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Broward Health looks to give fat bonuses to leadership, including two under indictment

By Dan Christensen, 

In line for bonuses: indicted Broward Health President/CEO Beverly Capasso, left, and indicted General Counsel Lynn Barrett.

With its top leadership under indictment and its top doctors openly warning that mismanagement is affecting healthcare, Broward Health is poised to award $7.2 million in bonuses to its highest executives and managers.

Among the intended beneficiaries are two Broward Health officials who were indicted by a Broward Grand Jury in December for violating Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law: President/CEO Beverly Capasso and General Counsel Lynn Barrett.

Three members of the district’s governing board, sitting as the Human Resources Committee, voted last week to forward the proposed “management incentive plan” to the current governing board of five commissioners for consideration at its Wednesday, March 28 meeting.

Commission Chairman Rocky Rodriguez, one of those under indictment, said he wants to learn more before he’ll decide whether to support the plan. Commissioners Christopher Ure, who is also under indictment, and Steven Wellins expressed strong support for the plan.

The meeting at Broward Health’s administrative headquarters last Wednesday was videotaped and posted on YouTube by local activist and blogger Dan Lewis.

Last month, Florida Bulldog reported that Broward Health’s Unified Medical Staff Committee sent a letter to the board, Capasso and Barrett stating that doctors are “critically concerned that the alienation of physicians is affecting the delivery of health care.” The letter went on to complain about a “lack of urgency” and “shoulder shrugging” by administrators “while Broward Health roils from one crisis and controversy to another.”

Plan details

As described by Wellins, the incentive plan for this fiscal year, which ends June 30, will pay Broward Health’s top administrators bonuses equal to 17.5 percent of their salary if certain unspecified financial targets are met. The money would be paid starting in July.

Broward Health Commissioner Steven Wellins

“Let’s get it clear that this plan is targeted for the 300 or so leadership who are responsible for the day-to-day management and operation of the system and not the employees,” said Wellins. “This is a profit-share plan for them.”

But profit is a tricky proposition at Broward Health, a public hospital system and special taxing district whose legal name is the North Broward Hospital District. Records show the district levied $137.9 million in property taxes in 2017 and $136.7 million in 2016.

Florida Health Market Review, published by independent analyst Allan Baumgarten and released in December, reported that Broward Health’s profit, or net income, was $15.9 million in 2016. Without taxpayer dollars, such “profit” vanishes.

Next year, another $7.2 million in bonuses would be made available for administrators conditioned on their achievement of certain performance targets, Wellins said. An as-yet unwritten metrics “scorecard” would be used to measure achievement in such things as growth, quality and service.

Who benefits

A handful of Broward Health’s top executives – about 25 individuals – stand to gain the most under the plan.

CEO Capasso, for example, could earn a bonus of up to 30 percent of her annual salary, which is in excess of $650,000.

Broward Health personnel chief Peter Nyamora

“Your leader is critical to an employee’s desire to remain at an organization. Getting the best leaders and retaining them is critical to our stability and our ability to grow,” said personnel chief Peter Nyamora, who was sitting next to Capasso.

Broward Health’s so-called Tier 2 employees, said to be about 280 directors, department heads and hospital managers, would be eligible to receive up to 15 percent based on their scorecards.

After laying out the proposal, Wellins sought to put the matter on the commissioner’s consent agenda, meaning there would be no further public discussion about it before a vote. But Commissioner Rodriguez nixed that idea, saying he cannot endorse the incentive plan without more information.

Instead, the matter will be discussed at the upcoming meeting.

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21 responses to “Broward Health looks to give fat bonuses to leadership, including two under indictment”

  1. Howard Talenfeld Avatar
    Howard Talenfeld

    It is so sad that the leadership will line their pockets with Taxpayer money , but does not give appropriate pay increases to your outstanding employees.

  2. I’ll bet these bums are all republiCONS and swamp creatures.

  3. Pissed off employee Avatar
    Pissed off employee

    Meanwhile, you shit on our employees with your mandatory 1% – 2% raises, because you “can’t give us 3%” and your “hands are tied”…

    The stupid C*** Capasso brings in all her friends and tells them to fire good employees because someone in leadership says “if you dont like them, fire them”.

    You close departments to “save money” then higher MORE VP positions… we have so many damn chiefs, no one knows who the hell were supposed to report too.

    Fuck you shitheads!!! Go back to Jackson!!!

  4. Its gross.The Feds should take over..

  5. EXCUSE ME < EXCUSE ME Giving CRIMINALS a 30% "bonus" is GROSS, I mean GROSS, We are hijacked by a load of jackass's these people should be stripped and publicly caned for what they have done to Broward Health. Today, Fox or CNN oshould interview these criminals and expose them for what they are YOU BROKE THE LAW YOU SHOULD DO TIME
    Tempers are frayed, tolerance is waning how much more can we take

  6. America the Beautiful Avatar
    America the Beautiful

    This is hilarious You break the law, you claim your innocent you make 650K and then a 30% bonus comes your way , BAMB you bring all your friend in to help you destroy the system and tell everyone you are building it up like other hospitals like Cleveland clinic and Jackson. Don’t forget Jackson and Cleveland Clinic fired you Capasso!

    Is this a safe place to work, with such criminals at the top?
    Only in America Only in America

  7. Working at BH is awful, the atmosphere is more than hostile, indicted people are running the system and there is an undercurrent of if you are not in the in crowd you will be eliminated, people are not treated the same, and what is good for one is not good for another, retrenchment and demotion is rife there is threatening because they have asserted their rights under equal opportunity law, or made a complaint,

    This is not a safe environment to work in, it goes beyond hostile

  8. As a child I was brought up in a environment of the white man rules, I was a young black female child in Africa , I was a third class citizen, my father could not look the white man in the eye and if we answered the white person he was called Bwana, Swahili for lord or sir , we lived as servants and slaves, there was rife prejudice, intimidation and persecution., when we came to America it was not much better. Today the world is a different place, but is it at Broward Health? The leaders are corrupt, almost all of our black leaders have been removed, the undercurrent is the same as I experienced in Africa, threats, unsafe an, undermining, unequal, and the leaders are indicted. Black or white the same rules apply now, NO BH is not a safe place to work I feel like one of the surplus people with forced removal under the guise of a better place to come, Criminals are designing policy and re design at BH much the same as white churches did in South aAfrica, Liberation did come and I pray the same will happen at BH

  9. This is funny shit, sick but true, however I have a better idea instead of paying these people such big bonus why don’t you pay for the police to be returned at Broward health North ED Now we have some second rate security here and we the staff are in danger every day and night
    This would pay the cops for several years, from just the 170K of Capasso bonus
    Next could someone look into the staff morale and why since Taylor came to BHN in November it is so low,

  10. When are you going to realize your are just a stooge? I mean, seriously, do you think you were put on the Board because you are smart? You don’t even have a high school education. Everyone remembers that you were the guy that mopped the floors at the drug store next to the Galleria. The best part of the video is when Lynn snaps at you “ you are voting no to put it on the agenda”!?! You backed down like a little Fat Chihuahua. Get off the Board before they turn on you. It’s going to happen and you know it.

  11. Let's talk PETER NYAMORA Avatar
    Let’s talk PETER NYAMORA

    Peter, the person who made himself an Executive Vice President and hired about 4 people for every one he fired because they could not do the job. He has 2 Vice Presidents, a bunch of Assistant Vice Presidents and promoted a person to Manager who does not even have an undergraduate degree as pay back because as a black man he stood up at a Board Meeting and told them the employees were happy. Shame on you Brenton!
    This from the “Executive Peter” who is hired to be the gatekeeper of a fair and credible compensation system overseeing the implementation of consistent human resource policy and practice and is defensible and promotes everyone based on merit, not being a lackey.
    Stay off linked in Peter and do your damn job… LEAD!
    Broward Health does not have a profit from operations without tax dollars and there NEVER be a bonus to any leaders. Besides, I think all the new leadership already got MUCH HIGHER salaries when they were brought in.

  12. It is so sad that the glass ceiling at Broward for the General Counsel and permanent President/CEO was shattered by such low class, low life, poorly educated women like Lynn and Bev.
    One would think that with all that money they make they would spend a few hundred on their hair to try to compensate for their less than remarkable brains. Guess the Gov or Billy Rubin made them feel good about themselves.
    At least Dr. El Sanadi and Pauline were smart, classy and nice.

  13. Wow, these posts are all right on mark. Especially the one about Human Resource. They have nearly doubled their annual budget and no one in Finance stops them. It seems Peter doesn’t have to justify adding above market salary employees or promoting staff while the rest of the company gets nothing or even pay cuts. It is a crime what is going on and then Bev gives a speech about relying on less taxpayer subsidies but does nothing to stop HR. That money is coming right out of patient care. I hop they all go to jail.

  14. We need BSO back in the ED at North ……….Plain and Simple

    It is dangerous, we have been put at risk , …….. sit at the triage desk with some of our patients and their families, we DO NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO BE SAFE
    No one listens……
    All this other stuff is gravy, this is peoples lives at risk, let them have their bonus, I would not want to work with all that pressure
    Please someone listen to us, and whoever is over security take his bonus away

  15. This is sad and a total abuse of the system. If they have that kind of money to pay these high ass salaries/bonuses and pay Drs to commit fraud then they don’t need tax payers money. Every damn Broward homeowner should get their money back plus interest. The ones that actually work to make this system/hospitals function has to fight to get 1% pay increase or a real bonus. So sad to see healthcare come to this. Not in the interest of the people/real healthcare. They don’t give a rats ass about anyone’s health/well-being.

  16. Nothing will change Unless we rise up Avatar
    Nothing will change Unless we rise up

    Nothing will change at the highest levels of Broward Health until the employees and physicians partner and refuse to follow the leadership. They cannot lead if we do not follow them! Bitching does nothing because JAE is right they don’t give a rats ass.

    As for BHN not having a BSO Officer, I know the tall guy that was the CEO at Medical Center got two Fort Lauderdale Officers.

  17. Bring on the clowns Avatar
    Bring on the clowns

    I cannot believe Capasso will make over 1 million 🙁
    We are paying a criminal one million a year, and in the mean time the system is crumbling, I simply do not understand this
    Remember we all have the first amendment right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances and of free speech

  18. No matter how good you are No matter how long you have worked at BH If THEY do not like you its out of the door you go
    Physicians continue to be hostile and argumentative with nothing done about their behavior
    I record everything, I mean everything and will have no problems no problems taking legal action

  19. Capasso is out of Broward Health

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