As Broward Health bleeds, doctors warn mismanagement is affecting health care

By Dan Christensen, 

Broward Health’s top doctors have warned the district’s leadership that the medical staff’s ability to function “is being compromised to the detriment of Broward Health as a viable health care system.”

A Jan. 19 letter from the Unified Medical Staff Committee obtained by Florida Bulldog also says that Broward Health is bleeding physicians due to mismanagement.

“The Medical Staff is critically concerned that the alienation of the physicians is affecting the delivery of health care,” the letter says. “Across the system there is physician attrition as physicians do not feel valued and necessary personnel and other support is delayed or denied, resulting in a continued downward spiral of [patient] volume and worsening morale of the non-physician staff as well.”

The North Broward Hospital District, as Broward Health is legally known, is the independent taxing district that serves as the safety net hospital system for the northern two-thirds of the county. It is led by a board of political appointees installed by Republican Gov. Rick Scott. It collects about $140 million in property taxes every year.

The doctor’s letter was given to Broward Health’s board of commissioners and its President/CEO Beverly Capasso. In December, Capasso, General Counsel Lynn Barrett, Chairman Rocky Rodriguez, Commissioner Christopher Ure and former Commissioner Linda Robison were indicted for violating Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law. All except Robison, who was not reappointed when her term expired late last year, remain in office.

“For many months the Medical Staff leadership has endeavored to address these concerns in a collaborative manner,” says the letter prepared by attorney Amy Galloway, who represents the medical staff. “Those efforts have largely been met by a lack of urgency to find practical, timely solutions to patient centered issues and shoulder shrugging reference to ‘corporate’ decision-making while Broward Health roils from one crisis and controversy to another.”

Compounding the problem

Broward Health’s leadership has compounded the problem, the doctors said, by taking actions and implementing policies “in violation of the medical staff’s bylaws” and the district’s “own corporate compliance program.” Broward Health established its compliance program in 2015 as part of its $70-million settlement of federal healthcare fraud charges. The physicians’ accusations could trigger a federal inquiry.

Through district spokesman Gary Bitner, Broward Health CEO Capasso declined to comment on the letter.

Dr. Gary Lehr, a Deerfield Beach surgeon who chairs the Unified Medical Staff Committee, and urologist Dr. Louis Yogel, chief of staff at the district’s Fort Lauderdale flagship Broward Health Medical Center, did not respond to requests for comment.

The physicians’ letter lists four “primary concerns:”

  • Broward Health’s plan for the “unilateral adoption” of an on-call coverage policy for the emergency department “that strips the medical staff from meaningful participation in the process.”
  • The “unilateral elimination” of Chief of Staff reports from the agenda of board meetings.
  • A continuing “crisis” caused by significant delays in contract renewals routine primary care and specialist coverage, as well as contracting for non-clinical duties.
  • The defunding of the physicians’ legal counsel. Until recently Broward Health paid that cost.

Traditionally, the chief medical officer at each of Broward Health’s four hospitals – Broward Health Medical Center, Imperial Point, Broward Health North and Coral Springs – provided the board with monthly reports about their hospitals, including grievances.

‘Smacks of censorship’

When the medical staff asked for the chiefs’ reports to be reinstated, however, it was “suggested the chiefs could request being placed on the agenda if and only if they submitted their comments to corporate in advance (and presumably for approval).  Such approval smacks of censorship,” the letter said.

The doctors’ most detailed complaint was about Broward Health’s draft policy to establish on-call emergency schedules without their input. Those schedules are now overseen by the department’s chair in consultation with the hospital’s chief of staff, and under ultimate oversight by the board.  “This process has been in place and when respected limits the ability of any one individual or group, physician or administrator, to use call as inducement for referrals…”

The federal Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) forbids individuals or entities like hospitals from paying or receiving anything of value in exchange for referring patients whose care is paid for by government healthcare programs such as Medicare or Medicaid.

The physicians’ letter calls Broward Health’s draft on-call policy “seriously troubling” in light of the Dec. 1, 2016 termination of former district President/CEO Pauline Grant for alleged anti-kickback violations. The accusations arose after one orthopedic surgeon claimed that calls at Broward Health North, where Grant was then chief executive, were not being dispensed equally to doctors on the call panel.

“Independent of the veracity of those allegations, a safeguard against even the appearance of an AKS violation is the establishment (of) meaningful oversight and participation of the medical staff,” the letter says. Existing rules guard against “the quid quo pro grant of primary or specialist call” and ensure that “no administrative team has unilateral control over setting call.”

The termination of Grant is central to the criminal indictment against the four current and former commissioners and general counsel Barrett. Among other things, the charges say, the quintet conspired at unannounced meetings to oust Grant.

Grant sued Broward Health shortly after her ouster, leading the district to hire a number of private lawyers at high, yet undisclosed cost to taxpayers. The district’s legal costs rose significantly in December when more lawyers were retained to represent the five who were indicted.

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Latest comments

  • It is The Board’s, Barrett’s and Capasso’s plan to destroy Broward Health. They do not care what the physicians-employees or community thinks. What better way to destroy Broward Health than to have as few providers as possible?

    They are executing Rick Scott’s via Billy Rubin Plan.

  • NO NO NO I am sorry physicians at Broward health have milked the system for so so so long
    Inappropriate consults, disgusting behavior abusive behavior, Grant had it right STOP the bad Doctors improve care and improve outcomes
    There is often gross failure to provide proper care to patients, bullying intimidation and abuse to those who speak out There is a big future change needed This process of change has a long way to go, UNFORTUNATELY we were let down by Capasso et al and the damming Grand Jury, or were we, is this just another ploy by the governor to weaken the system, I just hope that the physicians in breach of their duty to care and protect the public are held accountable
    These people living their Champagne Dreams and Caviar Wishes have their judgment coming,
    ACTION is needed just remember a DRAFT policy is a DRAFT not worth the paper it is printed on,
    Broward Health has some amazing nurses and people working for them, they provide fantastic care for little money, what some of my colleagues spend on cars and vacations isome nurses salary for 5 years, yet we still have free food, when the staff pay, and yes some of my colleagues really do take advantage of this feeding their whole staff each day, Do I sound angry I hope so because this has to stop YOU know who you all are Your little mafia groups I could go on but will not

  • WELL SAID !!


  • It will be like WW3 when all of this comes out, BUT the physicians at BH have had it so good for so long. Hopefully we will have better quality physicians, and a higher level of care.Physicians are abusive to staff and treat us all like sub humans, they are the gods and we are the little minions to be controlled. It is time for BH to be re built, and for administration to stand up for us instead of bowing down to the doctors, it is difficult enough

  • Ok, short and sweet. HORSESHIT. Appreciate your candor, but posting on an anonymous blog does little to shed light on the Doctor abuses. Free fucking lunches really. What about negligent patient care that results in catastrophic outcomes. Verbal and physical abuse to patients and employees. If you see it REPORT IT. How many patients do you know of that have died because of criminal care of Doctors. REPORT IT. Don’t whine about it here. STEP THE FUCK UP. DO THE RIGHT THING. If not, please SHUT THE FUCK UP. Free lunches, christ almighty. SMFH.

  • Ha I have reported this abuse and NOTHING gets done, I mean nothing the bastards just try and blame you as “not been able to get on with people” ! and try to report negligent care NO ONE stands by you at all, it is a disgrace these doctors literally get away with everything, I HAVE STEPPED UP I HAVE REPORTED IT and nothing gets done
    Free food, its sucks anyway, let them have it
    Next I am recording the abuse and going to an attorney,

  • Capasso is convicted. If you get the money or anything that you are not entitled, you will pay back eventually – in any form that you can imagine. That is the real rule in this world, regardless who you are.

    Capasso reads here every single day. Hope she won’t have a heart attack.

  • Underdog, thank you for trying and working the system. We know the system is corrupt, we know the enablers are corrupt, we know that there are dangerous doctors perpetrating crimes against patients and staff and healthcare in general. WE KNOW YOU HAVE TRIED. But, try again. If you knew your neighbor was sexually abusing his young daughter, or beating his wife, or even a peeping Tom, you would call the police, right? He’s a criminal, needs to be arrested. So what’s the difference? A crime is a crime. You are right to record and report, TO THE POLICE, and your attorney. Thank you, we stand with you. Please, don’t fuck us., fuck them.

  • Whoever wrote about Capasso reading this is mistaken if they think she cares. Timeline of her brilliant rise to the top spot. Capasso-
    a. Applied twice to CEO positions within Broward Health and was not selected
    b. Was recruited by Barrett to be a Board Member because Barrett needed Board members who would not fire her
    c. Conspired to break the law and fire Grant based on trumped up charges already cleared by two compliance officers
    d. Conspired with Rocky Rodriguez Barrett and Board breaking the law to be named as Interim CEO. Board Members start talking about her great Career. All 11 months at Jackson ha ha
    e. Voted to enrich herself as Interim CEO from Volunteer Board Member- If she were brilliant she would not have voted for herself because she had the three conspired votes in the bag without hers.
    f. Sun-Sentinel discovered she didn’t have an accredited degree from her Jackson File. Capasso blames others at Broward Health and treated a 30+ year employee like shit and drove her out in the same year she lost her husband although there was proof she did nothing wrong
    g. Goes around telling everyone she is interim only. Makes a ton of VP appointments after she fires or good people quit to unqualified people like her giving them lots of money
    h. Breaks the Lobbying Policy by having others Lobby the Board for her to get the job even though she was to be interim. Has a few blacks show up to support her although she was not to be considered. Another violation of the sunshine law.
    i. Pretends she has to give up going back to school for her PhD to take the job. She doesn’t even have a Masters which is required on the Job Description and would have to get a Master’s before a fucking PhD!

    The system is corrupt and when God was giving out humility he skipped Capasso. But she certainly kissed the right ass to land where she is. I don’t know how we can ever trust her as our leader. Compliance at Broward Health is a joke. It is only used to get rid of someone who doesn’t play the game.

    I’m just a peon and I know this shit I’m sure there is more.

  • Thank you for so eloquently listing the “highlights” that are CapASSHOLE and her shitty career. Everything she has done and those that enable her rise are fraudulent. A life of lying, backstabbing, and whoring. Stepping up on the backs of those that do the real work, all the while stealing credit for their hard work. This, POS, is what we are left with. There’s no one to help us. Admin is complicit, management is scared shitless, the Medical Staff uses the void for their advantage and runs rough shod over the employees. We are left to leave or fend for ourselves. So what are our options. UNIONIZE. Drag the fucking Union to the District, Organize. Get the God Damn nursing staff recognize their power. Everyone else will be pulled or dragged along. We need an advocate, a bodyguard, to punch these bullies in the face. Make them realize THEY CANT FUNCTION WITHOUT THE WORKERS. We can shut this motherfucker down. And, position ourselves better for the bankruptcy and sale. STAY STRONG, STAND STRONG. TOGETHER. Oh yeah, fuck you Bev

  • I completely AGREE the only hope is to unionize and to do it asap, we will see a real show as they get the poor manager to serve breakfast to us and “novelties” in the evening, my scared shitless manager will be there together with “Bo Jangles” the HR Director slinging hash at us in an attempt to generate good will towards Capasso. IT WILL TAKE MORE THAN THAT
    The bankruptcy and then the sale is only around the corner, we need a union, and we need one now

  • As we care for those shot or injured in the Parkland School shooting, our care exemplifies the reason why Broward Health is here–For our physicians, nurses, patient access, reps, all workers to care for our loved ones and neighbors.
    We are NOT here to support a corrupt indicted Board, indicted General Counsel and CEO Capasshole as well as the cronies hired by her.
    They do not DESERVE to represent our work and value to the press or community. They must resign or things will get worse. TIME IS UP!

  • “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people”
    – Dr.Martin Luther King.

  • “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest”
    -Elie Wiesel

  • Have you ever seen anyone so rude treating the employee like a dog?

    If not, take a look at Capasso – snapped the finger and came out Gino!

    So obsessed with powder and so eager for money!
    – poorly educated probably by her family since little
    – poorly educated to be a person with respect and care

  • The whole response to the recent shootings at BHN shows a total new thinking of the ED and trauma program, Do you think this would ever have happened with Dawn or Martine, with Johnson as the trauma medical director, NO it would not The new staff the new trauma program with Dr Nichi is supported by US the great ED team, we showed the world what BHN is made of, its about time I am so fed up of BG taking all the lime light for so long we have been second best, and now we have people to speak up for us to work with us instead of shouting screaming and been a total bitch like Johnson does, I am only pleased she was not there
    Change is on the way in more ways than one, there has been injustice, we have protested and I will not stop BUT I have got to say Dr Nichi was excellent the way he worked the way he handled the situation a REAL trauma surgeon who respected us in a disaster WAY TO GO THANK YOU SIR
    As for Capasso Gino and others …I just blew a raspberry….

  • You must be joking he is one of the worst


  • I am heart broken to learn this morning that Miss Jasmine Shirley left or was fired. She was the rock that advocated for an underserved community and she was stayed true by living in that community. The new corporate admin is very good at blaming but they can’t fix anything and they make it worse.

    No one external is going to save Broward Health from this group of criminals.
    We must resist and protest and demand their resignations. Leaders cannot lead if no one follows them. Stop the fear and run this group of bandits out of our health system.

  • To my fellow healthcare workers. Thank you job well done. That said, to the few employees that posed with President Shitbag, I am disappointed and dismayed that you would prostitute yourselves so this Asshat could have a photo op. He doesn’t give a shit about y’all or the survivors and victims. He is devoid of any ability for empathy or feelings. What y’all did was to enable this POS to pretend to America that a 20 minute photo op was meaningful.what it was, is fraud, that used a horrific national tragedy to perpetrate it. All with the aim to garner praise for himself. And, y’all are complicit in that magnanimous act of a self aggrandizement, by this treasonous Asshole. So, thank you again, but you could have said no thanks. Instead of standing there , less than 48 hrs after the mass murder of 17 innocents, SMILING, while he give a big thumbs up for fucksake. Like y’all were at a grand opening of a new hotel. SMFH, idiots. JUST SAY NO. Have a fucking conscience.

  • There is STILL injustice
    Bowers is leaving…there is a god
    As long as Ruditz is the CNO there will be injustice

    We are lead by indicted criminals what do you all expect

  • TIGERLILLY well said, To the hard working ED staff who cared for the tragic victims THANK YOU , We saw people normally in suits or ties don gowns and get down to it in the trenches , who would believe they could do it, but then our fearless Bowers was at the “desk” Who was it who brought water to the staff and cared for us during the time of crisis, NOT Bowers or Ruditz, yet I witnessed a lot of people not involved in caring for the victims meeting the president. ALL of you disgust me, you are scum bags. We were the workers in the ED, the OR director and staff the silent heroes who helped us, the program manger of trauma donned gowns and did patient care, The OR director was there sweating with us, crying with us, THANK YOU THANK YOU to the OR staff I don’t know the names, to Kim and Tom thank you. So to all the chosen lined up and smiled with shit face at a national tragedy, you disgust me What was this a new spa or hotel opening Many surgeons came to the rescue, many staff came in from home, yet for the people who completed the work NO THANKS AT ALL . I cared for the patients I know who I worked with I know who I am grateful to for help and who were true hero’s BUT As usual the chosen few, who support bitch Bowers were there smiling and giving the thumbs up. YOUNG people died and BH used it as a marketing tool. Did Capasso thank us in the ED NO she thanked the Physicians in her e mail,
    STAND STRONG COMRADES< STAY STRONG<USE YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH< WE ARE A LONG WAY FROM HOME AND THIS IS NO PLEASUREDOME BUT remember what happened to Grant when she stood her ground for patient safety and quality yes she was , FIRED

    As Balance reminds up , just remember most of the senior leadership are indicted on criminal charges, THEY ARE SCUM BAGS they are criminal
    Also if you are black be careful these people are after us they want us out

  • This was one f’ing fiasco poor innocent children killed and BH uses this as a marketing tool DISGRACEFUL

    I witnessed people usually in suits and ties don gowns and sweat with us, The OR director the OR staff all there, YET I see none of these recognized

    Capasso you are one rough nasty BITCH, using this as a marketing tool is criminal ….OH but I forgot you are a criminal.

    TIGER you said it all Who did we see in that photoshoot all the chosen few NOT the ED or OR who worked to save these innocents, the usual Bowers and Ruditz puppets

    BH IS NO PLEASUREDOME BUT remember what happened to Grant when she stood her ground for patient safety and quality yes she was , FIRED

    Just remember most of the senior leadership are indicted on criminal charges, THEY ARE SCUM BAGS they are criminals

    I could go on I hope someone reads this of influence and reacts

  • I work in the ED
    I was sweating working hard to save these people
    That is my job
    I did not go to any regal presentation or pose with the president,
    Do I care NO I did what I had to do…… end of story

    do think it disrespectful certain managers and staff were not included in the “line up” YES I do but who knows they why they were not there, hate plain did not like them or any one of many many reasons.

    Life is precious too much attentions to people like Capasso, Bowers Ruditz, Taylor Gino, Gd will face them out at judgement day, Really I do not sweat about it, I live my life clean and free of crime against people and the law of the country , I did my part on that fateful day I helped my fellow human so tragically taken I did it saying. prayers as they departed this earth
    I would like to thank people l worked with and the great care we all gave… people who I never thought would be able to work in trauma ! so many yellow gowns
    BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL, GD and the angels were there with us, GD will judge these criminals and they will have the opportunity to be one with Christ again or face Hell, we have not to say anything at all

  • So many comments for so long (and some repeated or copied LOL)

    And there is STILL NO action

    This too will end one day and there will be justice

  • Yes – it’s long overdue for Broward Health North’s Trauma team to be recognized for its outstanding work and excellent medical leadership. And Im not referring to any comments made by our idiotic president. His praise is as meaningless as his clueless agenda. We have outcomes just as good as our sister hospital to the south, and with less resources and hospital/district support. We just don’t spout our accomplishments the way the pompous trauma medical director at BHMC does. We don’t have to — they’re evident for all to see. Stay strong my co- workers and we will persevere.

  • I completely agree with BHN TRAUMA we now have an EXCELLENT trauma medical director, and program manager, Lets Keep them, if you were at the recent lecture he(PM) gave on burns it was OUTSTANDING, also we have great outcomes and Nichi talks to you not down to you. I am proud to work with them and proud I work at BHN. I worked at BHMC and the doctors and

    Some of these comments on this blog are not representative of the people working at BHN, they are terrible come on guys

    My only comments are the same as BHN Trauma Our resources could be better for trauma at BHN, If we were modeled like the Trauma Unit at BHMC we at BHN would truly rock. Come on invest more in trauma, I always remember the program manager saying, “Trauma the last thing on your mind until its the only thing on your mind,” that has always stayed with me and it is never so true as last week for all of us

    I have so many emotions but honestly the trauma leadership we have today is the best we have had.

    I hope Taylor Capasso et all know and understand that, and embrace them , and now can we please have some better ED physicians?

    No swearing, No political agenda just passing on kudos and the truth about our trauma staff which I am proud of, and yes people thanked us and yes the community was generous to us

  • Let us not play into Capasso’s plan and start fighting with each other which takes away from the real issues. Both Trauma Centers are good!
    * The Board including Capasso and Barrett conspired to illegally fire Grant and take control enriching themselves
    * We work for indicted criminals and those hired recently by indicted criminals
    * Significantly more black leaders have been fired than white leaders
    * Good competent hard working leaders that we thought would never give up have left the hospital system because they were targeted for speaking up

  • I also praise the new direction of Trauma with Dr Nichiporenko and Tom, they talk to you they do not talk down to you and more important they know trauma I believe they have also presented at national trauma conferences, BHN at a national conference imagine that.
    One question where was Tom on the night of the president visit?, those two are always together in my opinion he should have been there as well. They are the team they are BHN trauma, just saying ,
    I am also proud of our program and our hospital yes we need a better focus on trauma, at North. All we hear is stroke and cardiac Trauma is the biggest killer NOT Stroke NOT Cardiac Trauma kills more people

  • 2/14/18, Valentines Day,a day of love, and hate. A day when a wretched,tortured, and broken soul would kill 17 people for doing nothing more than going to school, and work. It’s also a day when AMERICA HAS ITS EYES ON YOU. Because you were in the right place at the right time to do what you do best. Save lives. BHN, you were very good, exceeded expectations good. Thank you. 2/16/18 AMERICA HAS ITS EYES ON YOU. The President comes to BHN. Someone that is in the pocket of the NRA, who has the blood of these 17 innocent victims on their hands. Someone that is anti immigrant. Many of these victims are immigrants and children of immigrants. And as AMERICA HAS ITS EYES ON YOU, somehow you think it’s ok to get your 15 minutes of fame and stand for a picture with the President. Someone that came to BHN not to spread empathy, but for the Photo Op, to politicize this horrific tragedy. And, as AMERICA HAS ITS EYES ON YOU, you stand smiling as the President mugs a thumbs up. 48 hrs after a National Tragedy, parents retrieving the bodies of their children, a day of unbearable mourning. SMILING, THUMBS UP. When AMERICA HAS ITS EYES ON YOU, you, everyone of you Failed America, Failed BHN, Failed Parkland, Failed MSD, FAILED THE SURVIVORS AND VICTIMS, FAILED THE FAMILIES, FAILED YOURSELVES. SHAME, FOR SHAME, FOR GOD DAMN SHAME. You need to apologize to every one of these families because you were gullible enough to be taken in by this Con Man President.

  • I stood behind an ER nurse that so proudly stood for the photo op with President TrumpleHumpskin. I so wanted to ask her, how did Trumps dick taste. Because everyone of you sucked that Presidents penis, and thought it was ok. Look at me, I’m a braindead asshole just likeyour boss. Donna us a favor, quit, transfer, or maybe make amends apologize and ask for forgiveness of the families of the dead and wounded.Regretably, your not that smart, nor do you possess the moral compass to do so. Fuck you.

  • This is awful they did not decide, it was decided for them, and I can not see anyone refusing to stand with the Prez when Capasso and Taylor Ruditz et al tell you to be there ! if anyone refused or did not go well done to them
    At the moment we all need to concentrate on the patients the trauma team and ED who cared for these people, making sure they also heal and the laws that allow a child to posses such a powerful weapon are changed
    Just my 2 cents

  • ML
    Look into the mirror, do you see your image as GOD today? the sun came up and the sun will go down did you have anything to do with it?. so what gives you the power to judge others?
    These héros did NOT fail America, Parkland, Survivors, victims families or themselves, YOU have failed by not understanding, it is you who needs to apologize , THE trauma team and the ED as well as all staff there caring for these patients were HEROS nothing can take that away.
    The true problems at BH is the senior management and the CEO’s at the two main hospitals, we all know that

  • ALHAMILTON …Oh my goodness the heroes of the Broward health System did not deserve this comment,
    We have some terrible people around

  • PleasE,PLEASE, can we stop with the hero stuff. YOU ARE NOT A HERO FOR DOING YOUR JOB,.. unless it puts you in the line of Fire. Like the first responders in Las Vegas, or the cops and firefighters at the twin towers, or the coach at MSD that shielded the kids,or the students that gave their lives to save their friends in Parkland. That is the definition of HEROISM. Showing up when the bell rings and the helicopters land is what makes an EMS trauma worker, it’s what we do. There’s nothing heroic about it. You just do and move on. The people, nurses, Docs, allied services, everyone did a remarkable job, delivering quality care efficiently, a job well done. We thank you. But , less than 48 hrs later a few misguided people undid their work by posing in a wholly inappropriate PHOTO OP, with a Grifter President out to politicize this tragedy. While grieving parents were picking up the bodies of their babies. Explain to those parents what you were thinking. I believe this last week has shown the nation what a shame that Photo op was, and who the real HEROES are. The students of MSD, and yes they are owed an apology.

  • I heard Bowers organized and made all the arrangements, that is the word on the street !

    Whatever it has become so political


  • Ok guys let’s just forget that you that YOU said the BHN Er was going in a new direction. WHAT, WHERE? It’s the same old BULLSHIT. Understaffed, poorly trained nurses, and staff that just doesn’t give a shit. I have no idea where you have worked or what you have been exposed to as far as Er and trauma but BHN is far from a good Er. My experience and training in some of the biggest and best level 1 centers in the Southeast can testify that BHN is deficient in even the most basic Er and trauma protocols. Get some knowledge before you make a judgement about what is GOOD. Otherwise you sound ignorant.

  • What was the outcome of this? resolved?

  • Tigerlilly what have you done to make things better ? so much negativity why don’t YOU become our leader ? you have so much experience it would be a shame not to use it In a positive way, oh but perhaps ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well ,,,,,,,,,I think all of us in the ED know what happened ,,,,,and if you worked in all those super places why did you leave if they were so good ?
    Have you meet with managers/administrators ? NO you just cause negativity and mayhem when you work you are miserable and negative
    It seems to me YOU are full of the same old BULLSHIT
    Try becoming part of the solution, but I forgot NONE of us meet your standards or have all of your certificates and experience
    For those of us that work with you you are a malignancy, to be honest you should be cut out and removed , sorry to be so blunt but that is how we feel about you
    99% of us have had enough of you and your rants,
    Place that on your facebook page
    and in the mean time please take your experience and training in the BEST Level I centers and stick it where the sun don’t shine because we have had enough of you in the ED

  • Peace Prayers and Healing
    we are moving on
    a hard time but we are moving on

  • Rico, why so angry ? Truth hurts don’t it bitch. Defending the indefensible. It’s the head in the sand syndrome, pretend it’s good, it is. Say it’s great, it is. Thinking your smart, well your not. And contrary to your thinking the only malignancy IS the ER. 99% of the hospital would rather not have to interact with it or it’s staff. Hopefully, Admin. Will pick a new leader with experience AND vision.and Flush a turd like you out. Until then please continue to delude yourself. Douchebag.

  • For those following the corruption of Gov. Rick Scott- Broward Health Board, President/CEO Beverly Capasso and General Counsel Lynn Barrett. You should keep tabs on public records at just case search Beverly Capasso’s name. Here is the latest filing below, Scott Newton didn’t take the stand in the Grand Jury because he is smart enough to know that it will come out that he is a puppet and NOT independent. Lynn Barrett’s and Beverly Capasso (for being a co-conspiritor) careers are nearly over! The OIG is a joke they know this is going on and permit Broward Health to operate outside of the CIA.

  • Thank you. ‘NOUGH SAID ‘ as fucked up as the individual hospitals operate, the District is the Leader. It’s the trickle down thang. Metastasis through out the District. Absolute Power= Corruption. There will be a special place for the Dickskins.

  • The new leadership absolutely stinks! They are fakes-hypocrites-greedy-dumb-can’t speak publicly-have no pedigree with either fake degrees or on-line easy degrees. They play favorites and are not consistent with accountability for themselves. They drive physicians away from the system and then pressure us to break the rules to make the remaining bottom of the barrel physicians happy. They pay themselves out their fat Paid Leave checks and then take all the time they want off. Capasso looks like a drunken whore from a trailer park and the CEO at Medical Center is a bible thumping fake. The new COO at Medical Center fucked a previous CFO and lost her kids I hear. I come from a generation where leadership was the role model, not at Broward Health!

  • Gotta hand it to Barrett, Capasso and Rubin. Everyone associated with prior CEOs or State’s Attorney witnesses have been forced out or fired. Clearly there is no justice and the legal system cannot hold them accountable.

  • There really is no justice a Broward Health
    I left because of the ED manager, constant hostility I tried to be pr active and talked to HR, I was told I was the problem, today there was clearly injustice. Almost all these comments are about her From what I am hearing it is much worse
    As for having upper management indicted !

  • I was seriously let down by Broward health, I am a ED Trauma nurse, I was committed and dedicated to this hospital, unfortunately there was an underlying string of misery we all experienced by the ED manager, her moods etc etc etc Many of us left I mean many of us. I was seriously let down by the system HR the CNO all dissed me when I complained, then In my exit interview I was told there was a problem they were identifying a trend . Obviously nothing was done. Today I work in a TC my manager is grateful everyday for what I do, I feel appreciated and up lifted each and every day I work, At BHN I felt under appreciated used and butchered. everyone was ready to back stab you. There was no support, no compassion it was truly corrupt in the ED. One day I witnessed the manager shouting at another manager, she was pure evil I thought, but today I believe she is/was over her head she
    never worked trauma or ED, she was, I found out, a floor nurse, The whole experience was bad, but today I forgive her Why oh why did BH employ her there? Life is too short to be miserable or harbor a grudge

  • This is not the place I work, these comments and claims are ridiculous, BHN is not like this and please the language is offensive, and I can tell you now no one ‘s attitude will change my outlook to life. be positive stay positive

  • Will it’s been several years since the materials department was reviewed and Brian Bravo walked away with 10 million and ran to New York. Not to mention the alleged drugging and sexual misconduct in the office. So they hired his side kick Richie to run the department-he used to be in the mailroom,check his degrees for a good laugh. He bows down to everyone and is scared to make any decisions. But, he really love’s to hear himself talk and talk and talk and then do nothing. Good luck everyone-Broward is the worst hospital I’ve ever seen in 25 years.

  • This hospital is a nightmare!

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