Broward Health boots CEO amid staff warnings, new demands for records from Gov. Scott

By Dan Christensen, 

Broward Health's new Interim CEO/President Pauline Grant is welcomed Wednesday by Commissioner Christopher T. Ure

Broward Health’s new Interim CEO/President Pauline Grant is welcomed Wednesday by Commissioner Christopher T. Ure

Amid a sweeping new demand for records from the governor’s office, Broward Health’s governing board voted Wednesday to replace its chief executive and put its controversial general counsel on a 30-day review plan.

The votes followed unprecedented warnings from taxpayer-supported Broward Health’s top doctors and non-medical staff that its administration has become so dysfunctional that without help its flagship public hospital, the former Broward General Medical Center, is 30 days away from being forced to shut down.

“Patient care at Broward General is hanging by a thread,” said hospital chief of staff Dr. Louis Yogel.

At the same time, Broward Health’s commissioners listened as two top administrators appeared at the podium on behalf of other employees to demand corrective action by the seven-member board of Republicans appointed by Gov. Rick Scott.

“We support a take-back of Broward Health from the lobbyists, angry bloggers and attorneys,” said Doris Peek, a senior vice president and chief information officer.

Out as Broward Health President/CEO is Kevin Fusco, who remains employed as chief operating officer. Fusco was reported to be sick and could not be reached for comment.

Kevin Fusco was removed Wednesday as Broward Health's Acting President/CEO

Kevin Fusco was removed Wednesday as Broward Health’s Acting President/CEO

Broward Health North Chief Executive Pauline Grant replaced Fusco to audience applause. She was the first woman to lead the North Broward Hospital District.

General Counsel Lynn Barrett, the focus of staff allegations that her mishandling of dozens of service contracts has led to internal chaos, survived a move to fire her. Broward Health Chairman David Di Pietro led the push to get rid of Barrett, an effort that Commissioner Christopher T. Ure compared to a “public lynching.”

Di Pietro couldn’t secure the needed four votes, however, and instead agreed to a compromise that put Barrett on a 30-day review plan. Commissioners will revisit Barrett’s performance next month.

Again and again, ranking Broward Health staffers rose to go public about what they said was an internal climate of intimidation and fear. Morale was said to be as low as it has ever been.

“Frightened, scared, disgusted,” was how Chief Compliance Officer Donna Lewis described the mood. “I have never heard more allegations of retaliation in my 16 years.” She added that she, too, was frightened as contractual and other important matters ground to a halt due to Fusco’s recent absences from Broward Health due to illness and vacation.

“I need resources. I need them badly,” Lewis told the board. “Get us back on track.”

Wednesday’s events played out following the arrival Tuesday afternoon of a letter from the governor’s Office of the Chief Inspector General that dramatically expanded the scope of its Broward Health inquiry.

The letter sought more than half a dozen categories of records, including those regarding “potential or actual” conflicts of interest disclosed since 2012 by Broward Health’s commissioners or administrators, and behind-the-scenes lobbying practices. The letter follows a similar demand from Tallahassee on Jan. 29 that the district turn over every contract it has awarded since July 1, 2012.

State investigators also instructed Broward Health to produce copies of termination agreements signed last month with a pair of former Broward Health executives who were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in hush money authorized by Fusco, the CEO/President ousted Wednesday.

“Complete personnel files” sought

Likewise, Broward Health was told to produce “complete personnel files” for 10 current and former hospital district officials. The letter signed by Investigations Manager Erin Romeiser explained that the information is needed “to provide a full understanding” of their relationship to the hospital district.

Those current Broward Health employees are Fusco, Barrett, Vice President for Physician Practices Maria Panyi, Chief Internal Auditor Vinnette Hall and Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer Donna Lewis. Former employees are compliance officer Mike Palaez, procurement director Brian Bravo, CEO/President Frank Nask, Chief Financial Officer Robert K. Martin and Broward Health Medical Center chief executive Calvin Glidewell.

Martin and Glidewell are the ex-Broward Health officials given deals last month that will pay them a total of $937,000 to keep their mouths shut.

Fort Lauderdale attorney Mitchell Berger, whose firm was hired recently by the district to help it deal with various federal and state investigations, called this week’s demands from the Chief Inspector General “over the top” and an unneeded “distraction” for a hospital district that is seeking to address questions about both its business dealings and its financial condition.

On March 4, for the second time in a month, Moody’s Investor’s Service downgraded the credit rating on Broward Health’s bonds.

The March 15 letter from the Chief Inspector General’s Office sought four other types of records from Broward Health:

  • “Any and all contracts and invoices for legal services and/or investigative services…from 2012 to present.” The information is to include names, dates and types of service and the scope of work.
  • All records, policies, procedures, opinions and legal advice “pertaining to board governance…independence, independence statements and compliance with sunshine laws and/or public meeting rules.
  • Similar records and advice “relating to the separation of authorities of the Board oversight activities versus operational management of Broward Health.
  • All records, legal advice and training materials “regarding the use of ‘shade’ meetings” by Broward Health’s governing board of commissioners or any committee of the board. It added: “Please include a listing of all meetings conducted in the ‘shade’…(and) justification for conducting the meeting or portions of the meeting in the ‘shade’ for the period of 2012 to present.”
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Latest comments

  • KEVIN FUSCO. Weak link. You get what you deserve.

  • Ms. Peek you are part of the problem not the solution. Good employees who are completely fed up with how they have been treated are not “angry bloggers”. We are voices that have been not heard by management, many in your departments for far too long. Go ahead leaders of Broward Health, continue to bury your self righteous heads in the sand, pat yourselves on the back and ignore the 8,000 hard working people who have done without raises, low morale and unethical staffing levels just so every year you can line your pockets with millions of dollars of bonus money. You are not listening because you are incapable of getting past your own egos…we will take our voices to the unions or any outside group that will listen to us.
    Why are you saying you will take Broward Health back from lawyers, bloggers..etc..seems to me, you and your peers have all that BH can offer at everyone else’s expense.

  • Doris Peek is not speaking on my behalf. In fact, those executives speaking at the meeting ARE the problem.
    Ms. Lewis, you are in the VP of HR office more than your own, how are you not part of the retaliation issue. You have hired more staff than any area in the past year but are crying for more. Throwing bodies at your incompetence won’t help.
    These executives are just trying to save their high paying jobs, we can see right through that.
    Cheers for Mrs. Grant..of course, she won’t get rid of them. She’s checked out anyway.

  • Cheers to you, Anonymous! Ms Peekaboo is grossly mistaken. The voices of the angry bloggers need to be heard, respected, and change within BH needs to occur out of respect for those angry bloggers who are willing to voice the truth. As for the Teflon Gov’s all out assault, seems to me he is just upping the ante in his self-protection mode. This is when we need to depend most upon the reporters, and those with inside information to report to the FEDERAL OIG to ensure the truth, not false accusation, is exposed. Stay on the fl sham of an investigation. It’s obviously making the politicians and their cronies very nervous!

  • It’s not what they say. It’s what they don’t say. This mirage is not real. Something more is at play. And kudos Annonymous and Awkward Moment. Ms. Peek’s words speak volumes as to leaderships perception of the problems; it isn’t them, it’s the citizens of this county who are disgusted and fed up with BH leadership’s greed and gross misconduct. Yup, we are the problem. How dare us for taking over BH. Geez Doris, are we all missing something here, or perhaps is it you? If I were you I’d consider swallowing the entire humble pie before publicly apologizing to the residents of this county who frankly my dear, pay your way too big salary!

  • Anonymous: right on point.

    The commissioners need to grow some hair on their chests! I find appalling that the GC and her incompetent team have managed to completely disrupt the operations of the system in less than a year, and yet she is given 30 more days. In 30 days, there will be less physicians taking call, less agreements being addressed, and further delays in operations because we are at the mercy of a narcissistic and pathological liar.

    Let’s not waste more time and bring in a management company that can get the system back on track and identify those employees who have not been rotted by the politics and intimidation tactics and who actually do their jobs effectively so they can continue to do so with the new management.

  • Dear State Investigators : you’ve left out the most important one of them all – the ring leader and one constant in all of this! – Try requesting the “complete personnel file” of SVP HR DIONNE WONG!! She is the one who has always been quietly controlling all the decisions behind the scenes – salaries – firings- hush $$ – directing each consecutive one of her new bosses (from Trower, Knight, Levine, Nask, NES, and ALWAYS the new best friend and trusted confidante – typically sequestering themselves together in her office day after day deciding which one will be terminated next! Grossly overpaid, she comes and goes (slithering in and out as she pleases) in return for one hand washing the other…

  • Cruella: …oh sorry, I meant Doris: you obviously didn’t learn your lesson to keep your mouth shut after the ridiculous comments you made regarding your oversight of the Zimmerman contract. Now you did it again! Use your doctorate before you speak in public.

  • Is this all intentional mismanagement in order to turn over the hospital to a private company?

  • Perhaps the BH problem is our countries problem too. It’s all about politics and the manner that we don’t select the best people for a job, but the person who contributed to the campaign the most dollars or time. It’s about political friends doing what’s best in their eyes for each other rather than doing what’s best for the entitity be that BH or the country!

  • Lynn, asking Mitch Berger to repeat himself in a snarky tone was disrespectful to the board. You’ve crossed the line from problematic lawyer to hack. Ms. Grant will not be played like Kevin so you best stay out of your car (and off the cell phone) and try to salvage yourself. Having your “friend” Myla at the meeting was an odd choice and yet another lapse of judgment. Saddest is this paper tiger-like empire you’ve tried to turn the legal department into. As soon as the board brings in heron or Deloitte – we’re all going to get fired. Spewing sarcasm at the board, compliance and the medical staff isn’t working. Blaming others isnt working. Blaming former lawyers and consultants isn’t working. Blaming the board chair isn’t working. Blaming Nabil isn’t working. Lynn, your not working for BH. Please do the right thing.

  • Lynn is OBVIUOSLY protected by Rick Scott. If not, the BOC would have IMMEDIATELY fired her. Yes, I do mean you, Canada, whose smarminess oozes through her eyes, sweet as sugar on the outside but sour as a lemon on the inside Van Hoose, Rocky the Racoon, etc! All of you shameful and pathetic BOC members place your own finances and political aspirations above the health and well being of human life and yes, CHILDREN! BHMC is a trauma level 1 hospital, has a level III NICU, has a PICU, adult ICUs, cardiac surgery, and other high-risk care. While the provider contracts have their own sordid and shameful historic and current status, the providers, BOC, administrators and Lynn need to pull their heads out of their bloated narcissistic egoistic arses, HEAR THE PEOPLE WHO DEMAND CHANGE IN THIS COMMUNITY, and move the ball down the ETHICAL and CORRECT path. PATIENT FIRST, my friends. NOT YOU FIRST! You all disgust us!

  • Matrix, how’s this bedtime story:

    Once upon a time I was CEO of a private hospital system. The hospital system committed the Medicare fraud. I knew nothing about it. I couldn’t even attest to my own signature. Because of this, I didn’t get in any trouble.

    Soon after, I became a governor. I wanted to privatize healthcare. I appointed all of the BOC for a very large public health system. Oddly, the public health system was caught committing fraud. They were fined, and were placed on a 5 year CIA.

    To help them out, because I’m such a kind man, I did lots of favors for the BOC and the public health system’s executives, physicians, and attorney. As good friends, they did lots of favors for me.

    One day, despite the headlines of continued wrong doing, the public health system went bankrupt. Because of this, and because of the need for healthcare in the community that was so important to me, I asked private hospital systems to bid on its purchase. Understanding they’d have to carry the term of the CIA, one of the private health systems agreed to purchase the now bankrupt public health system because the purchase price was so low.

    Fortunately for me, although I had investments in that private hospital system, they were not a conflict of interest because the investments were in a blind trust.

    My friends and I lived as millionaires and billionaires happily ever after.

    Sleep tight, Broward County. Don’t let the political bed bugs bite!

  • Well, it’s been 24 hours since Doris Peek stated how she wanted to “take back” BH from “angry bloggers.” I have not heard her apologize to us angry bloggers, the deeply concerned citizens in this community who have no financial stake in BH but who actually care about the health system, and want to see it become an honest provider of quality and safe care. I have not heard the BOC, Ms. Grant, or any other member of BH’s leadership team come forward to apologize and tell us how they are going to clean this mess up and provide safe quality care to our community. How terribly sad. BH does not need marketing to manage this mess. It needs leadership with the right morals and intentions.

  • Attorney Berger is whistling past the graveyard.

  • The passion and commitment of all of the bloggers is to be commended. It is obvious how much you all care. As residents of this community, you are owed an apology and corrective action plan. You deserve safe, quality health care. You deserve health system leadership that respects this and respects you. Kudos to all of the bloggers who have stayed true to their values and convictions. You are the hometown heroes!

  • Addendum: And Dr. El Sanadi’s family deserves a huge apology. Their lives are forever changed. Because of what? Money? Influence? Power? Sadly, that family will be the ones at night haunted by the emotional agony when the truth is, it should be those involved in all of this corruption; those who had their hand in his demise, those who probably sleep well with no conscience or soul.

  • I find it very interesting that people are no longer able to leave comments on the Sun Sentinel website unless they are a subscriber digital or paper. It seems that Broward Health has managed to silence the Sun Sentinel once again. in the Sun Sentinel article it stated that Miss Doris was going to put a petition on the internet for the employees to sign. I’m not sure with the petition would say but I assume if you do not sign it that means you would be retaliated against. someone needs to explain to her that employees can formulate their own petition it’s called a union campaign. Looking forward to signing THAT petition Doris


  • Doris Peek, who claims to speak on behalf of the employees, is a wretched human being who will step on anyone to make herself appear taller. There is nobody at Broward Health more corrupt, duplicitous or wasteful of taxpayer dollars than Doris Peek. Her multi-million dollar vendor contracts, the preposterous amount of IT outsourcing she hands out, and the integral part she played in the Zimmerman contract all need to be investigated. This community and Broward Health employees deserve more.

  • Doris PEEKABOO is as vicious at they come!!! She’ll smile to your face and stab you in the back. She’s famous for talking behind the back of previous Administrators and CEO’s. Over the past year, she has ridiculed the current Administrators and Directors. Don’t think for a minute CEO’s and die-hard leaders, she has your back!!! If you think she does, there’s a bullet on your back, waiting for the knife!!!

  • Right on Connie S. Not to mention all the Broward health environmental and facilities people she has working on her home during Broward health work time. I’m a taxpayer and would love those Broward health employees to come over and clean and repair my house on Broward Health dime.
    She is a user and a taker just like everybody else. The Broward health north employees are so happy that that wretched woman is gone. We only hope that she retires before coming back.

  • Really, Fusco/Grant, what’s that a sequel, Dumb and Dumber Part Deux. Pauline Grant is more of the same. And yes BHN employees say good riddance. The only drawback is Robert Bugg. The man that gave us Flexing for Dollars. Flexing people to save money. Unfortunately like a lot of people BHN employees live paycheck to paycheck, and need to use their PL to supplement their paycheck when they’re flexed. Many employees have NO PL left. They can’t take time off when sick or to be with family. Does upper management care.? Not at all. They have plenty of time off. Glad Mr. Fusco could get his vacation in. Time to clean house. They are all a pack of rats. Vermin at best. Go. Straight to hell.

  • I have heard that this is just the tip of the Iceberg. Well.,, I’m hearing the band play Nearer my God to Thee, this bitch is heading down. Good night Gracie.

  • After reading the Sun Sentinel article today one thing is perfectly clear. Pauline Grant has no intention of acknowledging or apologizing to this community. She also has no intention of fixing the real problems. Instead she asked the staff, whose morale and staffing ratios are in the toilet, to look away from all of the recent events and get back to doing their work. This woman has obviously been inhaling too much fairy dust as she seems to believe her staff are ignorant and undeserving of the respect that is due them, never mind the residents of this community. And Dippity Doo Da, aka Mimi Me, is right there as chairman of the mob, oops I mean board, snorting the same powder!

  • Pauline loves to play coy. There is not a coy bone in her body.

  • You would be shocked at how many people at BHN that have drank the Pauline Koolaid. Birds of a feather. But the real hard working staff have real reservations about Bubba Grant. Anyone that has any business acumen and has to endure one of her meetings cannot be impressed. Mumbling and bumbling through the presentation. Pauline,.. Note to self, TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE, Shut your Pie Hole and YOU get to work. Dunce!

  • I am so ashamed of what’s happening with Broward Health who would believe that all this time the powers that be was using it as their cash cow, no wage increased for years, and look how the other half lives, they are all a bunch of scum bags.
    I hope the form a union to look out for the eight thousand worker who shows up and do their job and get nothing for it. The worker Bees voices needs to be heard, what were they thinking all this corruption, how long do they think this could go on.
    HR is a mess applying for a job is a joke, they are in each others pockets they need to clean house from top to bottom.
    I say bring in the union. You dont know who to trust. we just did an employee survey what is the need for that the supervisors will never changed how they treat us, you cant report them because of retaliations, the District lacks staff with integrity and Ethics and honesty.
    We have people basic morals gone , everyone is out to enrich themselves and do not care about the rest of us.

  • The administrative leadership couldn’t last a single hour doing the REAL work that the clinical staff does day in and day out. I am not clinical but I have been an inpatient at BHMC and I witnessed true leadership in the staff caring for me from the charge nurse to the PCA. The clinical staff deserve administrative leaders with the highest integrity and authentic respect for their very critical role in healthcare…without the clinical staff there is no healthcare. Administrative leadership’s only function is to support the clinical staff…not the other way around. Again, the Real Betrayal is how the staff on the front lines of patient care have been neglected and pretty much abused by administrative leadership. All the political victories these social climbing shallow-minded narcissists aspire to pale in comparison to the truly profound acts performed by clinical staff (I.e. saving human lives). I know who l would want by my side in my time of true need or despair. You “leaders” of BH definitely need to do some soul searching. Don’t forget: Karma is a very powerful thing. How did these administrative “leaders” ever attain this level of power and arrogance in the first place?

  • I have confident in Ms. Grant and hope she does the right thing by firing people like Doris Peek who has squandered million of dollars, Richie Persaud who took thousands of dollars in kickback, Donna Lewis the most incompetent woman I have ever seen.

  • Pauline Grant is as corrupt as the rest of these thieves. Lip service is all we will get. Her sloth like approach to problem solving will only aid her cronies in this disaster. Transparency takes another kick in the nuts. BHN is about as transparent as a cup of coffee. Nuff said.

  • And,PLEASE,..lets stop with the cheerleading for Pauline, this numbskull couldn’t find her way out of a wet paper bag with a flashlight and a map. PLEASE.

  • Aside from reviewing files of the folks above, let’s not forget Dionne Wong and Denise Morris. They are famous for covering up and protecting Brian Bravo, Donna Lewis, Doris Peekaboo. Vera Wang (DW) and VW Wannabe (DM) have protected innocent employees who came to them in search of help. Help in dealing with sexual advancess pursued by Brian Bravo. Instead, Dionne and Denise informed the employees to look for jobs outside of Broward Health. They’re liars, will deny their wrong-doings, and will take their information to the grave. CLEAN OUT THE HOUSE!!!! They will happily take their HUSH money to the bank!!

  • Just wondering…
    Why would administrators publicly announce in a meeting (Alice Taylor) that they will no longer be able to accept patients. Sounds like a bad marketing move, it’s all over the news, no no one will go there. Wait they don’t go there anyway.
    Seriously, this facility hangs by a thread financially every month. Stop the histrionics Alice, sit down and quietly collect your salary each month.

  • Okay all you “angry bloggers”, here’s your chance to say what you’re saying here directly to some of these lovely ladies at BH?

    Doris Peek: [email protected]
    Donna Lewis: [email protected]
    Dionne Wong: [email protected]

    Can you please post any responses you might receive? (HeHe!)

  • The photo of Pauline Grant above is PRICELESS. As I mentioned in another blog, she plays up the frail, unaware, sweet pearl necklaced little lady so very perfectly. She should get get an Oscar! But beware little red riding hood. For underneath await the fangs of the wolf. No, she is not stupid, but she sure likes making you believe she is. She is conniving, sly, and as much a part of the health system’s problems as all of the others, including all of the Rick Scott appointed board members, corporate and facility-based executives, contracted physicians/physician services, etc. All knew the doctors had outrageously lucrative contracts and all did nothing about it. All knew there was fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid coding/billing and all did nothing about it. They did not and still don’t care because don’t pay for it. We do. They will not stop until they are held accountable, but they believe they are untouchable because of how in bed they are with the political and legal systems. Sadly, this is true. Until all of this changes, they will continue on. Lord knows what their current scams are right now. Assuredly they have already begun writing that new song for their album.

  • As an EMT in Broward County, I have had the option of eating for free at Broward Health North. Although I appreciate the hospital’s generosity, I would be happy to stop taking advantage of this perk if it will help Broward Health financially. I would rather the money go to a good cause.

  • What the hell governor dick. Suspending two folks to show you are in control and flexing your non existent muscles.
    You dick Scott are a huge part of this fiasco. Fucking with people’s jobs/paychecks while you sit up all smug in your mansion.
    To whom to we reach out to for an executive order to remove you for interfering with folks who trusted and voted for you?

  • Qui tam
    You are right on the money. As we say in Jamaica, she is “shotta” for sure.
    Gangster, Mon

  • thx for that chuckle GaryK!

  • You are welcome. Love the qui tam pseudonym. Clever.

  • Replacing Fusco with Grant is of NO GOOD for this health system, both are criminals, perhaps Grant would like to comment on her lavish trips to India all payed for by a group of physician with the same name to be given privileges in the hospital, her use of environmental staff to clean her house, receiving food from catering to take home all on my the tax payer dollar. There again the bullying and criminal behavior does not stop there, Ruditz and Bugg both known for their unprofessional and hostile behavior towards managers and staff should also go on trial, there is not one good one among them. Ruditz is laughed at and ridiculed by staff, Bugg is plain and simple NASTY. Human resources at the BHN is terrible at best, ignoring staff complaints, telling them they know what they can do if they don’t like it, The FBI and OIG should make a big swoop into this hospital, looking at every one of the C brigade and making them responsible for their actions in diluting patient care and placing patients at risk. They fudge numbers and as we all work under terrible conditions, sometimes 2 or 3 nurses short, they lavish money on the Studer group to come in with Mrs Feel good Pat yet another assassin and yet another waste of my tax payers money. So as a Jamaican I say they are all SHOTTA but just like with all possy the feds will get them and I can’t wait for that day The heat is on,

  • Pauline and the HR director vacation together, spend time at each other’s homes and are closer than sisters. No one in that facility gets fair treatment. If Pauline said get rid of someone..Grace King pulls the trigger, no questions asked.
    Corporqte HR covers for their actions as well. It’s the Holy (shit) Trinity. They all need to go. Thank God we have the unions on the way. Never was a big fan but it’s better than the HR situation we have now. Can’t be any worse.

  • As a healthcare worker the only thing I can is I will never work for BH! I am shocked by all of the comments and am smart enough to realize there must be truth behind this. I hope we can begin taking more patients to other hospitals that don’t have all of this dirty laundry!

  • I work there and don’t go to BH hospitals. Thank God for my wife’s health
    Insurance. There is not a bit of untruth to any of the comments I have read. I just put in my two week notice. Too many other hospitals I can work in. They need RNs everywhere. I don’t need the unsafe conditions, unsafe ratios and overall indifference to employees at BHN.
    And yes, we were forced to answer our opinion survey. That was not a lie.


  • GOOD FOR YOU, Anonymous! It is good to see that you respect yourself and will pursue a career with a healthcare system that has a far greater value system and infrastructure for you to provide, and for patients to receive, quality, safe care. If I worked there, I’d be right behind you dragging my coworkers in tow. The place is crumbling financially because it has already crumbled morally and ethically. Wise employees would be smart to follow your lead before all of the existing good jobs outside BH are taken by those smart enough to have gotten out when the getting was good!

  • The governor fires 2 of his own appointed board members and launches a FL IG investigation shortly after a FBI investigation was launched. Something smells very fishy and it ain’t low tide!

  • Sorry I work there, am I missing something, ? I like working at BHN
    This does not sound like my hospital
    Am I missing something?

    Just saying……..

  • I must say I am not shocked after reading all these comments. 99% of the comments are very much true, coming from a former BHN employee. The morale of this hospital is if you want to keep your job where you are severely underpaid then do whatever we tell you to do. Your job is constantly threatened and you are compensated with cafeteria food and pennies on the dollar salary. Broward Health does not believe in compensating new employees with more education then majority of upper management. That is why people like myself get their experience and move on. Management style at BHN is scare tactics and executive management has their favorites who can do nothing wrong in their eyes. I really hope they clean house and replace everyone with people who know how to do a job and have educated themselves to do so. Most pay rates at BH are well below the market avg and barely over minimum wage. In order to ever succeed in that company you would have to be some managers favorite, kiss some asses, do illegal shit and then maybe you will have a decent job with decent pay. If not your just a 6 digit employee number that is made to feel your job is on the line every day. HR, HIM, PATIENT ACCESS, BILLING, and NURSE MANAGEMENT all need their personal files looked at as well! I can’t wait until judgement day comes for this place.

  • 98% of Broward Health Employees are ethical people focusing on what’s important-the patients. The organization has a very reactive reputation. It’s time to utilize visionaries in the organization and let them lead the organization out of this mess. Invest in your people and your services. Realize, it takes available staff to take care of patients. Better staffing= better service, better outcomes and happier employees. The lawyers here will be responsible for the demise of the organization. There are new leaders at my facility that can transform this organization! Get them in the spots to make a difference

  • The ONLY reason Scott and Migeul are reviewing contracts at BH is to see if there is any breadcrumb trail that might implicate malfeasance for Rick Scott. Insiders have made it clear that the entire investigation is a total sham!

  • And the Injustice is continue at Broward Health. I just heard someone got fired yesterday by the CEO who was CFO for asking him a question about raises for Purdy and which they have not had in many many years. Little did she know she would wind up getting fired by the end of the day for addressing such an issue with the top management person mr. Bug you have proven yourself to be another ass wipe just like the rest of the ones who have gotten fired it’s just a matter of time before you’re gone too

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