State Sen. Lauren Book seeks restraining order to silence protester

By Francisco Alvarado, 

Derek Logue protesting in Tallahassee during Lauren Book’s rally for the charity Lauren’s Kids on April 22, 2015

As Broward State Sen. Lauren Book prepares for her annual walk to raise awareness about child sex abuse, she wants to make sure one of her harshest critics is nowhere near her.

On July 26, Sen. Book filed a petition in Broward Circuit Court seeking a restraining order against Derek Logue, a 40-year-old Ohio man convicted of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl in 2001. Logue today is an advocate for registered sex offenders.

You won’t find Sen. Book’s petition at the county courthouse. A clerk in the Broward court’s domestic violence division told a reporter it is confidential. The reason: Florida Statute 119 says that any documents that reveal the identity, address or phone numbers of a potential crime victim are exempt from Florida’s liberal public records law.

Florida Bulldog obtained a copy of her petition from Logue.

Sen. Book claims she fears for her and her family’s safety following physical threats Logue allegedly made against her online and in person during two public events in 2015 and 2016. In addition to seeking to bar Logue from showing up at her annual walk events, she wants to keep him from coming within 500 feet of her home and her offices.

But Broward Circuit Court Judge Michael G. Kaplan rejected Sen. Book’s request for a temporary restraining order on Aug. 9, noting there was insufficient evidence showing she was in immediate danger. A hearing on her request for a permanent restraining order is scheduled for Sept. 1.

Sen. Book declined comment, but her father, prominent Tallahassee lobbyist Ron Book, told Florida Bulldog Logue has been harassing him and his daughter for roughly four years. “We had ignored his harassment because we don’t believe he is terribly relevant,” Book said. “He has little credibility.”

However, Book said the last straw occurred on July 8, when Logue tweeted “I think I found the official Laura Ahearn/ Lauren Book theme song” next to a link to a YouTube video for a song titled, “You Are A C—,” by Australian singer and comedian Kat McSnatch. Ahearn is executive director of Parents for Megan’s Law, a New York-based advocacy group for victims of sex crimes.

Ugly lyrics

Among its provocative lyrics is this ugly line: “Why don’t you shut that scabby c— mouth before I f— up your face.” The crude video also features an image of a tombstone that reads, “R.I.P. Annoying C—.”

According to Ron Book and Sen. Book’s petition, officials from several New York law enforcement agencies advised that Logue’s tweet was a credible death threat. “We were advised to contact local law enforcement and take steps to make sure that the encounters we’ve had with Mr. Logue don’t happen again. When you cross the line and threaten to f—k up someone’s face followed by ‘R.I.P.,’ that is a credible threat,” said Ron Book.

Lauren and Ron Book in Times Square in March 2015 promoting her child sex abuse education book. Photo from the documentary “Untouchable” by David Feige

Logue dismissed the Books’ accusations as “a load of hogwash.” He claims the petition is an attempt to stop him from exercising his First Amendment right to speak out against their lifelong campaign against registered sex offenders.

“It is easy to make me look like the bad guy because I am a registered citizen,” Logue told Florida Bulldog. “You may not like my choice of words. I do cuss and I do call people the C word. She is offended by it, but I don’t care. It’s protected free speech.”

He added, “She is simply trying to prevent me from raining on her little parade.”

Sen. Book is the founder and $135,000-a-year chief executive officer of Lauren’s Kids, a non-profit agency that has collected more than $10 million in grants from the Florida Legislature to fund an array of educational programs to convince victims and children advocates to report child sex crimes. However, the effectiveness of the programs have come under fire as Sen. Book has used Lauren’s Kids to elevate her public profile.

The Plantation Democrat, who was sexually abused as a teen by her former nanny, also makes an annual trek on foot from Key West to Tallahassee to raise awareness for child sex victims. This year’s walk is scheduled to begin on Sept. 9.

In her petition, Sen. Book claims that in 2015 Logue traveled to Tallahassee and organized a group of sex offenders in an attempt to disrupt the final mile of her annual walk. “The workers were warned in advance and they were able to keep the walk peaceful with the help of the Capitol Police, the Tallahassee Police Department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement,” the petition says.

A year later, Logue traveled to New York City to attend a screening of the documentary Untouchable at the Tribeca Film Festival to harass Sen. Book during a question and answer session, the petition alleges. The Books are prominently featured in the movie about the impact of sex offender laws on individuals convicted of sex crimes.

“During the question and answer segment, he became unruly enough that his microphone was cut off and petitioner was surrounded by New York Police Department officers to protect her,” the petition states. Sen. Book claims she learned of Logue’s July 8 tweet after being contacted by an advocate for Parents of Megan’s Law who saw it and who filed a report with the New York field office of the FBI.

A rally planned for Miami

The petition also noted that Logue’s website and a Facebook page he is affiliated with is promoting a rally planned for Miami in September: “The coincidence is palpable.”

In his response to the petition and during an interview with Florida Bulldog, Logue said he has participated in and helped organize demonstrations across the country against sex offender registry laws and other legislation he believes discriminate against sex offenders who have done their time. He has also been interviewed on the topic by CNN, HLN and Russia Today, as well as local and regional news outlets, Logue said.

He said the 2015 demonstration in Tallahassee was peaceful even though Lauren’s Kids officials tried to report him for not registering with the state of Florida for the event. “I am free to travel anywhere in the United States of America,” Logue’s response states. “In fact, I made it a point to contact the Leon County Sheriff’s office to confirm that I would not need to register as a sex offender to visit for less than 48 hours to engage in a peaceful demonstration.”

Logue said he attended the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival because he had been interviewed for Untouchable, but the footage did not make into the documentary. He did make a brief appearance halfway through the film during scenes of the demonstration in Tallahassee. He said he only learned the Books were also in attendance when he arrived for the screening.

Logue said the documentary’s director David Feige asked him not to be too nasty to the Book family and he obliged. He denies disrupting the question and answer session. “I asked her why she preaches that sex offenders don’t deserve second chances when her father is also a convicted criminal that got second and third chances,” Logue said. “She made a snarky remark, I laughed and sat back down.”

On Sept. 21, 1995, Ron Book pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor charges and was fined $2,000 following a criminal investigation that found he violated state law by funneling more than $30,000 in illegal campaign contributions to at least a dozen county and state politicians.

Logue, who isn’t shy about owning up to his sex crime conviction, claims when he went to register in his home state in July, his registration officer told him someone claiming to be a state senator called to complain that he called her a c— and that she was offended by it. “I call a lot of people c—s,” Logue said. “I understand not everyone appreciates crude language. Yet, we elected a president that uses crude language and what not.”

Logue’s lawyer, Jamie Benjamin, did not respond to a phone message seeking comment. Sen. Book’s lawyer, Fort Lauderdale’s David Bogenschutz, said her role as a public official makes her a vulnerable target to threats of a violent nature.

“She and several law enforcement agencies believe [Logue’s behavior] crosses the line between what is protected by the First Amendment and threats that cause individuals to have legitimate concerns for themselves and their family members,” Bogenschutz said. “If it continues, and it has continued, we need the court’s intervention to draw the line for us.”

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Latest comments

  • Now I’m just awaiting the obligitory “Derek Logue is a monster, blah blah blah” from “Barry” the Lauren Book corporate sock puppet.

    It is interesting that Book has made the dubious claim that I’ve been “harassing” him for 4 years. I’ve actually been challenging the Book crime family’s efforts for closer to a decade. Yet, while claiming I’m not credible, he’s trying to take me to court for a “credible” threat of violence when I didn’t make a threat of violence.

    Considering the Book crime family’s track record as of late, I’d say it is Lauren & daddy Ron who has proven herself to be not credible. After years of listening to these two numbnuts refer to every registered person as “monsters,” “creeping crud,” “incurable,” and my favorite, “ticking time bombs,” it would be plain to see these two have very biased opinions which certainly plays a role in how they view me.

    The New Times reported before my rally that she issued a challenge to her critics to sit down and speak with her. In reality, she RUNS from her critics. In the rare moments someone from the media does ask her something challenging her, she uses her victim status as a shield and deflects the questions. I don’t think she’s capable of independent thought without daddy Ron there to think for her.

    The Books need to stop lying about everything, from recidivism rates to their incessant lies about my credibility and character. They will be proven liars come Sept. 1st.

  • Oh, before I forget, the Book family considers my contribution to helping run the Floridians for Freedom: The Truth about Ron & Lauren Book blog [] is also considered an act of violence in their report.

  • Wait..what? She makes $135,000 a year as head of a non-profit organization? How can a non-profit afford to pay a salary like that?

  • Just keep practicing your First Amendment rights and she will crack.

  • Well, here’s what you’ve been waiting for Derek.

    Derek Logue is the worst example to hold up as someone fighting to reform the Sex Offender Registries and laws there is. Second would be Galen Baughman.

    When David Feige included Derek in the must watch documentary Untouchable I was very disappointed. I almost raised this point to Mr. Feige after the film screening at the Moore Centers symposium but decided to discuss the positive parts instead.

    Derk says in this article that Mr. Feige had to ask him NOT to be nasty, that sums Derek up he is nasty.

    I do not like Lauren Book or Ron Book because of their hate-driven advocacy to increase RSO restriction, regulations and mandates but I would NEVER call either of them a derogatory name either to their face or behind their back. Let alone the worst word you can call a female and yet Derek takes pride in it.

    Derek has also posted negatively about the Black Lives Matter movement in such a way that I came away believing he is a racist bigot. If he’s not then he should tone down his BLM rhetoric, if he is then anyone supporting his advocacy supports bigotry.

    Finally Derek has on television, in interviews and on his website minimized his actions/crime by not taking accountability. Not only that but a quote that I made in a local newspaper about anyone who molests a baby deserves the full extent of the law angered Derek so much that he felt the need to post about it on his website claiming I’m not a legitimate Registry Advocate. Like him.

    Derek is a hate-driven, bigoted, narcissist who attacks anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

    There are many legitimate advocates trying to reform the overly broad laws, sentences and registries some of them I do not agree with 100% but I don’t feel they are doing damage to the effort whereas Derek is.

    So I hope those who read this article don’t dismiss the legitimate need to reform America’s Sex Offender laws and Registries because of Derek disgusting, rude, unprofessional, bigoted and unrepentant behavior.

    Mary Davye Devoy

  • Did Florida Bulldog follow all of Derek’s media requirements? Don’t talk about him sexually abusing an eight year old child.

    I ask that my name as well as my website (Derek W. Logue, founder of the Sex Offender Advocacy site are mentioned in the article but I prefer you leave out details of my offense;
    I despise the “P” words (pervert/ pecker head/predator/prick/pedophile) or any related derogatory term. My preferred terms are
    “Registered Citizen” because I’m on the national child sexual abuse registry and “Former Offender,” because I abused the eight year old formerly and haven’t been caught re-offending. Yet. “Convicted pedophile” is the absolutely worst term to use because it is not only extremely offensive, but it is also a fact that one CANNOT be convicted of having a clinical diagnosis of pedophilia;
    I also prefer the focus be on my pro-sexual child abuse activism and knowledge on the sex offender topic, not on my sordid past. I am not going to discuss the details of exactly what I did to the eight year old child I abused or any other events that led to my sad life on the national sexual abuse registry.
    If you are a print media, please be kind and send the clipping of the article in the paper. I like framing my newspaper appearances because it makes me feel good like I did before prison.

  • Mr.Logue you are a scum-bag.In my opinion you have no rights.This pig molested an 11 yr.old.We as a society should cut your balls off.Sen.Book lets turn the tables.Lets have a demonstration in front of where he lives so all his neighbors know they are living next door to a didler.Lets put his pic everywhere incl.putting these sex offenders in the newspaper.Don.t worry Lauren.Atty.Bogenshulz why didn.t you petition for new judge.Don.t stop what your doing Lauren.We as a society will stop him and other sexual predators.Again castration is the only

  • Answer.Atty.Bogenshulz get her the restraining order.Or at the very least a no contact order.

  • Oh look, here is “Barry” right on cue, right with same tired lie. Looks like the age changed again too. Is this a countdown or something, “Barry”?

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary, my opinions on BLM isn’t relevant to this article (unlike BLM, however, none of my demonstrations have ended in violent actions). But the fact you support the notion that everyone except your loved ones should be on the registry is why I don’t care about you or your weaksauce brand of activism. You had proven to me you are unwilling to help anyone and that is why you couldn’t get any support from those in the movement for your lawsuit.

    “Robert Welsh,” you are more than free to come protest. I could use a good laugh. The neighbors already know I’m on the registry and all but hey, it is your right to protest. I might even film it and even come interview you for my Youtube channel. Maybe the news will show up and I’ll get even more opportunities to educate the public. So come on up, Ohio is a nicer place than the land of ‘Duh. Just obey the laws like I do when you protest and you’ll be fine.

  • WOW! I cannot believe a Florida state senator would knowingly commit such perjury upon a court! Her account about what happened in New York is pure fabrication! None of that happened! If the court were smart it would require an incident report from the police. What are Florida’s laws about bearing false witness? Abusing the courts? Derek may be admittingly rough around the edges at times, making some enemies, but the friends he has made because of the good he has done for so many far exceeds any good the Books have done which seems to be mostly focused on themselves instead of others.
    Derek has time and again selflessly put himself out there for others who no one else would help. People nobody else cares about or cares to know about. People who in helping will gain him nothing other than gratitude and possibly more grief and hardship in his own life. When he sought help from Parents for Megan’s Law for some women and children victims in New York it resulted in the executive director hitting him with a lawsuit after she had them abruptly escorted out of her office. People don’t realize the extent of what he has done and continues to do for others and he never tells anyone either. Unlike all the deceitful attention seeking politicians who brag about who they’ve done a good deed or two for in attempt to gain recognition for their own benefit, Derek just does whatever he can for those who no one else will help and wants no recognition for it. It is comical that that a silly song someone else made up and put on youtube video is being abused by the Books in this manner to attack a man they claim has no credibility. Obviously he hit a sore note and they want the courts to fight their battle for them. Did they really think they could be in politics without some negative remarks against them? Come now.

  • Convicted criminal. Sexually abuses an eight year old. Now wants to legalize adult-child sex so he can continue his perverted ways. Some advice – buy a four foot tall blow up doll and keep your wicked thoughts to yourself.

  • Hi, “Barry,” you lie just as bad as Lauren does. Maybe Barry is Lauren in disguise?

  • Thank you Mr. Logue for having the temerity to stand up against our VERY CORRUPT criminal “justice” system in America and especially in the state of Florida. Your fight against ignorant laws such as the sex offender registry (SOR) law puts you in the extreme minority of people that are actually willing to stand out in public and challenge our elected representatives to put facts and fairness ahead of ignorance, personal bigotry and corrupted, twisted justice.

    What I don’t get is why a Florida State Senator like Lauren Book can’t seem to grasp the fundamental understanding that Florida’s SOR law is in and of itself a hate crime against formerly convicted and released citizens wrapped up to resemble a “public safety” law? What Senator Book seems to forget or perhaps chooses not to know is that the SOR law fails every possible test in the need to have this SOR law in the first place. TEST #1: High recidivism for registered sex offenders (RSOs)? FAIL: IT IS ACTUALLY LOW. TEST #2: Stranger danger by RSOs? FAIL: IT IS ACTUALLY VERY RARE. TEST #3: What group is most likely to commit sex abuse in the future? FAMILY MEMBERS, NOT PEOPLE ON THE SOR LIST.

    So, what keeps Florida State Senator Book from championing a repeal of the SOR law given the evidence against it? Does she hate inconvenient facts against her politics of persecuting already punished and released sex offenders? Does she not really understand that the Bill of Rights are for ALL citizens? Does she feel that a lifelong Scarlet Letter vengeance law (SOR) against a group of second class citizens (RSOs) is an ethical position to hold?

    I think its time that State Senator Book and all of us to answer questions like these. Either we live in a society where facts, reason, justice, and fairness matter in the life of a society or they don’t .

  • I second Mary’s comments. As an advocacy organization leader, I find Logue’s behavior deplorable. Not the type of person who should be called an advocate for sex offender rights when you make the rest of us appear as this.

    To all the readers offended by this man, not everyone/organization is like him in advocacy, I can assure you. In fact, I teach my people that if they can’t speak properly and respectfully, they don’t need to be in a public venue or legislative environment because they would do more harm than good.

    We advocate with respect and care about victims. I myself am a victim so speaking to me with a disdain for the work I do won’t go far.

    For those who think all sex offenders are predators, think again, do your research. When one of your family members, a teen falls prey to sexting or your son is lied to by a girl about her age, or your son or daughter has teen sex with their boyfriend or girlfriend and goes to prison and is now registered, the last thing you will want to hear the world saying is castrate him and calling her a predator.

    You can’t speak on the things you have no knowledge of. I have spent hundreds of hours with offenders/registrants and in legal matters. It might be good for all those who condemn to note that a significant number of registrants were victims themselves. Who helped them when they were the suffering child? How could the lives of those registrants and their victims have been different if someone back then would have done the right thing? Save the judgment and instead of condemning, help someone.

  • Here’s something that I want all of you to know. NOT ALL SEX OFFENDERS ARE PEDOPHILES!!! Just my 2c’s. I was convicted of “pantsing” my now ex-wife and convicted under the UCMJ and now live with the stigma of people who are pedophiles and rapists and a myriad of things. Its hard to be registered. Life sucks, due to all the restrictions and crap that comes with the labels. I agree with Mary AND Derek. They are both fighting for the same outcome with different means of strategy. But calling someone ugly names doesn’t help the cause. Be above your position the courts have place on you. Don’t now down either. There’s a thing that says you get more flies with honey then you do with vinegar! Being a jerk doesn’t help! You might as well crap in a bag and throw it at you own house! It doesn’t accomplish anything and you still gotta clean it up. So Derek keep up the fight, but try a little respect. It’ll help more in the long run. I appreciate your vigor but there’s a time and a place for everything.

    Thank you

    Jim F.
    Registered citizen in NV

  • Well OK Whispers, you certainly weren’t around when Danyelle Dyer was chasing that registrant out of his home in your state, but you certainly popped up to offer your opinions. I’m sorry but just what HAVE you done? When have YOU ever gone to the homeless camp in Hialeah to help those that the Book crime family has forced to live in squalor? Maybe if you did, your feelings of contempt towards the Books and their disgusting acts would make you as angry as it makes me. I challenge you to go there. It has been going on for a decade. You do that, and only then will you understand why kissing Ronnie’s and Lauren’s asses won’t accomplish anything.

  • I spoke only to your behavior as that is what is relevant to advocacy. I don’t have time to make a list of all I have done and quite honestly, you aren’t worth my time. Research me and learn on your own.

  • Right, and there is nothing about you worth noting.

  • The Headline states that Senator Book wants to “Silence Protester” which is shocking to read. She took an oath of office to support, protect and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States and of the State of Florida.

    Did she happen to edit that to read: ….”only to those I want the Constitution and its Bill of Rights to protect.”?

    This reminds me of the crap we saw in Charolttesville where respecting the 1st amendment rights of those that got their permits and followed the law, rented the space for a meeting were met with those from out of town and the NeoLiberal Democrats which many call liberal and are actually the opposite and are the fascist group that have closed down many meetings because they do not respect the first amendment protection and giving others a voice even if they do not hold the same opinions. Media blames the Alt-Right but really the political problems in this country are the Mainstream powers of the NeoLiberal Democrats and the NeoCon Republicans that control the Congress. Many went to congress ordinary citizens and are now multimillionaires. Take Democratic Senator Wyden who now lives in a $10 million penthouse in Manhattan. His wife owns a small book store with her father and most people read little today. He must be great at saving. I think he is a dual citizen too. He is supporting the horrible BDS bill which has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with human rights and the outrageous abuse the Palestinians endure from the genocidal actions of Israel.

    Israel legislation keeps this country scared, divided, uninformed and handing money over to Israel and Jewish organization with scarce tax dollars.

    She sues someone that is doing his protected right to stand up and protest this outrageous discriminating law that have..ZERO… to do with protecting anyone. The only reason this law is written into law is the FAKE FEAR the public is engrossed in and the hate they have developed from these true crime television programming shows that pay the host millions to keep the public scared and stupid.
    These laws are based on “Black Swan” RARE CRIMES. They seem like they happen all the time because the media puts then on the air 24-7 365 days a year and people sit and stare at the repetitive shows over and over and over again and they put hooks of fear in the brain.
    Most people do not read and only understand criminal law, sex offense laws by what is on television. Television is there to keep the public in line and very similar to religion and many actually call television the new religion as 70% of the population watch about 160 hours of television a month.
    The “Journalist” wrote that Derek Logue assaulted an 11 year old. That is a lie. He also is not a pedophile, pervert or a danger to anyone. These laws to not register someone dangerous. They may label people as such but that does not mean it is true.
    When a journalist is loose and careless with their language and especially on such a painful topic for those that suffer under these laws we need to step up to “educated” the journalist and the public on what the term means. Misstating what someone is should be a crime.
    Logically, rationally no one is ever the same over ten years whether they committed a crime of not. Many situations change you and also those you are influenced by change you for the better or worse. We cannot predicate what anyone will ever become. That is Pre-Crime logic and very dangerous to our cherished democracy and our love of liberty for all.
    This is what a criminal assault is:
    noun, Law.
    an attack by physical force on a person for which the attacker is liable to criminal prosecution.
    a similar act with intent to commit rape.

    Derek Logue did not rape or sexually attack anyone including the 11 year old girl. He kissed his niece on the lips (she was 11 years old.) He came from a backward country area and was over prosecuted brutally and spent outrageous sentence for kissing his niece. This hurt him and his entire family including his niece.
    He was 19 when this happened and he has suffered with this label, the limitation it hands to a person and BS from idiots for years. He is just one of almost 2 million on the register. Many, if not most have done far less that the media, and the courts have charge them with.
    There are many reasons for this and I do not have enough room to educate those that read this article.
    Most people that comment on these article do not care to use rational thought and spend most of their energy not reading but responding emotionally as if that represents logic. We wonder why this country is so screwed up and all you have to do is look at the people that watch television as if it is an educational programming product.
    We have a country of ignorant, greedy, angry, emotionalized “Deliverance’s inbred banjo player. ”
    When the people are lead by the nose and care more about safety than the USA Constitutional protections found in the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus to protect all people from the brutal power of the State you and your loved ones and generations to come will also pay a horrible price for your ignorance. People died to get these protections and you spit on them and should be a shamed of your cowardliness.
    When you lose it all it will be too late. That day is very near . Here is a book for those that would like to learn more:
    The War on Sex by Dabid M. Halperin and Trevor Hoppe

    Also Duke University has a huge study on statistics that you should review too. Too bad those that are elected are not educated on this issue or really most issues and most politicians never read the legislation they sign.

  • State Senator Lauren Book has a Jewish Lobbyist as her partner and wouldn’t it be interesting if they also belonged to the same Synagogue. It gets much better as she and her cohorts at the Legislature passed a bill giving $650,000 Floridian tax dollars to private Jewish Schools to “protect them with Private security” with public funds. You cannot make this up folks! But what are they really using the money for?

    So how did they pull this crap off? Are the citizens of Florida’s brain dead? Do they have any intellect at all or are the brain cells fried from too much sun?

    This stems from the bomb threat at 11 Synagogues in 9 states in 2017. Yeah! This happened before even anyone was arrested or the cases were investigated but then when you are dealing with infant adults you can sucker them into just about anything especially if you use languages like fear, racist, hatred, or all something anti-Semitic.

    The US F.B.I. took this case seriously and actually investigated it. Turns out that the guy they found and the person that perpetrated the threats was an American “Jew” captured in Israel. He placed an ad that he would create threats at schools for a fee. I guess there is a market for this kind of business. Evidently, he got a bite.

    The only problem is the unlucky citizens of Florida have to give up something to give almost a million dollars to private Jewish schools and you really do not know what that money will be used for. Probably going to Israel to buy more weapons to kill more Palestinians.

    So who is voting next election to re-elect Senator Lauren Book?

  • To those who are complaining about my use of colorful language, I’d like to point out that Women Against Registry attended this event as a separate faction. Despite their acronym forming the name “WAR,” they weren’t there to make WAR but try to extend an olive branch to the Book family. I’m not talking just a symbolic olive branch, either– WAR went out and bought a whole olive sapling. Of course, the Books lied about then the same way as she lied about those in my faction and refused to speak with her group.

    The Books only speak to their critics when forced to. They had little choice back when the JTC camp became an international embarrassment, but now that the camp isn’t under the JTC anymore, they’re out of sight and out of mind. The issue of homelessness was never resolved, it just gave the Books the way out. I merely formed the rally to remind them of that fact. Our efforts weren’t cohesive because the “WAR” faction brought an olive branch while I brought a tent and a commode chair and four 4×8 foot signs reminding the Books that the homeless crisis isn’t over.

    To paraphrase Kyle Reece from the Terminator, “Listen, and understand. The Books are out there. They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

  • Victims of crimes should be taught to forgive their perpetrator in order to heal and be able to move forward in life. Victims’ organizations should focus on teaching parents how to watch for signs of child abuse of any kind. Their focus should not be in revenge and that’s what I see the Books doing. You can cry victim until you’re blue in the face but it doesn’t bring healing to victims. All you’re doing is bringing cash into your pockets and exploiting victims themselves.

  • Derek Logue is exercising his First Amendment Rights! He should have the right to voice his opinion and the facts about the Books…

  • Thanks for fighting for all RSOs and their families Derek! In 50 years we will look at how RSOs are treated now with the same horror that we look today at how gay people were treated in our grandparents’ time.

  • I’m glad that some supporters have commented.

    I’d like to bring up something important. Many people in the country profess Christianity as a faith. Well, go back and read the Gospels, you of the Christian faith, and read about your Savior. Read about the time he played around of CastleVania on the backsides of the moneychangers in the table. Go to John chapter 6 where he gave that rousing speech about “eating my flesh and drinking my blood” that led many of his disciples to quit following him. I’m far from Christlike, I admit, but those who admire Christ condemn men who get angry or say things that could be considered “harsh.”

    To be fair, I’ve listened to the Book crime family lie not just about me, but registered citizens as a whole. Clair VanSusteren had lied about me. I don’t forget these things. I screenshot them and save them. And I was there to remind them of their words. If sharing a song during a series of posts made in jest were a “threat,” then how much more threatening is listening to daddy Ron on the big screen at Tribeca discuss how he has fantasies about waterboarding me and other registrants?

    Again, this isn’t about my use of language. It is about the 1st Amendment. End of story.

  • Derek – you’ve made it very clear that every female you don’t like is a cunt. I’m betting that fellow Alabama prisoners called you a cunt while you were doing time and playing drop the soap. You’re such a stupid pervert I don’t think the correctional facility did nothing to correct your lust for children. (I’m just expressing my first amendment rights here so don’t start crying or threatening to sit on me fat boy.)

  • The comments supporting Mr.Logue there is a special place in Hell for you and him.Whats even more sickening than some of these comments is his sense of entitlement.Him and his registered citizen BS.Plus he thinks he’s Perry Mason or should i say the didler version of Perry.What Sen.Book neefs to do is at the end of her run etc in have the finish line at a school or park where He has to stay 500 feet away.This way he cannot disrupt the assembly.Listen sir you abd your boo-woo whoin no one told you to molest that girl etc.Again castration is the only answer.

  • I am not a political supporter of Lauren Book, but I would do the same thing in this situation. He is clearly harassing and trying to intimidate her. Sick pervert should be in prison.

  • Ah yes, the Lauren’s Kids sock puppets are back. Your tax dollars at waste, folks.

    So, now that Ron Book has once again been shoved back into the homeless registrant issue in Miami, the Book crime family is back into desperation mode. So Lauren the bimbo gets a photo Op for the Herald so everyone can see that her pandering to the people. Those papers don’t mean jack. The Homeless Trust hasn’t been to the camp in years until they were forced to by the city.

    Expecting the Book crime family to solve this issue is like paying Phillip Morris to help smokers quit.

    In regards to the Book family sock puppets, your butthurt comments make me smile. The more you cry about how I’m free and how angry you are, the happier I get. So go ahead and keep whining like the bitches you all are, and be sure to whine more when that cunt Lauren Book runs away again like she did in 2015.

  • Thank you Derek for standing up for yourself. Keep fighting. Never back down.

    These people caused the mess banishing registrants from having any place to live except under a bridge yet it will be a decade before long and nothing is done to fix this problem. These people are the real monsters, including the trolls here.

  • Stand up for a man who sexually abused an eight year old? He told the judge that the female child had it coming. Derek claims he only “fell once” but no one but his victim knows how many times he abused the child. If you feel bad for these tent people, don’t just post. Get over to tent city and invite one or two to move in with you.

  • Well Mr.Rogue you have some support.Yes,local Fort Laudetdale realtor Charles King and his wife Maggie.Give them a call.Mr.King in recent email that was c/c me states that Ron Book is a cockaroach and his daughter organization Laurens Kids is a money grab.You can contact the Kings of Coastal Realty at 954-768-9066 or 954-465-3050 DIRECT.Also drop by at 105 N.Victoria Park Rd. In Fort Lauderdale.Big mint green house.You can.t miss it.Make sure you give them by best regards and that i gave you their contact information..

  • Wow, “Barry Williami,” you can’t even spell your name right! You must be stressed out from that media blitz on the Book crime family.

    Looks like the Books are intent on sweeping the homeless crisis under the rug again, BTW. Ron Book needs to stop victim bashing and admit he’s at fault for the homeless camp in Miami.

  • Derek, aka, admits he was attracted to his victim and again passes the blame for his actions to an 8 year old. Do you still get aroused thinking of all the times you were with your young victim? If you’re really “cured” of being a child sex offender post some photos of you in an adult relationship with a woman or a man. I’m doing you a favor by leaving the typo since it appears to arouse you.

  • Mr.Logue.your attitude stinks in plain english.Its not Sen.Book fault or her father that you are classified as a sexual predator.Its not their fault that you had sexual relations with tou neice or cousin who by your own admission was 11.Who you think you are Jerry lee Lewis.Eveb he was blackballed.Will never make it into the country hsll

  • Of fame and you will alwsys be classified as a sexual predator.Again,its not the Books fault. However you have a supporter in ft lau.resident Charlie and Maggie King.Their emails in your support was given to me all week.Yoy can also take the cake for me now sitting on the side lines in our mayoral candidacy.Charlie is a bug supporter of Charlotte Rodstrom.I can.t support any canidate who Charlie supports.They can thank you.Other canidates pension benefits will not bw given to the media nor wil i be releasing other canidates

  • Performance evualtion reviews.(try getting them.You won.t).Thank Charlie king and his big mouth.Thank u Mr.Didler.Given the opportunity my grifter friends could castrate you in a New York minute.Shame on you Charlie..

  • Derek is doing the best he can to play the victim. But he was convicted of raping his eight year old victim. Now he claims, “It’s my victim’s fault I raped her.” And according to Derek his enemy is Lauren Book, a child sex abuse victim, because she’s against adults sexually abusing children. That makes Derek a de facto pro-adult/child sex advocate. Perhaps he’s against adult/child sex law because he has a need to fulfill his own perverted desires.

  • Wow, Barry Williami, you’ve run the gamut of every pathetic butthurt internet troll so far. I’m just waiting for you to post Encyclopedia Dramatica as a resource like Lauren’s Kids already tried to do. Lets see, you cited Valerie “Valigator” Parkhurst, who was arrested for pulling a gun on a teen who accidentally hit her car while playing basketball back in the 1990s and has a longer criminal record than I do. Then you cited a pagan who claimed I was a right wing nut because I wrote a letter to the editor to a bad article written on some Evangelical website, and it was published. His associate claimed I was spreading communist propaganda, so I guess I’m both a right wing AND left wing nut at the same time, which means unlike other extremists, I can fly straight instead of in circles. LOL.

    Oh, you really are sticking to your guns with that whole “raped an 8 year old” lie. I guess you are thinking if you repeat that lie enough, someone might actually believe you.

    Your broken logic is laughable at best, and I can’t imagine anyone taking a pathetic piece of bovine excrement like you seriously. But just for the sake of debunking your lies, I have made it very clear my protest against Lauren the bimbo Book is not about sex abuse prevention, but about the fact she forced hundreds of registered citizens into homelessness and continues to advocate for punishing people long beyond the criminal justice system. Only a complete moron would fail to see the difference. Obviously, it is easy to see that you and the lying Book crime family are complete morons.

    By the way, WHEN I win in court on Friday, I’ll be sure to rub your nose in it, you coward.

  • Robert, you need to work on your English. Your gibberish makes no sense. You’re just as dumb as William “I can’t spell my fake last name” Williami.

  • People read into gibberish just fine are in for a big surprise in court on Friday.If in fact atty.David Bogenshulz is Senator Books atty. they are going to fry your ass.Again you are up against the best atty.not only in Broward County but in the state of Florida….So much for my gibberish….

  • What a joke trying to claim that sex offenders are registered citizens. Guess if you say it enough, people will believe it? These “registered” perverts are adults, like you and your fuck buddy Tom Madison who like and have had sex with children. Punishment too much for you? Then be a grown up and have sex with other adults, not elementary school children Mr. out of how many times?

  • I don’t give a fuck about David Bogushittz he is just another paid suit. David only needed a sling and a stone to slay Goliath. Barry and Robert, your obsession with me is silly. There is nothing wrong with being gay, but I don’t swing that way, so how about you two lovebirds get a room and get off on the fantasy you have already published here.

    I am going to clue you in on a little something. Even if Lauren’s blood money pays for her asinine restraining order, the protests WILL NOT end. You losers talk so much shit behind computer screens but all you can do is send nasty texts and comments. Thanks for giving me more fuel against the Book crime family. They are going to have a hard time explaining away the barrage of nasty texts you have sent me, numbnuts.

  • “Blood, crime, shit, nasty fuel, numbnuts.” Hope you toss those words around in court like you do all over the internet. Your obsession with having sex with children is sick, twisted and perverted. You can tell the judge I said so! I don’t give a fuck about the Books. That’s a problem of your making. I’m bucking for a Shiitake Award!

  • If you weren’t hiding behind a fake name, I’d gladly nominate you. In fact, I’d gladly come to your house and hand deliver the award myself. But like every other Internet trash talker, you hide behind a fake name you can’t even spell right at times (you can’t say it was a minor finger slip, since the I and S are on opposite ends of a standard QWERTY keyboard.)

    The REAL reason you are afraid to use your real name is because you know that you’ve willfully spread lies about me that you would be held liable in a court of law. You’ve lie about my activism as well as my offense. You’ve intentionally misrepresented yourself for months on this thread. You’ve even taken to using throwaway phone numbers to send harassing messages I’ll be using against both Book and Ahearn in court. At the end of the day, your unhealthy obsession with me is going to harm those you are trying to defend.

    Congratulations on linking to Encyclopedia Dramatica. You’ve officially jumped the shark. Anyone who quotes ED as a valid source of info needs their heads examined. I guess that means you’ll be sending them a donation to their legal defense fund so they can continue to canonize James Alex Fields? I knew Lauren Book’s bill to kill the confederate holidays was just a PR stunt.

    So how about you finally reveal your real name and come meet me in person like a man? Or, will you just continue to send nuisance texts that can be blocked in 2 seconds?

  • Trying to take the spotlight off your pedophilia?

  • Once the restraining order is placed in order you will not be able to contact Sen.Book.Woth your visirol comments abour her something needs to be done here.Judging just by Mr.Logue comments etc.i concerned about Sen.Book safety.Also the judge has to take into consideration as an elected offical she has to have some sort of comfort level that her personal safety will not be compromised.Another teason Se.Book is warranted the restraining order is her constituents should have access to her and her Laurens Kids supporter should be able to reach out to

  • Her w/out veru or retaliation from Mr.Logue here.His comments towards Sen.Book justify this order..

  • “Barry,” once again you are helping my cause. Every text you send, every new “follow” on social media you make, every email just serves to show that it is you, a representative of the Book crime family, who is the true criminal here.

    You’re a really desperate person. You must be nervous that the Book crime family will be exposed.

    Public officials like Lauren Book are subject to more 1st Amendment scrutiny than a private citizen. Even if her millions of dollars and her status as a politician wins her a restraining order, she can’t prevent others from protesting on my behalf. I cannot be ordered to stop openly criticizing that piece of crap. i am still free to exercise my right to condemn the Book crime family. I might not be allowed to hold a sign in protest to her con games in person, but I know a few others who can and will protest her in my stead 🙂

    Barry, all you’ve got left is ad hominem. Well, at least you’re sticking to your pathetic guns. It is cute, really. It is almost as cute as Lauren Book suddenly pretending to care about the Confederate memorial issue. Interestingly, not one peep has ever been mentioned of the Confederate memorial on the State House grounds, and the Book family has at least one celebration there every year. It never bothered her before, but now that her regime is being scrutinized, she needs some good PR. After all, what has she accomplished as a state Senator, outside of lining her pockets?

    Here’s the thing, fools– I have never actually sent a message to the bimbo. I have sent emails to the organization, knowing she doesn’t read those emails, daddy Ron does. In fact, I don’t think she’s even capable to wiping her own southern posterior without assistance. That level of codependency usually requires intensive therapy. There is only one time in my life I ever addressed this worthless excuse of a Senator directly and that was at Tribeca, in an audience of hundreds. The director of Untouchable even told me they were “skittish as fuck” so he asked me to softball them. How pathetic is this “powerful” family if they are scared of a man who lives 1200 miles away?

    Lauren is about to have a very difficult time explaining how she is the victim when I now have threatening texts from SEVEN different phone numbers, in addition to new followers on social media from one “Barry Williams.” Pretty much everyone here knows you are a sock puppet for the books, “Barry.”

    I hope the judge has seen your comments. I’ve already sent all the other nasty comments you’ve texted to me. I’m aware you’re using a throwaway number service but you aren’t as slick as you think you are, “Barry.”

  • Millard et al. v. Rankin, Case 1:13-cv-02406-RPM (USDC Colo., Aug. 31, 2017) CO’s SOR is punitive, violates 8th Amendment & Due Process.

    The laws are slowly being chipped away. This latest decision brings a smile to my face.

    It is only a matter of time before the Florida Courts wake up and realize the SOR is unconstitutional.

  • In 2001, Logue pleaded guilty to a sexually oriented offense in Alabama, where he served three years in prison.   Solely as the result of his conviction and without a separate hearing on the issue of recidivism, Logue was required under Alabama law to register for life as a sexual offender.   He later moved to Cincinnati and notified the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office of his prior conviction.   Although he was initially classified as a sexually oriented offender, the sheriff’s office later changed Logue’s classification to sexual predator, requiring stricter reporting and community-notification requirements.   See R.C. 2950.10 and 2950.11.   Logue moved for a reclassification under R.C. 2950.09(F)(2).   Following a hearing, the trial court denied his motion.   Logue now challenges the constitutionality of R.C. 2950.09(F)(2).

  • I notice you didn’t mention the “8 year old rape” crap you spewed since it proves you to be a liar, “Barry.” You also failed to mention that the classification was only changed on a technicality as the result of moving from a state where everyone registers for life to a state with a 3 tiered system. Interestingly, the state of my conviction (Alabama) DOES NOT classify me as a sexual predator, but hey, why sweat the details when you are too busy trying to engage in ad hominem, eh?

    I sincerely hope that Hurricane Irma dies before it hits FloriDUH. I actually care about the well-being of the human beings that live there, registrant or not. Not only that, I look forward to forcing the Books to address their lies about me in a court of law. It is one thing to spew lies on the internet, but it is another thing to risk perjury for lying on the stand. And WHEN I win, I WILL rub your nose in it like the bad dog you are.

    The hearing isn’t until the 29th, and in the meantime, I’m free to protest in time for her stupid walk across Florida. So I’ve already won, and you’ve already lost 🙂


    Ron Book is facing the toughest lobbying campaign of his career, more challenging than anything he ever did for Wayne Huizenga or Ralph Sanchez or Metro-Dade County or any of his other prominent clients. Book must try to sell the public on his own integrity.

    It’s not the first time he has found himself scrambling to put the proper spin on his own image. But this is different. This is going to be far more difficult. Because now Ron Book is a convicted criminal.

    In the past, he’s simply been known as an influence peddler. Today, however, he is an attorney who knowingly violated Florida’s campaign finance laws — not once or twice, but on dozens of occasions over a number of years, in a systematic and willful manner.

    Book’s colleagues in the lobbying business were not shocked. Years ago they recognized a disturbing malady that would periodically overcome Book and others like him, a sudden collapse of the ethical standards upon which the lobbying profession is precariously balanced.

    They called it the “Ronnie Book Syndrome.”
    People are said to suffer from the Ronnie Book Syndrome when their zeal overtakes them, when their frenetic lobbying leaves no room for sober reflection, when winning becomes so important that right and wrong lose their meaning. Arrogance, overconfidence, and a sense of infallibility are symptoms of the disease. And once infected, the victim will always carry the virus, forever susceptible to another outbreak. Like malaria, it becomes a permanent feature of the afflicted individual.

    In Book’s case, each time he fell prey to the syndrome he claimed he had learned a valuable lesson. But some would say those lessons were quickly forgotten. In late 1985, he came under investigation for allegedly helping to bribe an Opa-locka politician. Book had been caught on police surveillance tapes telling the official: “I’ll see that you get paid for your time. . . . I’m there for you. I’m there for whatever you tell me I got to do. How more direct can I be?”

    The next year Book was arrested for allegedly overstating (by nearly $10,000) the value of his car, which he said had been stolen. That insurance-fraud case dragged on for almost three years, and when it was finally settled — with Book pleading no contest to a misdemeanor — the judge withheld adjudication, which meant that Book Ended up with no criminal record.

    But he has one now — compelling evidence that the Ronnie Book Syndrome is tenacious. Having been scandalized in the Eighties, barely escaping the decade without a criminal conviction, and knowing that police and prosecutors were just waiting for him to trip up again, Ron Book chose to blatantly violate state law by funneling more than $30,000 in illegal campaign contributions to at least a dozen of his political cronies in state and county government. He did this not in a single campaign season, but year after year, over and over again.

    This past September 21, Book pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor charges and was fined $2000. He also agreed to donate $40,000 to charity as an additional punishment. But rather than express remorse at having cynically subverted the public trust, Book asks for sympathy and says he should be given some credit for being man enough to plead guilty and admit his mistakes: “Anyone who says the decision to stand up and accept responsibility was an easy one, I tell them: ‘Get in my shoes, get in my clothes and feel it.’ I have been pained and I have been hurt. It hasn’t been easy. Not at all.”

    The fact is that Book confessed to his crimes not as an act of contrition, not out of a sense of shame, and not because he understood that what he did was wrong. No, Ron Book confessed because the investigation into his criminal activities was about to be exposed in the media.

    Even after being confronted with overwhelming evidence of his guilt, Book for months had attempted to manipulate the legal system to his advantage. Prosecutors say Book and his high-priced attorneys abandoned the effort only after they learned that a local television station was about to reveal that Book was under criminal investigation. “He was fighting two battles,” says Dennis Bedard, the assistant state attorney who prosecuted Book. “First he was fighting a legal battle against us. But just as important to him, he was fighting a public-relations battle as well. Once this became public, if this had dragged out, it potentially could have destroyed his ability to work as an effective lobbyist.”

  • Due Process

     {¶ 5} Logue first argues that R.C. 2950.09(F)(2) violates his procedural due process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Section 16, Article I of the Ohio Constitution.   The state and federal constitutional provisions are coextensive.  Direct Plumbing Supply Co. v. Dayton (1941), 138 Ohio St. 540, 544-545, 21 O.O. 422, 38 N.E.2d 70.

     {¶ 6} Due process is flexible and calls for such procedural protections as the particular situation demands.  Morrissey v. Brewer (1972), 408 U.S. 471, 481, 92 S.Ct. 2593, 33 L.Ed.2d 484.   The United States Supreme Court has held that whether procedural due process has been met “generally requires consideration of three distinct factors:  First, the private interest that will be affected by the official action;  second, the risk of an erroneous deprivation of such interest through the procedures used, and the probable value, if any, of additional or substitute procedural safeguards;  and finally, the Government’s interest, including the function involved and the fiscal and administrative burdens that the additional or substitute procedural requirement would entail.”  Mathews v. Eldridge (1976), 424 U.S. 319, 335, 96 S.Ct. 893, 47 L.Ed.2d 18.

     {¶ 7} Logue cites E.B. v. Verniero (C.A.3, 1997), 119 F.3d 1077, in support of his position that due process requires that the government bear the burden of persuasion on whether an out-of-state offender is likely to reoffend.   In Verniero, the court applied the Mathews test to New Jersey’s version of Ohio’s sexual-offender classification law.   The court determined that in an initial classification hearing to determine whether a sexual offender is likely to reoffend and to determine the corresponding community-notification requirements, due process requires that the state bear the burden of persuasion.  Id. at 1109.   We find this case to be distinguishable.   The purpose of an R.C. 2950.09(F)(2) hearing is to determine whether an offender already convicted of a nonexempt offense and already required to register for life as a sexual offender in another  state should be exempt from Ohio’s lifetime registration and notification requirements.   And applying the Mathews test to this issue, we find no due-process violation.

    {¶ 8} The Mathews test is primarily concerned with weighing the public and private interests affected by the challenged procedure.  Id., 424 U.S. at 334, 96 S.Ct. 893, 47 L.Ed.2d 18.   Citing Verniero, supra, Logue argues that the first Mathews factor, an examination of the private interest affected, weighs in his favor.   Logue contends that the “private interest” in this case is “very substantial” because community notification puts the offender’s “livelihood, domestic tranquility, and personal relationships with all around him in grave jeopardy.”   See Verniero, 119 F.3d at 1107.   We agree that sexual-predator registration and notification requirements have “a profound impact on a defendant’s life.”   See State v. Eppinger (2001), 91 Ohio St.3d 158, 162, 743 N.E.2d 881, citing State v. Gowdy (2000), 88 Ohio St.3d 387, 398, 727 N.E.2d 579.   In State v. Cook (1998), 83 Ohio St.3d 404, 413, 700 N.E.2d 570, the Supreme Court recognized that community-notification requirements may result in offenders becoming “ostracized from society.”   And in Pasqua, this court implicitly recognized that an individual has a sufficient liberty interest at stake in an R.C. 2950.09(F)(2) proceeding to invoke the due-process protections of notice and an opportunity to be heard.   Pasqua, supra, at ¶ 22-24, 811 N.E.2d 601.   But this determination does not end our analysis.

    {¶ 9} The second Mathews factor, i.e., the risk of erroneous deprivation of the private interest through the procedures used, weighs in favor of the government.   Logue again cites Verniero in support of his position that the burden of persuasion must fall on the state.   But R.C. 2950.09(F)(2) applies only to those offenders who have already been convicted of a nonexempt offense and who are already required to register for life in another jurisdiction.   Presumably, these individuals have had due process afforded to them on the issue of dangerousness or recidivism.1  Although the specifics of community-notification requirements vary from state to state, a sexual offender in an R.C. 2950.09(F)(2) hearing is essentially attempting to change the status quo as it concerns the “private interest” identified above.   We therefore find the risk of erroneous deprivation to be low by placing the burden of persuasion on the offender, because an offender in an R.C. 2950.09(F)(2) hearing has already been “deprived” of the interest involved, albeit in a different jurisdiction.   Cf. State v. Newberry (1991), 77 Ohio  App.3d 818, 821, 603 N.E.2d 1086 (when an individual suffers no real loss, there is little need for procedural safeguards).

    {¶ 10} As to the third Mathews factor, we find the state’s interest to be compelling.   The Ohio legislature has recognized that the protection of members of the public from sex offenders is “a paramount governmental interest” and that Ohio’s registration and notification requirements further this goal.   See R.C. 2950.02(A)(1) and (A)(2);  see, also, Eppinger, supra, 91 Ohio St.3d at 165, 743 N.E.2d 881, citing R.C. 2950.09(B) (R.C. Chapter 2950 was enacted to protect the safety and general welfare of the people of this state);  Cook, supra, 83 Ohio St.3d at 416-417, 700 N.E.2d 570 (R.C. Chapter 2950 serves the purpose of protecting the general public from released sex offenders).   An out-of-state sexual offender already convicted of a nonexempt offense and deemed dangerous enough to register for life by a court of competent jurisdiction may very well pose a threat to the safety of Ohio’s citizens if he or she moves to this state.   The state, therefore, has a substantial interest in protecting the public from such a threat.

    {¶ 11} The third Mathews factor also requires this court to examine the administrative and fiscal costs associated with the “substitute procedural requirement” proposed by Logue.   See Mathews, 424 U.S. at 335, 96 S.Ct. 893, 47 L.Ed.2d 18.   Logue argues that the state would not incur fiscal or administrative hardship if it carried the burden of persuasion under R.C. 2950.09(F)(2), because prosecutors are well equipped to obtain the type of evidence required to demonstrate the likelihood of recidivism under R.C. Chapter 2950.   Logue offers little in support of his argument.   But even if we assume that Logue’s contention is correct, it is of no consequence, because we find that the other Mathews factors weigh heavily in favor of the state.

    {¶ 12} In sum, we find that the public interest outweighs the private interest as it pertains to the challenged procedure.   We therefore hold that due process is not violated when an out-of-state sexual offender, already convicted of a nonexempt offense and already required to register for life in another state, is required to bear the burden of persuasion on the issue of recidivism when he or she petitions for reclassification under R.C. 2950.09(F)(2).   And we reaffirm our holding in Pasqua, supra, that due process is met in an R.C. 2950.09(F)(2) hearing when a sex offender has notice and an opportunity to be heard.

    Equal Protection

     {¶ 13} Logue also contends that R.C. 2950.09(F)(2) violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution because it treats out-of-state sexual offenders differently from those who have committed sexual offenses in Ohio. This argument has no merit.

      {¶ 14} A statutory classification that does not involve a suspect class or a fundamental right does not violate the Equal Protection Clause if it bears a rational relationship to a legitimate governmental interest.  Heller v. Doe (1993), 509 U.S. 312, 319, 113 S.Ct. 2637, 125 L.Ed.2d 257;  Nordlinger v. Hahn (1992), 505 U.S. 1, 10, 112 S.Ct. 2326, 120 L.Ed.2d 1;  see, also, Menefee v. Queen City Metro (1990), 49 Ohio St.3d 27, 29, 550 N.E.2d 181.   Out-of-state sexual offenders already convicted of a nonexempt offense and already required to register for life do not constitute a “suspect class,” nor do registration requirements involve a fundamental right.   We therefore apply a rational-basis test to the statute at issue.

     {¶ 15} Logue seems to suggest that it is unfair that he must bear the burden of persuasion under R.C. 2950.09(F)(2) because he committed his offense in a state where he was not afforded a hearing on the issue of recidivism.   But under the rational-basis test, a statutory classification does not offend the Constitution simply because it results in some inequality.   Dandridge v. Williams (1970), 397 U.S. 471, 501-502, 90 S.Ct. 1153, 25 L.Ed.2d 491.   A statutory classification subject to rational-basis review must be upheld against an equal-protection challenge if there is “any reasonably conceivable state of facts that could provide a rational basis for the classification.”  Fed. Communications Comm. v. Beach Communications, Inc. (1993), 508 U.S. 307, 313, 113 S.Ct. 2096, 124 L.Ed.2d 211.   As we have previously determined, Ohio has an interest in protecting its citizens from sexual offenders who are likely to reoffend.   It is reasonable to assume that an out-of-state offender convicted of a nonexempt offense and already subject to lifetime reporting requirements is dangerous.   Consequently, treating this class of out-of-state offenders differently from those who have committed sexual offenses in Ohio-and who have not yet been classified-does not violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

    {¶ 16} Because Logue cannot demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that R.C. 2950.09(F)(2) is unconstitutional, we overrule his assignment of error.   The judgment of the trial court is affirmed.

    Judgment affirmed.

    {¶ 17} I write separately, not because I disagree with the majority opinion-in fact I concur in the conclusions drawn therein-but because I am troubled by the  classification process that initially occurs when of an out-of-state offender relocates to Ohio.

    {¶ 18} The record is necessarily silent as to the events that triggered Logue’s reclassification from the original “sexually oriented offender” status to “sexual predator,” or as to how he was initially classified as a sexually oriented offender upon moving to Ohio. But from representations made in oral argument, this court can presume that this order of reclassification and lifetime registration was made internally by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office based on the provisions of R.C. 2950.09(A).   Logue raises the issue that because a typical sex-offender registration hearing was never conducted-nor was it provided by law-in Alabama, the state of Ohio should bear the burden of proving that he is likely to reoffend and is thus deserving of the highest level of classification.   But it appears that the real flaw in the classification procedure is that with respect to an out-of-state relocating offender, the current internal process of classification is administrative in nature and not subject to review except when triggered by the offender’s petition for reclassification.   It is impossible to discern as a reviewing court what process is used to attempt to “match” the out-of-state offense and registration requirement to their counterparts under Ohio law.   Thus, the offender comes to the court already bearing the “label” of sexual predator and begins an uphill climb to overcome what amounts to an application of a “full faith and credit” acceptance of the order made by another state, often-as here-under totally different standards than those enacted in this state.

    {¶ 19} In short, at the very beginning of the process for an out-of-state relocating offender, an internal administrative procedure is employed with minimal legislative guidance and without a hearing.   Since that specific issue is not raised in this appeal, I decline to rule on its legality on equal-protection or any other grounds, but I would suggest that legislative refinement of this initial classification procedure set forth in R.C. 2950.09 for out-of-state offenders relocating to Ohio would be welcome.

  • We can all help open an investigation against Lauren Book. Please post as many times possible on Facebook – Florida Senator Lauren Book should NOT be allowed to take MILLIONS from the State of Florida with the help of her rich well connected da da.
    Or something similar to this.
    Post on Pam Bondi, Governors site, news sites etc and maye one day and some day, some one will do something to stop this money funnel.

  • Barry, Barry, Barry, you can continue to attack me all day long. But the Book crime family is the one who has the most to lose in this case. It has granted me a platform to force them to discuss THEIR crimes in a court of law. Like you, they love to mix about 5% truth with 95% bullshit. Congrats on your copypasta, BTW. Where should I send your participation trophy?

    Since you are slow on the uptick, let me type slower for you. People aren’t concerned about me. I’m a registered person, nasty words and messages about me are common since it is legal to hate those on the registry. So I have nothing to lose.

    HOWEVER!!!! The Books have a lot to lose. Millions of dollars, for one thing. How about Lauren Book’s status as a professional victim? Her prestige as a sacred cow? I’m noticing that the heavy scrutiny on the Books are weighing on them. They are desperate to pass themselves off as great human beings. In reality, they are the TRUE monsters of Miami, milking millions from taxpayers. Corporate welfare is a real bitch. So is putting a braindead bimbo into a position of power. People are seeing that they have more to be angry about from the Book family than from some guy on the Internet over 1000 miles away.

    You an continue to bash me all you want, I laugh at your lame efforts, but people didn’t come here to read about me, they came to read about more of the Book family’s corruption. In that regard, I’m already winning 🙂

  • Congratulations on raping a child as an adult, becoming a jailhouse lawyer and then claiming you’re winning! I asked Brandi about your winning ways. Why did you make her wear a school girl’s uniform before you went to bed with her?

  • Derek Loguie is a psychopath. He sexually molested an 11 year old girl. He makes violent threats to people online. He was labelled a sexual predator. I believe he is a danger to children and society in general. He is just a little rodent, begging for attention. Derek Logue is nothing but an unrepentant, crazy, violent, child molester.

  • Barry, Barry, Barry, you really should be more careful with the paper trail you are leaving. Interestingly, the IP trail you’re leaving seemingly leads back right to Lauren Book’s back door. Thanks for proving me right about you once again.

  • Barry Williams is apparently a very sick person who fantasizes Derek raping children and is infatuated with his sex life. Obviously a dangerous stalker who desires to be involved in grotesque sexual behavior.

  • “My victim was a follower. She acted different away from her sister. Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she’s either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals.

    A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships…I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her.”

  • A lot of perverts around here who seem to like having sex with underage children. Even Barry sayin he did the kid and her sister and they turned to be lesbians after him. Bunch of sickos should all be in J A I L where fellow inmates will teach them a lesson.

  • Derek is a good man. He can call anyone any names he likes because he’s a registered citizen. Sticks and stones. Derek would never hurt anyone over 12 years old.

  • “Barry,” you still are fooling no one. However, every time you harass me online, it is being presented as evidence that it is the Book crime family that is harassing me and not vice versa.

  • Derek, Derek, Derek you old Pervert! Are you saying that your cunt posts are not harassment but unflattering posts about you raping a child are harassment? You can shove that perverted reasoning up your fat Shittake ass.

  • It isn’t about the “unflattering posts” but the phone calls, texts and posts that you have engaged in that constitute stalking. Unlike you, I haven’t been texting Lauren and engaging in direct harassment. You are too fucking stupid to understand the difference because you are a retard. But hey, keep the shitposts coming, lol. Ibam already using your personal shitposts campaign as evidence that the Book crime family is the aggressor here.

    As for you, “Barry,” it would be a real shame if the IP addresses you so carelessly left behind were traced back to the Book residence. After all, Plantation IS a Ft Lauderdale suburb. Without a doubt, your shitposts on certain sites and your guerrillamail shitposts all came from the same IP, and Comcast was already put on notice to flag that UP.

    At the end of the day, Lauren is still a stupid, worthless cunt and you are the dumbest excuse of a troll I ever met.

  • You’re still a convicted child rapist. on a leash as a registered sex offender. Your accusations of harassment by your ex wife won’t get you anywhere.

  • He blamed his victim and now makes his living victim shaming. “My victim was a follower. She acted different away from her sister. Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she’s either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships…I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her.”

  • Derek Logue is concerned about his “credibility and character?” His :character” is one that molested an 11 year old girl, makes violent threats online, and is a dangerous psychopath. His “credibility?” Ha ha ha ha!

  • My personal stalker, who is connected to the Book Crime Family, must really lack a life away from following me around online. Blah blah blah quote Encyclopedia Dramatica, lather, rinse, repeat. No one quotes Encyclopedia Dramatica as a valid reference. Even Encyclopedia Dramatica won’t cite themselves as valid.

    You can call yourself Barry Williams, Dandy Leaves, Pope Francis, or Ruben Gonzalez, but typing the same crap over and over again just proves that you are a pathetic waste of space. I’m not done exposing the Books as criminals, by the way.

  • I challenge Lauren Book to be bold and use her millions to really end child abuse once and for all. But it will take some intelligent thinking. It means doing things differently and responding to the research. Right now we are in a never ending cycle and haven’t been willing to be very smart with this – which is surprising because you’d think an organization like Book’s would be willing to do WHATEVER it takes to end abuse. Instead, she and her father perpetuate the need to assign blame, name call, go on witch hunts, passing legislative acts of banishment, marginalizing former offenders by turning them homeless and cruelly denying them access to family and public services. All of those kinds of actions only make the problem worse and our communities less safe. Not smart. We will not stop child abuse through acts of revenge, banishment or lifelong public humiliation. Why? Because those who abuse were most likely abused (sexually or otherwise) themselves as children and if Lauren Book really had the safety of children in mind she would catch herself up on the vast amount of excellent, highly respected research, use her resources where it counts and stop participating Dad’s understandable but dangerous guilt and anger. I’m a Dad. I get it. But that doesn’t solve the problem. Ultimately, It will take some hard work and intelligent thinking to stop this hurtful cycle – hurtful to ALL of us. By the end of the day, we are ALL victims and when we realize that there are no monsters here (because indeed, those rare, very dangerous individuals are in prison for life or on death row, remember?) is when abuse against children will finally end.


    The case is over and Lauren Book has LOST her bogus restraining order.

  • Hey, “Barry Williams”,

    I thought you said Bogenshitz was the best attorney in Florida. Well my legal team just handed him three straight losses. Derek Logue 3, Perpetual Victim Barbie 1. What say you now, loser?

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