Reality TV show case leads to disclosure of countywide roster of cops in trouble with the law

By Dan Christensen,

Broward County Courthouse Photo by Georgia Guercio

An investigation involving a Broward Sheriff’s Office reality TV show has led to the release of a state attorney’s list of 137 current and former police officers and deputies whose testimony may be suspect because of their troubles with the law.

The list includes officers who have been arrested or convicted of crimes like sexual battery, attempted murder, fraud, drug trafficking and official misconduct. Others are on the list because they are under investigation regarding fatal shootings, the falsification of records, perjury, traffic fatalities, theft and other crimes.

Every police agency in the county, except for the three smallest departments, has at least one officer on the list. The county’s largest police agency, the Broward Sheriff’s Office, has the most with 57 deputies, followed by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department with 19 officers. Hollywood and Lauderhill each have eight officers on the list. Five men and women on the list could not be identified by department.

Since Oct. 1, prosecutors have added 23 officers and deputies to the list – a rate of nearly two names a week. The list, which you can see here, is through Dec. 22.

The so-called “Brady List” includes the names of all officers listed as “active” in the state’s computerized attorney notification system, whether their cases are “pending, open, closed, convicted or not,” said Broward State Attorney’s Office spokesman Ron Ishoy.

The list is named for a U.S. Supreme Court case, Brady v. Maryland, which established a legal doctrine requiring prosecutors to disclose exculpatory evidence in the state’s possession to defendants and their lawyers. The officers on the list are those about whom the state has information that may be favorable to the defense.

“They remain on the list because they could be subject to impeachment as potential witnesses in other cases,” Ishoy said. “The list is complete as of the day you received it as far as we know.”

In addition to the names of the officers, the list includes brief comments indicating why they are on it and the name of the prosecutor who put them there. Prosecutors make those calls “on a case by case basis as to whether the evidence is relevant under discovery rules detailed in the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure,” Ishoy said. Prosecutors won’t comment on the open cases.

Most of the officers on the list are there for matters since the beginning of 2009, but some date to 2004. The list is dynamic, with names added and removed as prosecutors believe is warranted.


The existence of the list became known recently when it was mentioned in an August letter from prosecutors to Gerald Wengert, a Broward Sheriff’s deputy and star of the reality television show “Unleashed: K-9 Broward County, informing him that he is under investigation for falsifying records.

Broward Bulldog obtained the list using Florida’s public records law.

Broward Public Defender Howard Finkelstein said he was unaware such a list existed. After being told how many officers and deputies were on the list, he said he believes the state has undercounted.

“My office has a list that’s larger than that using our own information. The State Attorney’s Office always takes a restrictive rather than an expansive view of what constitutes Brady material. If they say it’s about 130 it’s my guess it’s probably more like 450,” Finkelstein said.

Ishoy said the Brady List is a printout of the latest data that his office has collected and made available to defense lawyers for several years. He said the state’s release of information goes “far beyond” what the law requires.

“It has evolved as our computer system has evolved,” he said. “We did it to enhance efficiency and consistency in disclosing this information.”

Still, the Brady List assembles in one place the names of problematic officers, including officers under investigation in police shootings and other matters that have not previously been made available to the public at large.

The list shows that prosecutor-led grand jury investigations of fatal police shootings often take years before they are concluded.

As of Dec. 22, 30 officers from around the county were under scrutiny by the grand jury in cases in which a person died as a result of police action. Eleven of those officers have been under investigation since 2009. One officer, Pembroke Pines Sgt. James Helms, is under scrutiny in two death cases opened in 2009 and 2011.


Veteran Fort Lauderdale civil rights attorney Barbara Heyer said that such delays are unfair and intolerable for cases that should be among the State Attorney’s top priorities.

“These police shooting cases are just tagging along, there is no priority” she said. “The families of these victims, and they are victims, have to have some type of closure. To constantly hear prosecutors say this is ‘under investigation’ provides no one with anything.”

In June, Public Defender Finkelstein sent a letter to the Justice Department complaining that Broward State Attorney Michael Satz had failed to adequately investigate and prosecute criminal conduct by police. He alleged that was, in part, a “misguided” attempt to “insulate the state from its obligations under Brady.”

Finkelstein said his office reviewed dozens of prosecutors’ memos closing out investigations of officers without the filing of charges, and asserted that a there is a “double standard of justice in Broward County – one for law enforcement and the connected, and one for everyone else.”

“The state declines any prosecution against law enforcement unless there is a ‘reasonable likelihood of conviction.’ For my clients and other citizens, corroboration is not necessary to file charges and a ‘reasonable likelihood of conviction’” is measured to a lower standard, Finkelstein said.

Satz has called Finkelstein’s assertions “false and irresponsible.”



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  • Thank you so much Mr.Finkelstein for bringing this very serious matter into the eyes of the public. There are many people doing time in prison because of City of Ft.Lauderdale police officers falsifying police reports my husband Antonio Grant being one of the innocent all i wanted was for my husband to be proven guilty.After begging, pleading and crying to my husbands public defender Frank Anzalone his response was if we dont take the 3 years prison time they will light him up like a christmas tree when he goes to trial.I have been acting as my husband lawyer for the last eight years because we cant afford a lawyer i have police reports,depositions for the cases my husband was framed for all because of a crime he did 17 years ago how can a person change if the system is so corrupted polices,judges,public defenders,&prosecuters all work together in some cases in broward county polices get away with sending innocent people to jail because they know they got Micheal Satz on there team i hope it will be a theral investegation removing all dishonest parties from their position this problem has caused myself & my husband to seek mental health treatment our daughter also suffers from mental health issues this problem affects the whole family

  • Didn’t the Nazi’s use that line of just following orders? We are sworn law enforcement officers that defend the truth. BSO is the case study for horrific ethics violations. Everything is done wrong at BSO. Promotions, transfers, discipline, hiring; all subject to the emotions of a few. Everything is backdoor deals. This is the perfect opportunity to change BSO. If an officer is guilty of perjury no matter what the excuse, fire them immediately. They are useless as a LEO. If the command knew about it and did nothing, fire them immediately. They are useless as leaders. The sheriff takes the credit and the responsibility for the agency. He must resign or removed immediately. He is useless and has lost the public trust. We put criminals in jail for far less. Every LEO attends a police academy that teaches ethics. Every LEO knows that FDLE will remove their certification if they violate those rules. It is now time to remove all those found guilty of perjury. In additional, all cases handled by those found guilty of perjury must be reopened. The civil suits will bankrupt BSO and rightly so. FDLE must step in and reorganize the sheriff’s office. It appears that these people have taken this job for their own benefit and could not care less about the law they swore to defend.

  • FYI-

    On April 28, 2011, Firefighter-Paramedic Ms. Hoxie had an opportunity to interact with three BSO officers who, pursuant to your contract to provide law enforcement services to that municipality, were investigating a complaint made by Ms. Hoxie that someone had tampered with her fire fighting equipment. The encounter was neither professional nor pleasant for Ms. Hoxie. Please consider this a formal complaint against two of the officers involved: Det. Roger Peterson and Det. Nicholas Romano.

    Here’s what happened.

    On the morning of April 28, Ms. Hoxie discovered that her in-service breathing equipment was tampered with during a truck change out. Her regulator mask had been bungee-corded to the back of a metal seat mount rendering it inaccessible. This is a potentially life threatening incident. If Ms. Hoxie was required to don her breathing pack in the event of a structure fire or hazardous materials emergency, it would have been impossible to remove the equipment from the engine.

    Ms. Hoxie immediately reported the incident to her Supervisor, C-Shift Lt. Mark Whelpley, and minutes later they together reported the incident to the A-Shift Commander at Station 44, Lt. Mike Cohen. Ms. Hoxie subsequently met with NLFR Assistant Chief Jonathan Sucher and NLFR Chief Rudy Neumann also at Station 44. She was then called upon to meet with City Manager Ambreen Bhatty and City Human Resources Manager, Ms. Jennifer Yarmitzky at City Hall. These meetings took most of the rest of the workday during that shift.

    At approximately 4:30 p.m., Ms. Hoxie was called over to the BSO District 15 office for an “interview.”

    Approximately a half-hour later Det.s Romano and Peterson, ushered Ms. Hoxie to the back of the office for a DNA swab, which they told her everyone would have to do for the investigation, and to which Ms. Hoxie submitted. She was told to put her personal home address on the papers for this sample. Det. Romano told her that the personal address would be where they would send a subpoena in the future if she was needed to testify in a trial. Ms. Hoxie complied with each request because she was the victim and thought the BSO officers were trying to help.

    At approximately 5:30 p.m., the detectives took Ms. Hoxie into a padded, sound-proof room with three chairs, a table, and a pair of large handcuffs laid out on the floor. (I’m not sure what the purposes of the handcuffs were other than to intimidate Ms. Hoxie.)

    Both detectives acted as if they had not seen the written reports submitted to the fire department from the three reporting parties, i.e., Ms. Hoxie; City College Paramedic Level 1 student, Nadine Harris; and a probationary co-worker, Firefighter-EMT-Paramedic, Mr. Henry “Billy” Sessner. The detectives asked Ms. Hoxie to go over it all again. They interrogated Ms. Hoxie about her co-workers and made her go down a list (top to bottom) in rank of the people who were on-duty, and tell her relationship with each person and if she thought he or she was capable of doing something bad to her or her gear. Ms. Hoxie was reluctant at first to discuss her co-workers and superiors, but the detectives insisted.

    Ms. Hoxie answered all questions as best she could and, when she finished going down the list, the detectives brought her to a room where she had to sit by herself with the door closed. She could hear her co-workers talking on the other side of the door in the waiting room, but could not see them. The detectives kept Ms. Hoxie isolated in this room for approximately four hours. A man came in to ask if she needed something approximately once an hour. She continued to hear her co-workers from Engine 34 called into the back for questioning one by one.
    Towards the end of her wait, Ms. Hoxie heard Mr. Sessner, (who was returning from his meeting with the BSO personnel), say something to Lt. Whelpley to which Mr. Whelpley replied, “Don’t sweat it, dude. There are probably 20 people that could have gone in and out of the back of that cab.”

    At about 10:00 p.m. (five hours in to the interrogation), Det. Peterson came to the room where Ms. Hoxie was being detained, opened the door and told her to come with him. He asked her if she needed to use the bathroom, to which she replied that she was “OK” but asked how much longer they would be. Det. Peterson kept walking and with his back to her said, “I don’t know, it depends.” Ms. Hoxie, at this point, noticed a change in Det. Peterson’s demeanor, which she characterized as “almost rude.”

    At this point, Det. Petersen took Ms. Hoxie back into the padded room. As Ms. Hoxie sat down, Det. Peterson pulled out a piece of paper and put it in front of her, explaining that it was a “Miranda form” and that everyone being interviewed would be signing one. The detectives said; that it was “just protocol.” Det. Peterson went through each point on the form with Ms. Hoxie and had her respond and initial to which she again complied.

    When Ms. Hoxie and Det. Peterson had completed the Miranda form, both detectives’ demeanors sharply changed. For approximately the next hour, these officers yelled at Ms. Hoxie and told her that she seemed dishonest. Det. Petersen and Det. Romano told Ms. Hoxie that they had “narrowed it down,” that “the student (Nadine Harris) seemed pretty, straight forward” and that her co-worker (Henry “Billy” Sessner) “didn’t seem to have a dishonest or mean bone in his body.” One of them told Ms. Hoxie that it didn’t seen like she was being totally honest with them and that “something’s funny here.” Please note my client complied with a phone call request with the detectives’ supervisor Sargent Gentile earlier today at approximately 4:00p.m. During this conversation Sargent Gentile informed Ms. Hoxie that the detectives had “not yet interviewed the student (Ms. Nadine Harris). Ms. Hoxie commented that this was “very interesting because it had been one of the detective’s main reasons for “narrowing things down.”

    Additionally, Ms. Hoxie asked if they had spoken with all of her co-workers from C-shift and they yelled at her and said; “that they didn’t need to”. They told her three people were in and out of that cab and the other two “didn’t seem likely.”

    Now, Ms. Hoxie had told them that there were at least four people who been in and out of the internal portion of that engine, and one more person who had been at the driver side, passenger compartment of the cab, but they weren’t interested in anyone but Ms. Hoxie. She also told them that Ms. Harris had walked away and had not been at the side of the engine the whole time. The detectives responded by yelling at her and one of them said, “That’s not what she said! She said, she was there every minute and didn’t see anyone else go in there.” If as according to Sargent Gentile, Ms. Harris was not interviewed on April 28th, 2011, why had the detectives told Ms. Hoxie that she had? And why were they using her statements as a basis for having “narrowed things down” that night? A copy of the student’s statement is enclosed.

    By this time, understandably, Ms. Hoxie was crying, confused, frightened, exhausted and protesting her innocence to your police officers.

    Now, let me backtrack.

    In the earlier session, Ms. Hoxie had tried to tell the detectives about her complaints of harassment and retaliation against the City in order for them to better understand the context of the tampering incident.

    Det.s Peterson and Romano were not interested. They said they didn’t need the details. They told her what had happened before wasn’t relevant. They made accusatory comments and used statements from the first portion of the interrogation to make it sound like Ms. Hoxie was grasping at straws to accuse one of her co-workers of tampering with her equipment.

    During all of these events, Det. Romano was going in and out of the interview room. Ms. Hoxie could see other law enforcement staff standing in the hallway at the door, listening in as if her interrogation was the night’s entertainment.

    After the second interrogation started, Ms. Hoxie mentioned that she had remembered something that might be important. (The detectives previously had told her to think about who might have been responsible for tampering with her regulator and then left her in a room for hours to think about it.) She told the detectives about something she recalled that had occurred in the hour and a half just prior to discovering the bungee cord tied to her regulator that morning.

    Ms. Hoxie told your detectives that one of her accused harassers, Divisional Vice President of I.A.F.F. Local 3080 and co-worker, Firefighter-EMT-Paramedic Mr. Ian Sargent, had come to Station 34 (off-duty in his shorts) from Station 44 where he had worked the previous shift to speak to probationary co-worker Henry “Billy” Sessner. Mr. Sargent pulled Mr. Sessner away while Ms. Hoxie and Mr. Sessner were checking out the cutting tools on their assigned engine during morning truck checkout. Mr. Sargent and Mr. Sessner stood on the other side of the parking lot for approximately half an hour, while Mr. Sessner was supposed to be checking out his equipment. Ms. Hoxie noticed that Mr. Sessner looked upset when he returned from talking to Mr. Sargent and asked Mr. Sessner if he was okay.

    Ms. Hoxie related this incident to the detectives because they had asked her to “think about it” and she had. She didn’t make accusations. She just related something that was out of the ordinary. Det. Peterson’s and Romano’s reactions were inappropriate.

    The detectives acted as if Ms. Hoxie was making things up to try to find someone to “pin it on” with regard to the tampering with her regulator. She told them that she liked Mr. Sessner and she didn’t think that he would do this to her, but “couldn’t help but wonder” in light of the unexpected visit from Mr. Sargent and Mr. Sessner’s behavior afterwards.

    The truck change-out assignment was done by a full shift of personnel and it was so chaotic that any number of people could have gone in and out of that cab. Ms. Hoxie was under the impression that fingerprints were being taken and DNA analysis was being done to narrow down the list of possible suspects, but here were Det.s Peterson and Romano, who had interviewed less than half the shift, blaming Ms. Hoxie for tampering with her own regulator just hours later.

    Were fingerprints taken and DNA swabs done of any of Ms. Hoxie’s co-workers, or just Ms. Hoxie?

    By this point, it’s approximately 11:00 p.m. Det.s Peterson and Romano continued to yell at Ms. Hoxie and accuse her of having placed the bungee cord herself. They accused her of doing this to shore up her civil case against the city. They told her, “We don’t think you would do very well at a polygraph” and, when she asked why Det. Peterson told her, “Because you have too much pride.”

    About this time, BSO Sargent Gentile entered the room and broke things up. Ms. Hoxie was crying hysterically. He played “good cop” and listened while Ms. Hoxie told him more details about the harassment she had suffered while employed by the City. He called in her Lieutenant, Mark Whelpley from the waiting room, who asked her to calm down and stop crying because it wasn’t helping “her case.”

    Ms. Hoxie was finally released by about 11:40 p.m. and left shift (with supervisor approval) arriving home at midnight.

    Subsequently, Ms. Hoxie took and passed a polygraph test with a one of the most highly respected, law enforcement certified examiners in the nation. A polygraph that I arranged and she paid for. A copy of the report and the doctor’s Curriculum Vitae is enclosed. Also please note that BSO Sargent Gentile told Ms. Hoxie this afternoon that they “wouldn’t even look at it.” That it would “not be accepted” and that he was “writing down that she was being uncooperative with the investigation.” Despite the fact that she has assisted with everything she has been asked to thus far. Ms. Hoxie also found that Det.s Peterson and Romano were Facebook “friends” and that in addition to having some very “unprofessional” photographs on the open areas of their pages of themselves and females in less than flattering situations Det. Peterson is also Facebook friends with Mr. Ian Sargent, whom Ms. Hoxie has named in documents as her primary harasser.

    Ms. Hoxie was a victim, not a perpetrator, even though she was treated like one. This whole incident harkens back to the time that women who reported being raped were treated like criminals. While we may have advanced past that point, the behavior of Det. Peterson and Det. Romano was just as reprehensible and outrageous.

    Sheriff Lamberti, please tell me what, if anything, you are going to do about it.

    Very truly yours,
    ( No one ever responded to this letter. The victim was bulldozed by big city government and an inept system.)

    See (female firefighter and harassment)


    Victim’s Recent Blog Post to the National Organization for Woman~
    We are no where near where we thought we were. I am living proof. I am a female Firefighter-EMT-P with eight years experience. The last three spent with a small department and city in Broward county Florida where sick, twisted, negative, anti-female comments and behavior are the accepted norm. Stations are still adorned with thonged bikini “bare ass” female Cuban coffee mugs, risque female posters on walls, sculpted male frozen penis cucumber forms fashioned to ejaculate, rubber penis and balls, etc. I reported sexual harassment to a Lieutenant and that same Lieutenant walked in the female restroom, while I was in a stall using the toilet. I’ve had my bedroom door opened three times, while changing, I’ve had my picture taken, while resting on my lunch break and posted to their Facebook account. The Union Divisional Vice President (one of the primary named harassers) wrote “Sleeping Piggy” under it. They harassed me for almost three years. Everything that happened was reported to HR and HR found a way to ignore, discount, and downplay everything. The Florida EEOC took so long “getting to my case” that my Ex Civil attorney asked for the Right to Sue notices. Just before those were issued someone with access to my breathing gear on the engine tied down my equipment with a bungee cord to the inside of the engine rendering it inaccessible in the event of an emergency. When I reported the tampering my harassers, the city, and fire admin, got two of their “friends” at the Broward Sheriff’s Office to “investigate” the tampering. The same day I reported the incident they later called our whole crew down for DNA swabs and questioning. They kept me in a room by myself for approximately four hours, while my male co-workers hung out in the lobby on the other side of the door. The whole process took about six hours and after hours of interrogating me I was released with my crew at almost midnight. I don’t even have parking tickets! I have never been in trouble with the law, but these personal friends of my fire department harassers were yelling at me and accusing me of “possibly tying up my own gear to shore up my civil case”. I assured them I would never do that and that I had enough proof of the sexual harassment and retaliation, but they just kept yelling at me and telling me I didn’t seem trustworthy. A letter was written to their boss (the head sheriff) and I had to take an independent polygraph to prove my own innocence. I found the two detectives Facebook friend lists had two of my primary named fire department harasser’s names were on there and one of them had pictures of his face buried in some females breasts, while one of his other male friends held this women up in the air by her arms. She did not look happy about this. The city placed me into a “Non-paid status” for thirty days, ripped through my vacation and sick time and ignored my e-mails. I made 21 requests for information about my proper date of return, if temporary administrative re-assignment could be made while they investigated the tampering, what the update was on the case, and other important administrative requests for information. The city ignored me and alienated me. Towards the end of the thirty days at the end of May 2011 I was diagnosed with severe bronchitis and went to the hospital. The doctor gave me five different medications and advised me to see a specialist in 7-14 days if things did not improve. I immediately notified the city and sent over the hospital discharge paperwork. I asked for extended FMLA leave. They ignored me. All they said about the hospital paperwork was “fax received”. The last civil attorney I was working with knew I was very ill to, but just kept telling me to go back and “GI Jane it out”. She said, “you need to go back and have them fire you for something that would be deemed illegitimate by the courts.” She said, “if you don’t go back (even though you’re ill) and they fire you for being AWOL your case wouldn’t be “worth squat”. She withdrew from my case right before I resigned. The same day. I could not “go back” I was in danger. I didn’t want to be “fired” and called AWOL for the first time in my life (based on my ex-lawyer’s bad advice) and I knew that if I “resigned under duress” I might be able to at least get unemployment and move on with some level of dignity. I took the best of the worst options and resigned under duress in fear for my life, safety and well being. I told the unemployment people my whole story and they found in my favor, but now I was a little fish trying on my own to fight the city because they appealed the unemployment decision and I no longer had an attorney. I had to go find someone and was having a tough time. Sexual harassment attorneys (I was told) don’t like cases where you haven’t A “been physically touched” or B “wrongfully discharged”. The temporary attorney I found was well out gamed by the slick Assistant City Attorney. They submitted next to nothing initially for documentation. They filed for two continuances. The first to go over “the voluminous amount of information” I submitted and the second just after I gave my recorded testimony. They let me go through my portion and then asked the phone referee for a continuance based on the fact that the “Human Resource Manager had to go to a city commission meeting and that they had only allotted an hour for the phone hearing”. The phone referee allowed them to pull this obvious stunt. They spent two whole weeks coming up with ways to twist and bend my submitted information and testimony. Every time the city attorney would speak she side tracked my inexperienced lawyer. Pulled him off his train of thought and ran right over the top of him. They frazzled both of us and it showed. The phone hearing was closed. One day later the phone referee (Arthur Leasure) reversed the original decision and now I have no income. I wrote a fifty page corrective document to address all of the factual errors the Appeals Referee made. There were a lot and it was a strong indicator to me that he did not do his reading with the information I sent. I gave a lot of proof of the harassment and retaliation. Submitted photos, e-mails and text messages. I established a long term pattern of harassment and retaliation that led up to the tampering of my breathing equipment and he managed to ignore ALL of it! At this point the Florida Appeals Commission has all documentation, tape recordings, picture evidence, and the fifty page corrective memorandum. I am waiting to hear if they will vote in my favor, reverse the Appeals referee’s decision and give me the pittance that is rightfully mine. (UPDATE: They through out all of the “non-new clarification of Mr. Leasure’s factual mistakea!!! Now to add insult to injury I have to pay back $3,750 to the Unemployment Division (even though the City of North Lauderdale destroyed my career and actually owed me a lot of money.) I have to attack my retirement account to stay afloat and once I do that will never be able to be a part of the Florida Retirement System ever again. I have right to sue letters issued by the Department of Justice, but have not found a descent lawyer to help me navigate this process. (UPDATE: Now that your father determined I do not deserve unemployment the case is dead. All the abuse I endured is just left for me to bear.) The last attorney I had even said to me, “Why did your last civil attorney give you such bad advice? When you submitted your legitimate doctor’s note you were covered. If they fired you for being AWOL at that point it would have been wrongful termination. So eight years of hard training, dedication, and a love of my work serving others as a Firefighter-EMT-Paramedic and now at 37 I am starting over. I miss my work and can’t believe that there is so very little help for victims of this kind of harassment. I can’t believe we are still so far behind. Check out “Female firefighter and harassment” search criteria. We made a video while I was going through some of this as sort of a form of therapy. We covered all city identifiers, but I’m sure those in the wrong saw some of what I have against them. It really only scratches the surface though. It’s the tangible things that courts and people in general look for. It doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the scars from the abuse. It doesn’t address the number of times my harasser walked passed me singing “It’s the final countdown” or the snyde under the breathe comments. The feeling of having your conversation cut off mid sentence like you’re not even in the room or the sick stomach you get every time your mistreated in front of patients on a call. It doesn’t account for the numerous times your contribution to the team is ignored or the feeling you get when your co-workers bully you because they were told to. When newer probationary employees talk over and talk down to you despite your seniority or the theft of your things from your locker that get ignored. The injuries certain co-workers cause you with their lack of care or concern for your well being. The video just scratches the surface. I am so blessed to have made it out of hell, but the feeling something has been stolen stays with me. Every person or organization that has been in a position to help has failed. The mechanisms in place are not enough. Especially when dealing with government entities in south Florida.

  • “People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.” ~Mother Teresa

  • The tragedy is that it’s awful for those who are dedicated, honest and decent and only want to do their jobs at the highest levels, as well as all of us whose lives literally depend upon them.

  • First, not of all these cops are bad cops. Any cop who has been involved in an incidnet where a person was shot or killed, is on the list, until the final decision comes in from the grand jury or the State Attorney’s Office.

    Second, how could Howard Finklestein not know that such a list existed. That’s ludicrous. It’s available for all defense attorneys. Maybe he’s too involved with his channel 7 career than he is with his clients interests.

  • This article is not presented in it true context. I know that at least two of the officers prior to being convicted they were put on suspension or placed off the road in a administrative position pending their trials (your not guilty until convicted) and one was immediately terminated due to his being on probation (they did not have to wait for conviction). The other one was dismissed from employment upon his conviction. A few others are still working pending whether the state attorney pursues charges. At that time action will most likely be taken against them. You make it sound like nothing has been done and they are all still police officers. The police departments do take the necessary action and in some cases their state license are pulled upon conviction. They are just listed on a list that many other people do not have to placed on when they have been arrested, under investigation, or had actions against them. They do need to be held responsible for their crimes and in some cases investigated. You list is not showing that part of the records so it is bias.

  • I truly enjoy looking at on this website, it has great blog posts. “One should die proudly when it is no longer possible to live proudly.” by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

  • As a Prosecutor,in my opinion, it should absolutely mandatory that Law Enforcement officers that are under suspicion (reasonable belief) of engaging in any acts or conduct of excessive force,dishonesty,lies,perjury,falsifying Police Reports,aid and abet a cover up of bad acts of another defective cop,corruption,fabrication or/and tampering with evidence (probable cause) should result in criminal charges being filed and the perpetrator officer(s) aggressively prosecuted and all privileges given and earned revoked nunc pro tunc from the date the we’re sworn and vowed to the oath as Police Officers.

    They shall have their POST Certification swiftly revoked in an abundance of caution to protect the public as they are trained to kill.

    Whether or not adjudicated guilty such cops shall be permently registered just like sex offenders with public notice and access to their whereabouts and criminal activities used while hiding behind their badge.

    For example,Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office,Phoenix,Arizona detectives listed below should be immediately placed on the permanent Brady List of dirty,unethical,dishonest,violent and corrupt cops who engage in the denoted acts and conduct stated above all substantiated by their own false statements in police reports,eye witness accounts of their acts and conduct,video and audio tapes of their actions and other corroborating evidence:

    1. detective Stephan Cherevnak (badge # 1918
    2. detective Ryan McBride (badge # 1927)
    3. detective Mark DiBone (badge #1782)
    4. non-detective Joesph Torres (badge #S0946)

    If anyone reading this list has had any prior or current negative experiences in dealing with any of the listed corrupt and egregiously dishonest and/or violent MCSO cops contact me as they are currently under investigation for illegal actions.
    Randy Lang

  • Is there any updated (2015) Brady List available?

  • Still watching. Still waiting for karma to pay these people for what they’ve done. Hope you’re not letting up FL Bull dog.

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