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Lauren’s Kids racks up six-figure donations via auto tag registration renewals

By Francisco Alvarado, 

State Sen. Lauren Book

In January, Broward County car owners who received their auto tag renewal notices also got a special message from Lauren’s Kids, the nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing child sex abuse and founded by freshman State Sen. Lauren Book.

Inside the envelopes, colorful flyers bearing Lauren’s Kids logo wished vehicle registrants a happy birthday while segueing into an ominous stat: “Yet shockingly, 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys are sexually abused before their 18th birthday.”

That bit of data was followed by a sales pitch. “But there is hope — 95 percent of abuse is preventable through awareness and education. Celebrate your birthday by donating to the Lauren’s Kids foundation and honor the kids in your life.”

Of course, the advertisement includes a disclaimer in small italicized words that the Broward County tax collector’s office, which sends out the notices, is not endorsing Lauren’s Kids.

Drivers with February birthdates weren’t the only ones to find the Lauren’s Kids flyer in their motor vehicle registration renewal envelopes. Broward residents who received renewal notices in March and April also got the insert. Those automobile registrants whose notices are mailed this month are going to get the flyer too, says Paul Rowe, operations manager for the Broward tax collector’s office.

In fact, more than 6 million vehicle owners across Florida likely will have received the flyer stuffed in their auto tag renewal notices by year’s end. For the past seven years, Lauren’s Kids has been part of an exclusive club of charitable organizations approved by the Legislature that are allowed to hit up Florida drivers and vehicle owners for donations via auto tag and driver’s license renewal notices. But none of the other 43 nonprofits on the list has come close to Lauren’s Kids’ haul during a four-year period from 2013 through 2016 — $572,850, according to figures provided by the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles.

The department also contributes to Lauren’s Kids via the sale of specialty license plates approved by the Legislature in 2013. According to its most recent tax records, Lauren’s Kids received $294,653 from the DMV in 2015.

Lauren’s Kids’ success has been made possible by the organization’s aggressive marketing strategy to stuff as many auto tag renewal and driver’s license renewal envelopes with flyers requesting contributions and urging people to buy its specialty tag. The practice raises concerns among ethics watchdogs that government resources are being used to help a private organization raise funds without a public benefit. While the motor vehicle department administers annual auto tag renewals, individual county tax collector offices are responsible for mailing out the notices to vehicle owners.

Conflict of interest?

And now that Book is a state legislator, her nonprofit’s participation in the auto tag renewal raises the possibility of a conflict of interest. “In a perfect world, she would not do it,” said Beth Rosenson, a University of Florida political science professor who teaches government ethics. “It’s an accountability issue that raises questions in constituents’ minds. It leads people not to trust government.”

Ben Wilcox, research director for the government watchdog organization Integrity Florida, echoed Rosenson. “It may be technically correct,” Wilcox said. “But I don’t think it will look good to the public.”

A Lauren’s Kids insert in a Florida Department of Motor Vehicles registration renewal.

In an email response to questions about the inserts, Book dismissed the criticisms. “First of all, none of what we do markets the foundation and you seem to miss the purpose of our messaging,” Book said. “Awareness and education is our focus. Redundancy of message is a part of that.”

She also sees no conflict, Book added. “I have been advised that the work of the foundation may continue as it has for years educating the public and raising awareness about childhood sexual abuse,” she said. “Furthermore, the program is approved by Florida law.”

The Plantation Democrat, whose father Ronald Book is a powerful lobbyist and president of Lauren’s Kids, said she resigned from the board of directors of her nonprofit’s fundraising arm to “add an additional (but entirely unnecessary) layer between myself and the foundation.”

“I derive no personal benefit from public tax dollars except knowing that these monies are being used to save lives, raise awareness and prevent childhood sexual abuse,” she said.

In 2010, the Florida Legislature approved a bill adding Lauren’s Kids to a list of charitable organizations eligible for donations through auto tag registration applications and renewals, as well as driver’s license applications and renewals. The charities are listed on a form with a box next to each organization that the recipient can check off to receive a voluntary contribution. The legislation also allows Lauren’s Kids and the 43 other authorized nonprofits to include inserts promoting their cause in the renewal notices.

According to a 2010 legislative bill analysis and fiscal impact statement, the legislation authorizing Lauren’s Kids placement on the list was sponsored by then-state Rep. Marcelo Llorente from Miami and current Senate President Joe Negron. In order to qualify, Lauren’s Kids was required to submit an application to the motor vehicles department, along with a $20,000 check to “defray the costs of reviewing the application and developing the check-off.”

In addition, Lauren’s Kids had to submit a financial analysis and a marketing strategy outlining the anticipated revenues and planned expenditures to be derived from the voluntary contributions.

DMV passes the buck

However, after nearly four weeks of repeatedly requesting documentation about Lauren’s Kids participation in the program, motor vehicles spokesperson Alexis Bakofsky told Florida Bulldog there was none. “The department does not place Lauren’s Kids educational materials in driver license renewal mailings or have information regarding Lauren’s Kids educational materials being placed in auto tag renewal mailings from tax collector offices,” Bakofsky said. “You may want to contact a Tax Collector office for any additional information.”

Bakofsky did provide Florida Bulldog with a spreadsheet detailing how much money each of the 44 organizations received in fiscal years 2013-2014, 2015 and 2016. In those years, Lauren’s Kids received $161,936, $213,517 and $197,397, respectively. Only one other group has been able to raise a six-figure sum. Support Our Troops collected $108,791 in fiscal year 2013-2014.

The money raised through the renewal notice program is in addition to other funding Lauren’s Kids receives, including $8.5 million in state grants since 2012.

Sen. Book referred specific questions about the program to Lauren’s Kids communications director Claire VanSusteren, who did not respond to a list of 11 questions about the inserts despite four requests for comment via email and voicemail during a two-week period in March.

VanSusteren provided Florida Bulldog only with a copy of Lauren’s Kids 2015 tax return, which states Lauren’s Kids spent $449,785 to “develop an educational piece regarding protecting children against sex abuse that is included with all vehicle registration renewals… the goal is to reach as many individuals with direct messaging as possible.”

The tax return also states “that over 6 million individuals will read the material this year.”

In addition, Lauren’s Kids reaches another 50,000 individuals in December of each year through a “targeted program [that] occurs in driver’s license renewal offices” that provides “educational materials on how to better protect our children from predators and pedophiles.”

Broward County’s Rowe told Florida Bulldog that Lauren’s Kids was added administratively in 2011. “We don’t advertise it to participating charities,” Rowe said. “It’s up to the organizations to submit a request for the inserts to be included.” Only two other nonprofit organizations have asked to include inserts in renewal notices besides Lauren’s Kids, he added.

“Outside of those three, no one else has done it,” Rowe said.

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11 responses to “Lauren’s Kids racks up six-figure donations via auto tag registration renewals”

  1. Melinda Parker Avatar
    Melinda Parker

    I am confused. Lauren’s Kids is approved to participate in a state-sanctioned, organization-specific license plate program. It is required to pay what, to me, is a ridiculous fee of $20,000 just to have DMV staff review its application. It then petitions tax collector offices to include an educational piece on the subject of sexual abuse of children with the renewal notice information sent to Florida drivers, also perfectly legal. All of this occurs years ago. Six months ago Book is elected to the Florida Senate…and all that she has done previously is suddenly wrong? Really?

  2. Barry Williams Avatar
    Barry Williams

    You messed up by not quoting convicted sex offender Derek Louge how terrible the Lauren’s Kids organization is because it’s against adults being sexually involved with children. Louge advocates deleting the “sex offender” labels from those, like him, who are convicted of sexually taking advantage of children. (As an adult he was involved with a 12 year old.)

  3. Lauren Book, daughter of Ron Book, convicted of fraud AND illegal campaign contributions, who didn’t even run her own organization (Ron does that), somehow gets a senate seat AND is placed on the committee responsible for handing out taxpayer money. This is a Trump America, after all. And just what were Senator Book’s qualifications? playing the role of professional victim.

    Barry Williams is a Lauren’s Kids sock puppet. Seeing as how the amount of info posted about me in completely incorrect (couldn’t even spell my name right), I assume this is the work of Lauren’s horse-toothed lackey Claire VanSusteren. She could eat an apple through a picket fence. Anyone ho supports the Book family are criminals themselves. Suckers like “Barry Williams” are born every minute, willing to overlook the antics of career criminals like Ron and Lauren Book because they hide behind the victim status and thus are worthy of content.

  4. Barry Williams Avatar
    Barry Williams

    Derek W. Logue AKA thefallenone AKA fallenone AKA F1 is a registered sex offender and active RSO activist who is classified on the public registry as a “sexual predator.”

    In 2000, at the age of 24, Derek was convicted of 1st Degree sexual assault of an 11-year-old child in Alabama. He served three years in the Bullock County Correctional Facility in Union Springs, Alabama and moved to Ohio following his release. A psychological evaluation described him as “self-centered, self-indulgent and passively-dependent upon others.” Derek is best known for blaming victims of sexual crimes and angry outbursts which he says are the fault of those who support sex offender management policies. Speaking of his 11 year old victim he wrote:

  5. The Lauren Book sock puppet claiming to be “Barry Williams” is quoting Encyclopedia Dramatica, a site as valid as The Onion. While you’re at it, you should quote the Wiccan who called me a gay bashing conservative Christian, the Yahweh cultist who called me a communist propagandist, or the clown who is claiming I’m part of the global satanic Illuminati conspiracy to hide evidence of that fake PizzaGate story. No doubt you’re an Alt-Right Trumpophile whose Bookmarks include Brietbart and Alex “ChobaniGate” Jones. Why don’t you tell me your real name so I an send you a fresh supply of tin foil hats?

  6. Melinda Parker Avatar
    Melinda Parker

    While I am familiar with the work of Lauren’s Kids, the truth is I have never met Lauren Book or Claire VanSusteren. That said, I want for the record to state that the ad hominem attacks on these two accomplished, intelligent, attractive women are beyond the pale. Disagree if you will with the work that they do, and the stands that they take, but please stop the vicious, personal, meritless attacks about appearance, behaviors, etc. It gets tiresome, boring and is wholly outside the bounds of acceptable public discourse.

  7. Barry Williams Avatar
    Barry Williams

    Why don’t you address is issue of adults sexually preying upon children instead of calling people names? The reason you don’t is because your crime is indefensible. You can’t speak to the issue, so you resort to name calling. How’s that working out for you?

  8. Barry, you should spend less time quoting joke sites on the internet and spend more time watching the Book crime family instead. They’re merely a microcosm of the larger issue in American politics. You obviously have time to copy-paste Encyclopedia Dramatica but no time questioning why the Book crime family needs millions of dollars to do what others are doing more effectively and for less.

    As for Melinda, there is nothing beautiful about these monsters who are milking the taxpayers for millions of dollars. Lauren is as big a con artist as dear old daddy, and quite frankly, I don’t believe her story in the first place. But we all know Lauren doesn’t even call the shots, daddy Ron pulls her strings.

    This website has merely highlighted what anyone with a working brain and a knowledge of the Book crime family would conclude, that Lauren Book would pad her pockets while in offie. She’s a self-serving piece of trash who should be in prison, not politics. The rotten apple didn’t land far from the tree.

  9. One other thing about the Book crime family, their egos are so inflated, they believe that Untouchable documentary is all about them, yet everyone who sees it acknowledges that the Books are a couple of complete fools. And no one made fools of them, they did that all by themselves. Strip away the veil of professional victimhood and you see a couple of con artists nothing more.

  10. Barry Williams Avatar
    Barry Williams


    Sticking to name calling hey? Throwing around the phrase “crime family” – do you believe that somehow mitigates your crime – sexually preying on an 11 year old child as an adult? You are a convicted sexual predator. Advocating no laws against what you did is like urinating into the wind.

  11. The reason I don’t respond to your dubious questions is because your false statements aren’t even worth a response. This article is about the Book crime family, not me. Ron Book has more criminal convictions than I do, and soon Lauren will join him. “Senator” Lauren hasn’t suceeded in anything in her position thus far other than bringing in money to her “charity.” But hey, if the Trump crime family can do it, Lauren can too.

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