Lawsuit: Rescind variance for ex-U.S. Rep.’s Hollywood charter school

Rooftop "vegetation" atop Hollywood's Ben Gamla middle-high school. Photo: William Gjebre

By William Gjebre
The Broward lawsuit says Hollywood broke the law when it approved a request by the controversial Ben Gamla middle-high school to stop maintaining a rooftop vegetation area that was a key consideration for a zoning exception allowing the school in a residential neighborhood.

Two Miami-Dade charter schools loaned $900K in taxpayer funds to sister schools

Keys Gate Charter School in Homestead. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

By Francisco Alvarado
Two Miami-Dade charter schools illegally transferred taxpayer funds by lending a combined $912,094 to sister schools outside the county, the top lawyer for the Florida Department of Education has determined. The school district’s auditor is recommending the district try to get the money back.

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Corruption-plagued Broward School Board sees no evil in bid rigging allegations

The Broward School Board

By William Hladky
In the last five years, two Broward School Board members were convicted of corruption and a statewide grand jury described the board as both inept and corrupted by “contractors, vendors and their lobbyists.” Today, amid fresh allegations of bid rigging, the board is taking a see no evil approach.

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FBI slams own 9/11 document; New report discounts Sarasota Saudis ties to hijackers

From left to right, Georgetown University professor Bruce Hoffman, former Attorney General Edwin Meese, FBI Director James D. Comey and former Congressman Tim Roemer at a Wednesday press conference

By Dan Christensen
A report that lauds the FBI for making “great strides” in protecting the nation from terrorists in the past decade also says the Bureau produced and made public bad information linking Saudis in Sarasota to 9/11 terrorists.

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A Broward tale: Property taxes, politics and conflicting interests

Martin Kiar being sworn in as Broward Vice Mayor last year by his father Monroe Kiar. Photo: Mark O’Loughlin,

By Dan Christensen
Broward Vice Mayor Martin Kiar is beginning to look a lot like the county’s next property appraiser, but his political ambition already has created an apparent conflict of interest at the board that decides property tax appeals by homeowners and businesses.

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Arrests near in Coconut Creek Taser case? PBA chief suggests death from natural causes

Broward Medical Examiner Dr. Craig Mallak

By Dan Christensen
Citing a public records exemption requiring a good faith belief that an arrest will be made soon, Broward’s Medical Examiner is withholding autopsy records about a black man who was repeatedly shot with Tasers by Coconut Creek Police officers.

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Broward School Board’s budding bid rigging scandal takes a twist

Broward School Board headquarters in Fort Lauderdale

By William Hladky
UPDATE MARCH 17 – In a public vote of confidence for Superintendent Robert Runcie and his staff amid allegations of bid rigging, the Broward School Board voted unanimously Tuesday to temporarily scrap plans to award a multi-million dollar management contract.

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Broward Schools whistleblower alleges bid rigging

A political committee's mailer asking voters to approve last November's $800 million bond measure.

By William Hladky
Administrators at the Broward County School District “rigged” bidding procedures to ensure that Jacobs Project Management Company would receive a multi-million dollar contract to manage $800 million in capital projects that voters agreed to finance, according to a district whistleblower.

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Coconut Creek police chief forced out amid Taser death investigation; Acting chief named

Coconut Creek Police Chief Michael Mann

By Dan Christensen
Coconut Creek Police Chief Michael J. Mann, who less than a week ago publicly declared that there had been “no cover up” in his department’s ongoing investigation of city officers who shot and killed a man with Tasers, was forced to resign on Wednesday.

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Embattled Broward Health paid law firm $10.2 million; Tab included a lawyer’s M&Ms

Seven orthopedic surgeons are among 27 Broward Health physicians under scrutiny in a federal Medicare fraud probe

By Dan Christensen
Taxpayer-supported Broward Health has paid $10.2 million so far for legal advice about how to deal with an ongoing federal investigation into allegations that it colluded with doctors to submit tens of millions of dollars in bogus claims to Medicare and Medicaid.

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How much is your arm worth? Depends on where you work

Top: Jeremy Lewis smokes a cigarette outside of his parents’ home in Albertville, Alabama, less than 50 miles from the Georgia state line. If he had been injured in Georgia he would have been entitled to far more than the $45,000 he received under Alabama’s workers’ comp system. Photo: Dustin Chambers for ProPublica

By by Michael Grabell, ProPublica, and Howard Berkes, NPR
Their injuries, suffered on the job at Southern industrial plants, were remarkably similar, too. Each man lost a portion of his left arm in a machinery accident. After that, though, their paths couldn’t have diverged more sharply.

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