As BSO turns: Sheriff Tony’s only defense witness at trial for lying under oath turns out to be his lover

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony and Sonia Colon at Tuesday’s trial

By Dan Christensen,

The non-jury trial of Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony on charges that he repeatedly lied under oath to obtain Florida driver’s licenses took a startling twist Tuesday when his defense’s lone witness admitted she was also his lover.

While not a criminal trial, what’s happening is a high-stakes affair for Tony. If he loses, it could lead to the revocation of his license to be a police officer. He wouldn’t lose his job as sheriff, but he’d no longer be able to wear a police uniform or carry a badge and a gun.

In what proved to be a major blunder, Tony’s lawyers called Sonia Colon to testify about her experience as a longtime manager with the Florida Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Asking only about Colon’s knowledge of her job and her office, attorneys Stephen Webster and Louis Jean-Baptiste elicited testimony useful to Tony’s defense. Specifically, Colon described the Lauderdale Lakes office where the sheriff obtained a new license on Feb. 1, 2019 at an understaffed “supercenter” where approximately 30 overworked examiners rushed to process “roughly about 700-800” applicants a day.

Defense attorneys Stephen Webster and Louis Jean-Baptiste

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and a panel of its Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission have accused Sheriff Tony of lying under oath that day when he allegedly said “no” when driver’s license examiner Brittni Romero, now Brittni Wong, asked him a routine question: “Has your driving privilege ever been revoked, suspended or denied in any state?” Colon’s testimony buttressed the defense narrative that under such hectic conditions mistakes could have happened when Tony’s answers were entered into a DMV computer.

Under oath in court later, Sheriff Tony denied ever answering that question in the negative.

Brittni Romero Wong


But Colon’s testimony and credibility regarding Tony appeared to evaporate when FDLE Assistant General Counsel Natalie Alexandra Bielby brought out the fact that Colon was not an unbiased witness.

“Miss Colon, isn’t it true that you have known Sheriff Gregory Tony for quite a long time?”

“That is true.”

“You’ve known him for decades?”

“Yeah. I’ve known him for several years, but with all due respect, I don’t see how this is relevant.’’

Administrative Law Judge Robert Kilbride then scolded Colon, telling her “It’s not for you to decide what’s relevant.”


Colon went on to say under oath that she’s known Tony since she was eight years old when they both lived two blocks away in Philadelphia.

FDLE Assistant General Counsel Natalie Alexandra Bielby

“Isn’t it also true that you and Sheriff Gregory Tony used to live at the same address here in Tallahassee?” Bielby asked.

“That is true,” Colon replied.

“In fact, you lived together at two separate addresses on two separate occasions.”

“That is true… we actually lived at the same apartment.”

Then the big admission. The two had a long “romantic relationship,” Colon confirmed.

The damage continued: “Isn’t it also true that Sheriff Gregory Tony has used you on several occasions as a character reference for employment applications?”

“That could be correct. I mean, I’ve known him for a long time. I know his character, yes.”


Colon also acknowledged that she helped him when he sought a job years ago at the DHSMV. And she acknowledging helping to smooth his appearance at the motor vehicles licensing office in Lauderdale Lakes on Feb. 1, 2019 where he was alleged to have lied under oath to obtain a license.

“It’s fair to say that you care about Sheriff Gregory, Tony?”


“You were close, correct?’’

“We are close, but not close for me to commit perjury, not for him or anybody.”

Tony wasn’t asked about his relationship with Sonia Colon, and didn’t bring it up himself.


Prosecutor Bielby asked Tony about the circumstances and commotion at the Lauderdale Lakes DMV office when he went there to have his home address removed from his driver’s license. She wanted his thoughts after his lawyers suggested extra pressure on examiner Romero might have caused her to make mistakes as she walked him through the process.

Administrative Law Judge Robert Kilbride

“If you were in a situation and you were under pressure and had people watching you, observing you, would you feel the need to do your job correctly?”

“That’s most certain, but I I get shot at for a living unlike someone who’s going to driver’s license examination,” Tony said.

As the trial drew to a close, Judge Kilbride informed the parties that a transcript will soon be prepared by the court reporter and once it is finished both sides will have 10 days to submit their proposed recommended orders to him. Kilbride will then “write my own recommended order within 20 days.”

Kilbride will file his recommendation order with the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission, which should, in about three months, file its own final order with Tony’s punishment, if any.

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  • Three more months. That should give Desantis enough time to convene and save his boy from harm.

  • Am I the only one who believes that Tony has in-debth knowledge on how to manipulate the drivers license process and has been applying this knowledge to exploit the DL system, to his favor, for years? More precisely, Toney has been playing games with his DL applications for years with the guidance and help of his lover. Not only should they suspend his DL until this is straightened out, but her employer should investigate her and any entries she has made in the system to help Toney. He clearly doesnt qualify for a drivers license and should not have one until he can prove hes illigible. This is what happens when you hire and promote low-rent turds like Colon and Toney. Shes probably also selling DL information to dope dealers and other bad guys. How do I know? Because thats what “they” do.

    But, I watched the trial. And it doesnt appear that the judge appreciated the way that Lynx’s legal team handled the case. The judge appears to be a pretty stand up guy and saw through the smoke screen that the defense was attemting to throw up. “I get shot at for a living????” What the hell is up with this arrogant assclown? I pray to God he is taken down very soon, as he went from being a lazy, unemployed, turd laying on a mattress in an apartment playing video games, while his wife supported him. To a Godlike, embodiment of perfection, claiming to be Gods gift to policework and humanity. Hes a poser and a fraud. Perfect for Broward.

  • The headline says “…turns out to be his lover” while nowhere in the story is there any indication that they are lovers, only they had once been together as a couple. This headline is completely misleading.

  • Wasn’t Sheriff Tony appointed by Governor DeSantis? Birds of a feather?

  • Greg Tony said he gets shot at for a living? That dummy has never been shot at. He did shoot an unarmed friend of his five times and kill him. Greg Tony is a pig wearing lipstick and the scumbag politicians, lawyers and judges are going to make sure he stays in office. There’s a two tier system of Justice and this turd is the beneficiary. He’s not going anywhere and that’s the way it is. The scary part of this entire disaster is that he believes his lies. It’s called pathological.

  • If they don’t take his certification, an LEO can basically lie whenever they want to just as long as they have a ridiculous excuse to commit said lie. Broward needs to vote this con man out ASAP!!!

    Here’s an abbreviated break down of Tony aka Toney’s issues as discovered in the investigation:

    **Florida Governor’s Controversial Appointment:**

    – Gregory S. Tony, also known as Gregory Scott Tony, was appointed as the Sheriff of Broward County, Florida, in January 2019 by Governor Ron DeSantis. This appointment came amidst significant controversy, perceived by many as a political favor suggested by former President Trump to one of the parents of a Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victim. Critics allege that Tony’s appointment was expedited by DeSantis’s team with inadequate vetting, claiming that Tony misled DeSantis to secure the position. This highly controversial appointment has remained under the public spotlight, sparking intense debates and scrutiny.

    **Investigation Revealing Discrepancies:**

    However, this appointment was swiftly followed by a comprehensive investigation into Tony’s background. The investigation scrutinized various documents related to his applications for employment, driver’s licenses, and other background checks, encompassing multiple incidents and applications spanning many years.

    **Florida Governor Appointment as Sheriff:**

    – In preparation for his appointment as Sheriff, Gregory Tony underwent a background check conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).
    – During this process, he signed an affidavit authorizing FDLE to check various records, and the background check identified a past traffic infraction, a case involving insufficient funds checks at the Wakulla Correctional Institution, the fact that he had not disclosed his self-reported drug history, and his arrest for murder by the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) in his letter to the Governor.
    – Gregory Tony also notably changed his political party affiliation from Republican to Democrat after initially being appointed by DeSantis.

    **Law Enforcement Applications and CVSA Exam:**

    – Gregory Tony submitted an employment application to the City of Coral Springs Police Department (CSPD), providing false information by not disclosing unpaid traffic citations, a self-reported drug use history (LSD), an arrest for murder in Pennsylvania as per Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) records, and an additional incident involving the homicide of an individual known as Chino, which was basically an assassination as one round was to the head per witness accounts.
    – He answered “no” in response to questions about his drug use history and previous law enforcement applications at the Tampa Police Department (TPD), not disclosing instances where he had used LSD.

    **Florida Driver’s Licenses:**

    – Gregory Tony conducted multiple transactions related to his Florida Driver’s License between 2001 and 2019.
    – During these transactions, he consistently answered “NO” to the question “Has your driving privilege ever been revoked, suspended, or denied in any state?” despite a history of Pennsylvania driver’s license suspensions.
    – He answered this question “NO” even when applying for a replacement driver’s license on February 1, 2019, while serving as the Sheriff of Broward County. His application included an attestation “Under penalty of perjury,” affirming that the information provided was true and accurate.

    **Other College Applications:**

    – Records from Tony’s applications to Florida State University (FSU) contained a similar question about any previous legal charges or driver’s license suspensions. Tony answered “NO” to this question, despite having had driver’s license suspensions.

    Broward County wake up and do not vote for someone who is lying to your face!!! You can do better!

  • He will be gone this year for willingly & knowingly accepting a public position under fraudulent circumstances. Tony never won the election. The people at the tippy top (DeSantis) know this. DeSantis had to standby his statement that elections went smoothly in Florida in 2020. News anchors have already giving statements regarding the switching of the votes. Greg is facing a lifetime in a confined, bars on windows future. Whether you like Trump or not it’s irrelevant, read executive order 13848 which he wrote 2 yrs prior to the 2020 election. Space Force has IT ALL.

  • All I can say is if someone researches his private company that does active shooter training you will find major issues with colon! She hired his company as a sole source to do trainings of her offices for active shooter when the driver license and fhp are in the same building.

  • Search Blue Spear Solutions and what contracts involved them and the DL offices in Miami that at the time were managed by Sonia Colon. Also note that FHP is part of the DHSMV and could have done the trainings.

  • In shadows cast, a tale unfolds,
    Of Gregory Tony, mysteries untold.
    Appointed Sheriff, a controversial ascent,
    Beneath the surface, scrutiny was sent.

    DeSantis’ favor, a political dance,
    A controversial choice, stirred circumstance.
    The whispers of deceit, the allegations rife,
    A Sheriff appointed, a controversial life.

    An investigation commenced its quest,
    Unveiling secrets, putting truth to the test.
    Background checks revealed a complex maze,
    Past infractions, concealed in a cryptic haze.

    From traffic fines to funds that lacked,
    A self-reported history, shadowed and black.
    Changed affiliations, political game,
    DeSantis’ choice now under the fame.

    Lies woven into applications sent,
    A Sheriff’s past, with layers unspent.
    The CVSA exam, questions untold,
    Revelations of LSD usage unfold.

    Driver’s licenses, a trail of deceit,
    History rewritten, incomplete.
    Pennsylvania’s suspensions, a hidden stride,
    Yet “NO” persisted, with each new guide.

    A replacement license, sworn to be true,
    While holding secrets, overdue.
    College applications masked in the same,
    A dance of deception, a well-played game.

    In Coral Springs, a darker scene,
    A life was taken, by acts unseen.
    Chino’s demise in this intricate plot,
    A tragic end, a forgotten shot.

    Through verses of investigation spun,
    A narrative of deeds undone.
    Gregory Tony, in the scrutiny’s light,
    A complex tale, a questionable flight.

    Yet, amidst the shadows, the truth may find,A Sheriff’s journey, exposed, entwined.
    In the echoes of investigations past,
    A poem etched, in scrutiny vast.

  • “MIC DROP” Melvin!!!

  • The only reason Tony is the Broward County Sheriff over far better qualified Men is because he is a Black Man. Thats it. DeSantis bowed to great political pressure by Browards slimy Political Machine over good judgement and by reccommendations made by FDLE and others who knew Tony was a con man and a man lacking in Christian values, morals, and violates the sanctity of marriage by his hobby of having multiple sexual partners. Tony is clearly the worst role model for youth of any race, yet he wears the badge and uniform of what once represented an honorable profession. He needs to spend time in the Broward County Jail.

  • With all due respect JB, Tony became Sheriff because he was Andrew Pollack’s gym buddy. Pollack lost his daughter Meadow (RIP) in the Parkland shooting. That is the only reason that homicidal, LSD drug user and perjurer became Broward’s Sheriff. Remember, that when Governor DeSantis was asked by the media his comment about Toney, he stated “He is not my Sheriff. I don’t even know the guy.”

  • This Black Man is the best Sheriff in Florida. He’s creating unity and opportunities for minorities. You clowns want division and separation. Case in point, remember the whites only water fountains… lol. You racist will support a criminal like Trump bc he’s white and crucify Tony bc he’s black.

  • Hey “WHOGIVESAPHUCK” Your “screen name,” says it all…but thanks for ENLIGHTENING us with your RACIST COMMENTS. BTW, I AM A BROWN PERSON.

  • I didnt realize that Toney can also appeal this judges decision. So nothing is binding in anything greg (blue panty) toney related. Would a regular officer receive a dozen bites of the apple and appeals like this chump has afforded to him? And while this is unsettled, the Ethics case will be pushed back. Were looking at the end of the year before any of this plays out and of course, he can appeal all of that too. Drove by the PSB a couple of days ago and the stench emanating from his office is putrid. But broward loves that smell. I blame every inch of this on desantis. Toney deserves and has earned prison. Not a charmed, undeserved position as sheriff. He will walk on everything. FLUSH

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