Sheriff to BSO command staff: Suck in that gut! Lose that unsightly double chin!

command staff
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

By Dan Christensen,

Memo to the fatties in Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony’s executive command staff: Time to shape up! That’s an order!

Tony, who Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis told CNN this week is one of his favorite Florida Democrats, has announced a mandatory new “executive physical fitness requirement” for everyone from the rank of colonel to captain starting Jan. 8, 2024. That includes BSO’s fire rescue counterparts.

“I’m not looking to turn anyone into a pro athlete, but I require you ALL to look the part in uniform,” Tony wrote in a memo sent out to BSO’s brass last week. “We cannot set a high standard for physical excellence when some of you don’t look the part.”

The sheriff, a gym rat who cuts a tight figure in a BSO uniform that the state’s police standards and training commission has found probable cause to believe he’s not fit to wear because of his repeated lies under oath, issued his order to coincide with the opening of BSO’s new, $70-million Research, Development and Training Center (RDTC) at its headquarters, 2601 W. Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale.

command staff
BSO’s Research, Development and Training Center.

To restate: that’s $70 million, or way more than double the $30 million price tag the public was told when the project was announced in December 2019.


Tony’s memo takes the approach of leading by example. But it can also be read as the sheriff making certain that his costly new training center with lots of bells and whistles isn’t underused by requiring his colonels, majors and captains to exercise at the training center “at least three times a week.”

Here’s Tony’s pitch to his command staff: “Collectively, we are responsible for leading almost 6,000 members in this organization. I’ve made a deliberate investment of 70 million dollars to build BSO the finest RDTC. The facility will include more trainers, fitness instructors, dietitians, nutritionists, a sauna, an ice bath, physical therapy station, and more. In other words, it’s inexcusable and unacceptable for any member of my ECS to be obese, overweight, and out of shape. Each of you reflects my leadership and is obliged to maintain a positive posture of physical readiness.

“Our administration has made tremendous strides in enhancing our training, equipment, and overall readiness over the last five years” since Tony took office. “Moreover, we’ve seen a positive impact in recruiting, training and retaining employees. The future success of BSO is firmly interlinked with our ability to lead by example in every capacity, and we must remain creative, innovative, and progressive. To do so, we must be physically and mentally healthy,” he wrote.

The R in RDTC used to stand for Regional, as in for use by law enforcement agencies across the county. Is that still operative? And the name switch to Research, Development and Training Center? What’s that about?

command staff
Sheriff Tony standing next to ANF Group President Al Fernandez. Photo: BSO

The general contractor for the 88,000-square-foot project was Davie-based ANF Group. The training center is a seven-story building consisting of a five-story parking garage with more than 700 parking spaces and two floors of training space above. The facility includes administrative offices, a 250-seat auditorium, classrooms and training rooms, fire rescue simulation labs, a rappel tower and indoor firearms ranges.


In the lobby, there’s a memorial to the 17 people who died in the February 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

On March 31, ANF Group put out a press release to commemorate the topping out of the training center building,

“Today is a very special day as we reach this construction milestone on BSO’s new Regional Training Center,” said Al Fernandez, president of ANF Group. “We are grateful for our partnership with BSO as this cutting-edge project nears completion.”

A BSO photograph shows Tony and Fernandez standing shoulder to shoulder at the site.

Three months later, as finishing work was still being completed, Fernandez showed Tony his gratitude for the job by delivering a check for $25,000 from ANF to Tony’s political committee, Broward First.

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  • Greg Tony was handed the break of a lifetime by Ron The Dummy DeSantis. Of course that undeserved position went straight to that idiots head and he actually believes he’s special. He lied about killing someone, lied about using LSD, is ok with other people having sex with his wife, he can’t balance a checkbook, can’t keep his license valid and so on. I guess he is special. It’s unfortunate DeSantis picked a narcissist who also happens to be a pathological liar and criminal. Greg Tony is living proof you can put lipstick on a pig and get dummies to vote for it. DeSantis , FDLE, the CJSTC and Ethics Commission allow this goof to remain Sheriff. At least his Command Staff will look good as they follow behind him fighting for position to kiss his ass.

  • Its wonderful seeing how Broward Taxpayers monies wasted on a 70 million dollar gym.
    This is outrageous. Broward has serious homeless problem and crime. How about providing shelter and services to the poor and indigent? Broward Jail is a big business run by BSO. The Courts are also corrupt like Judge George Odom.
    The State Attorney is another fraud.

  • Spot on Jerry F.

    I’m reading about how he murdered someone when was a teenager, drug user, lier etc. but let me say this all these things that’s name about this man you are just as bad or worse because this is what HATE looks like also

  • Filthy, slimy, undeserving, lying, parasite, garbage…
    Nope, not describing blue panty Lynx this time. Im describing Desantis and he worked hard to earn those adjectives from me. Clearly Lynx has pictures of Desantis wearing his blue pantys that he’s keeping for a rainy day. What a couple of worthless turds.

  • PS- this explains why Toney is still here. Its up to Desantis and he’s halted everything. There was a time when I thought the Feds would handle this if florida didn’t. Obviously thats a joke too. Were now no different than Haiti or Cuba.

  • Dear Mine Your Business,
    Those folks you’re complaining about are probably Certified Law Enforcement Officers who KNOW, that should any one of them do half of the stuff that Toney has done, AND IS DOING, they would be fired, indicted, and arrested. It has nothing to do with hate…maybe disgust, maybe disillusionment, maybe the feeling of the degrading of the status of a law enforcement officer.
    Toney should NOT be wearing a badge, let alone a BSO badge. The only reason that he is still in the job is because DeSantis cannot afford, politically, to have him removed. It would tarnish his image, and Toney knows that. Law Enforcement officers do NOT respect him, he is everything that they are pursuing in the streets: A thug, a braggart, a swaggerer, a liar, They deserve a better leader, as does Broward County!!!

  • Breaking News, someone is making this about race. Very boring and lazy argument. Greg Tony admitted to using LSD. That alone disqualifies him from being a police officer. I know facts ruin your race argument but that’s the truth. He lied on FDLE Forms, lied on applications, lied about his criminal past. Anyone not named Greg Tony would be history. How the hell does race have anything to do with his incredibly poor judgment and lies? The Dummy DeSantis is ultimately responsible for this blaring example of the law not being applied equally, Tony is the beneficiary. The upside is Sheriff Sharp Shooter gets to keep telling us how important honesty and integrity is. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nobody should be surprised by ANY of this! Welcome to Broward County, the most CORRUPT county in Florida – which is also the most CORRUPT state in the country! Sheriff Tony fits right in! By the way, what ever happened to all those BSO people who got caught STEALING PPP money by filing those fraudulent loan applications? Haven’t heard anything about them lately. Prejudiced, corrupt Judges, crooked, lying lawyers, dirty cops and bought-and-paid-for politicians! Broward County has become a SHIT HOLE!!! Like the Joker said in Batman ; “This town needs a better class of criminals!”

  • Wow, GT is one of your favorite DEM. What a joke, I remember a few years ago when his dirty secrets came to light, Mr. Governor your remarks were, I Don’t Know The Guy. You put someone in charge, while families of the MS, sho$$ing were still grieving. You put someone in charge that you didn’t know, a bunch of ass kiss idiots. Black, white, republicans and democrats I don’t care!!!

  • You suck it in, your department has a much bigger problem… look at your county. I forgot, you got away with MURDER and then awarded SHERIFF

  • Anyone remember:
    Ken Jenne? He went to jail.
    Nick Navarro? He cooked up crack (and sooo much more..LOL)
    Ed Stack? Voted “Dumbest Person in Congress” and then proved it by
    taking the house floor and denying the accusation.
    Walter Clark: The Clark brothers ran the cleanest corrupt county in all of Florida!!

    This to shall pass.

    BTW: Retirement in St Petersburg is wonderful! Happiness was Broward county in my rear view mirror!!.. FRS pension fairy knows where I live!

  • Anyone have any guess on if Desantis will finally get rid of dirty bird Toney once his presidential campaign flops and he has to return to boring Florida work? Then it wont matter if Toney shows whatever he has on Desantis to the public.

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