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Pay to play allegations fuel probe of Broward HS cheerleader program; Parents, staff quizzed

By Buddy Nevins, 

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School cheerleaders Photo: Jordan Feinberg

Disputes over pay to play, bullying, fraud and safety have erupted around the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School cheerleading program and have led to an investigation by Broward County Schools.

In the past few weeks, Special Investigative Unit agents have interviewed parents and Stoneman Douglas staff regarding the program and booster club, including a complaint the club has broken county rules by collecting tens of thousands of dollars from parents as a requirement to be a cheerleader at the Parkland high school.

The investigation came after complaints that Principal Washington Collado repeatedly ignored problems in the program, parents say.  At Stoneman Douglas, Collado gave the parent-run booster club much of the responsibility of outfitting the team and arranging travel to tournaments apparently in violation of school system

When one parent complained twice, Collado told her she was “disruptive” and banned her indefinitely from the campus.

“We found there is no point talking to that principal. He will do nothing,” said Tammy Tornari, a Parkland mother who was the first parent to complain about the Eagles Cheerleading Booster Club.

She questioned a demand by the club for more than $2,000 in order for her two children to participate in cheerleading. The school has about 30 cheerleaders.

Collado declined comment on the investigation and referred all questions to Tracy Clark, the school system’s chief information officer.

“We are aware of the allegations at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland,” Clark said in an e-mail to Broward Bulldog. “We are currently investigating the allegations. As such, we cannot comment on investigations that are in progress. Pending the completion of the investigation, the District will take appropriate action. We take all allegations of bullying, fraud and mishandling of funds seriously.”

State-certified law enforcement officers run the Special Investigative Unit.

Eagles Cheerleading Booster Club President Joy Kelley said that in response to the complaints and investigation, the organization has been disbanded, with the financial records and left over money turned over to the school.

“Everything was done properly and for the girls,” Kelly said. “They will see that every dime is account for. Everybody was working for the girls except for a few women. “

When asked about the specific allegations involving the cheerleading program, Kelly said, “The truth will come out when the investigation is completed. We are cooperating. Nothing was done wrong. They talk about bullying.  The bullying was done by those three or four women.”


Complaints started in the late fall shortly after parents began getting bombarded with invoices from the booster club. When parents questioned the bills of more than $1,000-a-student to participate in cheerleading, they say the management of the booster club rebuffed them.

Tornari said the costs didn’t add up.

“They said the costs were for uniforms, radios, a mat,” she said. “They couldn’t really even tell us anything beyond that. They couldn’t break down the costs and tell us what everything cost.”

Another outraged parent was Joann Gavin of Parkland, a former club official.

When the booster club was formed early in the school year, Gavin was asked to be assistant treasurer because one was required by club rules.

Gavin said despite the assistant treasurer title, the women who controlled the organization would hold meetings without inviting her and other members, effectively pushing them into the background of the group.

She added she never even met most of the other officers until she started to complain about the program. However, as assistant treasurer, Gavin had access to the booster club’s bank statements and cancelled checks

Gavin was shocked when she reviewed the club’s financial records.  She said she found that the club had raised roughly $60,000 from invoicing parents.

The cancelled checks showed the club had hired two outside assistant coaches for $600-a-month.  One coach was paid an additional $3,000 for “choreography and music,” according to the notation on the check.  Other individuals were paid for t-shirts and bags.  There was a check for $375 for bows paid to an individual.

“There was definitely something wrong.  When were any of these expenses voted on by the club?” Gavin said.

With the help of an attorney, parents found that allowing the booster club to collect and spend the money violated School Board policy. The school system’s policy is included in a Standard Practice Bulletin given annually to principals and others to ensure the millions of dollars it takes to run a school is handled properly.

Under the rules, the booster club must give all monies collected to the school for handling. The policy also bans requiring parents to pay, in part to ensure programs are open to students who may not have the money to participate.

The rulebook capitalizes the prohibition in the policy.  Booster clubs “May Not charge parents a fee for instructional material, equipment or supplies relating to the school program or activities,” states Policy I-101 VI.


Principal Washington Collado

Armed with information about the cheerleading program, Gavin met with the principal at least twice, first alone and then with others concerned about the booster program. Those who attended the meetings say the principal did nothing to change the program.

Gavin, meanwhile, received a registered letter banning her from the campus under a School Board policy designed to eliminate threats to students and staff.

Although she had two children in the school and there were no allegations she was dangerous, Collado’s open-ended ban forbid her from even entering the school’s front office. She has sued in Broward Circuit Court charging that Collado and the school system violated her constitutional rights to due process by not allowing any method to protest the ban, like a hearing.

Another parent, Kathy Silver, complained to coaches that her daughter had been bullied in the program.

Silver said she protested to cheerleading coaches that her daughter was continuously bullied. Silver and at least two other parents said girls were subjected to insults by coaches and other cheerleaders during performances.  The bullying allegedly continued via social networking sites on the Internet.

The School Board has a strong policy to fight bullying and requires that any written or oral complaint be investigated.

Silver said that did not happen. “No one would listen. No one did anything,” she said.


Parents also cited safety issues with the cheerleading program.

Gavin said she knows of six students who have been injured in Stoneman Douglas cheerleading.

Julie Chaykin, a co-founder and vice president of the U. S. Cheerleading Association, has a daughter in Stoneman Douglas cheerleading.  On May 20, she e-mailed School Superintendent Robert Runcie and several other school system administrators that the program was rife with problems.

Her e-mail was prompted by Collado’s reappointment of Cheerleading Coach Melissa Prochilo. Chaykin wrote that she was astounded the coach was being allowed to run the program again despite numerous complaints and what she said were the “extremely dangerous” stunts forced upon students.

“After personally hearing and viewing several extremely dangerous and inappropriate situations…I was quite confident that once our administration became aware of the situation, that it would be impossible for Melissa Prochillo to remain on staff in any capacity, dealing with the Cheerleaders at our school. No knowledgeable coach would ever have an athlete attempt a level 4 skill without first safely perfecting the progression of skills preceding said level,” Chaykin wrote.

How long the investigation might take is not known. “I do not have a timeframe for the completion of the investigation,” Clark said.

On April 30, months after the first complaints, a notice was posted on the school’s web site reminding parents that the new season of cheerleading was starting again. The notice ended with a reminder that parents were to bring to the initial meeting “$150 cash or money order – NO EXCEPTIONS!!”

“He just doesn’t care about anything we said,” Gavin said referring to Collado.

Buddy Nevins can be reached at [email protected]




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81 responses to “Pay to play allegations fuel probe of Broward HS cheerleader program; Parents, staff quizzed”

  1. Charlotte Greenbarg Avatar
    Charlotte Greenbarg

    I for one will be watching with great interest to see what the investigation reveals, how long it takes, and what consequences follow, including the litigation.

    On the face of it, abuses and illegalities abound. If the booster club is a non-profit, 501 organization, the IRS might be interested in how much money is collected if the club has filed 990s. Unless they’re working off the books.

  2. As we all know there is another side to this story that this article didn’t publish. The cheerleaders did receive items for their money. At the beginning of the year parents were told of the cost to cheer football and competition. Each cheerleader went to a UCA CAMP and got clothing for the camp and practices. They were also given cheer shoes. If you were on the competition team they stayed in a hotel for two nights along with going to island of adventure/universal studios. So how should pay for his trip the tax prayers of broward county?

  3. My oldest daughter actually graduate from Stoneman Douglas High School and cheered for 4 years at the school. There has always been a fee to cheer in school. Parents are told upfront the cost to cheer for football and on the competition squad. These cost arrange from cheer camp, practice cloths, sneakers, gym cost if the team go to an allstar gym to practice. If gets more expensive if you cheer on the competition team – you have cheo, gym cost, travel expenses – buses, hotels and theme parks cost. Who should cover these cost the school board or the parents? to me it would be the parents responsibility to cover the cost for items that their child receives.

    I really think there is more to this story that wasn’t told.

  4. How dare they ban a mother with two children from a School for asking questions. Does this warrent a threat to students and staff? As adults they tell our Children to be honest and tell authorities if something is wrong or if being bullied. There needs to be a School Board Policy with principles who think they walk on water and with the way it sounds he does and the School Board members are all sitting behind there desk waiting for the elections. Runcie you should be ashamed of your self for not doing your job and controlling your principles and staff, go back to Chicago. I’m putting my children in private at least I will know where my money is going.

  5. Truth in journalism Avatar
    Truth in journalism

    Isn’t there some level of ethical responsibility to write reports based on facts? Be careful. Writing inflammatory statements that are actually false (and you would know this had you checked) could put you and your paper in a position of liability. Just saying….

  6. Isn’t Gavin the one who I saw SCREAMING at a well known cheerleading coach at a local competition this past season? Yeah, I don’t think you should be collecting your “facts” from a unstable hot head. Try looking at the real side of the story.

  7. I know “Gavin ” as you stated, she is not a hot head, especially when she is being accused of things she didn’t do and say! you are all covering up something, and it WILL come out! I hope the Broward school board figures it all out for once and for all.

  8. Gavin WAS NOT THE ONE screaming at the coach. You should get your facts straight because she was simply defending her daughter. The assistant coach threatened her 4 times “pull your daughter from the team.” What kind of coach is that? Get your facts straight.

  9. No Worries!!!! Avatar
    No Worries!!!!

    When all is said and done the truth will come out. So for all the negative comments and positive comments, they are moot! The investigation and courts will decide impartially who is at fault. So haters gonna hate! And believers stay strong!!!!! Karma exists! The media and news will paint the picture with more details to follow!

  10. The Other Side of the Story Avatar
    The Other Side of the Story

    As a cheer parent this past year – I can tell you the article is one sided. We were all told before they even tried out for competition team the estimated costs and what they were for. I also witnessed Gavin screaming not only at the cheer coach but anyone else that tried to calm her down including her own daughter. There is so much more to this story!!! They want to call girls out for bullying…these women are the biggest bullies I have ever seen. Borward Bulldog you should get all your facts before you publish a story!!! You shouldn’t just listen to a few parents that are on a mission to remove the coach for personal reasons. There are MANY MORE parents that are very happy with the cheerleading program and LOVE the coach!!! All these mothers have done is make is hard on the cheerleaders which is what this should be about…THE GIRLS!!!!!

  11. That is completely false and you must love the program so much because this hasn’t happened to you. If you were being screamed at by a coach unprofessionally, you wouldn’t try to defend yourself and your daughter? So before you think you know the story and that if it is “one sided” think again. I give much credit to these mothers standing up for their daughters because nothing was solved. If only you people would understand that Gavin was defending her daughter. Tell me that you wouldn’t do the same? “The other side of the story” is all lies, and this has finally brought attention to people. Karma will come around and these people will get justice.

  12. Tell you side! Avatar
    Tell you side!

    To The Above ^^^^^

    Please contact Buddy, the Media, whoever you would like and tell your story to them! I would love to see how much they could actually print in your favor!!!!!

  13. Wow, this article is nothing but the truth! How could there be another side to this story, this is all the cold hard facts and I am overjoyed the public can finally see what is going on in this program. It is such a shame that not just these girls, but returning cheerleaders did not even want to tryout because of the horrible year they had with this program and they couldn’t stand the coach. She made girls hate this sport and ruined all their dreams in cheerleading. After this year, we learned it was ALL FAVORITISM. The mothers have done nothing to make it hard on the cheerleaders, all they were doing was trying to fix the problems that no one paid attention to.

    What a shame that the bullying incidents were not addressed to because all that school advertises is to stop bullying.

  14. The above published article is totally full of false accusations. The information given to the writer, who happens to employ the same attorney of one of the disgruntled mothers, is false.
    This article has arrived just after their daughters found out that they did not make the team that required a higher skill level than they could perform. This is just a case of dance/cheer moms gone mad.
    These parents should see what is really important in the world and teach their children that hard work, responsibility, and respect for coaches and authority figures will be a greater life skill rather than all of this negativity.

  15. It is simple... Avatar
    It is simple…

    These women and their daughters are getting their stories out because no one was listening. How would you feel if you were trying to get your point across or say something to someone and they didn’t listen to you? I could imagine it’s like talking to a wall. Before anyone says anything else just put yourself in their shoes. What if you had a son or daughter who was being bullied and no one cared? What if you were spending money and didn’t know exactly what you were paying for? What if the school your child attends didn’t care about your child? Ask yourself that before you say this isn’t the full story or there is another side or even say mean hurtful things. These women’s families and daughters have to read the mean nasty comments you say about them. I don’t know about you but I have learned slander and saying mean nasty things over the internet is also bullying, so many of you are being hypocritical at the moment and being bullies yourself.

  16. The truth finally comes out! Avatar
    The truth finally comes out!

    All of this is true. You are all just mad and blaming that this is false. Please explain how this is false? How would you feel if you had a kid on varsity one year and moved down the next? For saying that all of this is not true facts, you are completely wrong.
    I feel so bad for these girls and the stress the coach has put on their families. These parents are doing nothing wrong. If you put yourself in these peoples shoes, you would do the same exact thing. You all are just mad that everything has finally come out!!!!!!!

  17. Tired of not speaking up Avatar
    Tired of not speaking up

    This crazy year just needs to be over . Do what need to be done in the first place and get rid of Mellisa . We need a true leader and a coach that the girls will look up to . The favoritism and complete chaos needs to stop . It has been nothing but since she has been in charge . It started with her hand picking the captain to hand picking the president of the booster club .. No vote she just decided . And when we asked questions she would walked out of meetings when she felt she didn’t need to answer . Well maybe she needs to answer them now . This time I would like to hear the answers .

  18. sorry, not sorry Avatar
    sorry, not sorry

    I’m pretty sure the publisher,who had to contact various people before releasing this article was preparing it long before the results of the cheerleading try-outs were posted, which was yesterday? So your theory is crap! And as for your comment on negativity I’m sorry….not sorry that you have nothing of substance to say other than accuse the mothers in the article of being dance/cheer moms. It seems to me that perhaps you are a cheer mom yourself?

  19. The Other Side of the Story Avatar
    The Other Side of the Story

    I was there this season. I, along with 7 other schools, witnessed Gavin screaming at the coach at Taravella. I find it odd that the reporter only talked to those that have problems. There IS another side to the story and that should be heard too. I agree we should stand up for our children but I do not agree with teaching them to lie to get what they want. As far as being on varsity one year and not the next.. that had NOTHING to do with the coach!!! These parents made sure she had nothing to do with tryouts…how did that work for them????? KARMA!!!!!

  20. Joann Gavin was not screaming at the coach? There was about 20 witnesses (including myself) that can back me up saying that she was going absolutely nuts on Amber, one of the cheerleading coaches. I’m sorry to say this, but all of you parents who put ALL youre time, effort, and energy into this investigation have no jobs, plenty of money, and absolutely NO lives. You all have no idea how much coach Melissa loves the sport and she is a reknown coach in Broward county. You all were lucky to have a coach like her. Like the post above me says, you should have taught all youre children that “hard work, responsibility, and respect for coaches and authority figures will be a greater life skill rather than all of this negativity.” Get a life and GROW UP people. By the way, I heard that the two police reports on Mrs. Gavin (trespassing, and impersonation) was a whole SIU investigation and that’s why she got the trespassing letter. And as for Rachel Silver, are you not mature enough to handle yourself in the correct manner reguarding the instances that you were bullied? You became best friends with one of the girls on the team that “bullied you”. Youre mother is a nut case too. Grow up, get a life, and let everything go because you will NOT win.

  21. Why would they lie about any of this? And the other side of the story? That the coach approached Gavin first. Gavin did not want to speak to her. Suddenly the coach yells in Gavin’s face. What would you do in this situation? i don’t get why everyone is saying Gavin yelled at her meanwhile the other side of the story is that the assistant coached yelled at her first. Is it so bad that she had to raise her voice and protect her daughter? picture yourself in her situation before you post a comment. EVERY GIRL that was a varsity veteran that got moved down to JV or off the team this year deserves to be on varsity again. Glad to know you don’t know the real story because you saw someone yell at someone else.

  22. It is no doubt everyone is not reading the article regarding large sums of money collected and Coach Prochilo in charge of all money spent, no regard for safety, constant bullying not addressed, if Coach Prochilo is so wonderful,who needs to pay that much money $600 each, is that appropriate? All the girls who tried out should earn the respect they did last year on Varsity to be put back on it again.

    The most important part is the girl’s self-esteem that Melissa Prochilo destroyed in one year. They need a coach that is just and gives team spirit to all cheerleaders back to Majory Stoneman Douglas. This has nothing to do with parents standing up for what they believe in.

    I would think more of a principal who would stand up for the cheerleaders and kids of his school, not take the word of the coach.

    It brought me to disgust finding out a parent was banned just for addressing problems? What a shame. And that goes for the people on how disgusted I am that someone would have the time to write that comment and say how someone is nuts meanwhile people are standing up for their kids and accusing mothers of them being wrong, you are all wrong and just mad that something is finally being done!

  23. Firstly, obviously 99.9% of the freshman moms that don’t know half of the story, only what your daughters come home to tell you what they heard at school today. Not one of you know the meaning of what a true coach is and you never will if a particular coach stays in. A team should be a family like we once had. We had wonderful coaches with beautiful, fun personalities and amazig coaching abilities, You think that someone that stands around gives zero input and has not 1 but 2 other coaches to do her job for her is a good coach thats a JOKE!! Not only that but someone who has been trying to get the previous coaches job for many many years and openly admitted it to her “team” at a practice as she tore down the previous coaches to, It truly was heartbreaking and rude to hear about. She has no morals and is unconventinal, what coach puts down several of her cheerleaders and is considered a good coach.
    Secondaly, These mothers are good and fair, They have pride and dignigty and are doing what they know is right in there hearts, all standing up for there daughters. How dare any of you critizise them and what they believe in. Gavin, Tornari, and Silver are three of the greatest peopleI I know and they are going to persue what they know is right.
    Thirdly, In Mrs. Gavins defense she did not SCREAM at anyone she was grabed on the arm pulled away and spoken to very rudly, She raised her voice in defence for her daughter as ANY OTHER MOTHER WOULD DO!! She was right and polight she stood her ground for what she knew was right.
    ETHICS ARE YOU SERIOUS I see NONE of you that are bashing other people with ethics your rude and you THINK you know the facts but you dont, the facts are plainly spelled out in this artical for you.
    OH, FYI the information for this artical could have been given weeks ago it just happend to be done today, these things take time to investigate and write so you should GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.
    Lastly, those girls deserve to be on a team they work hard for what they have and have been on varsity past years.
    One more thing my parents do teach me to be STRONG AND STAND UP FOR MYSELFE as well as the other girls and there parents.
    Glad to be in college and not at MSD

  24. Disgusted at this program Avatar
    Disgusted at this program

    Well if someone grabbed my arm and told me to “take it outside” I would be mad too. I would also be mad if some coach I didn’t know was yelling at me causing me to yell. I am sure I can get 20 other witnesses to say Amber started it first so you can continue to lie but at least people know what really happened.

  25. Agreed 100% with the “Amazed” comment.

  26. First of all... Avatar
    First of all…

    If you’re going to write a 3 page story about how you feel. Learn how to spell. Especially if you’re paying for your education.

  27. I Got An Idea Avatar
    I Got An Idea

    Instead of making up these malicious lies. (Which by the way for all you “intelligent” people who had this article made, this is considered slander.) Why don’t you spend more time paying attention to your children? Everyone trying to claim Ms. Gavin’s sanity, she was at the state competition wearing sunglasses indoors? If that doesn’t raise enough eyebrows for all you “sane” people, she was HIGH FIVING Emoni, another Cheer Florida coach as girls on Douglas dropped their stunts. Their own daughter’s (who don’t know how to cheer thanks to the wonderful CFA) stunts that were dropping! I don’t care how much you HATE someone, you NEVER high five when someone can potentially be hurt. That is the most disgusting thing I witnessed with my own eyes. Also, Silver’s daughter posted on Facebook today this article saying “this is why I didn’t try out for cheer!!” No, she didn’t try out for cheer because she got her boobs done. So instead of paying more attention to trying to ruin other people’s live as you desperately want Douglas to go back to CFA as Ricky makes out with your daughter, why don’t we focus on the more important things. Like how substance abuse is skeptically apart of this, or how your husband is cheating on you while he’s away on business, or how you’re getting your daughter’s boobs done as your house is going into foreclosure. You wanted to lay out all the dirty laundry and slander each other, well here it is!

  28. This needs to stop. Avatar
    This needs to stop.

    How did this article take a turn on the other coach? If we can all remember correctly, Coach Amber’s primary team won Districts and States and has won multiple competitions every year since she started coaching the program? Isn’t States the highest title a school cheerleading team should win? I think this article needs to go back to the real issues it’s discussing and these parents need to all sit down once and for all. This isn’t fair to anyone being talked about in this article. No coaches, parents, or girls should have to go through this. This has gone too far and I think that all of this needs to be removed and parents need to discuss this rationally. We all know sports aren’t free, especially ones like traveling cheerleading. When you stay at 5 star hotels and go to 2 theme parks, receive new uniforms, 3 new mats, professional choreography and coaching, there is going to be a price. No one is bringing up the baseball or football fees or booster. Why is it attacking just the cheerleading program?

  29. From a kids point of view Avatar
    From a kids point of view

    This is from a cheerleaders point of view. This has caused so much stress and drama its unfair to us. We love this sport and i cant believe some evil witch can ruin our love for this sport! All i want to do is cheer! But its not possible with a coach like melissa. All she does is bring us down! She also pays 2 other people to do her job because she cant do it and doesnt enjoy coaching us. This lady shows no one respect and she doesnt deserve any herself. This coach has not benifited the team in any way! She brings us down and makes us hate going to practice in fear of her judgement or rude comments. So many of my friends didnt even want to try out this year and they only reason is because of MELISSA! I could go on and on for hours but i think the main point im trying to get across is that melissa needs to be fired.

  30. Defending my coaches!! Avatar
    Defending my coaches!!

    Ive been coached by amber for almost 3 years and I can guarantee you she is nothing like stated above. ^ I was at that competition and amber did not start anything. I’ve been on competitive cheerleading and variety for almost 3 years and yes there is a lot of money involved. Uca camp, practice clothes, shoes, bows, competitions, traveling, buses, choreography and more. Also, Melissa was a part of the coral glades cheerleading and I witnessed people crying to get her back she wasn’t just an amazing coach but she made the team a family. I have never in my life been coached better then by amber and Melissa. Theres many sides to a story and I can guarantee you, this isn’t everything.

  31. come on now..... Avatar
    come on now…..

    I realized after reading all the negative comments, that the people who are posting them are obviously afraid of the truth being exposed. Maybe with a little self reflection they would be able to face the truth and admit that they have indeed committed unscrupulous acts all so that their daughters would be looked upon favorably by a coach who……well I won’t let myself stoop to their level with insults. Shame on you for critizing mothers for trying to make an unofficial booster club, who are responsible for following rules that are set in place by the Broward County School Board, show receipts and confirmation as to where certain monies and how certain decisions were made. These are not difficult or malicious requests that would cause concern…..unless of course something was not KOSHER! Let’s all be decent human beings and stop slinging mud and let this matter be handled in the appropriate manner in which it is being handled.

  32. So ridiculous!! Avatar
    So ridiculous!!

    My daughter was on the team this year & I have no idea what to believe because I stay away from the drama which a lot of these moms & girls cause with their ridiculous behavior! 1 thing I do kno is that it is ridiculous 2 even suggest that if a girl was on varsity last yr, but only made JV this yr then she should be on varsity! Coach Mellisa had nothing 2 do with tryouts & every girl got placed on what team they deserved 2 be on! This past yr there were a lot of girls on varsity that shouldn’t have been because they didn’t even have basic tumbling skills etc!

  33. leave it alone Avatar
    leave it alone

    Cheerleading is about loving what you do and that is putting on a performance. Of course it will cost money, of course there will be critisism. It is what coaches do. It is what ANY sport is about. I’m just going to say this one thing. You all are ruining these girls season. Please just think about the girls. And if you don’t like the coach, don’t put your daughter on the team. Instead of ruining it for the rest of us. Please just let there be peace. The girls want to have fun. And whoever made varsity made it because they tumbled a certain skill which was not a requirement last year. Also, our previous coaches have not had all the “wonderful” experience. Take it from a first hand witness. That’s all. Just know that you are ruining those girls year by causing drama among the team.

  34. Being coached by Melissa and Amber was the best cheer yearS I have ever experienced. They are tough but it is much needed for these prissy girls to do anything. I’m sorry your daughters can’t handle actually having to work for something and challenge their bodies and minds to achieve a goal set early in the season. Everyone knows its not waving pom poms and jumping up and down. It is the MOST DANGEROUS sport high school has to offer and people are bound to be injured no matter how much training you have or how many precautions are taken. Coaches are not to blame for injuries, I personally have broken way too many bones cheering and NONE of them can be blamed on the coaches because they were MY fault, NOONE ELSES.
    SECONDLY, I was at the cheer leading competition where Gavin blew up on Amber. Her daughter had been doing a stunt she couldn’t hit and as a coach you do what’s best for the team and figure out plan B. it’s nothing personal it’s for the whole team to do better. Sorry your daughter couldn’t do it, build a bridge and get over it. Her behavior was inexcusable and she made the whole program look bad. She couldn’t be controlled by any mother and made her daughter cry to get no point across. All of this was conducted in front of very young children with a very colorful vocabulary. Not a good example to be setting for children.
    I know Rachel personally and she is not one to be acusing ANYONE of bullying unless she turns herself in for being a bully herself as well as underage drinking and drug usage along with almost all of the team. Maybe question where they get the alcohol and the answer lies in the mothers pointing fingers.
    Melissa and Amber were the best thing that could have happened to this team and you all are being ridiculous for accusing these wonderful ladies for any wrong doing. The last coaches constantly put girls down and made them hate their lives and having Melissa and Amber as coaches completly changed my feelings of dreading practice to loving it. They were crazy and fun to be around and made my last year amazing.

    PS: pretty sure amber knows what she’s doing. Look to coral glades state champions as well as so many national titles that I’m sure msd will never see.

  35. to whom it may concern Avatar
    to whom it may concern

    Joann Gavin was not screaming at the coach? There was about 20 witnesses (including myself) that can back me up saying that she was going absolutely nuts on Amber, one of the cheerleading coaches. I’m sorry to say this, but all of you parents who put ALL youre time, effort, and energy into this investigation have no jobs, plenty of money, and absolutely NO lives. Like the post above me says, you should have taught all youre children that “hard work, responsibility, and respect for coaches and authority figures will be a greater life skill rather than all of this negativity.” Get a life and GROW UP people. By the way, I heard that the two police reports on Mrs. Gavin (trespassing, and impersonation) was a whole SIU investigation and that’s why she got the trespassing letter. And as for Rachel Silver, are you not mature enough to handle yourself in the correct manner reguarding the instances that you were bullied? You became best friends with one of the girls on the team that “bullied you”. Youre mother is a nut case too. Grow up, get a life, and let everything go because you will NOT win. As for tryouts this year, coach Melissa had nothing to with them and it was based purely on skill. The requirements were if you had a backtuck, you would be on Black or varsity. Sorry to all the girls that think they “deserve” to be on varsity. Maybe if you all had better, more mature cheerleading skills you would have the honor of being on varsity. Karma will come back and bite you all right in the ass and I hope it hurts like a bitch.

  36. hey guys:)
    “and then Jesus spoke unto da king water and wine for all”- Romans 12:6

  37. leave it alone Avatar
    leave it alone

    thank you .

  38. leave it alone Avatar
    leave it alone

    cheer alum…

  39. History is repeating Avatar
    History is repeating

    Who ever thinks that Melissa had nothing to do with who made the teams this year are kidding themselves . Even though she wasnt physically there .her presents was felt by her older daughter walking in and around the Clinics. It’s started again with placing her own daughter a freshman and her friends daughter also a freshman on varsity but also kicking off girls completly from the team who had been on varsity for years . Funny how Gavin’s daughter was placed on JV when she had been on Varsity and Tornar’s daughter was kicked completely off the team after being on Varsity for years . That vicious act and demeaning treatment to wonderful girls could only be done by someone full of hate.
    She continues to use her power to ruin a sport she has no business being in . Get the heck out of a sport that wants none of your ethics or poor sportsmanship and favoritism . We want you to leave the nice girls alone and go play with your own kind … MEAN GIRLS

  40. Your literally a psycho lady if you think some lady is suspicious wearing sunglasses indoors? Your nuts. Maybe instead of blaming some innocent woman, you should think about all the freshman moms trying to be chaperones on the states trip. That was a complete joke. It’s so funny how you people assume stuff and claim she was “high-fiving” someone. This has nothing to do with CFA and if you got your facts correct, no one from CFA stunt dropped. At least they have a real cheer family and a place they feel at home. You people are ridiculous for bashing it because it has nothing to do with this and don’t you look “intelligent” putting more lies about people in your comment! That clearly just shows you have nothing better to do with your life and say that about people.

    Secondly, yes, Gavin was mad, but she was standing up for her daughter and Amber was the one who handled it unprofessionally. Sure, her daughter cried because she had no idea what was happening. Her daughter hit every stunt that night and it had nothing to do with that. She had no intent on making anything look bad, she wasn’t the one who approached Amber first..

  41. Just wanted to let all the doubters know that all your slandering and saying rude comments like throwing other people’s business out here is considered bullying and is all being looked at by broward school board. so thank you keep posting rude comments. Hope your happy knowing your the biggest bullies of all

  42. this is disgusting Avatar
    this is disgusting

    See the funny thing is that all these comments about how terrible Melissa is are coming from the girls who’s mothers are blowing all of this out of proportion. I am disgusted about some of the things i have read. HOW DARE YOU SAY MELISSA DEGRADES US. Melissa has done nothing but encourage us and given that these crazy mothers have caused all of this, i think she did an amazing job. Especially when Mrs. psychotic Gavin called the hotel we were staying at for states, pretended to be someone in charge of our program, and changed up the rooms. Melissa AND Amber are amazing coaches. They have made the person and cheerleader that i am today. HA and I can say that i witnessed what happened at the competition where Amber was attacked. Yes Amber approached Mrs. Gavin to talk to her but Gavin ONCE AGAIN blew it out of proportion and attacked Amber, and i watched Gavin’s daughter walk away and tell her mom to stop because of the scene she was causing. Amber did absolutely nothing wrong so shame on you for saying she is unprofessional. Cheerleading comes with injuries. Its part of the sport so stop trying to take every little thing and turn it on Melissa when in reality you just want crappy CFA back in when they do not do anything for this team. If you want your daughters team to win, the coaching staff you have now is your answer. Every team brings in outside coaching so once again stop trying to make Melissa look bad when you just make yourself sound like an ignorant dumbass. This is ridiculous and needs to stop. Melissa is the best thing that happened to us. I know Coral Glades girls would love to take her back because that is how amazing she is. ONCE AGAIN CFA will not do anything to help us, and frankly they arent doing anything for your daughters either.

  43. Think what you want about CFA- maybe because they didnt do anything for your kid doesnt make your kid all that good either. Mrs. Gavin did NOTHING WRONG and Amber grabbed her arm to talk to her first. WHO CARES IF SHE YELLED. She was defending her kid, crying or not. Get over it. And if I can remember, Douglas was actually good when they had CFA kids on it years ago and they actually won competitions unlike this year. Too bad it was such a wreck this year even before this all happened. You all believe the wrong facts just from what people tell you.

  44. I dont understand why the people who actually like melissa care so much if shes the cheer coach or not?! I feel that the people who dont like her opinions are more important. Coaches can be easily replaced and its not like melissa is the best in the world we could obviously find someone more friendly knows how to do their job and someone that us the kids dont fear and hate going to practice because of the coach!

  45. Adrian Butler Avatar
    Adrian Butler

    FIRST OF ALL IK I DONT GO TO DOUGLAS BEFORE PEOPLE START COMING FOR ME !!! 2nd this has nothing to do with CFA or our staff so why bring us into it ……… no need to bring my AMAZING coaches into this with your immature allegations …… KEEP THE DRAMA WHERE IT STARTED AAT DOUGLAS NOT CHEER FLORIDA!

  46. Emonii Cheer florida Coach Former Douglas Cheerleading Captain, 4 time All American &Top All American NCA Staff Instructor and Captain of FIU Cheer Avatar
    Emonii Cheer florida Coach Former Douglas Cheerleading Captain, 4 time All American &Top All American NCA Staff Instructor and Captain of FIU Cheer

    First of all the person that decided to put my name in the mix you have now pushed my buttons. I came to the state competition to support Douglas because not only did I coach a high school at states who was one of 5 teams in Broward county to make it to finals, I am Douglas alumni, I put years of blood sweat and tears in that cheerleading program, and I also coached several of the girls that were on the competition team last year. I was a part of the only team at that made finals at Douglas. Lets also not say that Cheer Florida cannot coach talented athletes. You can say whatever you want to say about the team and how tryouts were ran but once you start name dropping and personally picking and falsely accusing coaches that helped most of those girls become better that’s when it becomes unnecessary. I’m going to say one last thing because my coaching, my gym and my athletes speak for itself. You can’t be mad at the way the season turned out, it’s not about the parent I don’t know why you are pin pointing one parent. The team is a product of its coach and that all I have to say don’t put my name my gym name or my staffs name on this blog. If you stoop that low you are classless and you are trying to point a finger because of your lack of talent. I wouldn’t laugh at a team dropping, I care about Douglas I graduated from there. Don’t blame me for the team’s lack of preparation.

  47. Adrian Butler Avatar
    Adrian Butler

    FIRST OF ALL IK I DONT GO TO DOUGLAS BEFORE PEOPLE START COMING FOR ME !!! 2nd this has nothing to do with CFA or our staff so why bring us into it ……… no need to bring my AMAZING coaches into this with your immature allegations …… KEEP THE DRAMA WHERE IT STARTED AAT DOUGLAS NOT CHEER FLORIDA!

  48. go back to glades.....we dont want or need you Avatar
    go back to glades…..we dont want or need you

    I find it interesting that while Coral Glades did come in as runner-up at States last year and Melissa Prochilo was coach it had nothing to do with Melissa. Amber was also a coach and she is the one responsible for the routine and stunts. This year Melissa was at Douglas and Coral GLADES WON STATES WITHOUT MELISSA PROCHILO!!!!!!! GET MY POINT!

  49. THIS IS ABOUT MELISSA PEOPLE GET IT THREW YOUR THINK SKULLS!!!!!!Ok yeah Cheer Florida doesn’t know how to train athletes to be talented, but that wonderful staff has coached cheerleaders on scholarships at the top universities for cheerleading. University of Louisville, Florida State University, Florida Atlantic University Hawaii Pacific University, Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University, Florida Gulf Coast University, University of Central Florida, and University Of Florida just to name a few. What girls have Melissa or Amber Coached to College??? That’s right NONE and that’s why we do this sport for college scholarships not to fall apart at states. So lets be real

  50. Please wait a minute, all those parents that are bashing CFA look ridiciouls, lets take a second to remember where they send all their kids to take privates and flight school who’s really teaching them oh wait that’s right CFA is but they’re crappy?! Okay because I remember distinctly having my daughter be apart of their AMAZING program and them coming in first at a state wide competition where as Douglas placed 10th at states, this past season under the coaching of Melissa Prochilo.

  51. disgustedparent Avatar

    why are the freshman parents being brought into this? we have done nothing but sit back and watch this nonsense unfold. as for chaperoning, we are responsible parents that were looking out for the safety of our children amongst older children in a hotel setting. maybe there’s a little jealousy involved that freshman actually made varsity… talent speaks for itself. Don’t bash a whole group if you have a problem with a few.

  52. Stop this ridiculousness Avatar
    Stop this ridiculousness

    Why is this going into attacking Cheer Florida’s program, the other coaches, Melissa personally, some of the girls? This article should have never been posted. Shame on you for even thinking you’re doing the right thing Buddy! There obviously are some real issues here that need to be discussed, appropriately. What happened between the mom and the coach is old news. Yes, the coach approached her APOLOGIZING which turned into the mother verbally attacking and physically pointing in her face, on her shoulder, telling the coach she needs to quit she doesn’t know what she is doing. This is the same coach that has a great reputation and has multiple titles with her main team, Coral Glades. She won States as well and has come close every other year so how can someone tell her she doesn’t know what she is doing? I stood there as a previous MSD cheer parent and watched in amazement. It was Melissa whom had grabbed the mother and pleaded with her to take it outside. What an embarrassment for her program. I don’t think anyone is at fault! Everyone lets their emotions get in the way, but stop bashing the mother and the coach when this article wasn’t even about that. Cheer Florida is a program that also has nothing to do with this article. Leave it all alone. This article should be pulled down so more hostility isn’t created in the cheerleading environment and people’s opinions aren’t out there for girls who actually love and respect all of these people, including the Cheer Florida gym. I think this has gone way too far. I would only hope that something is done to stop this ridiculousness soon.

  53. The parents mentioned in this article (like typical parents in a competitive sport) are unhappy with the coach/team/performance. That is nothing new as you see it all the time in football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. I doubt seriously that any of the parents in this story actually played or competed in sports at any serious level. Typically in high school, the standards get tougher and for the first time parents can’t influence and dictate the coach or the school to do what they want. It is a power trip that some parents just can’t handle as they begin to see their son/daughter actually struggle to keep up. What this has become is a small group of kids (who can’t perform the technical requirements to compete at this level) and parents who are not happy. The other side is a larger group of kids and parents who are happy. I find it ironic that the kids with the lack of technical capability are the ones with issue.

    Attitude, respect, and talent are skills and attributes coaches are looking for. If the kids don’t have it, they wont play, it is simple. If you dont like the coach or the program, go somewhere else, but dont be surprised when the assessment is similar as the competition is always improving and these skills are important for life, not just sports. What are these girls going to do after high school when they don’t like the boss or co-workers? You mention Karma, I feel sorry for the kids of the parents above because a harsh reality of life is ahead of them if they continue to blame others and make up excuses. Sports are hard, if it was easy, everyone could compete. I congratulate all of the girls for trying. No shame in falling short, but dont blame or point fingers for your kids lack of ability. Work harder, get better. Try that strategy vs. blaming others.

    I feel sorry for the children, regardless of their ability. The girls who are technically good enough to be on the team have to deal with this drama, the girls who are not technically good enough are in denial as their parents are making excuses for their lack of ability. Time to grow up parents, your kids are desperate for a good example.

  54. What makes a good cheerleader Avatar
    What makes a good cheerleader

    Who made these new rules ??? You need a backhandspring to be on JV , and a standing tuck to be on varsity . If you think that stunting and tumbling is what makes a cheerleader then you are misguided . That is what Stoneman Douglas judged their team on . OUTRAGEOUS ! . It was Melissa’s ploy to again create a position for her child and her chosen . There are so many girls disappointed that where not informed of these stipulations but the girls that knew about if we’re at the gym 24/7 . . It just never ends with this women . It keeps going and going

  55. Safety issues Avatar
    Safety issues

    Does anyone get that there were safety issues brought up , bulleying and illegal use of funds . Don’t focus on the women that brought these issues up , focus on the true meaning of what is going on . We should be proud that these women would put there reputations on the line because they know in their hearts that this Is what need to be done to bring the spirit back to the sport at this school let alone the safety of these children . Yes YOUR children .
    They could of let it go and let the program go on with out all this but they put their reputations, family and time on the line to save your kids from another year of crazy turmoil And possible injuries .
    These are smart well know and liked women and have been in Parkkand for many years .
    So the coments coming from some random people who either don’t know the sport or just because you Kissed Melissa’s butt to advance your child and now may “lose your favoritism ”
    I’ve been around cheerleaders for years and it’s all about leadership . Mellssa is not a good roll model . She only has followers because they think they will get something from her . If this is what you want and need the courts to prove her quilt then your idea of a leader is sad

  56. I have been reading the comments to this article. I can’t believe what a big deal everyone is making about this situation. A few of the more recent comments have been about a student being on a varsity level team last year and being placed on a JV level team this year or not making the team at all. Where is the rule that states that once you make a team, you are on the team for four years? I have never heard of such a thing. Maybe the kids trying out this year are just better than the kids from previous years? Isn’t that always a possibility? Do you really think that your kids will get A’s on every test, get accepted into every college they apply for, or get every job they apply for? The answer is no. Life is basically a tryout or a competition. In school, we compete for grades as adults, we compete for jobs and in sports, we compete for spots on a team. Not every person trying out makes the team. That’s life. I give all kids credit for trying out, but not everyone can make the team.

  57. Someone Looking in Avatar
    Someone Looking in

    Jealousy has nothing to do with this from what I can see, I have no children involved in this mess.. People need to open their eyes and read it again, Children are being bullied by adults, against school policy for students, but we allow adults to do it Hummm, money is collected, parents want to know where the money went, I don’t think that’s to much to ask for, $60,000 is a lot of money.. not mention the booster club collected and spent the money violated School Board policy, again I guess that doesn’t matter either, policy also bans requiring parents to pay, in part to ensure programs are open to students who may not have the money to participate. What about the children who have lots of talent but can’t afford it, they loose even more, remember were talking about the children here, Safety I would imagine that being high on a parents list for their child, It doesn’t matter to me if the coach knows what she is doing apparently she does, at what risk of these children, 6 girls were injured this year of around 30, 1 child hurt is to many…. As I read the comments it truly sickens me to see that adults here obviously have something at stake, and believe that their child is best, better at cheering and maybe not so high up, I’m not sure what the case may be, it all boils down to, What is right and wrong, I agree parents need to grow up here, Hats of to the parents who uncovered this, Glad to see that this wasn’t swept under the carpet… Maybe now school officials will be watched a little closer, instead of having all the power to do what they want…

  58. Well said "someone looking in " Avatar
    Well said “someone looking in “

    The last comment was well said .

  59. I agree with the comment from What Makes A Good Cheerleader, which is a few comments below this one…..The MSD Cheerleading website has been up for months now. Why if changes were being made to the Cheerleading program such as to be a varsity cheerleader you must have a tuck, were they not even mentioned. What are the requirements to be a JV Cheerleader? I know one cheerleader who was a varsity cheerleader last year was unaware of the tuck stipulation for varsity so she threw a backhandspring and was put on JV. I also know of another Varsity cheerleader who threw a backhandspring and wasn’t even put on JV or any team after cheering for Douglas for two years. Im not sayiing that just because you were on varsity last year you belong on varsity this year, what Im saying is why was nothing posted on the website concerning what was needed to make a certain team. They certainly found time to post about impartial judges, and 150.00 mandatory cash or money orders!!!!!

  60. QUESTION??? Avatar

    My question is….. who was involved in picking the new cheer team for 2012/2013. My daughter tried out for the team and there were 4 people there that judged the tryouts but Melissa Prochilo was not one of them. Melissa was not there for the 4 days of clinics or involved in the actual try outs.

  61. Why don’t all of you parents stop complaining, if you don’t like the program then don’t have your daughter do it? Stop ruining it for the girls that ACTUALLY want to cheer. Melissa is a great coach and doesn’t put anyone down. The judging had nothing to do with her, it was the administrators that chose the team and judged. Everything was fair if you dont have the proper skills dont expect to be on varsity or even jv? Just cause u made it last year doesnt mean your always going to have a spot on the team. Life isnt always fair and you need to accept that. Stop complaining and trying to get melissa fired if you hate her so much DONT HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER DO IT. It’s that simple. And so what if rachael silver got a boob job? that did not need to be posted on here. You crazy cheer parents need to chill out and GROW UP you obviously have nothing better to do with your life. If anyones the bully, you parents are.

  62. You are all talking about tumbling here, but you guys do realize that a high school team can go non-tumbling right? It’s not like they can go no-stunting. Strength is a key component in choosing what girl should be on which team based on how much strength they have as well. You guys are bragging about what tumbling skills your daughters have but are they up to par at a varsity/competition level of stunting? I don’t cheer at Douglas but I know that’s the most important thing.

  63. wheres the coach? Avatar
    wheres the coach?

    I wanted to let everyone know that every Monday night during football season, our coach Melissa Prochilo would leave our practice early so she could go to Chargers Practice. She also instructed us that if the Athletic Director ever came around looking for her that we should tell him she was in the bathroom!

  64. NONE OF THE CFA GIRLS FELL AT STATES. If i can remember it was the girl who always falls at every competiton so… therefore i give so much credit to these parents, at least they are taking action!!!
    Go Gavin, Silver and Tornari. Your doing the right thing and these lies and comments people make are disgusting. You arent ruining your kids life at all, its what you guys wish to do. How rude of people to actually say the things they are saying. Everyone should just let the poor kids be.

  65. Wow , you go ladies ! Avatar
    Wow , you go ladies !

    Wow ! So many complaints and nothing is done ? Amazing that it had to come to this , but if this was my daughters school I would want the coach replaced .
    So many questionable actions by the coach from her coaching skills , ethics and use of booster money .
    Even the kids complained about her safety , I would back my kid 100 % if this was the coach .
    Congratulations to the women who stood up for their kids and others to protect them from her .
    I’ll be watching to see what comes if this ,

  66. Someone Looking in Avatar
    Someone Looking in

    This is not about who made the team or not or what parent yelled at what coach, It is pretty funny how some parents called it out, How is it that some knew the new requirements and some didn’t (Favoritism) People Really need to read the article again and see what’s really going on. The parents that feel the need to slander fellow parents and students should really stop, What are you teaching your children, I can see there are a few students commenting here and I’m sure the ones your naming have read this, your children still go to that school and still cheer as a team. The investigation has proven facts, that’s why this article is posted, I’m sure they are not done either, This is the beginning, I have to say I’m more surprised of the behavior of the adults, I would think you would want to protect your children and your money….

  67. MSD Cheerleader Avatar
    MSD Cheerleader

    Favortism is the word to describe the season. Hand picked captain hand picked booster club President. Bullying by her hand picked captain did happen to at least 3 girls on our squad and Coach Prochilo did nothing to stop it because she is best friends with the girls mother and the mother happens to be the treasurer of the booster club! Coach Prochilo even presented an award to the Bully at the end of the year cheer banquet for LEADERSHIP!!!!!!!

  68. disgustedparent Avatar

    FACT: Melissa never left every Monday to go to Chargers!! Her first priority was to Douglas. As a matter of fact she even felt bad that her amazing charger team was taking a back seat to ALL the time she put into her Douglas team. She missed her own children’s games to be with her cheerleaders. Her family felt the loss of her presence every night when they had dinner without her because she was at Douglas or a Douglas event. How dare any one imply anything other!!! And to you miss anonymous does it really matter who fell!!! No wonder you’re anonymous. The fact is flyers fall and no one is perfect. As for favoritism, none of these girls that didn’t make it this year would have made it last year either without Melissa choosing them for the team. Maybe the true results just came out this year. She had faith in these girls and chose to give them a chance and now you’re all questioning the new judges. Seems like some of you can’t handle rejection which is going to be hard through life when there is so much disappointment and not everything goes the way you want it to. If things didn’t work in one stunt then it was moved around but there was always someone complaining. Whatever happened to doing what you’re told by an authority figure?

  69. MSD Cheerleader Avatar
    MSD Cheerleader

    Discusted Parent^^^^^Did you forget that Melissa Prochilo took the job as head Cheerleading Coach at Douglas High knowing full well that she would also be coaching Chargers! No one forced her to take the position at Douglas!!!!!!! Just sayin!!!!!

  70. Having watched Melissa coach through the years, both in rec and with HS, she is an amazing coach, who ALWAYS puts safety first. Her heart is with each girl on her squad, and she treats them like her children. Melissa does not have a mean bone in her body, and certainly does not allow any child to by bullied. These are parents who probably are upset their kids are not front and center, they go attack the coach. So ridiculous, and to drag a coach, who I hope my daughter is lucky enough to have one day, is absurd. Her girls shine every time they are on the mats.And guess what, cheerleading is expensive, and parents are informed of that before! Matts, uniforms, sneakers, bloomers, bows, socks, choreo, music, competitions…its adds up, and is priceless seeing your kids nail it! If Melissa is so bad, why is the whole team not complaining? There are always a few parents who try and ruin a good thing, and Melissa is not good, she is the BEST with an amazing heart, and a talent and true love of coaching. And I am pretty sure a parent does not get banned for trying to make a complaint…wonder how crazy this lady got for her to be banned…must be pretty aggressive!

  71. disgustedparent Avatar

    that’s not the point, the point was the she was accused of leaving douglas to go to chargers which is not true, has nothing to do with taking on the two positions. just saying too!

  72. Anissa Leon Avatar

    I would just like to give my input on this because I find all these comments to be awful and I refuse to not have my say in this. First of all, bringing up the allegations agains Mrs. Gavin, she NEVER confronted coach Amber first. Mrs. Gavin was my ride home that night so I was by her side the entire time. Amber GRABBED Mrs. Gavin by the arm saying they needed to talk. Amber then accused Marissa Gavin of lying to her mother about an injury she had the previous practice. OBVIOUSLY, like any mother would, Mrs. Gavin stood up for her daughter but did not start getting loud or angry until Amber started yelling and went to grab Marissa by the arm. So anyway, now that that is all cleared up, on to my second issue.

    This bullying thing was going on way before Rachel Silver ever complained so NOBODY should be pinpointing anything on her. Other cheerleaders were getting bullied as well but didn’t say anything. Besides, is that not what we teach kids at school ? To tell administrators when someone is being bullied ? Im pretty sure Douglas has presentations on that type of thing. And for a bullying case to be COMPLETELY ignored, is ridiculous.

    Thirdly, the digs that you people are writing about Mrs. Gavin’s and Rachel’s personal life is disgusting and PATHETIC !!! You all want to talk about how no one has a life that they sit here and complain about issues going on in there school. NO, YOU ARE THE ONE WITH NO LIFE !! Making up stories about an innocent woman’s personal life is disgusting to me. HOW DARE YOU say that her husband cheats on her. Do you have evidence ? Do you know him personally ? Do you accompany him on business trips. I DIDNT THINK SO. That woman is like a second mother to me and I cannot believe some of the things that are being said about her. Like “she suspiciously wears sunglasses inside” …. are you for real ?! You clearly have NO LIFE. Secondly, HOW DARE YOU throw Rachel Silver’s business about her breast augmentation into this ? How do you know thats why she didn’t try out. When you get your boobs done you don’t become paralyzed. You can still participate in sports. So once again. YOU ARE PATHETIC. Goodbye.

  73. Typical Parkland parents. I’m so glad I graduated from this school so I don’t have to deal with any of the drama that these PARENTS create. Everyone is just screaming and name dropping yet almost every single post is from “Anonymous”. As a former student athlete, I would like to thank you parents for making the experience for us students athletes unenjoyable. That’s the truth. It’s like you guys go out of your way to create this drama to fulfill your boring lives. As high school students, they are more than capable of handling a situation involving sports.

  74. Wow...just a concerned mom Avatar
    Wow…just a concerned mom

    Wow… I can’t believe that our High School Athletic Programs have come to this. The only points here that are relevant are our children, honesty, and safety! Those of you involved know who you are. You should be ashamed if what these parents are alleging is really happening. Stealing from your athletes parents, allowing the safety of your athletes to be jeopardized, and most of all leading the girls blindly into this mess as a High School Athlete! Being an athlete is a privilege that is aquired with hard work and dedication and if Douglas is allowing it to take place any other way then I agree with some of the other comments. Good for you parents who have what it takes to try to make a difference!! This kind of thing isn’t new it’s been happening for years…shame on those of you who think its ok. But I’m on the side of the parents who still feel that it’s ok to speak up if something is wrong. If they’re money is being taken illegally and if most importantly if they’re children are in danger. Come on people is it really worth it. And finally I would like everyone here to remember High School… It goes by to fast and leaves ever lasting impressions on who we become and those of you who are getting this all wrong should not be able to participate. So I stay stand your ground parents until the investigation forces the dishonest people to be held accountable for their actions and when the truth is revealed the lesson that your children will get from your determination will speak for itself. Just a concerned mom!

  75. TIFFANY DAVIS Avatar

    This is horrible I have been cheering for douglas for four years varsity level and have never seen this much crazyness and drama this year was a mess and if u were not on the team you need to stop writing horrible things annonomusly ! And how dare you people insalt Tammy and Mrs. Gavin they are just being good and concerned parents and before you sit behind ur computers and write things annonomisly get all ur facts straight ! This is rediculous people talking bad about others an going so low how can u people sleep at night this angers me to know I put 4 years into this team and we were a family look what it’s become !

  76. disgustedparent Avatar

    Anissa, Wait a minute I think one of those mom’s also accused Melissa of going to a different publix so she can cheat on her husband!!! Who makes an assumption like that? Why is it ok for them to destroy her character but they don’t like it when its done to them, right? No one knows what goes on in people’s private lives and everyone should be minding their own business. No one should care if Rachel had a boob job, that’s her business but all these girls need to stop with the fb posting and tweets bashing Douglas. This is their school!! We are making a mockery of it and our reputation. Everyone has an opinion and I’m sure everyone thinks theirs is a valid one!!! We all need to stop preaching and hope this mess is settled before the girls are the one’s to suffer and have no season at all.

  77. Unfortunately, there are many other issues that have gone on for the last few years at MSD, with far greater implications than the cheerleading issues for our students. (yet just as dangerous and far-reaching) There have been many instances at MSD of teachers who have been reprimanded and/or sited for emotional bullying of students, poor teaching practices, subjective grading, verbal abuse/harassment of students, inappropriate comments to female students by male teachers…the list goes on & on. Some of these teachers have multiple, similar complaints against them over the years, (not necessarily to the current principal who has only been there a year) by multiple parents. These same teachers are consistently sited for the same issues, yet they still are not held accountable and allowed to keep their jobs year after year. (What other type of job allows for its employees to be unaccountable for their ill-behavior and failure to perform the duties of which it demands?)
    There is a history of things being “swept under the rug” at Douglas, including a few years ago when there “allegedly” was rampant AP exam cheating and it was covered up by the administration there. Most of the kids who were involved, and there were several, were found out, but not reprimanded or punished. Many of them went onto fine universities. The bottom line: the MSD administration should be held accountable, as should every teacher it receives a complaint about. It is time that bad teachers or coaches who physically or emotionally endanger/ verbally abuse our children NOT be allowed to continue in their jobs or be moved to another position at another school. They should be reviewed every year. Teaching is a privilege for those who have earned the right, and those that abuse the privilege time and again should be excused immediately. Hopefully in the case of the cheerleading incident, justice will prevail and nobody will be injured.

  78. Ummm… if some of these posts are an example of the spelling and grammar taught at Douglas, then I am appalled. Jesus.

  79. Florida...nice place to visit Avatar
    Florida…nice place to visit

    Florida is seriously one f*cked up state…aging, over-tanned, botoxed, fake boobed, desperate housewives…sad but oh so entertaining.

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