If ‘experience matters,’ foreclosure Judge Gundersen may lose her race on Aug. 23

gundersen and alperstein
gundersen and alperstein
Attorney Lauren Alperstein, right, and Judge Andrea Gundersen

By Noreen Marcus,

Broward foreclosure Judge Andrea Gundersen is running for reelection with the motto “experience matters.”

Primary voters just have to figure out if her experience is good or bad. On Aug. 23 they’ll decide whether they want Gundersen, 66, to continue presiding over Broward County residential mortgage foreclosures.

They have the choice of replacing her with Lauren Alperstein, 38, a well-connected divorce and family lawyer from the prominent Boies Schiller Flexner law firm. Low-key, earnest and devoted to pro bono work, she’s nothing like the scrappy, folksy Gundersen.

Alperstein won the endorsement of the Sun Sentinel, Broward County’s dominant newspaper, and of five past presidents of the Florida Bar. Gundersen has the police and teachers’ unions, reliable vote-wranglers in Democratic Broward. Early voting begins Saturday.

Incumbency is powerful, but it leaves a paper trail. Gundersen’s includes some revealing reversals by her supervisors on the Fourth District Court of Appeal and an unfavorable watchdog report.


After she has been in Broward Circuit Court for almost six years, Gundersen’s track record is grist for accusations that she’s so biased toward lenders’ lawyers, she lets them turn fraudulent papers into foreclosure judgments.

A year ago, the nonprofit watchdog Floridians for Honest Lending (FHL) reported Gundersen always rules against homeowners who try to fight foreclosures that rely on illegal “robo-signed” documents.

Laura Wagner

Recently FHL surveyed about a half-dozen foreclosed homeowners and learned that nothing about dealing with Judge Gundersen has changed.

“The borrowers were very upset, they felt like they didn’t get fair and impartial treatment in her courtroom,” said FHL executive director Laura Wagner. “They didn’t feel like they had a fair shake at presenting their evidence.” 

Asked by Florida Bulldog to delegate someone to speak for her, Gundersen tapped Kathleen Angione, a Pompano Beach lawyer who represents clients in foreclosure court.


Angione said she hasn’t seen Gundersen, a judge of “honor and integrity,” favor lenders.

“I would say if there’s a slant, it’s probably in favor of borrowers,” she said. The evidence: They’re entitled to only 30 days to move out of foreclosed properties, but Gundersen has a policy of giving them 60 days.

Angione was “disappointed” that borrowers and their lawyers wrongly target Gundersen, but said she understands the impulse. “It’s easier to blame someone else than to face the serious financial situation they’re in.”

Kathleen Angione

She would not discuss the FHL report, except to imply that a different judge made some of the rulings ascribed to Gundersen.

Yet Wagner said that when the report was published last year, no one sought a correction. She said she stands by the report, which is based solely on foreclosure court filings in 2019 and 2020. Another judge might have started working on a foreclosure case in 2019, while Gundersen was still in family court, but her name was on the crucial ruling for the lender.


During her first three years on the Broward Circuit Court bench, Gundersen handled divorce and child-custody cases. She was in familiar territory, having practiced family law for 23 years.

Yet her treatment of some individuals in divorce and child-custody matters, especially those representing themselves, raises concerns about Gundersen’s understanding of and respect for due process and simple fairness.

At a meeting with the Sun Sentinel editorial board, Gundersen said she always shows “compassion within the bounds of the law.”

Her record suggests otherwise.

In the case of Boucher v. Warren, Gundersen dismissed a domestic violence injunction against the husband in a pending divorce case. Representing herself, the wife presented evidence that the husband vowed “to put bullets in her head” and stalked her with his car, driving menacingly near her.


At the time of the injunction hearing, the husband was on probation for domestic violence. Gundersen said the criminal case covered that incident and the other threats were too remote in time or did not show the wife was in “imminent” danger, as required to justify the injunction.

“He didn’t charge her, he didn’t go after her, he didn’t scream at her, he didn’t confront her,” Gundersen said about the car stalking incident.

In fact, the husband “did scream something as he sped away,” the Fourth District opinion said. The appellate judges not only reversed Gundersen, they told her exactly what to do: Grant the injunction.

Westlaw legal research shows that Gundersen was reversed in 10 of the 61 cases in which she was appealed.

Some of the other errors the Fourth District called her on were: misapplying a statute of limitations to favor a lender; granting an ex-husband’s petition “with prejudice” (no do-over allowed) and prohibiting a hearing to show he cheated his ex-wife out of her share of the marital home; granting changes to a parenting plan that no one asked for; and, not letting a mother present her side of a child-custody case before ruling against her.


The reversals reflect concerns about Gundersen’s judicial demeanor, a constant source of complaints – almost always off the record – from lawyers who rely on her good graces to serve their clients and make a living. The judge has been known to assess attorney fees against the side that displeases her.

So it’s surprising that many lawyers have attached their names publicly to Alperstein’s, either through joining her 181-person host committee or by openly funding her campaign. A fair number of support personnel at the court are also among Alperstein’s 600 or so financial backers.

Gundersen seems to have no host committee and has far fewer public supporters. Among her dozen biggest, $1,000 contributors, none is a borrower lawyer. “I think I would have predicted that,” Wagner said.

Her critics say a Broward resident who’s about to lose their home – and isn’t a deadbeat – can expect no show of mercy from Gundersen. She thunders at and cuts off lawyers and non-lawyers who exceed their five-minute time limit at her busy motion hearings.

“I’ve seen her on the bench and I was stunned at her behavior, at how she treated people. It was appalling,” said a campaign consultant who spoke on condition of anonymity because of working on another, non-judicial race. The consultant isn’t advising Alperstein or Gundersen.


The consultant observed a Zoom hearing when Gundersen yelled at a young black woman who was trying to represent herself and save her home. “It was some of the most undignified behavior I’ve ever seen,” this observer said. “There’s no decorum.”

Speaking for Gundersen, Angione said she hasn’t seen the judge exhibit rude behavior and cautioned against confusing style with substance. “I think she just follows the law and wherever that falls is where it falls,” Angione said.

Only two of Gundersen’s Fourth District reversals involve foreclosure cases. The reason may be unrelated to her job performance, however. In order to mount an appeal, a borrower must put up a bond that is supposed to protect the lender’s interest in the house until the appellate court rules.

The judge sets the bond, which may be as high as the outstanding mortgage debt. A borrower who could find the money to pay the mortgage probably wouldn’t be in foreclosure in the first place.

“Judges know they won’t be appealed because the parties don’t have the money to pay the bond,” said a foreclosure defense lawyer who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation. 

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Latest comments

  • Gundersen is the worse judge to wear the robe in Broward County since…. well it’s been so long I can’t recall.

  • Sounds like she should have been disciplined well before now. Hope the voters see through her.

  • HI everyone! It’s me…Edward Crespo, the pro se litigant who HOLDS THE RECORD in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court for DISQUALIFYING the MOST circuit and county court judges…EIGHT…so far! Judge Gunderson was one of the most PREJUDICED and CORRUPT judges I’ve ever had the pleasure of “getting rid of.” I’ll be filing another JQC Complaint against her shortly, as well. What she did in my case not only BREACHED the Florida Code of Judicial Conduct, it was OUTRIGHT ILLEGAL as well! I’ve been at WAR with Bank of America for FOURTEEN YEARS over their fraudulently originated re-fi loan back in 2008, right as the real estate market collapse was beginning. It’s been that long since I’ve made a mortgage payment and I’m STILL in my home! What does that say? Getting back to Gunderson, at an evidentiary hearing in March 2021, she stated that court records and deposition transcripts…”were NOT evidence” and that she would NOT consider any of our supporting case laws UNLESS THEY CAME FROM THE 4TH DCA! I recorded the entire hearing on my trusty little digital pocket recorder which I’m having transcribed and sent to the JQC and the media. Judges like Gunderson who DON”T play by the rules, should not only be removed from the bench, but disbarred as well! Gunderson is certainly “Nestled Comfortably in Bank of America’s Pocket” as are several other judges I’ve encountered. A sizable campaign contribution goes a LONG WAY in getting a favorable outcome in civil litigation!

  • The Federal Taskforce called SIGTARP is currently investigating my fraudulent foreclosure and EVICTION by Nationstar Mortgage, Specialized Loan Servicing, and Shellpoint. Anyone in front of Gundersen now or facing foreclosure please go to the SIGTARP website and report your issue. If your issue is with Nationstar, SLS, or Shellpoint they want to hear from you.

    Gundersen doesn’t follow the law and allows tainted/doctored and unlawful evidence admitted as evidence. Right Judge? She held an Emergency In Person Hearing to Evict me from my home over the 4th of July weekend via ZOOM and WITHOUT ME, needless to say, she denied my request.

    Vote for Lauren Alperstein! She’s amazing and she’s exactly who we need and get GUNDERSEN GONE.

    Early voting Aug. 13 thru Aug. 21 and I person voting is Aug. 23.

  • She is the worst judge i have ever encountered. Not impartial, not professional, not in the spirit of the law, not a good or decent human being. Do society a favor and vote her out of office; she is clearly not judge material.

  • Any judge who takes advantage of pro se litigants, and allows lawyers to do the same to unrepresented parties, cannot be trusted and must be kicked off the bench. Judges must report lawyers for unethical conduct, not support it with a wink and a nod. I hope she loses her re-election bid.

  • I’m glad to see others are speaking out about this disgraceful person on the bench. We The People MUST not only speak out, but we MUST act. Early voting has begun and goes to August 21st, in person voting is August 23rd. If Gundersen is re-elected August 23rd, we are screwed because obviously the JQC hasn’t done their job….shocking!!! PLEASE MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD.
    Vote for LAUREN ALPERSTEIN, Circuit Court Judge, Seat 9.

    [email protected] (the Federal Task Force) wants to hear from victims that suspect foreclosure fraud, my foreclosure and eviction is currently under investigation. Simply supply a outline/timeline of events and send copies of your documents and it will be assigned to an investigator.

    I have also asked that in addition to the servicers involved in my case being investigated, that all the attorney’s and the judges as well; as they are all co-conspirators and it’s got to stop!

  • My apologies the correct email address for SIGTARP is:

    [email protected]

  • Worst judge in broward county history.
    She discusses court case privately outside of court room, and make deals with psychologists and other children related billing services to have parents paid unnecessary billing, then after back door dealing she came to court in black robe and play as if matter was not pre discuss before hearing. She is a very insecure individual who needs psychological help more than family who appear before her! God deliver justice today by relieving her erroneous tactics against families and foreclosures victims by this crooked judge!

  • Judge Gunderson did not help herself by giving a pass to Pompano Mayor Rex Hardin who has been in foreclosure twice in the last few years over 2 years and she let the case slide. Why was he given preferential treatment? Why didn’t the media bring this up?
    She lost and hopefully we never hear from her again and those that read this, vote for people that can at least pay their mortgage. Forget about Dem vs Rep, vote for people who are responsible and care about YOU!!

  • When you vote for a city commissiIoner, PLEASE, PLEASE do yourr homework, ESPECIALLYI IN THE CITY OF MARCGATE. FORGET NAME RECOGNTION AND SIGNS. DO YOUR homework!

  • Americans Against Foreclosures ( AAF ) applauds the wise decision of Homeowners in Florida to remove this Judge from the bench. Hopefully it will start happening in every County in the USA.

  • So glad Gundersen has been ousted, she’ll be lucky to get hired to clean up shit from the cow pasture. She is a disgrace of a person!

  • Why are judges like Gunderson allowed to run wild in the courtroom in Broward county, always taking the side of the banks and other lenders, destroying peoples lives, without any consideration of the borrowers side? People are not deadbeats because they can’t pay their mortgages! Some people become deathly ill, especially during the pandemic, for that reason they can’t work anymore. They’re left with a home they can NO longer afford and don’t have the funds to rent or purchase another home. Why are the people in foreclosure considered criminals? Looks like the scales on Lady Justice might seem level, but our justice system isn’t! Some people are forced into final judgements without being told what the downside is. In Dade county, final judgements are not allowed. The people deserve justice, a retrial and have an unbiased judge to hear their defense!

  • Hi,

    If Gundersen was not re-elected , why did she preside over my foreclosure case dated 11/16/2022? And guess who she sided with, the plaintiff.
    She didn’t even give me a chance to speak.

  • I appealed my foreclosure and the mandate said that foreclosure has to stop immediately, but they foreclosed anyway on 1-4-2022. Had Gundersen.
    All evidence was ignored by her.

  • To all “Gunderson victims,” there is NO statute of limitations on violations of the Florida Code of Judicial Conduct! Gunderson can still be taken to task even if she is no longer a judge. Like I’m doing now! DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!!! Study and learn the Canons of the Florida Code of Judicial Conduct like I did! Then learn the correct way to file a JQC Complaint against her. Most pro se homeowners who ILLEGALLY lost their homes to Gunderson’s bullshit, unfair rulings, and even a few who were represented by counsel, did NOT hold her to account. They simply gave up their homes and left. I explained what happened at a Zoom hearing in 2021 in my August 9th comment. Now, here’s something most people don’t consider… along with her violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct, the Rules of Evidence, the Rules of Judicial Administration, the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Essential Requirements of Law, GUNDERSON ALSO VIOLATED MANY PEOPLE’S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF PROCEDURAL DUE PROCESS, DUE PROCESS OF LAW, AND ACCESS TO THE COURT!!! Get a copy of The Florida Constitution and review Article 1, Sections 9 and 21. Judges CAN be sued for civil rights violations and do NOT have “Absolute Judicial Immunity!” Of course, you will likely have to go after her on your own because it is highly unlikely that even if you CAN pay for representation, few, if any, lawyers would be willing to take the case. COWARDS!!!

    And here’s another catch – if you file a civil rights claim against Gunderson in state court, you will need to request a “change of venue” to a different circuit, otherwise your case will be in front of another prejudiced Broward County judge who undoubtedly knew Gunderson as a colleague! A judge is NOT supposed to preside over a case involving another judge in the same circuit because it creates a conflict of interest, but that is of little or no concern in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court!

  • Judge Gunderson is a disgrace, not only as a judge but as a human being.
    Dishonest to the bone!

  • I am a victim of former judge gunderson. She ruled unfavorable in my case as well. She was rude and refused to hear our side on anything. I am sure my case was handled in an unfair manner. Not only did we appeal the case the appellant court PCA my case without any explanation. People are loosing their homes and the higher court system is pushing the foreclosures through. Where is the justice???? When a judge put that black robe on is should symbolize justice for all. Unfortunately that is not what is occurring. There is a bigger agenda behind this. I truly believe all her cases needs to be reopened.

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