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It’s payback time for Rudy Giuliani; Creditors want his luxury Palm Beach condo, hidden assets

Ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani in a mugshot from Georgia’s Fulton County Jail. Wandrea’ ArShay “Shaye” Moss, left, with her mother Ruby Freeman.

By Dan Christensen,

It’s payback time for Rudy Giuliani. And look who’s poised to sic the financial bloodhounds on him:

Wandrea’ ArShaye “Shaye” Moss, as chair of the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors appointed in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case of America’s ex-mayor and Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer and #1 chump.

You’ll recall Georgia election workers Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman, as the victims of Giuliani’s reckless and repeated false accusations of ballot fraud in the 2020 presidential election that they said forced them to quit their jobs. The world got to know them when they testified hauntingly about the harassment and threats they endured before the Jan. 6 Commission in May 2022.

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. last August found Giuliani liable for spreading lies about Moss and Freeman. (That same month Giuliani was indicted in Georgia along with Trump and 17 others for allegedly working to overturn the 2020 presidential election vote there.) A jury awarded the pair $148.2 million in compensatory and punitive damages on Dec. 15.

Six days later, the former New York City mayor filed for bankruptcy protection in Manhattan. He estimated his assets as worth between $1 million and $10 million, his liabilities between $100 million and $500 million. Asked the type of debts he owes, Giuliani wrote one word: lawsuits.

Giuliani’s submitted a four-page list of creditors. In addition to Moss and Freeman and the committee of unsecured creditors they include Dominion Voting Systems Corp., Smartmatic International, Robert Hunter Biden, the IRS, Palm Beach County tax collector and a whole bunch of lawyers.


Last August the IRS filed a federal tax lien on Giuliani’s Palm Beach apartment for unpaid taxes for 2021 totaling $549,000. Giuliani’s bankruptcy form includes a second IRS claim of $202,000 for unpaid taxes in 2022.  Further, Giuliani disclosed he owed about $265,000 to New York state’s Department of Taxation and Finance for unpaid taxes in 2021-2022.

The living room of Giuliani’s Palm Beach condo

The multinational law firm Akin Gump represents the unsecured creditors committee. On Thursday, Akin Gump lawyer Philip Dublin assisted Moss in formally asking U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane to authorize the committee to hire Global Data Risk LLC as a “specialized forensic financial advisor” to help hunt down Giuliani’s apparently hidden assets.

The week before, on March 15, the unsecured creditors asked the court to force the sale of Giuliani’s non-homesteaded three-bedroom, two-bath luxury condo at 315 South Lake Drive in Palm Beach. Giuliani resides in an apartment on East 66th Street in New York City.

The county property appraiser assesses Apt. 5-D as worth about $3 million. Estimates by Zillow and Redfin estimate the potential sale price at between $4.5 million and $6.5 million. Giuliani and his then-wife, Judith, paid $1.4 million in cash for it in 2010.

The creditors also asked the court to require Giuliani to buy property insurance to protect the condo’s value until it is sold. They informed the court that when Giuliani was asked if he had property insurance on the condo, he replied, like many Florida homeowners these days, “no[t] that I can find.”


Yet the creditors are skeptical. Citing Giuliani’s January monthly operating report to the court, they told the judge, “The Debtor can make credit card payments totaling $26,212.87 in one month—for expenses including at least 60 Amazon transactions; charges for entertainment such as Netflix, Prime Video, Kindle, Audible, Paramount+ and Apple services and products; numerous Uber rides; payments on account of Maria Ryan’s credit card statement; and travel and lodging expenses for his employees and associates — but cannot find sufficient funds to purchase homeowners insurance to preserve the value of estate property for the benefit of his creditors. The Debtor’s knowledge of this issue paired with his decision not to ameliorate it, calls into question whether the Debtor is discharging his fiduciary duties to his creditors.”

Maria Ryan is a former New Hampshire hospital executive who co-hosts with Giuliani a WABC radio show in New York called, laughingly, “Uncovering the Truth.” She is also reportedly his girlfriend.

Global Data Risk, started in 2022, is an intriguing company. Its top officers are Erik Laykin and John Bass.

According to court papers, Laykin is a veteran investigator who served as forensic and financial advisor to the bankruptcy examiner following the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers amid the subprime mortgage crisis. Bass is a former senior executive and Middle East specialist with the CIA with “deep relationships in Turkey.”

Ukraine will be a focus in the search for any hidden Giuliani assets. Court papers say the team targeting Giuliani includes: another ex- CIA executive and chief of station who “maintains strong relationships in and has a deep understanding of Ukraine; a former Secret Service agent “who served as chief of staff during the Trump administration and has experience in transnational financial crimes and money laundering investigations”; a forensic accountant and court-appointed receiver with significant experience in complex litigation and asset tracing, and a former New York City FBI supervisor and attorney “with experience in fraud and corruption investigations, including cases in Ukraine.”


Giuliani spent a lot of time in Ukraine leading the effort to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump and alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. (That probe found that Trump’s campaign wanted and welcomed foreign interference.) Two key Trump allies, former national security advisor Michael Flynn and Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort were among more than 30 people who were indicted. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to investigators, and Manafort was convicted of bank and tax fraud and other crimes at trial. Trump pardoned both men shortly before he left office in January 2021.

Lev Parnas (left) and Igor Fruman are shown after their arrest on Oct. 9, 2019 at Dulles International Airport, outside Washington, D.C.

Giuliani worked with businessmen Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, Soviet-born emigrees to America, seeking “dirt” on President Biden’s son, Hunter, in Ukraine. Hunter Biden had served on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Hunter Biden sued Giuliani and another attorney in federal court in California last September. Biden accused the pair of wrongfully hacking and sharing personal data about him obtained from the owner of a Delaware computer repair shop as part of a scheme to discredit his father.

You might think things can’t worse for Giuliani. But on his New York radio show and podcast aired on St. Patrick’s Day, a fuming Giuliani said he anticipates he’ll soon be stripped of his licenses to practice law because of his support for Trump. (In fact, Giuliani’s law licenses are currently suspended in Washington and New York.)

“You know who won in 2020. I know who won in 2020. And I know the damn ballots get burned. And I know how high it goes,” Giuliani told his audience.

“The Bar Association is going to crucify me no matter what. I will be disbarred in New York. I will be disbarred in Washington. It will have nothing to do with anything I did wrong. And I consider that something that will help me in heaven for sticking to my principles and not being a weakling like all these weaklings who were afraid to represent Trump.”

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36 responses to “It’s payback time for Rudy Giuliani; Creditors want his luxury Palm Beach condo, hidden assets”

  1. Truly a mood brightener amid this morning’s Baltimore bridge tragedy. Thanks for detailed report, Bulldog style, on this delusional Trumper. Always appreciate a juicy South Florida angle on these NYC shysters.

  2. Giuliani, you and Trump are lying traitors who are deserving what is happening to you.
    And if you really believe Trump won you’re also a fool.
    I wish you a long life of living in poverty because that is what you deserve.

  3. This guy isn’t all that bad there’s a GoFundme set up to help him RudyG

  4. Giuliani….You are garbage, as well as the guy whose butt you kiss. May your hair dye run all over your face again.

  5. Henry W. Torres Avatar
    Henry W. Torres

    Rudy, You’re a Trump butt wiper.
    You’re dumber than a box of rocks!

  6. GIULIANI, youre a piece of crap who forgot that he who lives by the sword dies by the sword; meaning that your nasty piece of crap went after the cosa nostra … you of all people being Italian went after your own people. Well its time for you to go down in flames with your own RICO act you scumbag

  7. I believe he’s now a bad man trumped by the trumpet, forfeiting his good deeds as a prosecutor and mayor. Sad but he’s accountable.

  8. Rudy I wish good luck ignore the ignore the ignore the ignorant trump haters I’ve supported you since you turned NYC around

  9. For a member of bar ( associations ), you deserve a maximum security Jail Cell. That way some of the persons you Locked Up and welcomed you the Prison Way. They call it a Welcome To Hell introduction. KARMA Rudy.

  10. Giuliant where is your friend now? Maybe and hopefully you like so many others that have or soon will be disbarred will tell the truth and put America’s version of Adolf Hilter aka Trump in prison where he belongs.

  11. I think a little too much of Guiliani’s hair dye has been absorbed and infected his brain. The once “America’s Mayor” is now, and possibly always has been, the American fraudster. He holds himself accountable for nothing he says or does. Blatant lies trip off of his tongue, just like his mentor, tRump. Amazingly, tRump still has yet to pay Giuliani for his legal services, yet Giuliani continues to lie for him. Rudy Giuliani gives those lawyers with integrity, honor, a sense of service, duty and a conscience a bad name. These lawyers do exist but not in tRump’s ‘circle of friends,’ of which Giuliani is a duped mastermind. It’s time for the restitution… the bills to be paid in full. Giuliani’s finding spendable cash from somewhere and it’s time to sniff it out… maybe the ex-wives can answer those questions. Just picture it! Orange-faced tRump and his laughingstock Mini-Me Giuliani wearing matching orange jumpsuits and learning how to spell Leavenworth.

  12. Guiliani was once a respected Mayor in New York City. Unfortunately, something happened to him that he aligned himself with the devil and it was down hill from there.

  13. Now we see that Rudy never had the goods on John Gotti and framed him .he is a criminal and most likely had something to do with 911 .

  14. Richard keller Avatar
    Richard keller

    A true American

  15. I’m sure you are on top of the world jack ass 🤗

  16. This FL Bulldog supposedly news report is totally fake news, filled with biased commentary and propaganda. But the sheep continue to get orgasmic with this kind of garbage.

  17. You all have Democratic Trump Derangement Syndrome, and Guliani was the last great mayor of NY. You all are the socialist traitors of America!

  18. Yes sir, getting what he deserves, wonder why Trump doesn’t help him out. O that’s right trumps broke also or will be shortly. Good luck to you two.

  19. Bettie coupland Avatar
    Bettie coupland

    Time will prove and reveal the truth that there were ballot inconsistencies and the true count did not happen in the 2020 election. I am a 66year Democrat but can no longer handle their policy beliefs. Spend baby spend.lncrease illegals into our America. The unbelievable costs of food, gas and everything. The fact that the current faction is teaching our college youth to be deadbeats by forgiving their debts.

  20. don’t any of those people work for their money

  21. Rudy you’re not only a fool you’re also an idiot!! You had an A+ reputation as a New York prosecutor even though you were corrupt at the time you put all of that on the line for a racist, you deserve everything that you got coming to you and more look at you now a disgraced little man with dye on your face

  22. It’s incredulous that America was so stupid to vote for a racist lying plagiarist Biden of course Giuliana and Trump thought they election was stolen! How could Americans be that stupid do you research on Joe Biden America? You truly are dumbasses soon, China will be owning our country you must hate America sadist.

  23. Giuliani is a worm and you can’t get much lower than that: unless you’re talking about Donald Trump. Trump has filed bankruptcy 5 times or maybe more. Now Giuliani is playing the same rich people’s game. Screw the little guy.

  24. It’s just sickening that people come on here a d celebrate the dismiss of others out of their pure hatred and evil intentions. No one should revival in such terrible circumstances. That kind of selfishness is evil.
    It is a tragedy people are turning on man that helped millions of Americans get through the devastation of 9/11. It truly shows how ungrateful and u kind these people are. How their hearts are truly filled with hate and that they will turn & jump on anyone if they think they can take their belongs to enrich thenselves. They truly are no different the. The tyrant rulers we have learned about from history. They are no different then theives & thugs.

  25. Giuliani listened to trump way too much. His financial world was coming apart his only recourse was to stick to the money.

  26. Wow, listen to all of you dumbass liberals who have a combined IQ of 6. Hang those 2 lying Georgia ballot riggers from a nice tall tree.

  27. Anthony Meola Avatar

    Another victim of MAGA….Make Attorneys Get Attorneys

  28. Rudy Giuliani is a NATIONAL HERO. You can easily figure that out when you see the real facts, hidden from the most corrupt deep state in US history.

  29. Mississippi_Gambler Avatar

    Sigh … did you democrats completely ignore the State Farm Arena videos?? You would rather buy dishonest garbage like this article spits out?

  30. You all need to remember that this is America, founded on Lies and Deception, built by conniving racist using slave labors. America has a debt that is long overdue but is slowly collecting. Just be patient as generational payment is collected…..offenders and their bloodlines will pay…sit back…watch… although we may not see the whole show…our offsprings will.

  31. You can tell a tree by its fruit. Guilliani is the only man to straighten out nyc because he wouldn’t be bribed look at the city now. It’s an embarrassment trump haters running it like it’s a piggy bank and the future looks worse gulliani is a political target who won’t bend. He’s right about his future. God will find a place for him. $150 million for definition of a couple office workers
    Seems a little high ? That’s because he’s a republican and they’re sending a message to every trump
    Supporter that we can destroy you

  32. So many half baked Dems commenting. Get ready to lose the presidential election in November.

    Bidenomics my A#^ .

  33. Is this where you wanna be when Jesus comes back? Mocking good honest Chist serving, Love promoting, true believers like Rudy and Donald who just want to Make America Great Again? Is it?

    One word: yep!

  34. Mean while criminals ,murderers, rapists and terrorists are being welcomed across our boarders and being given everything free plus cash and they are laughing at us and mocking us while our poor, veterans and elderly are being put out on the streets and our children are not safe look around your country America are you really better off?

  35. Add BETTIE COUPLAND to the long and growing list of duped rubes. How do these people survive on a day to day basis? Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

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