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NAACP calls on Justice Department to investigate ‘alarming’ BSO jail deaths; ‘Immediate action’ urged


By Dan Christensen,

The NAACP Monday asked the Justice Department to investigate the Broward Sheriff’s Office after the deaths of 21 inmates in the Broward County jail since 2021.

Calling the rate of deaths in the county’s jails “alarming,” NAACP president and CEO Derrick Johnson requested a probe of their “conditions and management, especially its psychiatric treatment practices.

“The investigation should determine if further federal oversight is necessary to protect incarcerated individuals’ constitutional rights to adequate medical treatment,” Johnson said in his five-page letter to Kristen Clarke, assistant attorney general for civil rights. “Immediate action is needed.”

The letter also noted that since 2011, more than 80 men and women have died in BSO four jails due to non-COVID-19 causes. “A startling number of these cases involve people suffering from mental illness,” Johnson wrote.

NAACP president and CEO Derrick Johnson

For decades Broward’s jail system was under federal supervision for violations of inmates constitutional rights. The problem erupted publicly in 1976 when inmates filed a class action lawsuit alleging overcrowding, unchecked inmate violence and the excessive use of force by guards.


In 1995, a consent decree placed the jails under federal supervision. That supervision was mostly lifted in 2017 after a judge held that those illegal conditions were sufficiently corrected. Only the jails’ mental health practices remained under the court’s supervision.

The letter cited a number of specific cases:

  • Sonny Rugani, 17, had a documented history of mental illness and suicide ideation when he killed himself in jail in 2019.
  • Kevin Desir, 43, another mentally troubled man, died in the North Broward Jail in 2021 after detention deputies placed him in a “restraint chair.” “An independent autopsy commissioned by Desir’s family listed strangulation as Desir’s cause of death” and his family later filed suit in federal court alleging excessive force and neglect. The case is pending.
  • Keirstyn Bucy, 22, killed herself in 2022 after being incarcerated under Florida’s Baker Act. Her father has said she was not being watched by jail mental health professionals when she died.
  • Tammy Jackson had bipolar schizophrenia when she gave birth in her North Broward bureau cell in April 2019 “without any medical attention.”
  • John Ireland was in “solitary confinement without any psychiatric treatment for nearly five months” when, in 2018, he “cut off his penis with a shaving razor.”

Only one month into 2024, the letter also cited two more deaths and another attempted suicide in BSO’s jails.

  • Jan. 1. Corbin Moberg died of an alleged drug overdose “despite being incarcerated for two and a half years with a documented history of substance abuse and drug related offenses.”
  • Jan. 4. Hubert Blount tried to kill himself while in the North Broward Bureau’s mentall health unit.
  • Jan. 22. Joseph Kirk, jailed for seven days following his arrest for allegedly running from law enforcement, died after being found unresponsive at the Broward County Jail. He had been placed in a detoxification unit and “it is suspected that his death may have been linked to improper detox protocols or an overdose.”

The letter goes on to note that in December 2022 Sheriff Gregory Tony wrote to Broward Chief Judge Jack Tuter, Public Defender Gordon Weekes and others “acknowledging that too many individuals experiencing mental illness were ending up in the jail rather than receiving appropriate treatment.”

Wrote Johnson, “The county is responsible for intentionally neglecting and depriving people in its custody of necessary medical treatment. However, it seems incapable of addressing this problem on its own…There is clearly reasonable cause sufficient to launch a review of the BSO jails.”

“The NAACP is horrified by the continued injustice that Broward County families have been forced to endure,”

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3 responses to “NAACP calls on Justice Department to investigate ‘alarming’ BSO jail deaths; ‘Immediate action’ urged”

  1. Dancing, Sack Grabbing, Deviant Lynx Avatar
    Dancing, Sack Grabbing, Deviant Lynx

    Sheriff Lynx will do whatever the heck he wants. If his jail kills another 60 people, you all better close your mouths and not utter a word as Toney is adored by Broward County voters. For that matter, they love gang-banging turds that shoot their friend in the head, multiple times, and they especially like their sheriff to be high on a multitude of drugs at any given time as well as being a pathological liar with a deviant sexual attitude. PS- Desantis will sit in the corner and quietly piss himself if Toney walks in the room. But the minute a white male elected official suggests something that hurts his feelings. Desantis immediately beats his chest, swoops in, and removes the male elected official like a Navy SEAL taking out Bin Laden. Toney the turd has been promoting and firing his prized jail command since he strolled in and the deaths keep piling up. But nobody will even think a negative thought of that foul criminal hemorrhoid because of his race. Boy are white people stupid! LOLOLO

    Toney is supposed to start his trial next week. It will never happen.

  2. Yes his trial starts Monday Feb 5-6. I have not heard anything about a delay. The committee has to recommend removal for perjury.

  3. Nicole Rugani Avatar
    Nicole Rugani

    The corrupt jail settles with all deaths. Sonny was brother. haunted everyday ashes in a closet. Only god has helped me through all of this. I want to be part of the change but I was a minor at the time giving me no voice. I’ll tell you this he was innocent.

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