New Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book has conflict of interest as Republicans quietly shower taxpayer millions on her charity

lauren book
Lauren Book
Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book Tuesday discussing her amendment to the state’s $500-million gambling compact with the Seminoles that aided her father’s lobbying client, the Town of Davie. Photo: The Florida Channel

By Dan Christensen,

Lauren Book, the newly anointed leader of Florida’s Senate Democrats, has a financial conflict of interest that’s raising questions about her loyalties as her beleaguered party prepares for the challenge of redistricting in January.

For the past two years, House and Senate Republicans decisively showered the Senate Minority Leader’s charity – Lauren’s Kids – with $4 million in taxpayer dollars.

The appropriations, including $2 million awarded in the regular session that ended April 30, were camouflaged to make it difficult for the public to spot them.

Since 2011, the Republican-controlled Legislature has lavished $19.69-million in grants on the sexual abuse prevention charity founded and led by the Plantation Democrat. In addition, Lauren’s Kids has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from other Republican OK’d funding mechanisms, notably a specialty license plate.

State records indicate the charity intends to ask for another $2 million next year. “There is not currently a source of funding available that can be used in lieu of state funding,” says Lauren’s Kids most recent funding request.

Lauren’s salaries – and bonus

According to the latest available federal tax records, Lauren’s Kids paid Sen. Book an annual salary of $200,000 plus an incentive bonus of $15,000 in 2019. The bonus was not further explained.

The compensation Book received from Lauren’s Kids rose 49.1 percent between 2016, when she first took office, and 2019. Her salary from the charity in 2011 was $68,000. Her current Lauren’s Kids salary is $220,000, according to spokeswoman Claire VanSusteren. Book also draws a state senator’s salary of $29,697.

Lauren Book
Lauren’s Kids speciality license plate

Book has said in the past, and VanSusteren reiterated this week, that “none of these dollars were derived from public funds.” That’s true, as far as it goes. State records show that millions in Lauren’s Kids grants were structured to pay for programs and staff salaries other than Book’s. But Book’s large salary would not be possible without the huge infusion of state dollars that have annually underwritten the charity’s other expenses.

Sen. Book, the daughter of influential lawyer-lobbyist and Lauren’s Kids chairman Ronald Book, did not respond to Florida Bulldog requests for comment. Ronald Book and his Aventura firm lobbied the Legislature for the grants, records state.

In a 2017 interview with Florida Bulldog, Sen. Book said she would not abstain from voting on matters involving her father’s clients or on measures sending millions of state dollars to benefit Lauren’s Kids. “In ALL matters, I will vote my conscience and in what I believe is best for my district, for Broward County and for the people of the State of Florida,” she said.

“I have met with the Counsel of the Senate and have been advised that it is proper that I do not abstain on these matters unless funding directly inures to my benefit, which it does not.”

Political life with father

Just this week, Sen. Book acted to benefit one of her father’s clients, the Town of Davie, that she likewise represents by sponsoring an amendment to the state’s $500-million gambling compact struck with the Seminole Tribe on Wednesday. The amendment changed the formula for determining how much local governments adjacent to the tribe’s reservation casino near Hollywood are entitled to receive.

Lobbyist Ron Book Monday before the House Select Subcommittee on the Seminole Gaming Compact Photo: The Florida Channel

Because of Book’s amendment, Davie will rake in tens of thousands of dollars more annually at the expense of the more populous and more racially diverse Hollywood. The compact is a 30-year deal. U.S. Census Bureau estimates as of July 1, 2019: Davie’s population of 106,000 was 8.8 percent black; Hollywood’s population of 155,000 was 18.2 percent black.

The Legislature’s largesse toward Lauren’s Kids, while no secret to many Republicans or Democrats who, like Sen. Book, voted for it, nevertheless was curiously kept out of public sight. Indeed, Tallahassee insiders Florida Bulldog spoke with were unaware of the millions earmarked to Lauren’s Kids in 2020 and 2021, nor did any Florida media outlet report on those large payouts last year, or while covering this year’s record $101.5-billion state budget.

Why? The House and Senate legislators who sponsored the Lauren’s Kids grants modified the name of those appropriations.

Underlying documentation clearly identifies Lauren’s Kids as the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity that requested the twin $2-million grants to be funneled through the Department of Education. But unlike past years when “Lauren’s Kids” identified the recipient, the grant’s name was changed to “Safer, Smarter Schools” – the name of the Lauren’s Kids curriculum.

The result: the annual list of state-funded charities in the final appropriations bill no longer mentions Lauren’s Kids as receiving any funds. (See page 30 of this year’s SB 2500.)

State descriptions of the Lauren’s Kids program for 2020 and 2021 both say, “Funding will be utilized to continue to provide child abuse prevention curriculum and resources to Florida’s public schools, parents and communities.” This year’s description adds, “The onset of COVID-19 has elevated the need for these critical resources due to the documented rise in child abuse, maltreatment, digital exploitation & trafficking during the pandemic.”

The COVID-19 language looks like window dressing. No documentation to support the assertion that child abuse, exploitation and trafficking increased last year was provided when the funding request was filed on Feb. 17.

‘Troubled’ by camouflaged grants

The sponsors of the 2020 Lauren’s Kids grant were then-state Sen. Bill Montford, D-Marianna, and then-state Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Naples. This year, the sponsors were state Sen. Doug Broxson, R-Pensacola, and state Rep. Vance Aloupis Jr., R-Miami.

This year’s Republican sponsors for Lauren’s Kids $2-million grant. Sen. Doug Broxson, right, and Rep. Vance Aloupis Jr.

Florida Bulldog contacted some prominent South Florida Democrats to ask them about the  recent disguised, multi-million dollar giveaway to Lauren’s Kids by the Republican-dominated Legislature.

“I am troubled by what you’re telling me,” said a former state senator who spoke on condition of anonymity. “It sounds bad, certainly. It may be bad. I don’t know. If I were still in the Senate,I would want to know a lot more.”

Another former legislator now in local elective office said she was “concerned” both by Book’s sizeable compensation from Lauren’s Kids, as well as her charity’s dependence on Republicans for continuing support.

“The challenge for her is going to be that she needs to bend over backwards to be more ethical than other people. Everybody’s watching her,” she said. “She should step aside from the charity while she’s the Democratic leader.”

Florida Bulldog reached out to several key Senate Democrats for comment, including Miami’s Annette Taddeo, Tampa’s Janet Cruz and Jacksonville’s Audrey Gibson. None responded.

Lauren Book sees additional Republican funding

Even before Book was elected to the Senate, her father was a significant presence in Tallahassee. In 2013 Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, filed a bill that amended state law to allow Lauren’s Kids to collect $25 fees from the sale by specialty license plates sold by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Further, the DMV allows Lauren’s Kids to insert in every auto tag renewal notice mailed to more than 6 million vehicle owners a brochure asking the public for donations. Miami-Dade and Broward counties facilitate individual $1 donations by including a box for people to check on their car registration renewal forms. 

In 2019 alone, Lauren’s Kids reported that the department paid it $536,000.

Lauren Book, who was sexually and physically abused by her nanny for six years starting at age 11, founded Lauren’s Kids in 2007. She was elected to the state Senate without opposition in 2016 and again in 2018. She’s running for re-election next year.

Nancy Watkins

To date, her campaign has raised $170,000 and the political committee she chairs – Leadership for Florida – has collected another $246,500. A chunk of that money comes from at least a half-dozen of her father’s lobbying clients.

Incumbent Book, 36, has a Republican opponent in 2022, Davie resident Diana Bivona Belviso, 34. Belviso’s  campaign reports receiving a single in-kind contribution: $300, for professional photographs.

Lauren Book established Leadership for Florida in 2014 with the help of Tampa accountant Nancy Watkins, who remains the political committee’s treasurer. Watkins and her husband, Robert, have for decades kept the books for numerous Republican candidates and conservative political groups in Florida and around the country. The Tampa Bay Times reported in 2019 that Watkins’ clients have included then-President Donald Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio and Fort Lauderdale resident Roger Stone’s legal defense fund.

The new Senate Minority Leader has had generally warm relations with Florida’s Republican governors. Gov. Ron DeSantis, not known for praising Democrats, put out an effusive statement calling her “an internationally respected child safety expert” who fights “for Florida’s families.”

In 2015, then-Gov. Rick Scott, now a U.S. senator, hugged Lauren Book and appeared with Ron Book on the steps of Florida’s Historic Capitol amid a rally for Lauren’s Kids.

Book rose to become minority leader less than a month ago after Sen. Gary Farmer, D-Lighthouse Point, was ousted following a unanimous vote of no confidence. Book, who became next in line for minority leader after Fort Lauderdale state Sen. Perry Thurston filed to run for the late U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings’ seat in Congress. Book is scheduled to remain minority leader until 2024.

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Latest comments

  • Ron and Lauren Book have become powerful influences in the state of Florida.

    All people would agree that the sexual abuse that Lauren Book endured as a child was horrible. Her perpetrator is currently imprisoned, but how much revenge will ever be enough for the Books?

    The Books justify their actions against people on the sex offense registry by implying the re-offense rate (committing another sex offense) is high. One of the Books stated in an interview that “it is not if they re-offend, but when they re-offend.” All research refutes this statement.

    As mentioned in this excellent Florida Bulldog article, the Books do not always provide documentation to back up their statements.

    The U. S. Department of Justice May of 2019 report found that released inmates in 30 states, whose most serious offense was rape or sexual assault, had a re-offense rate (committing another sex crime) of 7.7 % over the 9-year period from 2005 to 2014. That means that 92.3% did NOT re-offend. This study only considered the most violent of sex crimes. When all sexual offenses are included, the rate is lower.

    Karl Hanson, one of the leading researchers in the field of risk assessment and treatment for people who have committed a sex offense, compiled data from many different research studies on re-offense rates for people on the sex offense registry and found the following to be true: The lifetime re-offense rate is anywhere from 10% to 30%, depending on which study you use, with the larger studies having the lower rates. (Dr. Hanson’s research results were recently shared at the Connecticut’s One Standard of Justice January 2021 Webinar: “Sex Offender Recidivism Risk Not What You Think”.)

    The Books have had great influence in the state of Florida in the passage of barbaric statutes/ordinances that prevent the thousands of people on the sex offense registry, who are not re-offending, from reintegrating back into society successfully, with one example being the 2500-foot residency restrictions that Ron Book pushed in the Miami area, causing many registrants to become homeless. For those people who do re-offend, none of us has any sympathy for them, but those registrants who are leading lives as law-abiding citizens deserve a second chance. The Books have made that process very difficult.

    Thank you, Florida Bulldog, for all that you are doing to keep Florida citizens aware of what is going on in this state.

  • How can you bite the hand(s) that feed you. This stinks, and it’s not the fish on the counter.

  • Washington DC doesn’t have the only swamp that needs to be drained !!!

  • Could we expect much less from the Book Crime Family. Lie, cheat, still, and spread false claims is what people of their ilk do…anything for money. Her father is using his campaign against registered citizens to cover up his disregard for his daughter’s safety when he put money ahead of parental responsibility.

  • Florida Action Committee was founded by Gail Colletta after her adult son, Alexander of Boynton Beach, was convicted of getting his jollies from child pornography. The fake “committee” is on a mission to lessen the penalties for molesting or raping children. It’s co-website, CautionClick, advocates going easy on those who watch kiddie porn while never acknowledging that those who watch the smut are inspiring pron producers to make more.

  • Val Parkworst is a liar. There is nothing “fake” about F.A.C.

    I’m certain that they support appropriate punishment for sex with children. But what they are really fighting against is the criminal governments that have Sex Offense Registries (Hit Lists). Which, by definition, every government that has or supports Hit Lists is a criminal government/regime. Americans are also fighting against the big government loving criminals like Lauren Book.

    Today, there are exactly zero intelligent, informed, moral people who think the Hit Lists are acceptable. Zero. Most of the “people” who support the out-of-control big government, and their billion+ “laws”, are nothing but harassers who get off on harassing families. They are harassing terrorists who cannot mind their own business or leave other families alone. Instead of trying to reduce sex crimes or improve public safety, they waste resources to harass people who finished their full, complete legal sentences years and decades ago. But only if it has something to do with sex! Every other kind of crime is just fine (which is why they love having gun offenders living right next door to schools and being IN them).

    We see what these criminal regimes do with our money and other resources. They pay themselves over $200k a year for working for “non-profits” that harass families. Over $200k seems like a decent profit to me. The Hit Lists are a GREAT reason to always look to de-fund these criminals. Always, and in every way possible, all good Americans should be working to keep resources from big government. Let’s make it harder for them to wage war on American families.

    Let’s vote the crooks out.

  • I have been harassed by Senator Lauren Book and her lobbyist father for years. (“Val Parkworst” is the Book family’s paid troll, BTW; he also posts here as Barry Williams or “Lucky Larry” Lynch at times.)

    She filed a SLAPP suit against me that was recently overturned by the Florida 4th Appeals Court and upheld by the FL Supreme Court. She also assisted in having me falsely accused of a crime.

    Now that I’ve gotten victories on both counts, I want to sue the shit out of Lauren Book and her her DUI daddy, Ronald “Stagger” Lee Book. Maybe Florida Bulldog could write about it.

  • I will never forget her stone silence in the wake of the tragic shooting spree at Parkland HS in her district in 2018. While every other Florida politician was racing to the mikes to profess outrage and the need to protect our children, she had absolutely nothing to say, which I’m sure had absolutely nothing to do with her father being the NRA’s lobbyist in Florida.

    True, she’s very adept at using her status as a sex abuse victim to silence political opposition. But what has she ever done that made a whit of difference in the commission of sex crimes in Florida? How does increasing the restrictions and obligations on those who have already been convicted and served their time prevent new sex crimes – 95+ percent of which are committed by persons not on the sex offender registry – from happening?

    Be it from the Florida Senate or her charities, she’s made absolutely no impact whatsoever in the child safety issues she’s so vocal about (most of which is likely to divert attention from ethically questionable activity such as that reported in this article). Sex crimes and child abuse occur at the same rates as they always have, drugs remain rampant throughout the state, and gangs in high schools is as prevalent as ever. She is no more a “child safety expert” than she is an alien.

  • Thanks for stopping by, Derek! Are you still harassing women, like those county workers in Dayton, Ohio? Why did your ex-wife obtain an order of protection from you? In 2017 she tried to get another order of protection. Did you really threaten to injure her or did you just key her car?
    Still on Social Security Disability but allegedly managing to travel to stalk women all over the ountry? How many have you called the c-word today?
    Where are you now? Nebraska? Is that because they go easy on sex offenders there? We know how pedophiles shop around for their new victims and states. Weren’t you living in Florida for a hot minute but you didn’t like how they’re ranked as the toughest state when it comes to pedos?
    Been accused of harassing Senator Lauren Book’s family today?
    What’s going on with that eight count felony theft case of yours that’s been sitting for years down in Florida? Going to man-up to face those charges? No Derek, you can’t have your sad, weak enabler girlfriend appear in court for you like she does everything else for your aging kid-touching hunk o’ burning hate. And now you say you hate Florida…
    What was the story about you and an alleged arson in Ohio or something? You traveler you! Why did you leave Ohio, again? We already know you hate Ohio.
    How’s that 11-year-old girl that you sexually assaulted in Alabama? The one who you tell everyone is supposedly a lesbian now, as if that matters? Are gay people on Derek’s long Hate List too? Of course, if your flabby slab of whiny entitlement was your victim’s first example of “manhood,” it’s not surprising she swings the other way.
    We know you hate your Sweet Home Alabama. They cracked down on sex offenders in that state like their neighbor Florida. Is that why you left with your tail between your legs? Where else have you allegedly slithered the past few years, Derek Logue? Arkansas, Oregon, Colorado, Missouri. You hate those too, right? You hate England, Jamaica, Philippines, Trinidad and Canada also, we vaguely remember. Where else? Hard to keep up, Derek “The Dummy: Warren Logue.
    When you’ve washed out of so many places and hate so many people, did you ever stop to think that maybe you’re the problem? We just can’t imagine why America needs a national registry for slippery sex offenders, can you? But do keep up the sad, dumb, flabby, redneck face in your offender photos. Those make everyone laugh, tough guy. We all hear banjos just looking at you.
    Stop by and see us at

  • I checked Florida Action Committee’s website and didn’t see anything advocating to “lessen the penalties for molesting or raping children,” as Val Parkworst so artfully suggests above.

    You seem like class act, Val Parkworst. Thanks for your imaginative and thoughtful contributions to this discussion.

  • Florida Action Committee does not report who are members of its supposed “committee.” FAC is a business that appears to use it donations for things like defending Alexander’s DUI arrest, purchase a Colorado home and pay Alexander to operate the FAC message boards.

  • Court transcripts show that Lauren Book was attempting to keep you away from her. For someone who lives on about $800 a month SSI payments, you sure spent a lot of Greyhound dollars traveling around the country to be near Lauren, who you refer to as a c***. You beat her restraining order but you didn’t beat your ex-wife’s order of protection. Your ex also went for a second order of protection in 2017. What did you do to inspire that call for action? And being paid by anyone? Keep fishing. Try browsing the Georgia sex offender registry.

  • Let us take a look at the “casino” bill that may not be protecting our children from sexual abuse. This bill allows sports betting from our personal computers or mobile phones because the computer servers receiving the betting information is on tribal land. Currently, some betting games are allowed on Seminole lands, such as Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, but the bettors need to be on this land.

    This bill is a devious attempt to get around the law by saying a server receiving information from a remote location is the same as if I was betting in person at the Hard Rock Casino.

    Using this logic, it appears that as Floridians, we could download and trade child sexual abuse materials (Child Porn) legally if the server is located in a place where it is not against the law, This is great news for the dirtbags that are presently downloading and trading such material. It would no longer be a felony but a legal activity. Sadly the state is willing to sell out the innocence of our children for a few extra dollars. Are the Books a part of the problem?

  • Right on cue, “Val Parkworst,” and continuing to make things up again, proving you suck at this whole “law” thing. I doubt anyone would take the word of an anonymous troll over the 4th Florida Court of Appeals.

    See Logue v Book, 297 So. 3d 605 (Fla. Ct. App. 2020) for the reality. The difference between not stalking and stalking is the difference between you and I. What I do is legal, and what you do it not. Peaceful protests and online criticisms are valid, even if you aren’t a fan of the delivery.

    You need to go back and read Book v Logue, but here’s one hint– I don’t directly communicate with Book, you know, like when you call me from a spoofed number to play clips from movies or make threats on my life, or steal my personal pictures to make poorly devised photoshop pics, or sending me texts telling me to watch my back or “woordchipper feet first”. That’s examples of actual stalking behavior.

    Speaking of “keep fishing”, tell your boss, Ronald Stagger-Lee Book, to do the same. The purpose of her SLAPP suit was to try to find money that does not exist. The BBC didn’t pay me, nor David Feige, nor any of the Anti-Registry groups, or anyone. So no one could be sued for money, which is what that greedy family was hoping for.

    BTW — You seem to be forgetting this is an article is about Senator Book’s corruption. Most reasons are concerned about someone’s SSI check, they’re far more concerned about a $2 million a year welfare check to a charity, with Book as head of the appropriations committee. Since you obviously are an illiterate Jawja redneck, you don’t understand what this means.

    Senator Book is on the committee that decides how taxpayer bucks are spent. So, she is eessentially giving her own charity taxpayer money. She in turn gets to pocket that money because it is her charity. Again, while you’re obsessed with me and my $800 check, this corrupt State Senator collects $2 MILLION a year for her charity and pays herself at least a tenth of it. She thinks she’s some kind of God to deserve such a tithe? And her charity is completely bogus. Her charity spreads misinformation and fear. And Book herself has gone on the record to state that she promotes the faulty believe every registered person reoffends.

    Book is a liar, just like you are and those you work for, “Val ParkWORST.”

  • “Capt Charles Munsey Jr. USN Ret” gives a sob story in comment sections about how he’s a military hero being tortured by the registry for the “worst 15 minutes” of his life.

    The facts: Charles Munsey from Virginia started sexually assaulting his victim when she was only 10. The poor kid’s mother had just died from cancer when he began abusing her. He repeatedly sexually assaulted her for almost three years. He’s broken parole multiple times.

    Munsey is such a disgusting kid-toucher, Florida has him ranked as a Sex Predator instead of Offender. Only the worst of the worst get Predator. Read his court cases.

    He’s allegedly a member of East Coast Christian Center in Merritt Island and just goes by “Bob.” Do people there know about him?

    Munsey left the military under “odd” circumstances but let’s just leave it at that. He allegedly goes shopping, driving around, and to the rec center at Patrick Air Force Base and some other military bases. Hangs out at small airports in Brevard County. Do people there know about him?

    Sex offenders want to convince America the sex offender registry is full of Nice Guys who just got in trouble for urinating in public, but their activists are like Munsey. Where are these urination cases in FAC? Ask where you can read their court cases and the Nice Guy act goes away fast.

    Munsey’s slimy grin in his Sex Predator photo is what you’d expect for a sociopath who’d repeatedly sexually assault a 10-year-old whose mother just died of cancer.

  • Sex offenders who mouth off always do so to deflect, minimize or attempt to obscure the fact that they sexually abused or raped a child. Sex with a 10 or 11 year old child? How low can you go pedo?

  • We were discussing a politician’s conflict of interest. When you have a commenter who can’t help bringing up things like “sex with a 10 or 11 year old child “ and “molesting or raping children,” what does that tell you about them?

  • Val Parkworst is a liar.

    She/he/it feels free to call people names so everyone should feel free to do the same to she/he/it. Personally, I suspect that he/she/it is an active child molester. Those kinds are exactly the ones who run around yelling “pedo”, “pedo”, “pedo”, “look at me, I’m against pedos!” LE really should investigate such people. Immoral garbage.

    Parkworst you lie yet again when you say “Sex offenders who mouth off always do so to deflect, minimize or attempt to obscure the fact that they sexually abused or raped a child.” I mean, I guess that depends on who exactly you mean by “sex offenders”. I’m assuming you mean people who are listed on the Hit Lists. Just calling those people “sex offenders” makes you a liar. But obviously a huge number of listed people have never harmed a child in any way. But you have, haven’t you? All Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts) have.

    Additionally, all intelligent, informed, moral Americans are opposed to the Hit Lists and “mouth off” about them. They are simply unacceptable to decent people. So maybe stop your incessant lying and stop harassing families?

    Until you Registry Supporters/Terrorists can stop harassing families there are going to be real life consequences. You want war, you’ve got it. But I’m sure you don’t care that the Hit Lists harm all Americans. You just want to feel smug and get your jollies. Oh well, enjoy the hate and let’s all burn the country down. We are definitely not all in this together.

  • All the Books can do is deflect and hide behind Lauren’s victim status. “Val” is just running the Book Crime Family playbook play-by-play.

  • Oh, I should point out that her Yankee cohort, Laura Ahearn, changed Parents For Megan’s Law to the “Crime Victims Center” to also hide behind a shield. These victim groups are largely nothing but tax dollar sponges. Ahearn gets money for her charity from politicians, and in turn, she gives these pols some kind of “Champions for Children” trophy. A little RP for Long Island pols, a little kickback money for Ahearn. These two have exchanged notes.

  • Right on cue, “Val Parkworst” has morphed into his “Steve Dixon” persona. Just go ahead and bring out your Larry Lynch persona, maybe even dust off the Barry Williams one. Or, I know, another parody of the name of me or another you hate. Bring the same tired “talking points,” too. The fact you’re trying this hard to detract from the subject at hand is ample proof you’re tied to the Books. Hell, you even beat me to it today.

    This still does not detract from the fact the Book family is bilking taxpayers out of MILLIONS. I guess if I was being paid by the Books, I’d be trying hard to deflect from that. No amount of personal attacks van undo this article and the message it has. Just as no amount of deflection can detract from my THREE legal victories over Senator Book and her corruption.

  • ‘Val-Kilmer’s’ Spread Of Hate will Spur Bad KARMA and Bite that Individual in the ASS!

    ..Just takes a Team in Langley to decipher the IP Address, and then, ‘ROUND THEM UP’

  • It is a real shame that Lauren’s Kids isn’t serious about protecting children. If they were, they’d never support the sex offense registries. And good people could then support Lauren’s Kids. I would support them, instead of them being an enemy. But no one should ever support any entity or anyone who thinks the registries are acceptable.

    I also wouldn’t really have a problem with millions of our $$$ being given away either. It’s just a drop in the giant bucket. I’d like to support Lauren’s Kids and like to think they could do good work. But that’s not reality. And even if it were, Lauren Book should not be on the payroll. What these politicians need to learn is that once/if you decide that you are going to be a politician, then if you want to have any morals and credibility you must divest from any potential conflicts. You just must. If you can’t do that then don’t become a politician. Otherwise you are going to look as criminal as you are.

    Lauren Book and Lauren’s Kids put my children in danger every single day. She cries about things that happened to her long ago. Guess who can’t care? People whose children are being put into danger by her today. Registry supporters don’t care much about children. They care more about virtue signaling and making themselves feel better. Fine, but stop harassing families that paid their debts years and decades ago. Or else.

  • “FAC Speaks” is Sarah Fiebig. She’s the official public spokesperson for the pro-pedophile activist group. Her husband’s Edward Rolland Fiebig. When he was 76 he brutally sexually assaulted a child, who was less than six years old, in Duval County, Florida. Read the court files on Sarah’s role in it.

    Edward was walking around free around less than two years later. Sarah whines to the press that convicted pedophiles like him are punished too hard. They all cry about Florida because it’s the strictest state in the country when it comes to pedos, as if that’s a bad thing. Wow, why would the state where kids from all over the world visit Disneyworld, go to the beach, and wear shorts all year decide that pedos could be a problem?

    A lot of these pedo-rights men have crimes like Fiebig’s. They all stick together for the scummiest in their ranks. Their wives are pathetic, like they have that mental disease that makes them get off second-hand by being with a child molester. Are these wives pedos-by-proxy?

    If you believe that the registry is full of sweet men who had consenting 17-year-old girlfriends when the guys were 18, you’ve been groomed by a sex offender or pro-pedophile activist. Now think about how their 11-year-old victims felt when they got groomed by them and then raped too.

    Wonder why these pro-pedophile activist groups get IRS nonprofit 501c3 status when they are extremely political, they dox rape victims, use donated money for civil lawsuits, tell each other how to break the registry laws, and high-five each other for harassing Lauren Book. Does the IRS know how much time and money they spend on lobbying and illegal shenanigans?

  • I have been reading about the Books and am very dismayed at their behavior and their underhanded politics. Their self serving antics warrant investigation and the public should be made aware of their dealings.

    Thank you for bringing this to light.

  • Did Charles Munsey really just call out another father for “disregard for his daughter’s safety”? That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all year.

    For those who don’t know, Charles Munsey was a Navy paper-pusher. The only war the desk-jockey ever saw was with a 10-year-old girl who didn’t want him to molest her. He won, again and again. What a hero.

    Munsey talks about his enlistment all the time because he doesn’t want you to know he sexually molested a girl for years starting when she was 10 after her mother died from cancer. His sudden discharge from the Navy wasn’t great.

  • Sex offenders are here gripping about Lauren’s Kids because they do not want children educated about the danger they pose. Also, sex offenders want restrictions about living near day care centers, schools and playgrounds eliminated because it puts a crimp in their grooming children for their selfish illegal prurient interests.

  • I wonder about commenter(s) here who go on and on about child molesting.

    What do you think they spend their time fantasizing about?

  • People like Lauren Book get away with corruption because of powerful connections. If her daddy was treated the way they treat others who were convicted of crimes, he would not be allowed to be a lobbyist.

    Ron Book pleaded no contest to fraud in the 1980s. He pleaded guilty to illegal campaign contributions in the 1990s. He was under federal investigation as recently as a few years ago. And he has been fighting a DUI arrest from 2019, a crime with ample video evidence proving his guilt.

    Yet, Ronald Stagger-Lee Book is still allowed to work as a lobbyist. Lauren would be nothing without him. Daddy Ron tells Lauren to jump and she does not bother to ask how high. Ron runs her senate office and her charity. Daddy says defend Sheriff Israel for me and she abandons the Parkland victims while smiling to their faces.

    To be honest, I don’t think Lauren Book is even capable of independent thought. Daddy does her thinking for. She is nothing but a sock puppet for daddy, and every pol in Floriduh is falling over themselves to have a turn at pulling her strings.

  • Awwww, the poor widdle pedophiles feel that the sex offender registry doesn’t respect their privacy!

    Because you really respected the privacy of a child’s genitals, didn’t you?

    Charles Munsey and Derek Warren Logue respect their victims’ and their families’ privacy when they identify them in their published columns, right?

    There’s those lines again about “education” that the pro-pedophile activists say is the key to stopping r-pists like themselves. That Lauren’s Kids should “educate children about how to not be victims.” How not to be victims of what, exactly? Victims of pedophiles like yourselves?

    Tell us, what could your victim have been educated to say to you that would have made you stop when you were already sexually assaulting her? We already know the word “no” doesn’t work with your type. Is there a magic word?

    How about not abusing kids in the first place so they don’t have to learn what to do about sexual abusers like yourselves? It would stop families’ lives from being ruined, save law enforcement and social services billions of dollars, and those registries you hate so much wouldn’t need to exist in the first place. You’re a drain on society and taxpayers.

    It’s not a little kid’s job to somehow stop a grown adult who’s already decided he wants to r-pe her. Why should kids have to raise you adults?

    One of the pedo-rights activists (in Sarah and Edward Rolland Fiebig’s group) is airport chauffeur Brian Gosselin from Lee County, Florida. Apparently has been arrested for allegedly getting 11-year-old girls drunk on Smirnoff & r-ping them, selling counterfeit hats on eBay, and eating dog feces at kids’ playgrounds.

    But I thought your pedo-rights activist groups said the registry is just full of good citizens who got arrested for urinating in public?

  • Jacob,

    I can assure you that Brandy Reeves, Watch out East Coast, Turkey Neck, Val Parkworst, Steve Dixon, and Bite the Pillow are all the same one person. Considering the level of dedication, it is almost as if this person has direct ties to the Book Crime Family. This suspicious troll reeks of crashed Lambo and political corruption.

  • I agree with convicted pedophiles that the registries don’t work as well as they could. Not for the same reasons they give, though.

    The registry doesn’t stop pedos’ enablers from sneaking them into places and then grooming people into believing they’re not a threat with their cherry-picked “statistics” about re-incarceration rates. They share tips with each other about how to get around the laws on Sarah and Edward Rolland Fiebig’s group. They help each other sue anyone who doesn’t want to be around them. They break 501c3 rules for their “nonprofit.”

    Pedos know they’re not allowed on Facebook, but they register under fake names anyway. And the “nonprofit” FAC’s top leaders Sarah Fiebig and Gail Colletta talk to them in DMs. They know these pedos’ real names and that they’re not supposed to be there. Goes to show they still don’t respect honesty and the boundaries of others. They’re two-faced liars. They dox their “enemies,” who are those don’t drink their Kool-Aid that pedos around kids. In other words, anyone who’s a decent parent.

    So, the pedos are 100% right that the sex offender registry doesn’t work well enough right now. This tag-and-release experiment relies on sneaky, lying, untrustworthy scum being honest.

    Repeat child molesters like Charles Munsey should be in prison for life. “Bob,” as he calls himself, doesn’t deserve to allegedly be around kids at East Coast Christian Center in Merritt Island, secure airports in Brevard County, and the rec center at Patrick Air Force Base.

  • Most of these comments are irrelevant about the topic, but that is typical for this day and age. Nowadays, racist, xenophobic, sexist, or those of otherwise questionable social character can no longer act out their inclinations in public without being voted down, fired, or socially banned, so they look for an easy target upon which to dump their unfulfilled bigotry and aggression: the “sex offender”, and we applaud them for it, only making their behaviors worse. This forum is just one example of how the public has been co-enablers in letting this nonsense to get out of hand. We need to come back to reality.

    Cindy Aer probably made the most thoughtful comments in the whole forum that have some bearing on the issue of Senator Book’s affiliations and obvious conflict of interest. Ms. Book really needs to do some soul searching to see whether her political ambitions or public charity work are more important to her, and act accordingly. Apparently, she is being effective at neither at the moment.

  • Brandy Reeves was the best thing to ever happen to him. Have you seen the sex offender groupies he’s had since? A bunch of haints.

  • Hi Val Parkworst and the rest of your lying personas. You’re a lying sack.

    Let me break this down for your weak little brain – you can show your Hit Lists to children or adults all day and night and it will NEVER lower their risk of a sex crime. Not a bit, ever. We responsible and accountable parents know that it is actually us who must supervise our children and teach them how to be safe. And yes, that’s called “education”, hillbilly.

    For me personally, I don’t give the first F if a person is listed on your glorious government Hit Lists or not, I’m going to supervise every single person just like they are the worst child molester in the world. Especially slimy “people” like you. So, I’ll be protecting my children. But you people who need government to help you out, you’re raising the next victims. That’s karma.

    So please go ahead and get cancer and die. The world will celebrate.

  • Val’s job is to distract from the subject at hand, namely the corruption by Senator Book. This story is simply the latest in a long list of ethics concerns regarding Senator Book.

    How is she able to pass legislation to give her own charity millions of dollars? Her behavior is not unlike that of Trump.

    Those who are claiming anyone here is against child safety education is ignorant. The problem with Lauren Book the alleged child safety advocate is that having the financial support from politicians engaging in quid pro quo does not make her education platform a good one.

    No one dares ask Lauren why she claims 95% of sexual abuse can be prevented by her educational curriculum. Where is the evidence for that?

    Who can trust someone like Book with an obvious agenda? When she claims, for example, that every person forced to register is doomed to reoffend in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that makes her a liar. Her website is full of the same tired debunked myths about sexual abuse that we heard during the age of Satanic Panic.

    It is easy to see what Lauren Book does with the money, i.e., waste it on self-promotion. The money she spent on that hideous tour bus, for example, could have been better spent on real services.

    There are real services out there that are underfunded because Lauren’s Kids gets the lion’s share of taxpayer funds doled out to needy charities.

    Book’s questionable, even Trumpian, lack of ethical standards and her constant self-aggrandisement should be the motivation to back an challenger to her in the next election.

  • Too funny “Phil Watkins,” calling people out for allegedly using fake names. You aren’t using your own legal name here and you change handles constantly in comments sections.

    So, Phil-Her-Up, do “responsible and accountable parents” teach their children to go abuse other children because it’s “karma”? Did you believe it was “karma” when you molested your own victims even though Lauren Book’s charity wasn’t even around then for you to blame?

    Moving on, why do you tell people in comments sections to get cancer and die? You’ve said it before. We already know why your friend Charles Munsey likes it when parents of 10-year-old children die of cancer. Is this a thing with Sarah Fiebig’s FAC pedophile crowd? You’re turned on by cancer orphans?

  • Derek Warren Logue, thanks for being an advocate of “education”!

    Please tell us, Professor Logue, how to “educate” America’s children into not being molested by pedophile-rights activists like yourself. When you decided to sexually assault that 11-year-old in Alabama, what could she have said to stop your erection and grip on her?

    Maybe you can create “educational” programs to prevent domestic abuse and harassment, too. What could your ex-wife in Alabama, those county workers in Ohio, your literal hundreds of online targets worldwide, and Lauren Book in Florida have done to not be criminally stalked by you? Where can we take this class that orders the world to give King Logue his way 365/24/7?

    You do realize, Professor Logue, that most people live their entire lives not being charged with sexual assault or criminal stalking even once? If it keeps happening in your life all across the world, maybe the problem is you.

    Perhaps a written lesson is needed for the selfish pedophiles themselves can read that our world doesn’t revolve around their violent and criminal narcissism. Oh, there already is one. It’s called The Law.

  • Derek’s job is to distract from the subject at hand, namely the corruption of an 11-year-old child by his hands and then, after jail and being added to the SOR in two states, hiding the fact that his ex-wife took out an order of protection from him in 2010, she sought another order of protection from him in 2017, fought a restraining order by Lauren Book, is avoiding eight counts of grand theft in Broward County, sued his ex-wife for $2K and lost, sued the U.S. Marshal Service and lost, but spends his life attempting to look like the sanctimonious leader of the anti-registry industry by using staistics he pulls out of his posterior. Derek is triggered by anyone exposing his never ending obsession with Ron & Lauren Book and the Lauren’s Kids mission and his blatant hypocrisy, including his supposed claim of finding Jesus while in jail. No, donations to Derek’s lame fake charity are not tax deductible. For all anyone knows he uses donations from other convicted sex offenders to fund drug or porno habits when the donations could be used to educate children about not playing “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” with an adult.

  • Look, FAC’s Dustin Lee McMillan’s here, too! Nine criminal counts of molesting his best friend’s 13-year-old daughter in Georgia while Dustin’s own five-year-old son was around. Poor Dustin, with that registry warning parents about him before he slithers in and grooms even more families, as pedophiles do before they wreck their lives. That’s why sex offenders don’t like the registry. They miss their abuse being a dirty little secret.

    Come on, pedophile-rights activists. Where are your nice family men who are on the registry because urinated in public?

  • Sex offenders should be allowed to teach middle school sex education classes. Who knows the subject better? Gives sex offenders much needed jobs.

  • “Val” has been so triggered and has officially gone off the deep end. So far he has pretended to be members of my family, my ex-wife, my step-father in law, a few of his typical personas, and mockeries of my name and that of other posters. It is a very bad look for you.

    If anything, it shows you are too personally invested in this news piece. That is why I suspect you are either one of the Books or someone paid by the Books themselves.

    The fact you keep coming here to spee your nonsense tells readers that Senator Book is very desperate to bury this article, because the article is damning to her upcoming re-election campaign. I hope that her political opponent has the guts to put Lauren Bok’s political corruption on full display.

    When that happens, Book may very well resign. She has proven she cannot handle pressure and hides behind her lobbyist dad.

    What you do not seem to get, “Val” and fiends, is that Broward County voters won’t be making voting decisions based on her feud with some out of state registered person. They care about how Lauren Book steals their taxpayer bucks to ride around in that gaudy tour bus pretending to be a star and how she used the Parkland school shooting victims then stabbed them in the back by voting to reinstate Sheriff Israel, Ron Stagger-Lee Book’s drinking buddy.

    In the midst of a global pandemic, with millions of families struggling to put food on the table, Senator Book gives herself two million taxpayer bucks. Do you honestly think the taxpayers in Broward County gives a rip about someone’s SSI check half a country away from them when the elected official living in their county is the true welfare queen?

    Seriously though, get some psychiatric help. Your incoherent rambling is only making Senator Book look guiltier than we already know her to be.

  • Not surprised to read about Derek Warren Logue’s grand theft arrest in Florida and the stalking around the world.

    Department of Justice reports that sex offenders are four times more likely than the general population to be convicted of non-sexual felonies. They’re terrible neighbors even if they don’t r-pe your kids.

  • Smoking too much marijuana will cause that kind of frantic paranoia.

  • It is not beyond the Books to pull a few strings to have someone falsely accused of theft.

    Ron Book stated on the Untouchable documentary that he is hateful and vengeful. He fantasizes about watching registered persons waterboarded and their hair and fingernails pulled. He testified before a city committee he wants to line them up and shoot them. He also admitted to having a deep-seated, “stab you in the heart and kill you” hatred for all RCs. He also admitted he is going to have Waldina murdered in Honduras. He engaged in spying on Anti-Registry groups. Both he and Lauren call every registrant monsters, incurable, creeping crud, and ticking time bombs. He told the BBC that he sees every registrant as SOBs who personally hurt Lauren. The both like to claim everyone on the arbitrary government blacklist is doomed to reoffend.

    That is only a sample of the animus they have towards everyone on the registry.

    Because I stood up to these bullies, much of that animus has been directed at me. They tried multiple times to cause harm to me, like calling the registry office to whine I referred to them as the C word (lol) to the SLAPP suit.

    Ron Book boasts of all his power and influence. Just a few calls and get a bogus charge slapped on someone. It helps when the accuser owns a business that is also a major contributor to Lauren’s Kids, so much so that the car lot is publicly thanked and listed as a sponsor. That is not a good look for the Books. There is way more than that, and I look forward to the day that I can run all that in your face.

    This terrorist campaign conducted by the Book Crime Family would be front page news if I was anyone but a Registered Citizen. I understand that. That is also why you feel emboldened to do things like steal pictures of my deceased niece who was 15 years old when she passed away. I guess the Book family only cares about protecting just some children, not all. The loved ones of Registrants apparently do not count.

  • Not surprised your niece died at 15, Professor Logue. When you sexually assault a child, you quadruple their chances of committing suicide when they’re a few years older. You also triple their chances of becoming addicted to drugs, cutting themselves, being homeless, not graduating high school, and suffering from clinical depression. This is not only devastating for the family, it costs taxpayers billions of dollars. All because you won’t keep your kid-diddling desires to yourself.

    You pedophile-rights activists whine about how the registry is inconvenient to your lives. What about your niece who lost hers?

    Besides, how white-trash is it to go around feeling up your prepubescent relatives? Even Alabama says you’re too backwoods for them, Derek.

  • You should tread very carefully when making blatantly false allegations, “Val.” The niece you are badmouthing died of liver failure, you complete tool. And the fact you have stolen her pictures to use on your stalker wall is merely evidence that you are the only true sicko here. You are not untouchable. Nobody is, including the Book Crime Family.

    You know, people who bark the loudest have the most to hide, like your connections to the Book Crime Family. How much of that two million annual Book fee goes in your own pockets? It seems once again Lauren Book only cares about certain children. She does not seem to mind you stealing child pics from my relative’s facebook page, just like Book is quiet about Matt Gaetz. Makes a person think.

  • How many pathetic losers are commenting here in support of the Book Crime Family? One. One pathetic loser.

    “Val Parkworst”, LOL. Does the loser get paid by the Family? How sad would that be?! I guess it would be less sad if the loser were getting paid because otherwise, what kind of person dedicates their life to harassing families? What kind of person stalks people listed on the Hit Lists? Pathetic scumbags.

    Poor Val, you are nothing but a scumbag liar. I scanned maybe 10% of your lying nonsense and not surprisingly I came across a lot of lies in just that tiny amount! For example, PFRs are not “terrible neighbors” as you lie. But you know who is? “People” like you. People who love big government and can’t stop harassing Americans and their neighbors. Who could stand to have you around? No one living a good life, that’s for sure.

    Today, your Hit Lists will do jack shit to protect anyone. But they will absolutely cause harm. Enjoy it losers. Go lick some big government taint.

  • Wow, I just read Derek’s last post and I do believe that not only is “Val” a liar, he/she/it is an actual pedophile. That is not surprising at all since it seems like the people who run around screaming “pedo” the most are actually pedophiles. It is an attempt to distract from themselves.

    Val calls people like Derek “pedophile-rights activists” but anyone with a brain can see that’s just another lie. The problem with scumbags like Val is that they believe that most people are as dumb as they are, lol. In America, they are mostly right, but not everyone is.

    Wage war on anti-American terrorists.

  • We already know we’re not “untouchable,” Duh Low. All of our families can be “touched” by sex offenders who should be in prison instead of taking Greyhound buses to stalk people.

    Oh no, your underage niece who died is not the 8-year-old or 11-year-old you were caught sexually assaulting? Sorry-not-sorry, Hysteric Rogue.

    It’s hard to keep up with all the criminal and civil filings about you from women, children, relatives, ex-neighbors, Lexus dealers, ex-lovers, ex-creditors, ex-therapists, ex-landlords, and city courthouse workers. Maybe stop being so repugnant?

    By the way, you and your FAC enablers might want to stop bragging about your lawyers’ so-called “win” over Lauren Book in appeals court last year. Yes, you skirted the law just enough that a divided appeal court said you have the First Amendment right to passive-aggressively terrorize a public figure.

    Pedophiles and their pathetic enablers are good at walking a fine legal line when they literally insert themselves where they’re clearly not wanted. No surprise if that’s what you do too.

    The judges also said that Book’s charity is “laudable.” They said you and your actions are “vulgar,” “insulting,” “crude,” “bombastic,” “annoying,” “extreme,” “crass,” “caustic,” “disgusting,” “distasteful,” and “boorish.” Funny to see Sarah Fiebig’s pedo-club celebrating over it.

    A divided appeals court reluctantly opined that the First Amendment gives you the right to terrorize a woman as long as she’s a public figure and you cowardly make threats about her on Facebook walls instead of in her private messages. The same court said several times that you’re repulsive. That was already known about you for decades. You’re only a “success” at ramming your way down your victim’s throats, pun intended.

    Yes, your hired lawyers Gary S. Edinger and James S. Benjamin narrowly “won” in court for you one day last year in Florida. That doesn’t mean that Derek Warren Logue isn’t a complete loser at life all the time. We doubt Edinger and Benjamin would hire your pedo-club to babysit their own daughters or other little girls in their families.

  • Diddler Low is again threatening to sue someone because he doesn’t like the truth being told about him.

    The problem with that tired old threat, Generic Blow, is that you and the other pedo-rights activists have made yourself D-List public figures with your tiny press appearances, government lobbying, leadership positions, websites, public pickets, felony convictions, books, newspaper columns, Go Fund Me campaigns, online petitions, and nonprofit registrations.

    Even though you whine about getting attention because your own crimes landed you on the registry, you claw your way to a little extra attention every day. Congratulations, you’re now the repulsive nearly-famous figures you wanted.

    The First Amendment “won” you the right in Florida to stalk Lauren Book, a pedophilia victim, in person and under your many names on the internet. That same First Amendment gives us the right to tell the truth about pedophile leaders in a Florida newspaper comments section.

    Thanks for recently confirming that precedent for us in Florida courts, pedo!

    Our lawyers can use that ruling and filings on your case as one of our starting templates. Anyone else you threaten to sue can now too.

    Another thing, Oily-Derrick Loser? We will subpoena all of your phone and internet providers, “friends,” neighbors, therapists, and SSI case if we ever need to defend ourselves in court. Will your fellow pedophiles and their enablers at FAC still think you’re a hero when all of their conversations and emails with you go public?

    You’re been noticed like the smell from raw sewage in the summer, and we will defend the right to talk about it. Enjoy your D-List “fame,” Diddler Logue.

  • The fact you are still crying and whining over my decisive victory over the Book Crime Family tells me a lot about your personal investment over this. You words are as hollow as your head, fake Val. And your rants get more incoherent every time. Maybe the reason is lies are so hard to keep up, and you have told so many now you forgot which lie is which now.

    Since I have your attention, you claim is inaccurate yet you have never proven me wrong. All you have done is spew tired insults that you borrowed from other trolls. If is inaccurate then prove it. Protip, you can’t.

    By the way,dipsh*t, there is not one victory, but three. First, a three judge panel ruled unanimously in my favor. Senator Book appealed to the full panel. I won again. She appealed to the state supreme court. They responded they won’t even entertainment the argument. Victory number three.

    You can’t count and based on your pathetic interpretation of the court case, you can’t read, either. You know, Hooked on Phonics is still around, maybe you can ask Ronald Stagger-Lee Book to buy you a copy. They have two million taxpayer bucks to spend on education, so they should start with educating their own incompetent employees like you.

  • Appreciate the way Derek Logue tricked Lauren Book into suing him and then losing to him at the Florida Supreme Court level.

    Those who try to spin Lauren’s Supreme Court loss as “really a win” make me laugh, they don’t understand how to read court cases.

    Is it true that someone posted a photo of Derek’s underage niece without her permission? That’s pretty sick, especially when your logic is, “but she’s the niece of an abuser!”

  • So odd that the criminals say that Derek Logue is the harasser and won’t leave corrupt government officials alone. I think they have that backwards. The simple fact is that if you took your idiotic big government Hit Lists and shoved them up your asses where they belong, then perhaps families wouldn’t have to be defending themselves from you terrorists. Nearly all people would gladly ignore you Registry Supporters/Terrorists.

    See how that works, scumbags? Stop harassing people just to try to raise your pathetic self esteem and try to make yourselves feel better. If you can’t stop harassing, then you deserve continually increasing consequences. Earned and deserved. There is no need to negotiate with terrorists.

    Perhaps Lauren Book can explain how it is possible that she has not gotten the Gun Offender Registry created yet. What a massive failure from someone who obviously cares nothing about children.

  • Amen, Jacob. It is disgusting when government officials harass people to try to silence them. Especially when they are the attackers.

    And whomever posted the photo of the underage girl needs to be arrested. What a disgusting piece of garbage.

  • Yes, the troll of many names yet has no personality to share among them has an entire virtual stalker wall and shrine blog dedicated to me. On it, he has pictures of my residence, along with pictures of biological family members including those under the age of 18, and most of whom have no connection to me anyways. Troll’s pastime is making poorly made photoshop collages of me and others to add to his troll blog. I guess his other pastime is imagining people care about it as much as he thinks it does. I guess I am supposed to be desk pounding mad, but when I even bother to look at his pathetic blog, I can barely muster a “meh.” He doesn’t even have imagination. Troll merely repeats tired talking points he borrows from parody sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica or, better yet, he badly tries to parody my work, as if no one ever tried that before.

    All he is proving is the Books will go to any depraved length to try to cause harm to people.

    But their lies and corruption won them millions, as evidenced by the article above.

  • Florida is so corrupt, I think even its trolls must be from another planet. This forum makes me want to stay as far away from this state as possible!

  • Wow. I think the stalker probably needs to be civilly committed. What a dangerous person. I think he/she/it needs to be legally exposed and suffer legal consequences. Frankly, I get that the Books are corrupt, but surely they are not so stupid as to employ an obviously dangerous person who should be imprisoned. Or, do they feel like they can get away with just about any crime? Maybe in Floriduh but perhaps federal crimes are being committed.

    At least the stalker is using the Hit Lists exactly as they are intended to be used – to harass families so little weaklings can get their jollies. Such “people” are the only ones who use the Hit Lists. Anyone who uses the Hit Lists to “protect” themselves or anyone else is too stupid to actually protect anyone. They’ll harass families on the Hit Lists while neglecting their children and allowing crimes to be committed. Smart people are already protecting their families from everyone and have no need for big government’s “help”. But too many people are fleecing dollars for the Hit Lists to go away. It’s a business. They aren’t going to let go of that money.

  • Dear Anonymous Pedophile:

    Thank you staying far, far away.

    Sincerely Not Yours,

  • ANONYMOUS / MAY 25, 2021:

    Floriduh is completely corrupt. This article is simply another demonstration of that.

    If Floriduh was not surrounded by ocean and not warm, decent people would never set a foot in that state. Then their freeloading residents would actually have to work for a living instead of depending on tourists. If America wants to build a wall on our southern border, I’d much prefer it be built right across the bottom of the Floriduh panhandle. We’ll take the top part of the state and give the bottom to any other country that will have them. Might as well be Russia or China, either would be an improvement. Of course we’ll have to expel the t w a t s from our part.

    But there is only one troll on this forum and that is the liar “Val Parkworst”. He/she/it is posting under many names but it is a childish coward who gets off on anonymously attacking people. But yes, I’d totally recommend staying away from Floriduh. You see who is there.

  • ONCE CAUGHT / MAY 25, 2021:

    Maybe I’m a genius but I’m confident there is no audience here for you that is “Anonymous Pedophile” here. There is only one anonymous pedophile here and and that is the liar “Val Parkworst”. He/she/it is posting under all the other names that sound like pedophiles.

    Also, Floriduh is full, full, full of anonymous pedophiles. Are you serious?! It’s hilarious. You don’t have any idea who or where they are of course, but they are everywhere. And Lauren Book and Lauren’s Kids are creating more pedophiles every single day. Their ignorance caters to that and creates it. There are actually zero people or organizations today that are informed and actually serious about public safety or protecting children who think the Hit Lists are smart. Zero. Anyone who supports the Hit Lists is uninformed, dumb, and/or immoral (e.g. they are getting something from it, like $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).

    I didn’t watch your youtube video and I’d suggest that no one else do so either.

  • Hey Phil, creating more pedophiles helps the anti-registry industry raise money by pretending they’re fighting laws to eliminate “the list.” Have you donated today?

  • I thought that pro-pedophile activists said they only molest kids once and it never happens again? Why does their Missouri leader Vicki Henry’s son Joshua Eugene Burton keep getting caught sexing-up and threatening little girls?

    Why’s Joshua living in Florida if he’s from Missouri and his enabler-mother Vicki Henry lives in Missouri?

    Why do the the pedophiles all hate Florida because it’s supposedly too strict but move to Florida? Are the sex offenders lying again to us?

    Just like Derek Logue. Said he hated Florida, then he moved to Florida. Ran away like a coward after the grand theft charges.

    Speaking of using fake names on the internet, why does Joshua go by “Becky Smith” when he sexes and threatens little girls on the internet?

    Becky Smith? Did Joshua Henry want a female name that even whiter than his own?


    “Oh my gawd, Becky! Look at her butt. She looks like, like, she’s underage!”

  • Phil, the video is just this old Russia Today interview I did on chemical castration from ten years ago. I don’t understand why Stalker Wall Val’s motivation in posting it since he is actually promoting an interview where I gave a very compelling argument against chamical castration laws. I never quite understand what this rambling idiot is hoping to asccomplish. If he’s trying to silence me, not even his employer, Ronald Stagger-Lee Book, accomplished that. If he’s trying to annoy me, it is a minor nuisance, like a mosquito that buzzes at the ear only to be squished. If his intent is to distract readers from Lauren Book’s dubious political practices, that’s not exactly working, either. Nothing he says is going to alter the facts of the story. At the end of the day, Lauren Book is still a person who, despite being the type that Can’t Understanding Normal Thinking, doesn’t have to worry about thinking because she has cronies that do it for her, be it daddy Ronald Stagger-Lee Book, Pepe le Diaz, the FloriDUH Dems, the Gaetz family, the GEO Group private prison folks, or even JM Family Enterprises (for when she needs to silence a critic by making a false claim).

    Fun fact, both of Ron Book’s idiot daughters, Samantha and Lauren, have been taken to court for bad driving. So, the rotten apples don’t crash too far from the rotten tree. From the “Untouchable” documentary:

    Ron Book: (Texting while driving, to cameraman) “No, you can’t turn this stuff over to the law enforcement people… making a citizen’s arrest for bad driving. I think I’m a pretty good driver myself.” (Honking horn as Ron Book barely misses another driver) “Aah. Sorry about that.”

  • Can’t Understanding Normal Thinking – that’s so creative! Is that from court testimony?

  • I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as a “pro-pedophile activist.”

  • Does Lauren Book want people who have shot children with guns to live by schools? Does she want shooters in schools? Doesn’t she believe that residency “restrictions” help “keep kids safe”, lol? I guess shooting children isn’t dangerous. No one seems to care much.

    Please though, do continue to lie about how the Hit List “restrictions” are for public safety.

    In actual reality, and not Registry Fantasyland, the Hit Lists put everyone in danger. Which is good. It’s deserved.

  • Derek, thanks for that concise explanation. The Books are trash but I don’t think they are dumb. So I’ve got to think they wouldn’t associate themselves with a trashy mental patient like Val Parkworst. That’s the kind of person that could f*ck around and get them all imprisoned. Or at the very least, terribly affect a political campaign.

    If the Books could just stop harassing people then perhaps people wouldn’t have to aggressively defend themselves. Oh well, f*ck them and other terrorists. Let the hate burn America to the ground.

  • I am convinced that “Val Parkworst” (a parody name of Valerie “Valigator” Parkhurst, a rather well known troll from Davie FL who died a few years ago) is indeed on the Book payroll. The short answer is there are certain actions this person has taken over the years that certainly would lead a reasonable person to at least suspect that to be true.

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that stalker wall guy is only focused on attacking anti-registry activists who have actually taken action in Florida– me, Vicki from WAR, and FAC, and even with FAC, he’s only bashing specific members that speak out specifically against the Book family.

    I also don’t think it is coincidental this person had knowledge of particular events that would not have been known to the general public. Troll’s an idiot (example, how he thinks I’ve also lived in Florida and Arkansas just because there is someone named Derek Logue living there, as if I’m the only Derek Logue on the planet or something), but at times he’s a useful idiot, because it is such a braggart about things, it gives itself away. It is only trying to deny certain things now because it is on a public forum.

    Troll forgets the subject of the story is Lauren’s corruption. Troll does not seem to be more outraged about a man getting an $800 SSI check than Millionaire Book getting a $2 million corporate welfare check.

  • A man would not be sexually involved with a child. It’s programs like Lauren’s Kids that are putting the brakes on man/child sexual encounters.

  • I don’t know that I have ever read such BS by registered citizen haters in my life. They will stop at no where to use lies to justify their existence. I will gladly put up my reputation against any of these liars. This daughter that was claimed I molested for years has moved to Florida and we visit with each other frequently. We get along just fine. And my retirement from the Navy after 29 years was very congenial and done at my request to avoid another tour in DC and so that I could be back with my family in Virginia. I had a failure in my life but that has been recovered and my family is back together in Florida. I have a nice retirement home and live in a great neighborhood. I have been into aircraft and aviation history nearly all my life. I spent 12 years at one airport restoring a World War 2 aircraft. My background is known by the museum, my church ECCC, my neighbors, and the many friends from both the Navy and my community. I will make no derogatory comment about the negative comments made about me as I would not want to join in with the displayed ignorance of the commentators. I have a purpose in life and it is not to tear down people who consider others rather than themselves. Let he who is without sin or failure cast the first stone.