Broward judge orders sheriff to answer questions about criminal history

criminal history
criminal history
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

By Dan Christensen,

A Broward judge has ordered Sheriff Gregory Tony to declare under oath whether or not he’s ever been a defendant in a criminal case.

That’s a question Tony has resisted answering for months, either under oath or in response to a reporter’s inquiries. Now, Broward Circuit Judge Michele Towbin Singer has given him 20 days to say yes or no.

Tony’s job and even his liberty could hang on his answer.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Inspector Keith Riddick announced in court papers filed in November that the department “has an open and active investigation into the allegations that Gregory Tony may have falsified required affidavits associated with his sworn law enforcement officer status and/or falsified official law enforcement employment applications.”

Fort Lauderdale attorney Tonja Haddad Coleman first asked Tony the question under oath at a Dec. 17 deposition. Tony wouldn’t answer, so a few days later Coleman asked Judge Singer to order Tony to answer, contending it was a proper line of questioning. In turn, lawyers for the sheriff asked the court to either terminate the deposition or limit it so Tony wouldn’t have to answer.

Coleman represents a trio of former Sheriff Scott Israel’s top brass – Stephen Kinsey, a former undersheriff who is today chief of police in Davie, and former Colonels John “Jack” Dale and James Polan – in the case. They contend Tony wrongly refused to honor promises made by Israel that BSO would pay them their earned, accrued an unused sick time leave when they resigned or retired. The promises were made days before Gov. Ron DeSantis removed Israel and replaced him with Tony on Jan. 11, 2019.  Tony contends he was under no obligation to honor Israel’s promises.

Criminal history

Tony’s criminal history became a matter of public concern last May after Florida Bulldog first reported that when Tony was 14 years old and living in a crime-ridden Philadelphia neighborhood he shot and killed a young man. Tony has said he killed in self-defense, although his account is disputed by the dead man’s girlfriend. Tony was acquitted in juvenile court a year later, in 1994, according to a police homicide report. All other records in the case are sealed.

Further questions arose during last year’s election campaign – which Democrat Tony won decisively –when copies of two Philadelphia docket sheets emerged that purported to show that as a juvenile in 1992 and 1994, Tony was twice placed on adult probation. The docket sheets, however, do not show the charges against Tony or their disposition.

Judge Singer’s two-page order, filed Monday night, says that “in lieu of another deposition” Tony will be asked about his criminal history in a pair of written interrogatories.

If Tony acknowledges that he was a defendant in a criminal case, he’s also to provide the style of the case – that is, the name of the charging agency – the state and county, the case number, the charges and the disposition.

Tony was not required to publicly disclose any juvenile cases or proceedings against him. However, “Sheriff Tony shall disclose this information, as well as a certified copy of disposition(s), to the Court for an in camera review. The Court will then determine whether such information is subject to disclosure to the Plaintiff” based on Florida laws and rules, Singer’s order states.

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  • Finally , Sheriff Greg Tony can’t cover -up and run away from his criminal past anymore! Now he must actually have to tell the truth in this deposition , that in fact he was arrested and charged with a felony in 1993! Therefore, his Sworn FDLE Affidavit was deliberately and illegally completed then submitted to the Governor by the former Coral Springs Sergeant. The FDLE detective normally would have asked him the same question however, any attorney would not have allowed him to respond because the truth would incriminate him. That is why his attorneys certified the question and he refused to answer. Very soon the Governor may have to suspend Tony and name a temporary Sheriff, if he is criminally charged by the State of Florida. GREAT job with this ongoing crime drama Florida Bulldog thank you.

  • I’m sure Scott Israel is quite desperate similar to the ex POTUS T****.A term of mostly lies zero integrity and stabs his followers in the back.Get on a golf cart with the sore loser T**** and ride off into the sunset and never come back.We have a grrrrrreat Sheriff Tony the Tiger who is training his deputies to serve and protect,to have some cajones ,not run and hide when the going gets tough!

  • Good job reporting all this and helping to bring Tony’s criminal history to light. The governor needs to step up and just admit he made a mistake putting part of the blame on Tony changing his name and lying to FDLE. The lawsuits Tony is adding up will cost tax payers millions !!!

  • Let me CLARIFY for everyone…”CIVILIAN” Gregory Tony’s name was given to DeSantis by a Parkland parent (Andrew Pollock), whose daughter (RIP) was killed during the Stoneman Douglas shooting. DeSantIs, in order to “APPEASE” the Parkland parents AFTER the shooting, pushed Tony through without properly vetting him. In addition, let us connect the dots, FDLE’s Keith Riddick who was in charge of the FDLE Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting INVESTIGATION was lo’ and behold, the INVESTIGATOR in charge of VETTING Gregory Tony…ENOUGH SAID

  • It’s all billshit leave it alone

  • Never trust a man with two first names

  • Any time a black man is in charge of anything significant, as in this instance, of course haters & racists both come out of the wood work for the purpose of wrecking havoc. Let him do his job, to serve and protect…

  • Very true, Tony lied about his past and has used at least 3 names to hide it. I remember watching the ex-coral springs police chief saying he would NEVER of hired him if he was truthful on his application. It just amazes me and the honest law enforcement community Tony is still in that position.

  • Sorry Gary La LONELY. Are you still so traumatized from the your pathetic warmonger candidates 2016 loss to Trump , that in every mindless blog you include a stupid illogical reference to him ? IT’S going to be OK GARY , for at least the next four years , so you can dry your little tears and come out of your little safe space now snowflake. So YOUR murdering sheriff will train the deputies to be braver and not run away like HE DID, ditch his gun and change his name for 27 years like the little b…..tch Greg Toney did , after he executed his unarmed friend in a fit of rage? Just curious.

  • Couldn’t be more on point. Tony admitted he was arrested for murder and then found not guilty. This is evidence enough that he LIED on his FDLE affidavit and police applications. More arrests and probations have come to light since then. FDLE has no choice but to do their jobs and arrest him, otherwise they can never charge anyone else for perjury. The public and law enforcement community need to find out about their confidential “expanded investigation”. How long will it remain confidential???

  • Hey “Stack,” when ALL ELSE FAILS, fall back on the “RACE CARD!” Who’s the “racist” now? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tony’s (Toney’s) CRIMES have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN! HE KILLED A MAN, IS AN “LSD” USER, AND MORE SO, HE PERJURED HIMSELF ON NUMEROUS POLICE APPLICATIONS. Would you feel better if he were white? Probably, because then you’d be bashing him for his crimes and asking what “TheRealTruth” is asking; how long is this criminal going to remain sheriff? Ahhh, the wonderful world of corrupt politicians! Cut the crap with your ludicrous “black man” bullshit!

  • Thank you Florida Bulldog for covering these stories!! The truth continues to back Tony into a corner and we all are praying FDLE or FBI actually does their job !!! Tony has unjustly ruined soo many good deputies lives and their families lives for political gains.

  • This looks like it is a witch hunt to me. How much money are they going to keep throwing at this to try to circumvent the will of the voters?

  • The will of the “democrat” people does not circumvent the law. Your opinions do not circumvent the law either. Please read and comprehend the FACTS before joining an adult conversation.

  • The 20th business day should be tomorrow the 16th. The judge ordered Tony expose all his criminal cases in writing!! He swore under oath to FDLE there were NONE so this should be interesting.

  • The man is only in his 40s, prior law enforcement sgt AND owned his own company… BUT he cant remember his prior arrests or why he served years of probation? He is trying to make fools out of the justice system, the governor and FDLE.

  • Of I were Floridians I think I would be more concerned with “how” this got played out in the media and to what lengths it was taken.. This Israel guy , a true Democrat, went to some SERIOUS lengths to smear this guy. Set aside this case of when he was AQUITTED as a kid.. I didnt even know about this guy Toney when I read a article in the Daily Mail (London) of all places..that focused on Toney being a swinger, he and his wife… There own personal lives… and they had some outrageous pictures..thern in another article.. by another media outlett.. there was accusations that Toney (in his personal life) performed as a “black cuck to Republican law makers wives” in the Swinger scene… Do you realize just how low all this is? I was lown away at this…regardless of truth or non truth… to the extent this “reporter” went… Talk about a smear campaign… and you want his OPPONENT as your sheriff!??! Goood Lord Florida

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