On March 11 the Florida Bulldog incorrectly reported that in October 2014 a Florida limited liability company owned by Palm Beach developer Nicholas Mastroianni II purchased a Manhattan penthouse at 230 East 63rd Street. In fact, the penthouse was purchased by a Delaware limited liability corporation with the same name, 230 East 63rd-6 Trust LLC.

The story also reported that the Florida-based 230 East 63rd-6 Trust LLC donated a total of $50,000 to Floridians for a Strong Middle Class, a super PAC supporting the Senate campaign of Rep. Patrick Murphy, in two contributions on Sept. 2 and Dec. 14, 2015. However, it is not known whether the Florida LLC or the Delaware LLC made the two $25,000 contributions. An attorney for Mastroianni contends that the Delaware LLC made them.  The contribution reports filed by Floridians for a Strong Middle Class do not state which of the two companies made the contributions.

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  • I think you’ve discovered a brand new way to hide contributions, just make corp in two different states, blame the other

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