussion about using, indeed fuel Layton aircraft to demolish tall buildings in the United States. he identified another man there as Osama. I did not speak with Osama, only Khalid. also in 1997 I had interesting email discussions with people in Saudi Arabia. The subject was the same, using, indeed fuel late and aircraft as missiles for the attack. I told many people over a period of 4 years up to and through the night of September 10th 2001. I knew exactly where the attacks would take place and when and who in general would do it. I also called a 911 number in Stuart Florida and told them they were in the area planning attacks and using airplanes.

  • I was in the Army in Germany in 1980. Some people threatened to me for 6 months. These were felony terrorist threats and quite detailed and specific. Both events happened exactly as described. I was caught and the first one where 18 people died and 70 were injured . The next morning 86 people were slaughtered and 200 were injured . The people who made the threats who claimed to have contacts with terrorist cells in Europe we’re allowed to go free . That was why I was counseling Khalid and others how to launch the attacks effectively because they could not get their hands on an atomic weapon . It may sound strange and the truth often is. Yes I had known about the attacks had might have had something to do with encouraging the attacks or even initiating the idea but I also told more than 100 people including law enforcement and many others. They all flipped me off for the most part and you won’t got attacked.

  • The above was not exactly what I said. These boys to text machines hardknock exact. AR not exact.

  • Just wanted to say you’re an absolute legend for continuously publishing the most important information of our time when we need it the most. I think we need to begin preparing in advance for the bedlam that will result in the knowledge that this was for all intents and purposes an inside job, that mainstream media serves only to regurgitate CIA lies, that the tweaked out Nazis on YouTube blaming j** Zionists and Mossad, while scum, were actually right and that while guns won’t do diddly squat to protect you from the government, that there is absolutely a legitimate reason to stock pile in the event that when the public seeks to reform the military industrial complex and inherent spy agencies and are subsequently denied “in the interest of public safety”, it could mean state of emergency and civil war. Can you imagine soldiers with PTSD from wars they were lied into fighting finding out their brothers and sisters were sacrificed in the most horrific manner imaginable just so some pedophile in the Pentagon can watch you beat off from your cell phone’s camera and Raytheon can slang a few more bombs? The deep state isn’t going to take no for an answer, look at JFK, I’m surprised Tulsi Gabbard hasn’t randomly committed “suicide” for not backing down on the Syrian gas attacks. It’s like guys, these people brought you the crack epidemic and have been overthrowing democratically elected governments abroad before you were born, you don’t think they wouldn’t “take one for the team”? What the fuck did you think was going to happen? And this cancer is global, five eyes, gip, isi, now we even have domestic ones to worry about like stratfor – like who isn’t in on it? The UAF study will be peer reviewed, the grand jury trial will commence, and when the truth finally sees daylight heads will roll, there will be blood in the streets, recruitment to fascist militias will skyrocket – we need to get ahead of this shit before it happens or might as well move to Iceland because if the mortgage bubble was bad, the 9/11 bubble will the last one to pop guaranteed. I was actually late to the mintpress info that Larry Silverstein admitted to planning the new WTC 7 a year before the attack, but with no time or demo project in the works before a 2012 completion how did he expect it to come together? It’s like we’re all Jim Carrey in the Truman Show and there’s no boat to escape from the set, it’s fucking sick. /Rant

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