Florida Attorney General demands Broward Health pay $5.3 million for Medicaid fraud

By Dan Christensen, 

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

The Florida Attorney General’s office has demanded that Broward Health pay more than $5.3 million to settle state Medicaid fraud claims uncovered during a federal whistleblower investigation.

Broward Health paid $69.5 million to settle the federal case last summer. The arrival of Attorney General Pam Bondi’s ominous demand seeking millions more in state damages comes amid snowballing legal troubles at the beleaguered North Broward Hospital District.

The specific settlement demands $5,325,671, an amount that Bondi’s office said is “recoverable under the Florida False Claims Act.”

“If this matter is not resolved through settlement, we may pursue Florida False Claims Act litigation in Leon County Circuit Court, seeking treble damage and civil penalties of not more than $11,000 for each false claim submitted,’’ says a March 10 letter signed by Assistant Attorney General Jill Bennett.

Bondi’s office released a copy of the letter in response to a public records request from

Florida and the federal government share the cost of the state’s Medicaid program, which provides medical coverage to low-income individuals and families.

The letter accuses Broward Health of participating in an illegal scheme to commit Medicaid fraud with nine of its doctors. The letter says Broward Health violated the federal Physician Self-Referral Law, the Florida Anti-Kickback Statute and the Florida False Claims Act.

The state’s allegations mirror the federal Medicare/Medicaid case made against Broward Health.

A page from the PowerPoint presentation shown to Broward Health's board of commissioners by the district's lawyers on Aug. 20.

A page from the PowerPoint presentation shown to Broward Health’s board of commissioners by the district’s lawyers on Aug. 20.

The nine physicians whose contracts Florida contends were “improper and in violation of’’ the Physician Self-Referral Law are the same doctors identified earlier in the federal probe. Those contracts date as far back as 2000.

The doctors: orthopedists George Caldwell and Erol Yoldas; cardiologists Michael Chizner, Violeta McCormack, John Rozanski and Ashok Sharma; oncologists Hector Rodriguez-Cortes, Rudolph Roskos and Shazia Zafar.

Bondi’s office declined further comment “as this matter is active and ongoing.”

Broward Health Chairman David Di Pietro said, “We’ll look into the legality of the claim and figure out the best way to resolve it in the best interest of the district.” reported in October that the Justice Department had discussed the case with Bondi’s office last June and that Bondi’s office was reviewing the matter.

In advance of the federal settlement, the district’s lawyers cautioned that Bondi could sue to recover Florida’s Medicaid losses from the scheme.

“I don’t think it’s likely,” said attorney Linda Baumann, of Washington, D.C.’s Arent Fox. Still, she said, it was possible if Florida needs “some extra money, because it’s a relatively easy way.”

A ‘scheme of mutual enrichment’

Federal court documents describe the huge Broward Health healthcare fraud as an illegal “scheme of mutual enrichment” between the hospital system and its doctors.

The settlement capped a five-year-old federal investigation that began with a 2010 federal False Claims Act lawsuit filed in secret by whistleblower Dr. Michael Reilly. The government paid the Fort Lauderdale orthopedic surgeon a $12-million reward, or a bit more than 17 percent of the settlement amount.

Broward Health paid Reilly an additional $860,000 for attorney’s fees and costs, bringing the district’s outlay to $70.4 million. That did not include more than $11 million the district has paid to Baumann’s law firm for legal advice in the matter.

The state’s Medicaid damages claim is the latest in a series of recent shocks to Broward Health, a public hospital system that provides services to both paying clients and those who can’t afford to pay.

The late Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, Broward Health's chief executive. Photo: WSVN

The late Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, Broward Health’s chief executive. Photo: WSVN

The first blow came Jan. 23 with the suicide of the district’s CEO/President Dr. Nabil El Sanadi. Two more shocks hit on Jan. 29, the day of El Sanadi’s funeral.

The first came in a letter from Gov. Rick Scott’s Chief Inspector General Melinda Miguel, announcing that her office would conduct a review of every contract entered into by Broward Health since July 1, 2012. The second was contained in an email to Broward Health’s board of commissioners from well-known Miami private investigator Wayne Black, who’d been quietly hired by El Sanadi in the spring of 2015 to look into alleged corruption.

Black’s email disclosed the existence of an FBI investigation into possible procurement fraud, kickbacks and other crimes at Broward Health, and asserted that Broward Health General Counsel Lynn Barrett had not cooperated and had withheld evidence. Barrett has denied Black’s claims.

A few weeks later, reported that a Fort Lauderdale federal grand jury had subpoenaed Broward Health’s records about former procurement officer Brian Bravo and 16 companies that do business with the district. The records sought go back 10 years.

Counsel Barrett generated significant controversy in early February when she advised the board to meet “in the shade,” that is not in public, to discuss Black’s assertions about her. The attorney general’s office later issued an opinion declaring Barrett’s advice to be wrong.

In the following weeks, disclosed recent plans by Broward Health to award a $71.4 million no-bid contract for advertising to a politically connected advertising firm, Zimmerman Advertising. Months earlier, Zimmerman threw a fundraiser for Broward County Judge Nina Di Pietro, the wife of Broward Health Chairman David Di Pietro.

The Bulldog also reported last month that in 2012 Broward Health’s board of gubernatorial appointees awarded a 25-year, no-bid contract to provide radiation oncology services to a company with financial ties to Gov. Scott. The contract is with 21st Century Oncology, a Fort Myers cancer care company that’s owned by Vestar Capital Partners.

Scott’s financial disclosure files indicate that at the time of the board’s vote to award the contract he owned a $210,000 indirect interest in 21st Century Oncology via his investment in Vestar Capital. 21st Century Oncology later donated nearly $400,000 to Gov. Scott’s re-election campaign.

More controversy followed news that Broward Health Acting President/CEO Kevin Fusco signed deals in February to pay a total of more than $400,000 in hush money to the district’s former chief financial officer who was fired after publicly criticizing the proposed $71.4 million no-bid deal with Zimmerman Advertising. Fusco, whose signing authority is limited to $250,000, did not seek board approval for that deal, or a second deal that paid another executive $537,000 to go away quietly.

On Wednesday, the board voted to replace Fusco as chief executive and installed Pauline Grant as Interim CEO/President. Grant was chief executive of Broward Health North in Pompano Beach.

Di Pietro led a push to fire General Counsel Barrett, but failed on a 4-3 vote of the board. Instead, Barrett was put on a 30-day review plan and her performance will be considered again next month.

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Latest comments

  • Dear Broward Health Board, please maintain your commitment to thie county, the 8000 BH employees and medical staff. Hiring Ms. Grant was an excellent first step. You now have to direct your attention to the legal department.

    $11 million dollars of tax payer dollars and the advice you get is “I don’t think it’s likely” ? Maybe ms. Bauman can pay the $5.3 million to the AG’s office. Lynn Barrett advises you to commit a crime by meeting in the shade, steers millions of dollars to her “friend” Myla, obstructs Wayne blacks investigation, is dysfunctional to work with staff, hires a bunch of clowns, doesn’t communicate with the board, is dishonest and is sarcastic in public meetings. The legal department isn’t working. Lynn reports to you not ms. Grant. The corporate office, Risk, compliance, hr and the individual hospitals cannot effectively implement your plans using lawyers they cannot trust as honest or competent. We want to do a good job and are begging for help.

  • These bandits don’t give a s ..t its taxpayer money.

  • dear broward health commissioners: thank you for you commitment to the system, patients, 8000 employees and medical staff. promoting ms. grant was an excellent first step in getting us back on track. now please address the problems with the legal department.

    lynn barret is toxic. Lynn steers millions of dollars of business to her “friend” myla, advises you to break the law and meet in the shade, is difficult to work with internally, lies, hires a bunch of fools from miami, doesnt communicate well with others, obstructs an internal investigation, doesnt move contracts through the approval process and is sarcastic during board meetings. hr, compliance, risk and the hospitals cannot effectively implement your plans when we do not trust in the integrity and competence of our lawyer.

    keeping lynn barret and her car full of clowns will will undo all the good will the board generated by promoting ms grant. please help the district.

  • Ms. Grant is no innocent, and I highly doubt she will make any positive changes within this 49 year, fraudulent, political banking system. She is entrenched, evidenced in of itself by her long tenure. If you don’t understand, pull NBH’s financials and look to see how she has been spending tax payer money. I’m confident you’ll find plenty of money that should be invested in her falling apart infrastructure and be going towards nursing, therapy, ancillary help, supplies and equipment so badly needed for safe, quality patient care. I’m confident the Rick Scott appointed board, shady executives, shady physicians, and shady attorneys are simply strategically planning their next scam. There is just no way they will be encouraged to change their modus operandi until a substantial number of them are prosecuted and possibly jailed or excluded from CMS all together!

  • Ms. Grant I’d no messiah or savior of this system.
    In fact she is part of the problem of cronyism and using BH as her personal corporation. Many employees are facing layoffs and they don’t see it coming. Someone needs to look at the unbalanced budget and the present finances. The system can barely pay it’s bills.
    This is a much bigger problem than Ms. Grant can handle. Bless her heart…the place should be under the over sight of a trustee.

  • Miss Pauline Grant, you sit so very quietly, eyes shut, say so very few words, and play the sweet pearl necklaced lady so very perfectly. Well Pauline, I think you have far sharper teeth than that. So, as the sitting CEO of BH you are expected to lead by example. As such, you are expected to be transformational, transparent, and honest. That said, it’s been 48 hours and still there has been no public acknowledgement and apology from you to the El Sanadi family and citizens of this county for all of the fraud committed by BH, injury incurred, and how you intend to resolve it. Does the squandering of tax payer money to pay BH’s tens of millions of dollars in federal fines, and BH’s fraud so thick that it resulted in the suicide of your former CEO seems bother you and your colleagues? Now here we are again, another $5M of the citizens tax dollars being squandered to pay for BH’s fraud while you all personally benefit by maintaining your jobs, high paying salaries, bonuses, etc. And this new fine is for past fraud. Lord only knows what you are all up to now! And Pauline, if you are frightened by Dr. Yogel’s pitch regarding physician contracts and patient care hanging by a thread, please release to the public Dr. Yogel’s contract with BH. We’d all like to see whether Dr. Yogel is really motivated by his commitment to patient care, or to his own pocket like so many of your employed and contracted physicians. Perhaps that is part of the reason, Pauline, that physician contracts can’t signed in a timely manner. Perhaps the physicians who walked away unscathed have not yet learned their lesson.

  • PS – Which of you BH doctors are writing to the board, asking them to help you, and what specifically do you want them to help you with? Why not just come forward, say who you are, and lay it out for your patients and the citizens of this community to understand. Please, I welcome you to share your employment contracts with us all so we can understand what you want, why you want it, and if we all think it’s a good idea too.

  • :35 pm
    What the hell governor dick. Suspending two folks to show you are in control and flexing your non existent muscles.
    You dick Scott are a huge part of this fiasco. Fucking with people’s jobs/paychecks while you sit up all smug in your mansion.
    To whom to we reach out to for an executive order to remove you for interfering with folks who trusted and voted for you?

  • Seriously Governor Scott, DiPietro & Wright were the two that protected the employees of BH. Rocky needs to get his head out of Lynn’s ass. None of you are there and see what we see. Lynn has not done a damn thing and caused more trouble in the short time she has worked for BH. As for her lawyer friend that gets paid $650/Hr seriously she needs go with Lynn and her legal team who walk the halls all day long not doing a damn thing. Let’s look back at the days prior to Lynn. None of this crap went on. She controlled ElSanadi then Kevin now Rocky is her new puppet.

    Open your Eyes!!

  • Geez what the hell. You voted for him? Even after the largest Medicare fraud was committed under his leadership and he walked away, unscathed, a mega millionaire? I’m not picking at you. I just hope you learned a lesson. If it smells like a cesspool, it just is!

  • Duh, hullo? They were the only 2 BOC members finally distancing themselves from the governator. The rest of them are still pushing forwards with Scotty Boys agenda. Wake up people!

  • Dear Pam. I’ll bet that’s quite a deal you handed to BH. Perhaps you can use our tax money to repay our tax money that you and slick rick used to pay monetary fines for your own tooling around with the law.

  • Dear Help Me. Even if you are a dedicated republican you must promise NOT to vote for Zimmerman when he runs to replace Scotty Boy in the next election. Got it? I’m sorry you feel betrayed, but the writing was on the wall. As for Dippity Doo Dah and Daryl do no Wright, they played with the devil, they did the devil’s dirty work, and when it got really creepy they tried to distance themselves and paid the price. I’m not feeling sorry for them. It was pay back time. Just can’t figure out when it will be Scotty Boys but when it comes, I’m sure it will be one hell of of doozie!

  • So what’s going to happen now to the likes of Peek, Wong and Lewis who have been doing DDP’s dirty work? Oh, they will keep their jobs and report to their decades old friend, Pauline Grant. Of course!! Makes total sense.
    I am with Qui Tam, put the salaries on the executives and the physician contract amounts on this website, then you will see what everyone is fighting for.


  • Seriously people the salary you want posted is Lynn Barrett’s and her crew. Ask about the two contracts that are under investigation that she and her team worked on and by the way it is the only thing she has completed since she has started. Ask about all the outstanding contracts that are not complete, ask what her and her team do all day long besides walk the hallways. Ask Lynn why is she outside on her cell phone all day long. What is she hiding. Her calls with Rocky.

    Rocky, Vanhoose and the babbling Ure need to wake up and listen to the employees and doctors before it is too late. Rocky needs to get his head out of Lynn’s butt and realize she is playing him. All three of you need to realize you have no idea what goes on at BH. Come talk and meet with the employees and ask us.

    Lynn’s legal secretary left because of the verbal abuse from Lynn. Ask what her previous secretary that she gave a cushion job too does all day long besides walk around and eat.

    Lynn does not have one supporter in BH only the 3 of you. That tells a lot. Please come and meet with us. DiPietro did why not the rest of you?

  • Rick Scott’s Att’y Gen’l is NOT our Attn’y Gen’l. So expect nothing from her or Rick’s Fl IG other than a witch hunt intended to decapitate those would embarrass Rick or implicate him in fraud. Period.

  • Is there a psychiatrist out there who might weigh in?


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    Psychopaths tend to lack normal human emotions such as guilt. They are also often highly intelligent and skilled at manipulating others.

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    Note, not all psychopaths are serial killers.

  • or maybe this?

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    Of course, not all sociopaths are dangerous criminals. But they certainly can make life difficult, given that the defining characteristic of sociopathy is antisocial behavior.

    Here are 11 RED FLAGS to look out for:

    RED FLAG #1. Having an oversized ego.


    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) notes that sociopaths have an inflated sense of self. They are narcissists to the extreme, with a huge sense of entitlement, Dr. Seth Meyers, a clinical psychologist with the L.A. County Department of Mental Health, wrote for Psychology Today. They tend to blame others for their own failures.

    RED FLAG #2. Lying and exhibiting manipulative behavior.

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  • DiPietro was on Scott’s A list. Then he said nice things about El Sanadi, met with employees to hear their concerns, tried to appease the feds, wanted Barret gone, and questioned the legality of Pam Bondi’s snowjob. And that’s how you go from Scott’s A list to his shit list. But don’t count the dude out yet. Im guessing he’s smart enough to hedge his bets. But had he known the guv was gonna shaft him like this, that ridiculous Trump endorsement would never have happened.

  • Qui tam…
    There are server sociopathic personalities on the executive team. Any one in particular you are interested in.

  • I was thinking the governor with his glaring eyes and seeming lack of any human compassion or guilt

  • For anyone feeling sorry for DiPietro and Wright, go back and read the article about the Zimmerman deal, including lively photo of these two grinning ear to ear while standing with Zimmerman, tonwhom they attempted to hand over a $71 million dollar advertising contract. As grandma said, play with fire expect to get burnt.

  • The sad part of this entire fiasco is that people actually believe that by replacing Fusco with that tired hack Grant, BH will turn this around. This bitch is the Titanic, it’s a runaway train headed for a washed out bridge. Only one way it can end. There’s no superhero coming to save the day. Crash and Burn! I say let it burn. ALL THE WAY DOWN. Hopefully when all the rats run away or are put away BH can rise from the ashes, like a Phoneix,and start to rebuild. With leadership that has morals and integrity. And Vision. A greater vision to look past just their own pockets. All, Y’all vermin, A POX ON YOU AND YOURS.

  • WAKE UP: the IG is asking for certain 7 contracts because some, if not all, were executed without proper vetting- no procurement, no compliance review, no due diligence, and all to provide political favors. These agreements went from NES to Lynn Barrett; no review by anyone else at Broward Health.

    NES was a master manipulator who hired Lynn Barrett, despite the board’s choice of the other candidate, because he knew he could manipulate according to his agenda. Lynn is no different than NES, except that her godfather is no longer around, so now she is forced to perform.

  • The sad truth is that not one board member or c-suiter is lacking knowledge or not being collusive but for a very small handful of non-VPs. This situation will be twisted, protecting all guilty parties, unless it is taken to the national stage. Ricky boy and his band or merry warriors are not out to seek truth, they are out to seek political and financial gain. Don’t want to play any longer, buyers remorse, you could end up like NES. Awkward Moment is right. Play with fire and expect to get burned.

  • Okay this is the deal.
    Rick Scott wants the money for the super paks
    Rick Scott wants to sell the system at .10 on the dollar maybe less.
    This is why he hand picked El Sanadi a physician with zero experience as a CEO.
    So Far the innocent victims are Brian Bravo Calvin Gildwell Robert Martin Dipietro and Wright a few others that were on the hit list because they cared and did not want to get involved with the BSO Security Zacharia and Zimmerman deal. The money is flying out the windows by means of unregulated contracts outside the normal channels starting with Barretts office its funny how every contract that Barrett sees as illegal happends to be legal. The wolves are watching the hen house. Please Miss Grant be very careful not to beleive the sharks you know who are the good and bad guys. Please dont get corrupted by Tallahasee as Fusco did.

    Tearinng up in Broward

  • Love Ure’s article in the Sun Sentinal today. What a load of crap! No Ure, you and your twisted BOC cronies can’t honestly think the people of this county are stupid enough to be manipulated into not looking back, and instead moving forwards like everything is all good. You and the slimy governor did nothing more than eradicate any and all barriers to your dastardly plans, and your past is exactly from where you intend to continue. You are all as honest and well intended as Satan. I hope this makes national news, the Feds come in, and blow this fraud out of the water, taking you all to prison where you really belong. Ure. You better take a good look at who you are lying in bed with. It killed 1 man. It alienated 2 others. You will owe this piper and based on his actions, that means he’ll take your soul

  • My first thought after reading commisioner Ure letter was, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS BUDDY. However upon further review Ure actually sees himself as a victim. He’s only one person with one voice. He tells us that numerous times in the article. Well Douchbag, why didn’t you use that voice? If others in on the commission and in admin. Ignore you. SPEAK LOUDER. Take it outside the district. DO SOMETHING, other than sit with your thumb up your ass and watch the parade. Those that sit silently and watch a crime are just as culpable. Please don’t try and align yourself with the hardworking employees. They don’t need you or want your support. It’s too late. Had you been a real supporter you would have stepped up before the shit hit the fan not after. And bemoan the negativity this has garnered Broward Wealth. The employees already have integrity and a moral compass, you Assclowns lack. Don’t try to steal that from them also. Oh yeah, FUCK YOU.

  • Another game of smoke and mirrors by RS, an attempt to look as if he is after BH for fraudulent actions when Blondie and the FL IG are only but vacuuming up the bread crumb trail leading back to him, and pretending to seek justice for Medicaid fraud, all the while in self protection mode because the Feds were called in. What an amazingly opportune time for federal justice to really be served.

  • Dear Death Throws, please,.. Innocent victims? They’re VICTIMIZERS. You are eithe misguided, or this is a blatant attempt to mislead and mid direct the facts. And Pauline Grant, up to her ass in this culture of corruption. Dear DT, nor to self, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Actually, there seems to be some truth to what Death Throws said. I can clearly see the plan. But I disagree regarding the innocents. NES took favors from RS, but realized the demon wanted his soul in return. Hence, he killed himself. He was up to his neck with BSO/BH security contract that did not pass the fair bid test, he was appointed by RS as Chair for the Fl BOM, etc. He sought power and money, and unless naive as a 2 yo he did so knowing there’d be a piper to pay. The remainder of the named innocents equally have dirty laundry so no, they were not good guys. But Barrett is assuredly a step up when it comes to being a RS player. Hopefully the FBI, and perhaps the Fed DOJ/ OIG will do the right thing by stepping in, busting this open, and cleaning the house. Sadly, I am not optimistic. One only has to watch the Trump movement to understand the how fed up and angry America is with this behavior that is rampant across America, and that little BH and the state of Fl so clearly depict.

  • Thank you QT for the clarity. I can also see RS plan. But I am sick of the apologists for Broward Wealth. Every one of those fools are guilty. No exceptions.and yes I would welcome a real fed investigation where the guilty did real time and suffered real consequences. Not Golden Parachutes. Fingers crossed.

  • Yes RickyBobby. You are absolutely correct that none of them are angels, and none of them are in their jobs for the right reasons. Fortunately, they undermine and eat each other for dinner too. Please pass the salt!

  • The ONLY reason Pan Bondi jumped in on the band wagon so late in this game is to further deplete BH of all monies so Rick Scott can bankrupt BH andforce its sale to one of his cronies for peanuts. Bondi received $25k towards her reelection campaign from Donald Trump to cease law suit against him for Trump U scandal- even NY did not drop that suit!

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