Broward Health: More whistleblowing and Wednesday’s board meeting of the indicted

By Dan Christensen, 

Former Broward Health CEO Pauline Grant and former Chairman David Di Pietro are both now whistleblowers

Whistleblower lawsuits filed separately by Broward Health’s deposed CEO and chairman are adding fresh details about the corruption scandal that’s engulfed the taxpayer-backed hospital system.

The latest case, filed in Broward Circuit Court Dec. 8, accuses Broward Health, through General Counsel Lynn Barrett, of firing former CEO Pauline Grant on Dec. 1, 2016 “in retaliation for actions she took in an attempt to investigate and remedy misfeasance and malfeasance within the public agency.”

News of Grant’s lawsuit follows last week’s sweeping indictment of four current and former Broward Heath commissioners and its general counsel for violations of Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law. The charges are second-degree misdemeanors, and the accused are to be arraigned together on Jan. 22.

Gov. Rick Scott has the authority to remove each of the accused, but has so far chosen not to do so. Unless removed, the five are scheduled to appear Wednesday at 4 p.m. for a regular board meeting at Broward Health’s headquarters at Spectrum Office Park, 1700 NW 49th St. Unit 150, Fort Lauderdale.

Also still unfolding is Broward Health Commission Chairman David Di Pietro’s politically explosive whistleblower complaint, first reported by Florida Bulldog in September. In an amended complaint, Di Pietro has included more information about alleged political influence and bribery.

The 25-year, no bid deal

The intrigue involves the ultimately successful effort of Fort Myers-based 21st Century Oncology – a large anti-cancer company financially tied to Gov. Scott – to obtain an exclusive 25-year, non-bid contract to provide lucrative radiation oncology services at Broward Health.

Broward Health CEO Frank Nask Photo: Karla Bowsher

In his original complaint, Di Pietro said 21st Century lobbyist William “Billy” Rubin, a confidant of Gov. Scott, bribed then-CEO Frank Nask to support the deal with kickbacks of financial and job security and the governor’s political protection. The governor appoints Broward Health’s commissioners, who hire the CEO. At the time, Nask’s salary was $680,000, plus performance bonuses and benefits.

A copy of Di Pietro’s amended complaint was filed Nov. 22 in 21st Century’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy case in New York City, where Di Pietro seeks to avoid having his potential fraud claim discharged. It has not yet been filed in the pending whistleblower case in federal court in Fort Lauderdale.

Among other things, the suit contends that 21st Century and its former CEO Dr. Daniel Dosoretz illegally schemed as early as 2006 to take over radiation oncology services at Broward Health.

It says that back then, Dosoretz promised then-CEO Alan Levine that in return for accepting 21st Century’s proposal, the company’s doctors would refer high volumes of patients to Broward Health for surgeries, admissions and other services. It is illegal under federal law to offer or make referrals of Medicare patients in return for anything of value.

21st Century Oncology co-founder and former chief executive Dr. Daniel Dosoretz

A year later, 21st Century directly approached Broward Health’s board members. Former board member Robert Bernstein has told Di Pietro’s lawyers that Dosoretz offered him “the opportunity to manage surgery centers in Jacksonville” in exchange for his support.

A congressman calls

“Bernstein also received a call from former U.S. Representative Connie Mack IV regarding 21st Century, which he declined to accept. Despite this pressure, Bernstein declined 21st Century’s attempted bribe and refused to present the contract to the full board,” the complaint says.

Dosoretz and Nask are both added as defendants in the amended complaint.

Pauline Grant’s whistleblower case picks up where last week’s indictment leaves off, recounting the allegedly secret meetings that some board members attended with general counsel Barrett and other lawyers in advance of Grant’s termination last year.

The board voted unanimously to hire Grant as CEO in March 2016. In May, an anonymous email was received which questioned actions being taken by Barrett’s office and the qualifications and scope of work of lawyer Scott Newton and his Tennessee firm, Baker Donelson, previously retained by Broward Health as its Independent Review Organization. The IRO was required under the terms of the Corporate Integrity Agreement signed by the district as part of its $70-million settlement of Medicare and Medicaid fraud charges in 2015.

The complaint says Grant attempted to begin an internal investigation and was told by a federal overseer that it would have to be performed by independent, outside investigators. Grant had interviewed “several law firms” when she advised the board in May 2016. Then, her suit says, things began to fall apart as Barrett “began a systematic effort to discredit Ms. Grant and remove her.”

Grant terminated

Grant was fired the following December after law firms retained by Barrett – firms Florida Bulldog has reported had deep, undisclosed ties to Gov. Scott – investigated a complaint against Grant and concluded she’d violated the federal anti-kickback law. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steve Silberfarb complained he was treated unfairly by a hospital orthopedic trauma call panel when it came to getting patient referrals. Grant denied any wrongdoing, but the attorneys said they didn’t believe her.

Grant and Broward Health have traded claims and counterclaims in several lawsuits filed subsequent to her dismissal. But one month before Grant’s whistleblower suit was filed, on Nov 3, 2017, IRO attorney Scott Newton wrote a lengthy letter to Florida Chief Inspector General (IG) Eric Miller attacking Grant and asserting that Grant and others had created “an apparently false operational narrative” reflecting their “absolute resistance to cultural change” at the long-troubled district.

The IG’s office has since early 2016 been reviewing recent contracts at Broward Health.

Grant’s Fort Lauderdale lawyer, Gene Pettis, sent his eight-page response to the IG about Newton’s “one-sided report” on Dec. 12.

“The timing of Mr. Newton’s public report attacking Ms. Grant and others who support her strongly suggests an improper attempt to influence [the Broward grand jury] proceedings or intimidate witnesses who might otherwise come forward,” Pettis wrote. “Mr. Newton is pursuing, at taxpayer expense, what appears to be no more than a personal vendetta by Ms. Barrett against Pauline Grant.”

The North Broward Hospital District, Broward Health’s legal name, has 20 days to respond to Grant’s whistleblower complaint.

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Latest comments

  • Silverfarb had horrific outcomes, he was not treated unfairly, he was treated justly He should never touch a trauma patient again, FACT not FICTION

    The attorneys they had investigate Grant were part and parcel of a company connected with Scott which Barrett retained. HA BIG SURPRISE ….NOT
    Johnson the trauma medical director at the time of Silverfarb was pure evil spreading slander against Grant, while she had similar if not worse outcomes than Silverfarb for years, she also should not have anything to do with trauma patients I will never consult her, Protected by Rondino and the Peer Review Mafia for years, this includes hospital employees within quality management, Speak out and suffer the wrath of the manager there, its not about quality its their own agenda of who to support

    Grant had enemies within BH she did the right thing for the patient, always. and if you did not as a physician she let you know BUT she listened too much to the chief of staff Hoffburger just before her untimely removal

    Managers tell me that they have been forbidden to go to the board meetings, not a surprise

    Good always overcomes evil the swamp is draining the snakes, alligators, snappers and the smell of rotten fish and parasites is coming to the forefront

    Dan keep this up Grant is NOT GUILTY and others should fall

  • Silverfarb is not taking trauma call, for a reason QUALITY he knows this and I am surprised he sleeps at night. Think of those people you kept in agony with bad treatment

    Pauline may you never forget what is worth remembering or remember what is best forgotten,

    and for those indited

    May you all have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, the foresight to know where you are going (hopefully jail and hell) and the insight to know you have gone too far, especially the insight

    A friend of yours who will never forget your kindness

  • The current administration are no more than Populist leaders that are truly deceiving all of us who work for Broward health There is no humility, instead arrogance,, it is deeply disturbing that these far right thinking fools are leading the 10th largest health care system in the country. They are bringing in second best people from Jackson, Memorial and Cleveland Clinic, It is regrettable we have people leading us who have been indited and remain in office because a renegade Governor who himself was so guilty of a crime with HCA will not make the correct decision
    Instead of fighting disease and poverty we the tax payer are paying massive attorney fees to support these criminals, with their idolatry of money and power causing exclusion and inequality of care in Broward County, I pray the new year brings change for the good, and justice for the criminals we currently have in positions of power

  • So the PIGS have taken away our PL time after 20 years I get 4 weeks, and they think the this a good thing, THINK AGAIN, we all know what you are doing, de stabilizing the system ready and ripe for a take over by tricky dickys friends
    Well f you all
    BHMC CEO is a joke , come on she came from IMPERIaL point a little hospital . and even a bigger joke is Robyn Farrington for allowing this happen to people who have been very loyal to her. But yes I forget Robyn is from Jackson, lets keep it in the family
    SEIU is needed NOW to protect staff and patients

  • I can not tell you how upset demoralized and abused we all feel
    Our so called CEO Alice Taylor told us in a meeting just before Christmas I have no good words for her or her possies, no wage increases for 3 years and then this
    I feel personally devastated, used, dirty and un appreciated, You have poured salt in the raw wounds for the employees you abuse the most. and where is Alice on a long vacation, really great Bev what did you give us I do not swear but I think this current administration would make a saint swear. Depressed dirty abused wishing all of the Broward health admin a happy new year

  • So if I read this right a BHN manager is pissed? Wtf, why did they shit on your bonus? Management is so far removed from the working rabble. Most managers have their head so far up Admin’s ass they can’t hear the real voices of their workers. MANAGEMENT, you don’t run the hospital, YOU, don’t provide patient care, Nor, do YOU administer Healthcare. YOU,.. aid and abet the WEALTHCARE INDUSTRY. YOU let the doctors run amok and abuse our system and it’s employees without repercussions. These Dickskins rake in money, and rape the system, they could give a shit about whether or not the hospital makes money. As long as they do. Why in the name of fuck would anyone be in business to make someone else money without any profit in return. WE, the healthcare workers stand to provide good quality care to those in need. Proudly. It’s the piece of shit Medical Staff that use and abuse us with the aid of Admin. Fuck Y’all, yes have a fucked up and shit New Year. Dicksucks

  • As someone who no longer works for Broward Health let me assure you the grass is not greener elsewhere.

    Broward Health is a special place where everyone can rally around a purposeful mission of helping those most vulnerable in our society.

    I encourage you to reach out to Leadership and be professional and frank with your concerns. Work together to resolve them and help save Broward Health.

    There are too many people who don’t have the best interest of our community at heart that would like to see Broward Health fail and get their hands on the assets. Band together to prevent this happening.

  • PUTIN, you go…….. let rip some more ! expose the bastards for what they are ..scum
    I left BHN I could not stand the way I was expected to work it was ethically and morally wrong. They have an ethics department but it is so weak anything reported is not acted upon. I literally witnessed people die due to physician negligence and nothing was done. Literally died due to negligence, In the mean time physicians were fighting in the car park, violating stark laws and raking in the money. Guess what they were allowed back to work, Infection rates were high, C Dif was high and when I worked wan outbreak of norovirus ALL HUSHED Did Quality do anything ? NO not at all. They should be sacked All they told us was HCAPS HCAPS HCAPS. and how to use CUS words! I almost died laughing when I saw this , when I told a doctor I was concerned and was speaking up I was told to fuck off,! yes fuck off!!! I have no problems with the managers at all making more money you could not pay me enough to work there as a manager! compared to where I work now they have it bad. Some of the worst physicians there are anesthesia, terrible people, some of the surgeons just jokes, Quality really sucks, bit somehow they make it look good, yet patients suffered, So I have decided to write to the Jont Commission and ACHA about this and name everyone, give examples and see what happens, Oh and before I leave, I courage all of you to do something more constructive as well, write to ACHA and Joint COmission about quality of care . From what I understand putting in a 70 year old CEO from a 100 bedded hospital to make this a better place, shows they do not know the real problems But I will tell you look what happened to Grant when she tried to uphold standards and quality.

  • Moral is low
    Pay is bad
    Medical Care is terrible
    high infection rate
    Poor C Suite support
    Toxic work place
    If you try and do something about bad care your fired, so people do nothing and stay quiet, stay low
    A CEO NO ONE LIKES, and is making things worse not better
    I am writing to joint and acha had enough of this ! Thanks Arctic Blast

  • As we tick down the final hours of this year , here’s my New Years wish. Please , can someone, anyone with some decency and integrity step up and DO THE RIGHT THING. The employees of BHN have spoken. They are tired, frustrated, beaten down, ABUSED. For fuck’s sake please someone with content of character step forward to tell the truth. The truth about abusive greedy physicians, about the horrendous mismanaged OR schedule, about the toxic environment in the ER., about Admins constant boot to the neck treatment of management and in turn their Knife to the neck of employees. DO THE RIGHT THING. STEP UP OR STEP OFF. 2018 is the time to start a new. Perpwalk the corrupt criminals at the top and work your way down. Let’s shed the useless shitskins killing morale and the passion to serve that drives the good employees of BHN. Rid ourselves of RUDITIZ, BOWERS,BROWN,ETC. oh yeah and that overbearing useless Cunt Mansfield. DO THE RIGHT THING! IS YOUR CAREER MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR CONSCIENCE,if so fuck you too.

  • In the 1990’s I left Jackson to come to Broward health, like Jackson I always thought Broward Health was a true Jewel in the Crown for the people of Broward county, hard workers all of us badly paid we constantly worked to do the right thing for the patient, administration was well respected and our managers/directors worked so hard. I would see Fat Frank smoking outside BG and to be honest if I knew what he was doing I would have throat punched him, and I am not a violent person, he started the rot in our system. Today I am disgusted with the likes of Capasso and Barrett, and the slu of people they have brought into mis manage us all, the abolishment of the PL plan is a disgrace, and as for our Current CEO this is a total JOKE. Putting an RN in the position of a CEO is proving the wrong thing to do and it is currently in both main hospitals. They really do not speak the same language as we do and both came from a tiny weeny hospital called Imperial, YES PUTIN is right something must be done, BUT not with these people In the last four years just think what we have gone through,
    Fat Frank fired for Stark and other violations, El Sanadi comes and and mysteriously dies, we have the Disney man try and run us and he is demoted The wonderful Pauline Grant takes over, and then is attacked by Barrett, the board votes for her to be fired after a law firm connected to Rick Scott, and Capasso votes for her to be off and votes herself in, Disney man returns for a short while then Capasso comes back to power firing all and sundry and replacing with her friends, If that is not corrupt I do not know what is. Then a Grand Jury Indicts several board member Capasso and Barrett. They are to be in court in January. What else has to happen to us? The system is unstable and becomes more unstable, what next, The workers have had enough we are all ready to walk out and strike we are ready to make big noise about big criminals who are running Broward Health. YES someone needs t listen, NOW

  • HEY I AM PUTIN has it on the nose,
    Physicians there are third world, only a few are good, quality sucks, go there to get an infection or die
    The new CEO is a disgrace people I knew left Imperial because of her and now have left BHN as she came in, her style is bitchy nasty punitive and she has no insight into her personality or management style ( I worked with her before) disliked through the district ALICE TAYLIR is her name

    Some of the nurse leaders are a disgrace to nursing, the ED stands out as number one, Bowers followed by the CNO Ruditz. The Quality department is just the worst I ever worked with supportive of bad physician care, and just plain nasty to staff when anything goes wrong, Mansfield is her name

    HOWEVER its the physicians there who are the worst, and need booting out at best most are third world in quality with people, I actually saw a 25 year old die in the ED because the physicians and nothing was done by management

    Ehics and compliance are a disgrace, punitive to staff but nothing done to physicians

    The HR “CHIEF” is truly named and is a racist against whites

    Alas I left, I left because of Racism, punitive work environment, hostile manager in the ED but more than that POOR CARE and OUTCOMES for my patients

    The staff there work hard but other elements should be removed, people are crying out for help nothing is done

    CMS should come in and look at this hospital it is a disgrace

    As well as that the upper management are criminals and have been indicted !! how bad can it get

  • Yo Bronks,..IT CAN GET WORSE, IT WILL GET WORSE. These scumbags are all afraid to speak up and out. Hunker down, do your job, observe, and resist when you can. Do what you can, respect your fellow workers, leave A.S.A.P.

  • I work at the district offices I have never in all my time worked with such fold mouthed creatures than the upper management at the moment. Their actions are not only morally and ethically questionable but they are really destroying the Broward health System. they are truly the worst of the worst, Lynn and Bev are just terrible and the mounds of people they are bringing in are in experienced and do not know their jobs. Lining their own pockets while robbing all of us they are not serving patients or the tax payer well
    I look forward to January 22nd and pray for justice

  • Martin said it” Free at last, Free at last , Thank God Almighty, Free at last” thank you Smarties, for stepping up. The truth shall set you Free. Now we know from the inside, THE TRUTH,. Can we get a witness? Yes we can. These people are the lowlifes. Dregs, vile scumbags from the bowels of hell. They are corrupt and incorrigible. Their presence at the top of the leadership in The District is the head of the serpent. Smarties revelation has confirmed the need to smit this Cancer. If one can step up, others will, DO THE RIGHT THING, so we can drive these snakes out. Bless y’all Smarties, job well done.

  • The angry, unprofessional rhetoric expressed by alleged BHN employees does not represent the overall consensus at our hospital. We have a highly committed, talented, and caring group of employees (doctors, nurses, staff), and the disgruntled few tend to be those who are low performers and have difficulty with change. Our new CEO is a highly skilled administrator with a great track record. Her years as a nurse leader adds depth to her understanding of how to move our hospital forward. She is open-minded, respectful, and has high expectations – just as our former CEO, Ms. Grant held ALL to a very high standard. Yes, we have some issues to address and Ms. Taylor is the one to lead us through this time. Enough of the mean-spirited behavior. Let’s pull together as a team – share openly with our new leader (not through anonymous rants) and support one another.

  • TAH-TAH, sound the horns, enter the official asswiper. Here to lick the boots and kiss the asses of those that would lead. Is it ironic that the nursing leader would condemn the anonymous comments of beleaguered employees while making anonymous accusations. Are you so blinded by your own bullshit that you can’t see that it’s the anonymity that allows these people to talk freely and truthfully. Did you not read the thread? YOU are the only one that defends this atrocity. You are the under performer. Too busy covering up the negligence and abuse of hardworking HEALTHCARE workers. Read the thread it’s Doctors, nurses, allied health, people downtown in the District office. It’s the employees the workers. The first and second responders. The people that actually give a shit about providing quality care. NOT a brain dead bootlicker sitting in their lonely office trying to figure out how to stay under the radar and protect their pathetic career. Before you cast aspersions to the real heart and soul of this hospital, LOOK IN THE MIRROR. If you can stand your own stench, then you deserve that special placidly in Hell. If not, DO THE RIGHT THING. Stick your head in the oven, and turn on the gas. You’ve done enough damage.

  • Perhaps, Dear Nursing Leader I have been too harsh with you. I’m sure you are good person, a good nurse. A hard worker. And, you truly believe what you say. So, if in fact there are a majority of employees that are committed and care about the direction BHN has turned to, then please be transparent and revel yourself and know that the silent majority will embrace you. Or, is there trepidation.that you might not be embraced, but shunned and mocked by employees and management. I know why I remain anonymous. It’s the likes of you. Hypocrite.

  • Not taking any sides as I am sad to see my workplace that I truly value be in this conditions. To all those employees that talk about “c- diff, infections being high, quality of care is low” Who are the primary providers guys?? Is it Administration??? Are they the ones who have to wear the yellow gowns, take our time with our patients, or do the RIGHT THING for positive patient outcomes. Please they don’t cause the infections!! Let’s be realistic. That fellow coworkers should NEVER be jeopardized- FYI I’m one of you’ll. Patients ARE and WILL always be my priority. Yes I know there is A LOT going on and many are UPSET and disappointed, but you prove nothing and change nothing when you degrade someone in such manner, if you’re really this UPSET with your Job then do something about it, and I mean something done in a PROFESSIONAL manner as the healthcare PROFESSIONALS we are since we all want those HIGH SALARIES because we work so hard!! Well then let’s start acting like one… Again I’m not taking any sides I see the frustration and agree with some changes that need to be made!!! But let’s continue to take care of our patients and never forget the vision of BH!!!!

  • HUMPTYTRUMPTY corporate is in a froth, they want to know who I am , LOL well no you were not too harsh to NURSING LEADER. Corporate has no time for them they are disposable and can always re hire another fool, their words in private
    They wil weaken and destroy Broward Health, lets look at Grant, they had an attorney from Scotts company, interview staff, they independently decided she was guilty and ignoring sunshine had meetings in obscure and private places, then the person who fired her and voted against her promoted herself to the tune of 650K (nice) then as these pieces of poop are indicted by a Grand Jury and cry foul! I doubt of they will do time, but the law is the law, and as well as this they still have jobs, that is what annoys us all
    As for Alice and Susan they are in above their heads, we feel sorry for you
    Nastypeople they are destroying BH

    Yes smartie may not have job soon but that is a medal in the current world of BH

  • There are rumors that the witch will be back Monday, the landing pad for the broom is cleared and the spell pot ready for more of her evil ways. We are sure she has woven some evil and nasty new spells for us to work with, we are wondering what, will it be reduced wages, reduced work week firing of staff who oppose her ……who knows what the black magic witch will have for us. And the evil people at corporate just the same… the three witches of Macbeth creating HUBBLE BUBBLE TOIL AND TROUBLE Bev, Lynn and Alice

    Lynn, Capasso and Taylor ready to cast their evil over us all

    With people like nursing leader we are doomed

    Stand strong for our patients

  • Smarties, you are my Hero, proudly pin a medal on y’all. But pretty sure Nursing Leader would rather turn you into the District Gestapo, seeing y’all are a low performer and all and can’t handle change and all. But you’re anonymous, so ya got that going for ya. Really, this is why the Sheeple like Fellowcoworker always underestimate the Nursing Leaders and get burned. It’s what they DO. NOT what they SAY. These two will be standing together on the Deck of this Titanic Shitshow, singing”Nearer,My God,to Thee”as it slips slowly in to the depths of insolvency. Stand Strong, Stay Strong.

  • BHMC is going downhill fast–we miss Sprada! The new CEO is a bird brain running around like a pigeon with mixed messages and inauthentic gestures. I pray that when Capasso is locked up with the rest of the board that we get a President and CEO that will give us a real leader with vision like Sprada!

  • Yes Mark Sprada is missed like you would not believe, Farrington well enough said we do not have any confidence in her, she goes behind everyones back, stabbing managers in the back. morale is the worst, To describe our CEO as a bird is an understatement, it is more like a Vulture, there again a pigeon is a parasite and that is what she is, A PARASITE Replacing Sprada with her is an insult
    It seems BHN also in a mess
    Morale is so bad we have had many good people loyal to BH all go
    We are praying that Capasso goes behind bars that is how bad it is here at BHMC and her supporter Lynn and the Board
    We tried to put lipstick on a PIG called Capasso she still remains a PIG and is turning our health care system into a filthy pigsty
    I curse you all who have done this to us

  • Well, it’s been much more than 72hrs since I asked Nursing Leader to reveal something. Step out. But,.. looks like a prob. However I will reveal something , instead. I am one of you. Huddle in your huddles, sit in your meetings and watch AT, laser in on a Nursing Leader that’s completely unprepared. Yeah, fun. To the Career Criminals I’m Judas, Benedict Arnold, Brutus, Caesar ‘s not Popeye’s.. to others I’m Hercules Mulligan from Hamilton, Deepthroat from Watergate, Steve Bannon from the Whitehouse. I’m the eyes and ears. And there are thousands of us I’m the Anonymous Voices, transparent and truthful. And, as Michael Jackson sang, Just look over your shoulder, and I’ll be There. Stand Strong , Stay Strong

  • You go Humpty, you go ! write a book write an article write a column let the world know what this whore is like
    She is the epitome of evil, I do not go to huddles, but we all know what she is like the rumors in the hospital are bad,
    I think it is only a matter of time that law suites are filed against her/BH from employees
    Harassment at work is not allowed the environment is hostile and The her actions actions and behavior discriminates
    Her behavior and communication is pervasive, and is not limited to an off-the cuff remark or two that our coworker found annoying. These incidents can not be reported to Human Resources or compliance because nothing gets done,
    The problem is significant and pervasive as it is continuing over time, and is not investigated and addressed effectively enough by the organization to make her behavior stop.
    The hostile behavior, actions, or communication are severe. and the she is impeding our work
    It is also reasonable to assume that BH knows about the actions and behavior and has not sufficiently intervened Consequently, BH can be liable for the creation of a hostile work environment. As if that is not enough we also have hostile and belittling behavior from several other managers all the names have been discussed here before I do not need to go into who they are
    If I was like this in 90 days I would have been terminated, Just remember we all are able to record the bad behavior today with our smart phones!
    HR Ethics and Compliance where are you,

  • if you think anyone at BH is worried about this think again they could not care less, after all they have 5 people indicted by a Grand Jury and so far nothing done. Imagine if that was you or me, we would have been ousted after the Jury made their decision no matter where you worked

    We can only hope for the criminal justice system to be on the side of good and just do the right thing.

    I feel sorry for all of you remaining at BH

    I am sure in 10 years people will be asking “Who made these decisions” none of your new team will be there they are all gold diggers

    I sincerely hope HCA does not take over the system that would be terrible for all of us who live in Broward

  • It is really terrible to think 3 months ago BHN was a vibrant thriving hospital looking forward to its new direction with a very well respected Interim CEO Robert Bugg
    Unfortunately we were told that was not to be , people were visibly shocked, people were told it was an outside person, they obviously decided not to come and we instead have queen bitch Alice, almost like Mommie dearest
    Arriving in her Manolo Blahnik ‘ and designer clothes, botox frozen and collagen filled face Alice has managed to alienate almost everyone at the hospital, all these comments… come on BH this is disgraceful something is wrong
    This is not what we are, this is not the right person what more do you all want to know

    HOWEVER after all that the has happened recently with the exposed atrocities of Capasso and Barrett against Grant I can believe anything

  • Broward Health is diseased. It may have some great physicians, nurses and other professionals but its management is corrupt, the facts don’t lead to any other conclusion, I have good evidence of further fraud at Broward Health, also Capasso was apparently friends with Lynn Barrett, the general counsel of Broward Health, if that connection helped her land her appointment by Governor Scott to the board of directors or her subsequent appointment as interim CEO that is further fraud . The amount of friends Capasso has employed is impossible to believe,
    It is time to get these skanks out so our health care system can recover

  • What a great idea. The use of social media and I phones to combat abusive behavior. It’s a record they can’t refute. And it’s a record that other authorities may see as evidence. As in the police. People here have said time and again that HR and admin. Refuse to act. The next time a manager/ physician abuses or threatens someone get it on your phone and call 911,. What is the difference if it’s out in public or at work. A threat is a threat. Abuse is Abuse. A Doctor is shielded, why because they have MD after their name. No, bullying is wrong, MD, Admin. Nursing Leader, co worker. It’s wrong. And in some instances it’s illegal. We have the right to protect ourselves because they won’t. When the anonymous voices in the ER told about the threats and abuse at the hands of that god awful bitch Donna Bowers, Admin. Turned it around on the employees saying they had to protect her from them. Typical Criminal behavior. Think, The Catholic Churches and it’s abuse of their Alterboys. Dickskins will always blame the victims. Stand Strong, Stay Strong, and film it if you can.

  • This is so so so sad, BUT I am afraid it is so so TRUE , everything said on the blog is fact not fiction I do not agree with the foul language BUT unfortunately it is a reality of how people feel and react to abuse We are the little people but to all little people out there our voice is been Heard strong loud and clear. We are motivated educated and will not take this.

  • Hallelujah, praise be, someone has finally called out the disservice done to BHN employees when they moved Mr. Robert out. He was the best thing to happen to us. Bless you Mr. Robert. Now we’re left with the Ice Queen(called because her all’s face is frozen from Botox) and that White Trash Posse, Bowers, Brown, Ruditz, And Mansfield. Lord help us, all y’all pray for us to be delivered. I pray strong so I can stay strong.

  • Very transparent just like Alice


  • When grant was taken away to work at he district we were sad but elated for her and the district, for a long time we worked so well with Robert, seeing Grant weekly or more. Robert was not easy but he gained respect of almost everyone including physicians
    When he was told he was removed and an external candidate was coming along, I have never experienced anything like the sheer feeling of disbelief and anger
    Almost three months later (yes we are counting) Alice is yet to be accepted, she is alienating more and more people, physicians included,
    The feeling of support many had for Capasso and friends is dwindling, we are no longer drinking the cool aide, From my colleagues at BHMC the feeling is even stronger where mark is greatly missed
    For those of us in the grass roots in the trenches there is so much wrong, many of us are going to vote with our feet, We have criminally indicted CEO and Legal council as well as Board members, we can not look up to our leaders. Many of us now feel the only way is to leave Our cries for help are ignored, we have criminals leading us how are they able to keep their professional license. We really feel let down by all

  • Let me get this right, the FAKE Degree CRIMINALLY INDICTED Bev Capasso is hiring her substandard friends from D rated hospitals for “fix us”
    Carolyn Carter was run out of BG for her passive-aggressive unprofessional behavior and now she is our CNO? Hired by the indicted CEO because she kissed her ass?
    This chick is not CNO material. We need to organize and get SEIU in her for staff and front-line management. Now our PL and DL is gone and we are suppose to be happy?

  • Has anyone noticed that BHN is looking more and more like a retail business that’s going out of business. Dirty floors and walls, cafeteria food stations not open or half serviced and food portions greatly reduced. Supplies so badly needed on floors and in Departments under stocked or worse supply orders held up or withheld by management.Staffing cutback mostly running as needed. Trouble with that is areas that have scheduled patients or exams have to scramble to service their departments because there is no schedule.It’s hellter skelter, physicians and management doing whatever they want. When they want it. For fucksake, who can staff like that. No wonder manhours don’t jive with workload. But nobody in charge cares. Know Why? CAUSE WERE GOIN’ OUTTA BIZNESS Y’all.

  • All Stakeholders should read the public documents from Pauline’s lawsuit. It is easy to see that the Board and General Counsel are not fulfilling their fiduciary duties and should be removed:
    Go to and type in Pauline Grant.
    CACE16022981 Pauline Grant Plaintiff vs. North Broward Hospital District dba Broward Health, et al Defendant Declaratory Judgment 12-20-2016 Pending
    CACE17009406 Pauline Grant Plaintiff vs. North Broward Hospital District dba Broward Health Defendant Contract and Indebtedness 05-12-2017 Pending
    CACE17014710 Pauline Grant, et al Plaintiff vs. North Brwd Hosp Dist Defendant Other 08-02-2017 Pending
    CACE17022221 Pauline Grant Plaintiff vs. North Broward Hospital District Defendant Other – Discrimination Employment or Other 12-08-2017 Pending
    Go to the first page

  • I left Broward Health after only a few months, I was treated so badly by the nursing leaders and the physicians, it was painful to go to work. I will leave it blank the position I had, Ask anyone who has been through the same, they will have the same story. “We don’t do that here, it does not work doing it that way, Let me tell you how it works, even the doctors told me we do not change, change does not happen here”., the taunts and comments were awful. It was like a very bad horror dream. This was not just on a one to one but also in meetings, I was shouted at and taunted by my manager I was intimidated like you will not believe, today I still do not know why, …because I was new and had new ideas? So when I read the list of people Ruditz, Mansfield, et al it makes me pleased it was not just me they intimidate. Let me tell you I also told HR and I was ignored, bad fit I was told! As for the comments about Taylor I am not surprised, she is from the outside, she is bright and wants new ideas, Broward does not like this, I heard Bugg was a also doing a great job and it is sad he was not recognized better. So for all those who gave me such a bad time, I hope Alice stops this attitude and your time is shortened at BH Many blessings to you all

  • Putin and Fascinating THANK YOU
    It is now all making sense, Pauline Grant would never have allowed this NEVER NEVER NEVER
    Yesterday I noticed the terrible state of affairs at the cafeteria, OMG, then to care for patients we do not have the tools as they do not pay bills! I have not noticed the dirt but then I am nearly blind
    Then they had to sell bonds!!! to keep afloat Not at all good
    I have heard executives from HCA at corporate.

    After I read the court reports, how can these people continue in office? to further de stabilize us

    What more can we take, you have guessed it MUCH MORE LOOKS MORE AND MORE BLEAK for poor Broward health

    Each Hospital has a real idiot for a CEO and CNO, all of them, and Capasso and Barrett should be publicly flogged and interred for what they are doing to our health care at Broward health

    JUST AS TRUMP SAYs THERE IS NO CLIMATE CHANGE (it snowed in the Sahara desert yesterday) THEN CAPASSO ET AL STATES THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH BROWARD HEALTH oh but I forgot they are all connected to our deeply respected governor Scott who no one voted for !

  • All of this because of an incompetent third country third class ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON called SILVERFARB and a lady wanting to up hold quality!!!

  • Final insult today
    No PL NO DL and now they are wanting us to donate money to the FOUNDATION


  • We beseech you Mrs. Capasso to bring back Mark Sprada.
    I’ve known him for 20 years and I know that he loves Broward Health and would come back and help straighten out this mess at BHMC if you would let him. I have not talked to him, he won’t take any calls other than Happy Holidays. Please contact him.
    He is a forgiving and humble man who believes in Broward and our mission.
    Please Please Please help us. I don’t want to say anything bad about others. I just know that we need him back here fast. Things are really bad and there is an underground movement by doctors and staff that will not be productive. It could all be solved with Mark’s leadership. We respect and trust him!
    Maybe you could show some humility also?

  • I worked with Pauline Grant for many years , amazing lady, she knew how to manage everyone, keep the mix happy and to work together, With Robert he slowly began to change the Grant way! and was also able to keep people together working and productive together. Since this lady Alice (word used cautiously) has taken over we are in chaos, everyone is after everyone and everyone is talking about how much she is hated, disliked, not trusted, bitchy, and those are good comments. , We really should not expect anything better as we are lead by a bunch of 5 criminally indicted staff. The hospital needs to be saved, it does not need to be persecuted, we do not need to be tortured, this work place has become very hostile, intimidating and abusive.

  • The Harmonious , homogeneous very stable environment that was at BHN is no more as a physician I am noticing this more and more instability
    I can vote with my feet and will be considering moving my patients to other hospitals, I do not want to expose them to this hostility and I do not want to get into fights between other physicians, over turf wars or illegal stark violations which is really rife in this hospital. The quality care that was here is no longer. The medical staff are very upset and with the news of one of the best medical staffing office staff members leaving this hospital.
    People who should be leaving such as the quality director and CNO are the ones who should be leaving, as well as Ms Taylor who is doing nothing for this hospital at all except making cyclones where none should exist

  • I sincerely hope you are happy
    Safety is compromised and conditions intolerable
    This is the biggest crisis for BH and the people of Broward County

  • Yesterday at BHN my family member was 1 of over 30 waiting for a bed in the ED The nurse told us it was the worst they had ever known. My mother was uncomfortable, the nurses were good but there is only so much they can do
    President Trump today talked about S**Hole countries this is a shit hole hospital

  • Wow, calling Nursing Leader, look at all the disgruntled under performers commenting about what a, to quote the President “Shithole” the District has become. You and all the defenders of the WTP (White Trash Posse), Ice Queen and the Incompetents, and the Career Criminals can go to Hell.A Pox on y’all.Doctors, Unhappy? Walk. Take your business elsewhere. Send the message. You Fucking Dickskins are all about flexing your muscles, throwing your weight behind any fucking money grab idea pumped out by the WEALTHCARE system. But hey when there are bigger gangsters aren’t we all in the same boat. Yeah we’re on the fucking Titanic. And just like the Titanic the workers and lower class passengers the immigrants were confined to the bowels of the great ship. While the entitled and privileged roamed the decks, and stormed the lifeboats saving themselves. Leaving the under appreciated workingclass folk to fend for themselves and perish as an afterthought. This is Us. Join Us tell your story thru comments. Eyes and Ears. Don’t be an afterthought. Stronger Together.

  • I heard that the reason we have Ms. Vain too much filler in the face Alice at BHN is because she ‘gave up’ on Imperial Point and recommended it be closed or changed into an outpatient center.
    She also floated the idea of cutting benefits for employees saying we are “too rich”
    Imperial is the best hospital in the system and she wants to close it and save herself. That is the character we have as our Leader at BHN and the kind of Leader crooked Bev Capasso put here. I also hear that the Chairman’s hospital bills should be looked into to see if he was credited and got a benefit for being a board member.

  • Alice Taylor is too old to work and too old be a CEO in BHN.

    Capasso is getting her karma back very soon, not even funny. It accumulates!

    Capasso and her intern group at C and VP positions – being cursed so badly, not even funny. It accumulates!

    Rather being fired, step down and save your face.

  • The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

  • Alice Taylor thinking the staff are too rich, the Lord help us all
    She drives a beautiful BMW sports care, new
    Her clothes are all designer
    Her Jewelry is all high end
    Her face fillers and skin care costs more than my take home pay
    Her face lift is terrible,
    She is old superficial and forgetful
    She does not belong at BHN, she does not fit at all, Robert Bugg did a much better job.
    in fact a better job for her would be as a sales assistant in Nordstroms or Neiman Marcus selling high end ladies clothes,

  • As they become indicted and may do time (but don’t hold your breath I am sure we all know they will get off) here is a list of jobs for or corrupt leaders:
    Capasso: The local tavern is advertising
    Gino: a model for GQ
    Alan: Second hand car sales man
    Alice: Nordstroms ladies clothes
    In the past we all had confidence in our leaders that is no longer the case, they truly are disliked, and the grand jury has not helped.
    I work at Imperial and we are all very happy she has left us and moved on
    I feel sorry for you all at BHN,

  • when will corporate understand this is not working

  • Corporate IS THE PROBLEM. The Career Criminals downtown have placed their lackey dogs in those positions. They will attack when needed and Heel when told. It’s simple, they do what they are told to do, and expect the local admin. And management to follow suit. Likewise, they in turn expect the workers to do the same. Or, suffer the repercussions. In other words SHUT UP AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN. Who remembers when dialogue flowed both ways. When ideas were valued not mocked. This is the worst corporate model. Where commands come from the top to be followed and obeyed. Questions and Debate WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! There’s no Moral Compass, no Moral Leadership. To The Criminals we are The Shithole. To be reviled, used, abused and discarded. While THEY rape the system for their personal benefit and enrichment. Fuck you Cretins

  • Brothers and Sisters, stay strong those at the top have not taken responsibility for their. actions towards our sister Pauline. They have been indicted and we all pray they have their just day in court Tiger Lily talks about the moral compass and there is none.
    Enjoy our day of celebration and lets pray for justice

  • Y’all
    Nothing will change unless the employees organize either with a union or all write Gov. Scott and demand a new Board. Y’all better be registered voters too and vote in the upcoming elections.

  • SEIU

    All ya all need to fight for a UNION

  • The Union , SEIU, unfortunately is also a corporation. The want money AND power. And the power lies in the hands of Nursing like all Hospitals. Without the rank and file nurses the union is not interested. Look at West Boca, employees were all for SEIU, but until the nurses came on board they wouldn’t vote. My impression at BHN is the majority of the nursing staff could give a shit about the Union. Just sayin’

  • I can not help but writing, I owe my life to North Hospital ,I am recovering with my daughter in California, I live because of the staff at North.. Today I am going to name some of them and I will say I would not be here today without them I was hit by a car, almost dead EMS took me to north hospital . I remember the hard pavement the heat of the sun, then the sudden intense pain, lights above me and then nothing. My daughter said I was in the OR within minutes, My doctor was Nichy, my daughter was taken care of by Kathleen, I thank gd for them, Fir days I was in the ICU, Joane and Marilyn talked to my daughter almost daily, they supported her and the nurses and others cared for me, The CEO Mr Bugg visited me , they talked to my family to my daughter and supported them, I was in the OR almost daily Dr Murkle operated on me, Thank Thank Thank you to you all, When I did wake up I remember feeling so helpless, I was transferred to the 3rd floor, I “recovered “there Tracy and Elizabeth I remember so well, they encouragement me, but everyone was amazing each day was trauma rounds I looked forward to seeing my doctor today I have a gone through thanksgiving, Christmas and all because of North Hospital, I could have died without this hospital I follow all the blogs Politico Sun Sentinel and the Bulldog and I just wanted to say that no matter what is said I live because of you all, from the bottom of my heart thank you

  • There was corporate misconduct they thought they were above the law.

    We all like Buggy Boy ,and wish he was still CEO

  • Let’s just chill there is no doubt that Beverly Capssaso/ The Board/ Lynn Barrett are going to be convicted. Two former Board Members are the prosecutions star witnesses and they have more political clout with the upcoming Senate election than the current board members.
    Once convicted and Rick Scott is out of Office the house of cards (Evil Alan as closeted Kevin Spacey included) will come down. Anyone appointed by Capasso will be gone and fired for poor performance and anyone they hired. They are all Leaders including veterans like Sandra and Alice that have followers because of fear not inspiration. Maybe they will hire some more do nothings chiefs of dick holding. Oh I mean staff.

    The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those living a lie
    REMEMBER the TRUTH sounds like hate to those living a lie

  • People who agreed to become the Cs or VPs via Capasso’s <<>>, NOT through formal hiring process, are like Capasso’s little tumors.
    BETTER looking for other jobs now, for the whole thing will go really really bad, not worth putting on their future resume. They knew that they would never ever got to that high rank position, with their job experience.
    ———- Alan and Gino — what a joke! You guys not embarrassed ???
    ———- Of course, Capasso herself is never embarrassed putting her fake master degree on her own resume.
    ———-1/22, Jail time for Capasso!

  • My crystal ball tells me that The Broward Health Board of Monday will PRETEND to interview the applicants for President/CEO. After they interview them there will a REVELATION that the present Leadership is so wonderful that Bev Capasso should be begged to stay on. How much you wanna bet? The only variance may be that she defers to Gino GQ should she be convicted.

  • Fortune Teller …………. many of us are expecting this
    She will never be sentenced,……… the CEO Applicants will not be good enough,…………….then hey presto Capasso will be in again at a super high salary

    I am in the final stages of my life, I have some very revealing revelations about Grant, Physicians hold onto your hats you betrayed her,

    After all the dead don’t talk, and I am so sick I have nothing to loose

    This is not any threats just the truth

  • Evil people will get what they deserve. Regardless of the 1/22 result, they will get all karma back, for they have got what they were NOT supposed to – tax payer’s money. It’s beyond greed of money and power. When things go extreme, it will collapse.
    Whatever Capasso has done at Broward Health will hurt the Senator campaign for Rick Scott, ethics issue.

  • Well, reading this thread I certainly see there is ALOT of anger, frustration and resentment among those posting. And, I can say that in my interactions in and around the upper administration you people are spot on in your rants. Actually you can’t be shitty enough in your assessments. These are the most corrupt, criminally insane SOB’s I have ever had the displeasure to meet. Capasso, Barrett and their minions are spreading their cancerous disease throughout the District. It’s metastasized to the upper management in the local hospitals and seeping to the department management. They’re going to court, hopefully the judicial system will help to cut out this infection and let the employees heal.

  • There is strong uncomfortable and hostile responses to Capasso, Barrett and Gino, with their provocation, hurtful management and threats, The anger is an pure act of protection to the hurt fear and sadness they have brought to the district. Everyday you can see traits of aggressive, assertive and passive anger, there is truly more negative and prejudiced treatment to people who have been loyal to the people of Broward., I see people increasingly frustrated as they (Capasso Barrett and Gino) surrounding themselves with friends who are destroying the district. The vintage leaders in the two flag ship hospitals are truly hateful, I mean hateful, Dr. Gozenya describes the metastatic spread into all levels, we all are praying these people are brought to justice, I would like to know where our local leaders are and where Bondi and Scott are with all this? Cut out the cancer, get rid of this management team now

  • I’m glad to see my fellow physicians have come calling. The Two Dicks( Byrne and Gozenya) are swinging into action. Thank you. But here’s the thing. Another Dick( Dick Spot aka Rick Scott) is the problem. He has his hand in this till. Why didn’t he suspend those Criminals that have been INDICTED for Christsake. Do you think he wants to stir the pot before his run for Guvna.? I’ve seen Three different Gov. have input into the District none great, some Ok. But never corruption and criminal behavior to this extent and so blatantly ignored. The 8000 employees of the District and the taxpayers of Broward will remember being shit on by these crooks. Stay Strong and Stand Strong. It’s a marathon, not a sprint Justice shall be served. Fuck these Mooks.

  • Nothing will happen to The Board, Barrett or Capasso it is all fixed and goes all the way to the Governor who is supported by Trump.

    The only hope we have for change is if the doctors and staff rebel and refuse to work for the indentured hospital CEOs and the corrupt Corporate CEO, COO, CFO and all VPS.

  • These people are utter VERMIN to Broward health and to the people of Broward County
    Some of my fellow doctors are in bed with them, a POX on you all

    Should these people get off Scott free, then hell will have no fury to what some of us will unleash, not a threat just a comment

  • Dr. Burne, you are so right, many of us are on The Wealthcare Train. And, they could give a shit about Healthcare. Mostly irs those Docs that don’t give a shit about anything or anyone, except making money. Now, making money in itself is not bad, but at the expense of patient care, and common courtesy, is wrong. There’s very little decency and integrity left in this profession. Shame on you, and shame on us for not standing up to these Shitbags.#ENOUGH.

  • BEEN THERE Jan 21, 2018

    While all this corruption is being
    discussed, and it exists in every area of Management at each facility,
    not just the corporate level, there
    is yet another atrocity to address – the
    bullying of employees, particularly nursing, by the medical staff. Those days are OVER! Band together & take
    them down. Trust me – they all have
    something to hide. Stop the lucrative contracts while you’re forced to take days off.

  • Corruption at all levels, Physicians who treat you like shit, now we are forced to take time off for so called productivity, staffing levels that are truly dangerous,
    The place is spinning out of control, there is no moral ethics and we are run by very vintage CEO’s who should be “pink Ladies” in the auxiliary than running the hospitals a board and upper management indicted with no one doing anything about it. But lets get this right you will force me to take time off!

    As a patriot this is not what our country is built on, at Medical center it is one bad mess our CEO and CNO are a disgrace BUT the physicians all line their pockets,

    BH is a volcano ready to explode

  • I just want to say that Farrington was respected but now is hated by us all, as for the CEO she is just on another planet, which planet only she knows. what was a great hospital has been reduced to a third world crumbling mess.
    Someone somewhere needs to listen to all these comments, it shows there is no ethics or compliance in the system , they are guided by the board and upper management there is no media coverage of our plight and of course tricky dicky Scott is behind all of this.
    We are a laughing stock of how public hospitals should not be run

  • Holy Christ, is anyone looking at the gigantic Shitshow unfolding on a daily basis at the BHN ER? WTF? This just confirms everyone’s worst fears that Donna Bowers is so god damn incompetent that she is driving this fucking dumpster fire off the cliff. Go for it Bitch, and take the rest of the White Trash Posse with y’all. We can all piss in it to put it out, but at least y’all, every one of You nasty whores will be gone.

  • I worked at BH in 2 departments as an RN , my managers were OK the people I worked with hard workers we worked long hard hours understaffed short often with dangerous levels,, I left because of the Physicians, I was shouted at belittled humiliated and in some cases actually man handled, The way they talked to me was awful, I am not unattractive and the comments. were unwelcome. I talked to HR and they were really too busy. When I said I was leaving I was told it is no different elsewhere, well it is, I am here to tell you it is much better on the other side,
    I guess having a load of indicted criminals at BH as leaders does not help, physicians feel they can do what they want and there is no action taken, I witnessed bad care and also no correction, just saying this can not go on, I did not take legal action someone else may ,

  • Go to and watch the after interview discussion of The Board and have a good laugh at the shit show.

    It is hysterical to watch the three stooges Alan, Gino and Peter our great leaders, what a joke they are.

    The Chairman of The Board must have an IQ of 2.

  • Missy someone has just been sentenced for 175 years for what you describe and yet HR would not listen to you !
    Alan Gino and Peter are the three stooges no doubt there, we are known as one of the worst health care systems in the country and we have criminals indicted to prove it running us
    As for stooges BHN has one hell of a stooge as a CEO,
    This is one hell of a shit show indeed

  • So here’s a joke I heard, a woman of color walks into a hospital for some X-ray exams. One of which showed a collapsed lung. Two mds saw the images and report and recommended that she go to the ER. Here’s where it really gets wacky. The Er Doc told registration to start a chart and get her into the Er, as she was now experiencing difficulty breathing. But NO, the ER manager decided to Take Charge( hilarious), and take the woman out to the waiting room to be seen and processed. Delaying emergent care for hours. Now this is where it really gets crazy funny almost tragically so. If this was a middleclass white woman or better still a VIP from the District Admin. They would have been shuttled thru the ER, past the rabble in the waiting room, past the Nurse Practioner, to a waiting ER Physician and a room. With staff fawning over them. Quick, neat , efficient. Funny right. Fuck that bitch from some Shithole like Haiti. Got more important people to impress.whats really the funny thing is, well ironic funny is that this is not a joke but TRUE. It really did happen. Right there in the BHN ER. Thank you DONNA BOWERS, for taking charge and doing what you do best. FUCK THINGS UP. Classic White Trash Posse. What would they do without you. Hopefully, your staff will soon find out, FIRE THIS INCOMPETENT TURD, Now not later, before she fucks up anything else or anyone else. Do the RIGHT THING. STAND STRONG, STAY STRONG, TOGETHER.

  • sad but true

    there are also ED physicians there that are even worse,
    Will anything be done…. NO is the answer… NO….. NOT AT ALL

    By the way we have some real shit hole physicians in the ED

    All the complaints and nothing will be done

  • I feel revulsion and profound disapproval for the comments about Donna Bowers
    It is repulsive sickening and profoundly nauseating to think people would write this about her, and I am working with you as a colleague?

    I sincerely hope this stops and she is allowed to be free of this harassing humiliation, and if you want to take me on go ahead I know who you all are, remember she employed you and gave you all the opportunity to prove yourself …so go ahead use your energy to be more positive and constructive

  • well said DIS GUST ….leave her alone ! this is now beyond making a point for God’s sake this is messed up

    Nasty comments horrible names and comments will get you no where

    Donna feel proud of what you have done in the ED


  • Go ahead you dolts continue to drink the Kool-Aid. No way, shape or form can you justify the actions of the half brain( literally). Anyone who has worked outside the District bubble, and have done real ER/ Trauma. Organized, Prepared, Well trained. Knows that your ER is truly a , And this one’s for you Trump4Me, truly a colossal SHITHOUSE. So drink away and give our best to Rev. Jim Jones, cause that’s where your headed. STAND STRONG, STAY STRONG, TOGETHER.

    I suspect no new CEO was hired following the interviews. They probably took one look at the finances, crumbling infrastructure, indifferent physicians, incompetent leadership and disgruntled employees and said “see ya”. Change starts at the top. Lose the ineffective and dishonest COOs &:CNOs. They were totally unprepared for their jobs — hand picked for not standing up to the CEO, or for the employees. What raise percentage did you receive? Certainly not 2%. Do everyone a favor & resign. You have zero credibility, so go back to the hole you climbed out of and avoid the inevitable chopping block. You’re totally worthless pieces of shit. Start with “Robbing” Farrington. Total back-stabbing loser. Then work your way through the other facilities. And don’t forget the dozens of miserable managers. They spend their days hiding in their offices. Spineless, totally ineffective and untrained for managing anything or anyone. We deserve so much better!

  • I can not believe how much of a shit show this has become, “Times up” is eloquent
    ROBBING Farrington a total bitch, Morale is so bad at “The General” and from what I hear at the other hospitals, Not only do the patients deserve so much better the people of Broward County deserve better
    More to come above and beyond social media

  • Susanne Fontana, thank you for your voice. Crystal clear and calling out these POS that are rape and pillaging he District. On the other hand, you two Numbnuts defending the indefensible. Might as well piss into the wind. Anyone supporting anything that Bowers has done, is complicit and just as guilty as she is. So that said, fuck you too, idiots.

  • So y’all. CAPASSO is the new CEO

    Pissing in the wind POS indicted and a criminal even though it is a second degree misdemeanor it is a criminal infraction

    EXPECT it to get worse

    MF bitch I hope you do jail time

  • This gives the wrong message to my son who has just found out that the person who committed a crime enough to be indicted by a grand jury has been offered a job as a CEO in the 10th largest health care system, see he said Crime does pay it does not matter what you do, she can do what she wants and becomes the president of a company, paid 650K minimum.

    Great role model Great choice (not) no wonder people like Bowers, Farrington, Taylor Todd Atkinson, can do what they want it is a trickle down effect

  • Listen to the PEOPLE, LISTEN TO THE VOICES. Everyone that reads this blog, SHARE IT, SPREAD IT. Let everyone know. But be careful. There are infiltrators. Traitors. People that would ingratiate themselves to the enablers. For personal gain. WE HAVE THE VOICE, WE HAVE THE NUMBERS. WE WILL BE HEARD. Licking my chops, waiting for the NEW EMPLOYEE SURVEY.!!! STAY STRONG, TOGETHER.

  • So,.. who’s the genius that suggested an Employee Survey at this juncture. Man,.. get yalls resume together cause yalls gonna need it. Let’s get 100% on the survey.

  • WTF CAPASSO AS THE PRESIDENT ? It is all crystal clear now….think of everything that has happened, it is all VERY clear

    As for a Employee survey, which people decided this, I heard there was a strategic planning meeting in each hospital the skanks obviously decided then

    REMEMBER this survey is not anonymous they know who is writing what and they will use it against you

  • Holy Shit, you’re right. The Survey is not anonymous. So if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything. DONT SAY ANYTHING. They don’t want the truth. THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Fuck the survey!

  • Mandatory Town Hall Meetings

  • Mandatory…………… removal of criminals running our health system

  • Fuck mandatory, Resist this bullshit, make them understand that they can’t trot out this Dogand Pony Show And make people sit through it. Make people take a Bullshit survey, w/ o anonymity. No participation in this Sham.Fuck Them,…Cretins.

  • It is a Dog and Pony show, end of story for Physicians as wells Staff, this has to stop, I was hauled in to the “Director of Physician Services” office and berated for my HCAPS scores compared to other physicians, and why I was not bringing more business to the hospital, here we go
    1) My patients do not want to come to this hospital , after what they read I do not blame them
    2) Infection rate is high
    3) There is no intensivist/surgical critical care service , the ICU’s are a disgrace POOR staffing and out of date equipment, when I have critically ill patients I want to transfer to other hospitals
    4) The good old boy net work I scratch your back you scratch mine, stark violation’s I will not get involved with and end up in a federal prison
    5) Indicted management at upper levels
    6) Rooms so small my patients can touch the other patients bed
    7) Always in a code purple If I am on call for the ED I have patients in the ED for hours if not days
    8) Staff morale is awful
    9) Poor patient satisfaction when they return to me
    Enough said,
    Try going to Northwest, try going to Boca Community try going anywhere but BH and see
    the difference,

  • The Doctor is IN, and thank you for joining the fray with an on point comment. Should have bitch slapped the Director of Physician Services, especially if it’s that fat toad at BHN. As bad as it seems from the CHAMPAGNE ROOM, Doc, it’s worse in the peanut gallery. And now that the clown posse anointed CompASSHOLE the Queen of the fucking blackhole known as the District, the employees will suffer more. That Bitches lap dogs will line up to do her dirty work and bidding.further driving down morale and increasing employee anger. While the workers are tethered to the Whipping Post, these Assclowns scurry around desperately trying to curry favor from this whore. STEP UP, SPEAK OUT, STAY STRONG, AND RESIST. The fight is Righteous.

  • I will reserve the right to say which one it was ! unfair to name anyone directly

    As I was told by one of my patients who has had several admissions and now refuses to go to the BH hospital , “It was never a Rolex, more a Timex Cheap fairly reliable nothing to show but served its purpose, now it is not even that”

    Keeping a score card on me, comparing me to other physicians by HCAP scores and , displaying these scores while identifying and rewarding Most valuable physicians, outside medical staffing with Top Star performers etc with specific car park place, reward ceremony and other favors to bring “business” or patients to their hospital is surely against the law, or at least ethically not correct BUT what to expect the district IS now run by indicted criminals.
    I feel sorry for the staff at these hospitals there is true deterioration since the new management

  • After 100 comments we hear you all !

    It was better with Grant, Mark and Robert WERE better and now we have criminals running the district GO FIGURE ……Fasten your seat belts its a bumpy ride !

  • Open Letter to Doc, (Tug of War),… so we feel your embarrassment, the humiliation that goes wth a slap down. WE LIVE THIS EVERYDAY. From Admin.,management, medical staff, and any other motherfucker with a tude. We feel your pain, because it’s ours. But, unlike you we are limited in our voice. You on the other hand can have a larger voice, bigger presence, and more impact. It’s simple,.. DO THE RIGHT THING, SAY THE RIGHT THINGS, STEP UP AND STAND OUT. They tell us to use CUS, if we see hear or feel something is wrong, It’s laughable. YOU DEAR DOCTOR CAN HAVE THAT LOUDER VOICE. You can breech the doctors code of silence. If you see it , hear it, report it. Take it outside the District. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Your silence makes you complicit. Don’t feel sorry for us, we feel sorry for you.


    I have started….. I am standing up….. I am resisting I am not silent,…. I promise you I have a voice, and so do you use it … I am …Together we will make it loud and clear we will not accept this, WHAT IS CUS
    This administration is bringing down Broward Health, we need to stop this

  • Mortified I stood behind you , I supported you, I think you know who I am !

    Keep strong more to come

    This too will end

  • I have learnt a lot working with you these few years I know you will be successful in your new position, YOU can definitely look forward to new opportunities on the path ahead, Broward health does not know what they are loosing, and HCA is gaining a true jewel in the crown
    Gods speed my friend

    Capasso what we are left with is terrible…… a great curse on you for this ….I have never thought this but after what you are doing to our health system…I hope you go to the big house

  • DR TRUTH… ?? seriously… where do you get your facts. Silverfarb is telling the truth. it is corroborated by contemporaneous letters that are factual. Silverfarb was treated unfairly, by a corrupt system. He sleeps just fine at night I assure you. You allege QUALITY issues but are unable to provide the cases or define what these issue are. Not surprisingly, because this was contrived by a nefarious and unethical institution in a duplicitous manner… SHAM committee reviews, Kangaroo Peer reviews, and shameful administrative and physician leadership. Shame on you for libelous and misguided opinions…. question really is do U sleep well enough at night?

  • A dr shines a light on a corrupt system. Grant deserved to be fired. Especially after the 70 million dollar settlement you would think management would know how to steer clear of malfeasance. Guess not.

  • You’ve done years of damage, supported corrupt colleagues and destroyed careers. And NOW you feel uncomfortable working at BHMC! You should have been discarded years ago. HCA??— your career is going in the wrong direction. Your morals & integrity went south years ago. No loss here. Go suck up at HCS. It’s the bottom of the barrel – just where you should be. Rot in Hell.

  • FACT Silverfarb does NOT have horrific outcomes. What horrific outcomes? This assertion is ridiculous. FACT Silverfarb is one of the really good surgeons on staff at BH and one should consider them lucky if he is your surgeon. There are NO QUALITY issues with him, just a made up smear campaign by unethical leadership and corrupted misguided physician committees. It is a ring of thieves at the hospital. You should be investigating the SHAM committee reviews and the kangaroo system to really gain insight on how they use these mechanisms to control the “business” of medicine! Pauline Grant herself admitted that “this looks bad” and could not explain how she mismanaged a corrupted CALL schedule tied to dubious physicians. They could not explain why after placing Silverfarb finally on the TRAUMA call they had given him just 1 call a month while the other physicians were given 4-5 calls per month. (just follow the money). Then after Silverfarb complained about this uneven and unfair distribution he is “suddenly” removed from the Trauma call inexplicably. They removed from the TRAUMA call (lucrative contract) but left him on the PRIVATE call. If they were so concerned that they were merely protecting patients, then why didn’t they also remove him from PRIVATE call? There is TRAUMA on the private call side as well. This has nothing to do with Quality but everything to do with a corrupt unethical system. Its easy to just say things in the media and public venue without having to answer to or back up ridiculous allegations. Get your FACTS right.

  • You are not the one making the decision, it was made by a committee of people, he fucking sucks, they had the facts right I am a surgeon and he should be struck off the register and you should be horse whipped for spreading such slander

  • Dear ETS, I can’t believe you took Silverfarbs dick out of your mouth long enough to write these ridiculous comments. He’s an arrogant abusive rude asshole. And as Orthos said he sucks as a surgeon. And, if this is Sliverfarb masquerading as ETS, please go back to sucking your own dick, numbnuts

  • Silverfarb, I worked with him at Broward Have 2 things to say,
    Things could be worse I could be him!
    Blowing some shine your way because he is one shady f’ck

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