Broward commissioners tell Henry to come up with a plan for video-on-demand of meetings

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  • As I understand it, video on demand is available to the Commissioners. So that means those movies are stored on some network device. Simply expose those files via the browser… Take me a day to write the code.

    I’ve heard nonsense about making these videos ADA compatible — in the IT business that’s known at 508 compliance. Using industry standard checkers, a review of indicates there are problems with 63% of the pages. If Bertha is worried about accessibility (and she should be), then the entire website needs a rewrite.

    – Chaz

  • The link to watch the meeting that used to be on the home page is no longer available.
    Seems as though the Administrator does not want the people of Broward to know what she is doing.

  • Easy. Go to, click on Government. Cant miss the link that says “Live Commission Meetings.” I’m watching right now.

  • One wonders indeed why Ms. Henry is so reluctant to get this done and join the 21st Century. Making taxpayers go via public records request and pay $8 plus postage for what they want smacks of intrusion into what’s being requested. It’s none of the County’s business what anyone might want to look at.

    We don’t need the County taking pages from the IRS and Justice Dept.’s playbooks.

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