Tallahassee jackpot: Politicians send millions to charity of lobbyist’s daughter

By Francisco Alvarado, 

Gov. Rick Scott and Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera at an April 22 rally in Tallahassee for Lauren's Kids with Lauren and Ron Book

Gov. Rick Scott and Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera at an April 22 rally in Tallahassee for Lauren’s Kids with Lauren and Ron Book

Over the last four years, Lauren’s Kids, a non-profit founded by the daughter of top Tallahassee lobbyist Ron Book has become one the legislature’s favorite charities, raking in nearly $7 million in taxpayer funds. If and when legislators reconvene to pass a budget, that total is slated to rise to $10.8 million.

The mission of Lauren’s Kids is to raise awareness about child sexual abuse. At the same time, however, Lauren’s Kids has cultivated a symbiotic relationship with important political figures in the Capitol, led by Gov. Rick Scott and Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera.

The politicians get feel-good publicity with photo ops. Lauren’s Kids gets state dollars, and plenty of them.

Legislative appropriation records show that of the 27 special interest groups to be allocated funds from a $19 million pot earmarked this year for “school and instructional enhancements,” Lauren’s Kids will get the most, $3.8 million. More than two dozens youth organizations, including the Girl Scouts of Florida and the YMCA, are to receive less than $300,000 each.

Critics say Book’s political clout gives Lauren’s Kids an unfair advantage over hundreds of applicants vying for state discretionary funds.

“There are so many things this money could be used for,” said Vicky Henry, a national advocate against sexual offender registration laws. “Take some of that $3.8 million and give more to school districts or church and scout organizations.”

Lauren Book, chief executive of Lauren’s Kids, said her non-profit is on the same playing field as others seeking state funds.

“I believe the process is highly competitive,” Book said in an email. “Projects receive intense scrutiny; first in budget subcommittees, then in full committees, on the floors of the chambers, and in joint budget conference committees. Following all of that, an appropriation is vetted by the governor’s staff, and must withstand the gubernatorial veto process.”

Book, who was sexually and physically abused by her nanny for six years starting at age 11, founded Lauren’s Kids in 2007. Her father Ron Book — an attorney who counts the Miami Dolphins, the GEO Group prison company and dozens of cities and counties as clients — is the organization’s chairman. Last year, his firm collected $5 million in lobbying fees, state records show.


Grants aren’t the only way government helps fund Lauren’s Kids. Miami-Dade and Broward counties facilitate individual $1 donations by including a box for people to check on their car registration renewal forms. Lauren’s Kids also has its own state-approved specialty Florida license plate, from which it collects $25 from each sale, according to its web site.

Gov. Scott hugs Lauren Book at the April 22 rally on the steps of Florida's Historic Capitol

Gov. Scott hugs Lauren Book at the April 22 rally on the steps of Florida’s Historic Capitol

Lauren’s Kids tax returns show that from 2011-2013 those $1 car registration renewal donations brought in more than $700,000. How much revenue has been generated by the specialty license tags, approved by the legislature in 2013, was not available.

Ron Book did not respond to Henry’s criticisms or to questions about how Lauren’s Kids got earmarks inserted into the budget.

Lauren Book’s most publicized annual event is “Walk In My Shoes,” a 1,500-mile trek across Florida from Key West to the steps of the old state Capitol building. It’s also a favorite of elected officials.

Book completed her sixth walk on April 22. Joining her at the Capitol were dozens of child sex abuse victims and their families, her father and a line-up of powerful Republicans and Democrats. They included Scott, Lopez-Cantera, Senate President Andy Gardiner, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and Sen. Bill Montford, a Tallahassee Democrat and vice chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education.

Vicky Henry, president of Missouri-based Women Against Registry, organized a protest against Book’s walk by having registered offenders and their family’s picket near the state capitol. Henry said state leaders overzealously shower Lauren’s Kids with attention to stay in her dad’s good graces.

As the top lobbyist for many major corporations in Florida, Book serves as a faucet for campaign cash. For example, Book and clients Steve Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins, and George Zoley, president of the GEO Group, served together last October on the host committee for a $25,000-a-plate fundraising dinner for Gov. Rick Scott at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.


Lauren Book, who has hinted at a run for office, formed a political action committee last September called Leadership For Broward that has collected $525,257, mostly from her father’s clients including $100,000 from the Miami Dolphins.

“Do other people involved in child abuse prevention get the same amount of hoopla Lauren’s Kids gets?” said Henry. “No. And they definitely do not get the kind of money awarded to [Book’s] organization.”

Lauren’s Kids most recent tax returns show it received government grants of $486,116 in 2011, $1.6 million in 2012, and $1.1 million in 2013. Most of the combined $2.8 million was from the state.

The organization has yet to file its tax return for 2014, but Book confirmed previous media reports that Lauren’s Kids received $3.8 million from the legislature last year.

 The 29-year-old Book’s annual salary is on a similar upward trajectory, rising from nearly $68,000 in 2011 to $95,000 in 2013.

From 2011-2013, Lauren’s Kids collected $1.4 million in private contributions, more than half coming from the $1 donations via car registration renewals. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in other revenue has come through special events and the sale from books, including Lauren Book’s self-published memoir, It’s Ok to Tell.

Book says the bulk of Lauren’s Kids revenue has been used to create and maintain an educational program called “Safer, Smarter Kids” that trains public school teachers and child caretakers throughout the state on how to identify signs of sexual child abuse and how to report cases to authorities.

Originally targeted to children in pre-kindergarten to third grade, the program has expanded to educate kids in fourth and fifth grades, as well as adolescents in middle and high school. To implement the program, Lauren’s Kids hired Tallahassee advertising firm Sachs Media Group, which was paid a total of $1.6 million between 2011 and 2013. Sachs produces webinars, program materials such as brochures, palm cards and a mobile app, and a 30-minute TV program that was aired on network affiliate television stations throughout Florida, among other media services.

Lauren’s Kids also paid $219,000 to the Monique Burr Foundation in Jacksonville for acting as a go-between with schools participating in the Safer, Smarter Kids program. It paid another $142,000 to the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence for staffing a crisis hotline and developing training materials and conducting training sessions for 15 school districts.

As a result of her organization’s educational program, tens of thousands of Florida children now know to report incidents of sexual abuse, Book said.

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  • I’d like to know what the organization defines as success and if it has any data to back up its worth to the public. That’s the least taxpayers should be entitled to, as well as the kids they propose to help.

    No doubt if Ron Book weren’t involved, the income would be much less.

  • Francisco Alvarado, please keep digging into this story. Florida Bulldog is exposing the apparently unfair advantage Ron Book has provided to his daughter’s favorite charity, Lauren’s Kids. My first inkling of the organization was a few years ago when I received my tag renewal from the Duval County Tax Collector with one solicitation in it, to give money to Lauren’s Kids. It appeared to be sanctioned and promoted by the State of Florida. I could not find out how or why the flyer got included in my tag renewal but did learn that Duval was one of many Florida counties where I suspect the tax payers had subsidized the stuffing of envelopes with the flyer. What a promotion boon! I have received the flyer in my tag renewals for 2012, 2013 and 2014. When you go to the Capital for Children’s Week, Lauren’s Kids Flyers can be found inside the elevators (nobody else’s flyer is tolerated)! When I went to pay a parking ticket in Jacksonville last year, Lauren’s Kids promotional flyers were the only ones permitted in the Tax Collector’s office. Feel free to email me to discuss.

  • What salary did Lauren Book pay herself in 2014?

  • And now she’s a Senator. The whole thing smells really rotten. So much so that it motivated me to read her “tell all” book and though her story need not be verified, by the end of the day it’s her story as she wishes it to be. As horrible as her story is that’s just a fact. The intensely graphic portrayal in her book seemed out of character for an abuse survivor and is not told within any reasonable amount of common sense decorum. It is indeed extremely disturbing and i did wonder why she would put such graphic depictions about herself out there for any sicko to read for the rest of time. It was totally gratuitous and yet it seemed to give some logical explanations as to how and why her organization is being treated the way it is. Her Dad is also an extremely powerful person in this state and mix that with the intense guilt of a daughter’s father seems to have created this perfect infrastructure able to attract endless dollars and undying support from the multitudes for a very long time. If not already, it is only logical to say that their human tendency to use her story for anything other than the most purest of intentions will certainly be tested. How many times have we heard about organizations such as Book’s making millions and going corrupt through lack of oversight and the misspending of large amounts of funds. It’s just a perfect breeding ground free from any and all speculation, accountability or verification. No matter your story, your circumstances, nor subject matter nor who your Dad is, the distribution of state resources, money and political favor should be more equally and fairly managed.

  • She is nothing more than a professional victim. She must get a lot of satisfaction knowing that her efforts against people she has never met and who had nothing to do with the “tragic” event in her life and yet she feels she has the right to punish total strangers.

    What sort of a woman is this? How does she look herself in the mirror knowing the lives and families that she is directly destroying? I guess growing up privileged makes her better than everyone else so who cares right.

    You might be fooling some people who are easily fooled by your evil intentions missy but not everyone is blind to your evil. For those interested in truth which Book ignores you can find out the truth here:

  • When issus happen they go thru a bunch of paper work and people involve by the time the safe the child if they get to safe is to late and most of the time the time they close the case as if nothing happen this happens all the time

  • Amen

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