FDLE delays trial that could cost Broward Sheriff Tony his license to be a cop; special interests flood Tony’s re-election PAC with huge donations

broward sheriff tony
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony. Photo: CBSNews

By Dan Christensen,

Believe it or not, but there’s been another delay in the administrative trial of Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony on charges that he has repeatedly lied under oath throughout his career as a police officer.

Canceled is the previously scheduled date of Nov. 1-2. The new date for that final hearing is now pushed into next year: Feb. 6-7.

Why the delay? Natalie Bielby, the assistant general counsel at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement who will prosecute Tony, told Administrative Law Judge Robert Kilbride it was needed because of “staffing issues.” She wrote that Tony “has no objection to a continuance.”

Two summers ago, Florida’s police standards and training commission and Florida’s Commission on Ethics separately found probable cause to believe that Tony is a habitual perjurer. The ethics commission’s case included a finding that he provided false information about himself to Gov. Ron DeSantis before the governor appointed him sheriff in January 2019, most notably concealing his arrest for the execution-style slaying of a young man in Philadelphia when Tony was 14 years old.

Gov. Ron DeSantis with Gregory Tony when Tony was sworn in as Broward Sheriff on Jan. 11, 2019.

There’s been a curious lack of urgency out of Tallahassee ever since.


DeSantis, currently on the hustings for the Republican presidential nomination, has shown little interest in the matter. He’s taken no action against Democrat Tony even though he’s eagerly removed other elected Democrats from office who offended him.

Likewise, there were lengthy delays before the two commissions even filed their cases against Tony after he served notice that he disputed their findings and would appeal to the Department of Administrative Hearings (DOAH). Nearly seven months passed before the ethics commission filed its case. The Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission took more than a year to file at DOAH.

There were more months dithering at DOAH before Administrative Law Judge June McKinney, assigned to hear the ethics commission’s case, decided last month to place that case in abeyance and allow the police standards commission’s case to go first. That’s the case now set to be heard in February before Judge Kilbride. If Tony loses, his license to be a police officer could be revoked. He would nevertheless remain Broward’s elected sheriff.

Meanwhile, as Tony runs for re-election next year questions about his political allegiances are beginning to arise. In 2020, Tony won the Democratic primary and subsequent general election with the considerable financial backing of left-wing Fort Lauderdale billionaire S. Donald Sussman, who Broward election records show pumped a whopping $900,000 into Tony’s Political Action Committee Broward First. By comparison, Tony’s campaign, hindered by limits on contributions that don’t apply to PACs, raised about $190,000.

Dr. Wael Barsoum

But Sussman’s continued support is open to question – especially since Broward Republican heavyweights, allies of DeSantis, came out in a big show of support for Tony by hosting a fundraiser for Broward First at the luxurious Las Olas Isles home of wealthy orthopedic surgeon and healthcare entrepreneur Dr. Wael Barsoum and his wife, Michelle.


The fundraiser’s marquee names included former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux, chairman of the Gunster law firm, and Broward Health President and CEO Shane Strum, DeSantis’s former chief of staff. How much was raised won’t be known until next month when Tony’s PAC files its October report with the Broward supervisor of elections.

Sussman’s office told Florida Bulldog that Sussman was out of the country and could not be reached for comment. Election records show Sussman has not made any recent contributions to Tony’s PAC.

To date, three men, all Democrats, have filed to run against Broward Sheriff Tony in next August’s primary election. They are former BSO Col. Al Pollock, ex-Pembroke Park Police Chief David Howard and Steven Andrew Geller, a former Plantation police officer and FDLE agent.

Yet even at this early stage of Tony’s re-election bid, one thing is clear: He’s determined to again pull in contributions at an unprecedented rate for a local election.

In September alone, Broward First reported raising more than $395,000. The largest donors include:

  • Maurice “Mo” Vaughn, former Boston Red Sox star first baseman who resides in Boca Raton, $50,000.
  • David MacNeil, retired Founder and CEO of WeatherTech and a director of the pay-to-play Broward Sheriff’s Advisory Council (BSAC), $50,000.
  • Lewis Stahl, vice chairman of BSAC who served two years in prison for evading millions of dollars in personal income taxes on $21 million he siphoned from his Boca Raton medical tech company NextGen Management LLC, now known as DXWeb Management LLC., $25,000. Stahl kicked in another $25,000 in February.
  • Hillsboro 56 LLC, owned by Randal Perkins, owner of Deerfield Beach government disaster contractor Ashbritt, $25,000.
  • ANF Group, the Davie construction and development company, which built the sheriff’s new training center. ANF is led by president Al Fernandez, $25,000.
  • Joe McDonnell, Weston, entrepreneur and owner For Life Products manufactures, markets and distributes Rejuvenate brands of cleaning products, $25,000.

Since the start of the year, Broward First has raked in $515,000 and spent less than $35,000.

Meanwhile, Tony’s official campaign account has collected $69,000 from donors, many of whom are ranking deputies who work for him. He has yet to spend a penny of that money, records say.

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  • What hypocrisy do this piece of crap so-called newsletter writes about him. I didn’t see these hit pieces when Incompetent Scott Isreal was there. Now almost every week there’s something about Sheriffs Tony. Now you are talking about Republican presidential candidate Destantis not suspending him as he did other Democrats. What a bunch of Hypocrites and racist bastards.

  • I know most of the people donating to Broward first. Most of them are nice and community minded successful members that enjoy networking and have access to whom ever is Sheriff. They are victims of a conman. The only person that can fix the publics trust is Al Pollock. He has for forty years put our community first. Col. Pollock Served under many great Sheriff’s like Nick Navarro and Al Lamberti, men who like the Col, started as a Deputy and worked their way to the Sheriff’s seat. Putting community leaders at the crime fighting table, and honoring their willingness to help Broward SO. Training and educating their staff and leading by example.
    tony/toney ended his CSPD career as a Sgt. who lied about intentionally shooting blindly into a sliding glass door in to an apartment with a victim still inside and children living in the apartment. Wrote a report that no one would sign so he signed his own report as a supervisor, never done, unless your lying. He was given a leave or be fired option because of truthfulness and being on the Brady list with the Broward State Attorney’s office. I beg for the smart donor’s to reach out to the only man in the Sheriff’s race that could make you proud Al Pollock.

  • Greg Tony is a criminal who is getting a pass because Ron DeSantis is a piece of political scum. Politicians and all these dummies that support Sheriff Sharp Shooter do it for their own benefit. Anyone who is a police officer not named Greg Tony would’ve been fired years ago. It’s a corrupt system and Sheriff Scumbag is the lucky one. If I was a liar, LSD user, let strange men bang my wife, killer etc etc etc and a dumbass named DeSantis gave me a job I’d do the same thing this turd is doing. The good news is we get to keep hearing his words of wisdom about honesty and integrity. 😂

  • Just got to love all the NEW EXCUSES for people not doing their jobs correctly and efficiently. Ever since COVID we have EXCUSES that we all have heard thousands of times since 2019. The top ones are: STAFFING ISSUES (may be real or may be the working staff is as slow in doing anything faster than a turtle pace). Then we get Supply Chain issues, followed by products unavailable because of the Chinese and then one of the best: No one wants to apply for those jobs and work (not when they can falsify government forms and get free money and then hope they don’t get caught and indicted).
    This case has gone on way too long and the prosecutors certainly don’t want to get this case to trial, because if they lose (always a chance they will) then they feel their career is done. The voters and citizens get the shaft once again by lay, frightened to do their job or incompetent boobs unable to work a case to get it to trial. It’s a joke and this Sheriff will likely get re-elected before a trial ever makes it to court.

    CORRUPT AS THEY COME; BEGINNING AT THE TOP WITH HAROLD PRYOR HIMSELF! POLITICS AND PARKLAND… The Public Corruption Unit is under none other than scumbag Christoper Killoran…TONY/TONEY IS GOING NOWHERE. He was put in office by DeSantis, after Andrew Pollack (the DRUG-USING, MURDERER’S, PERJURER’S GYM BUDDY), recommended the douschbag to DeSantis; had it not been for the Parkkand shooting (R.I.P.) THE PIECE-OF-GARBAGE SHERIFF would be a NOBODY. THIS IS NOT ABOUT “RACE” Grady Muhammad, this is about ethics and integrity. FDLE (SPECIFICALLY INSPECTOR KEITH RIDDICK), DID NOT DO HIS DUE DILIGENCE IN VETTING SHERIFF SCUMBAG; HAD HE, HE WOULD NOT BE SHERIFF. DESANTIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A POLITICAL SKANK, WHO WILL NOT REMOVE SHERIFF THUG, BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT PARKLAND, VOTES AND POLITICS. Sheriff Israel was NO better; the ONLY PERSON HE CARES/CARED ABOUT IS AND WAS SCOTT ISRAEL! THEY (FDLE, WHO IS UNDER NONE OTHER THAN GOVERNOR DESANTIS), WILL PLAY THIS OUT UNTIL AFTER THE NOVEMBER 2024 ELECTION. I AGREE with Kevin Bolling…”AL Pollock” FOR SHERIFF. Amen Fuller; Sheriff Scumbag is the go-to-person when it comes to accountability, “Words of wisdom, honesty and integrity!” A SELF-APPOINTED “FIVE-STAR” PIECE OF SHIT!!! Enough said

  • Gregory Tony or is it Toney should not be BROWARD SHERIFF he killed a man in cold blood ,he said it was self defense it was not everyone should read a copy of Philadelphia Police report it says what really occurred .it was an argument with another male he ran into his house returned with a gun shot him FIVE TIMES TWICE IN THE HEAD & then ran his brother got him a fancy lawyer which he paid $30,000 to take the case he had his drivers license suspended 9 times ,he passed bad checks ,he used LSD He loves swinging clubs READ THE REPORT & THEN MAKE A DECISION .

  • David Howard? The moron who f’ed up the Pembroke Park PD (if you can call it that). That is some funny shyte. But if a murderer can get elected sheriff nothing surprises me.

  • Please do more research on employees, including command, who got caught up in the PPP fraud investigation but got to retire quietly !!

  • It is up to Colonel Al Pollock to EDUCATE the voters in Broward, and we have to help him. No more needs to be said about the POS sitting on the 5th floor of the Public Safety building. Everyone knows what he is, especially the wealthy Republicans supporting him. To all of them, PARTY should not come before PEOPLE in elections. Don’t support someone because of their political party. WHO would do the best job? WHO would command the respect of the BSO employees? WHO has an unblemished record in a LONG career in Law Enforcement, specifically, at the Broward Sheriff’s Office? Who CARES about Broward and its residents? SUPPORT Al Pollock. Talk to your neighbors. DO YOUR RESEARCH!
    Pollock for Sheriff, 2024!

  • Toney has secrets that could lead to DeSantis reputation & credibility destroyed. As long as he keeps the secret to himself they won’t touch him. At least that’s what Tony thinks since he’s still in office. When the truth comes out finally, Tony will be spending the rest of his life in a military prison not on American soil

  • It’s unfortunate that many of these donors may not be aware that their contributions are supporting a candidate with a questionable background. Toney appears to prioritize his own interests, and his path to power has been marked by a series of grandiose mistakes unlike anything we’ve seen before. Broward County now has a leader who seems more like a character from an outlandish script than a responsible lawman. It’s crucial to spread the word and advise people not to invest their hard-earned money in a candidate who might face various challenges before the election even begins. There are more qualified candidates in the running this time, such as Steven Geller, with a clean background, extensive experience, and a fresh perspective on BSO. His time at the Plantation Police Department demonstrates his understanding of the communities BSO serves. We should expect better from our elected officials, especially for the sake of our children, who deserve a Sheriff they can trust.

  • Weathertech founder donated money. Is that why all we all have weathertechs in the cars.

  • There is only one reason this adulterer/ swinger/liar/murderer remains Broward County Sheriff.

    His race.


  • Look into the legal bills that reference the MSD defense!
    Why has the sheriff lowered the standards at BSO, The staff that was hauled off by the Feds, (great job), are nothing compared to tony/toney, purjury used to be a jailable offense, tony/toney, is on the liars list known as the BRADY LIST with the Broward State Attorney Office.
    Active duty staff wants to talk about the unprofessionalism, but like I no one wants to look into it. Thank you Florida Bulldog.

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