FBI investigating Broward Sheriff Tony for suspected bid rigging, kickbacks in bleeding control kits deal

bleeding control
bleeding control
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony at September 12, 2019 press conference discussing BSO’s plans to distribute bleeding control kits purchased from North American Rescue LLC.

By Dan Christensen,

The FBI is investigating Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony for suspected bid rigging, fraud and kickbacks stemming from BSO’s 2019 purchase of hundreds of bleeding control stations from a South Carolina company where Tony worked before becoming sheriff.

Three sources interviewed by FBI agents about Tony confirmed to Florida Bulldog the existence of the investigation that began last year. Those sources include an unsuccessful bidder for the Broward Sheriff’s Office’s bleeding control station contract and a former BSO purchasing official.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, in public court filings in November, said that it, too, is actively investigating Sheriff Tony for alleged false statements he made under oath. The probe, in collaboration with the Broward State Attorney’s Office, began after Florida Bulldog reported last May 6 that on Jan. 7, 2020 Tony signed a sworn FDLE affidavit declaring he never had a criminal record sealed or expunged.

Four days earlier the Bulldog had disclosed that Tony was tried for murder after he shot and killed an 18-year-old in 1993 when he was 14 years old and living in a poor, urban Philadelphia neighborhood. Tony was acquitted, but all court records of his case remain sealed. Florida Bulldog obtained a Philadelphia police homicide report outlining key events in the case.

Sheriff Tony preparing to demonstrate the use of a tourniquet at a September 12, 2019 press conference announcing his plan to place North American Rescue’s bleeding control kits in every Broward school. Photo: WSVN: Channel 7.

On May 11, 2020, Florida Bulldog also reported that between the end of July and Sept. 6, 2019 BSO paid more than $512,000 for 854 bleeding control stations sold by North American Rescue, where Tony worked as director of Community Development in 2016-2017. Tony had concealed his job at North American, deleting it from his Linkedin profile and not mentioning it when his job history was discussed.

Tony and North American Rescue

When he worked for North American, and even earlier when he was a Coral Springs police officer in 2015, Tony ran a side business, Blue Spear Solutions, which sold North American’s products, including bleeding control kits and stations. Blue Spear is now run by Holly Tony, the sheriff’s wife, and its website – which still prominently features a photo of the sheriff – says it remains a “proud partner” of North American and displays its products.

As sheriff, Tony has aggressively promoted North American’s bleeding control kits as critical for public safety. BSO put out press releases announcing Tony’s plans to distribute about 12,000 of the bright red bleeding control kits to every public and charter school in Broward. In September 2019, Tony held a press conference at a warehouse where he displayed the kits, emblazoned with his name and BSO’s logo, for reporters and television cameras. He said Blue Spear was not involved in the purchase, noted he had “zero involvement” with his wife’s company and said he distanced BSO by putting the contract out to bid “and they [North American] just happened to have the lowest price point of roughly 10 different vendors that applied.”

North American Rescue bleeding control kits with BSO logo.

In fact, records show, there were nine bidders. But some of North American’s eight competitors weren’t actual competitors.

For example, Henry Schein Inc. is a Fortune 500 distributor of healthcare products. Its per unit bid was about $100 more than North American’s. But that seems odd because Henry Schein acquired North American Rescue for an undisclosed price in March 2019 – four months before BSO’s bid went out.

Both North American and Henry Schein may have violated the terms of a non-collusion certificate required to be dated and signed by bidders for BSO’s bleed control station contract. Those certificates include language in which contracting bidders aver that they “are not related to any of the other parties in the competitive solicitation, and that the contractor’s proposal is genuine and not a sham or collusive or made in the interest or on behalf of any person not therein named, and that the contractor has not, directly or indirectly, induced or solicited any other proposer to put in a sham proposal…and that the proposer has not in any manner sought by collusion to secure to the proposer an advantage over any other proposer.”

The owner of unsuccessful bidder Azimuth Tactical Group of Hollywood is a retired FBI agent who asked that his name not be used. Asked last summer if he was interviewed by the FBI about his bid with BSO for the bleeding control kits, he said, “I was interviewed. So consequently I can’t tell you what I was asked about.”

BSO’s bid proposal

BSO’s original bid proposal on June 3, 2019 was for the purchase of 654 bleeding control stations – 200 fewer than were actually bought – each with a plastic wall mount, litter (patient carrier) and eight individual bleeding controls bags with a tourniquet, blanket, shears, gloves, gauze and dressings. North American’s per unit bid was $599.98, or $392,386.92. Bids from eight other vendors ranged from $635 to nearly $900 per unit.

Sheriff Tony, left, congratulates Gregory Holness last November on becoming chief of the sheriff’s Fire Rescue and Emergency Services Department.

The 200 additional bleed control kits were mostly purchased under the authority of BSO purchasing director Neesa Warlen, according to BSO email traffic obtained by Florida Bulldog. But a July 11, 2019 email written to a subordinate by BSO Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Gregory Holness, who facilitated the bleed control purchases, instructed the award amount to be raised to $750,000.

“In addition to the 200 kits, it is anticipated that we may purchase an additional 300 units depending on the grant award (and the pending MOU with the school board) for this calendar or state fiscal year which began this month. I would put the award memo for $750,000,” Holness wrote. Tony promoted Holness, a cousin of Broward Commissioner Dale Holness, to Chief of Fire Rescue on Nov. 5, 2020.

(Under the terms of the MOU, or Memorandum of Understanding, BSO provided two bleeding control stations per school. The additional 200  units were “purchased, repackaged and deployed as individual portable units to Guardians and School Resource Officers throughout Broward County,” according to BSO spokesman Carey Codd.)

Later that day BSO purchasing agent Sandra Kent sent an email about the North American deal to Col. James Reyes, the head of BSO’s Department of Administration, requesting approval “in the amount of $750,000 to cover the one time purchase and any additional purchases within the two year [contract] term under the same terms and conditions.” Reyes approved the deal the next day.

Funds from Coach Feis program

BSO’s purchase was paid for as part of the state’s $67 million Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program, established by law to help schools hire armed guards. Feis died while protecting others during the Feb. 14, 2018 shooting spree at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead and 17 others wounded.

Florida Department of Education (DOE) records from the Coach Feis program show that under Tony BSO submitted a budget that included $784,800 to buy bleed control kits and tens of thousands more for various other bleed control supplies sold by North American, including $90,000 for two “Tactical Operation Medical Manikin” body training simulators.

DOE records show that Commissioner Richard Corcoran’s office authorized those purchases, yet the records also show that BSO never spent most of the extra money. No explanation was provided, but it could be that BSO ran out of time to make the additional purchases. Under the terms of the grant, the last day to issue purchase orders was Sept. 13, 2019.

North American Rescue founder Robert Castellani

Two weeks after BSO notified North American that it was placing its $512,000 order for bleeding control stations, a company controlled by North American’s wealthy founder and CEO Robert Castellani made a $5,000 contribution to Broward First, a political action committee (PAC) supporting Tony.

In June 2020, North American employee Noreen Ling contributed $10,000 to Tony’s PAC. She did not disclose she worked for North American, listing herself as “unemployed.” The PAC reported it refunded the $10,000 to Ling one day after Florida Bulldog questioned her about it.

The former BSO purchasing official who spoke with us said that in addition to the bleeding control contract the FBI agents were interested in obtaining information about the large raises and promotions Tony gave to five BSO employees moonlighting for his wife’s company, Blue Spear Solutions.

For example, Florida Bulldog reported on May 19, 2020 that BSO payroll records showed that Blue Spear instructor Heath Clark’s BSO annual salary jumped nearly $50,000 thanks to the sheriff’s largesse.

 Clark, a captain in BSO’s Fire Rescue Department, got his first salary bump under Tony – a $4,600 merit raise – a month after Tony took over as sheriff. A much bigger increase arrived on Jan. 18, 2020 when Tony promoted Clark to chief of Fire Rescue’s training division – skipping over the rank of Battalion Chief. Clark’s BSO salary jumped from about $97,000 to $146,000.

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  • Sheriff Tony is a murderer and a crook. Whenever he stands to make money, he does it. How did he ever get into office after lying on his application about having his killing record expunged? What is he still doing in office? Law enforcement hates him, the people hate him. He must have something on someone really high up politically to have gotten this far after proving he is a liar and a thief. Somebody get their shit together and stop this man.

  • Scott Israel was suspected of many similar actions, some that were investigated, but most that were swept under the rug. What I find odd is that I can’t find even one article you wrote that critiques Sheriff Israel in any way. In fact, you wrote many disparaging articles about Tony during the election and only said positive things about Israel. So of course this makes me highly suspicious. Do your donors have a beef with Tony for some reason? Do they have some type of connection to Israel? What is your agenda?

  • Why do you love Scott Isreal Mike ? You mentioned his name 4 times in your short comment. This has zero to do with him but you talk about him more than the person under numerous Investigations and clearly lied under oath to FDLE. Stay focused Mike Smith. The Law enforcement community cant even fathom why Tony is still in his position, any other officer would of been relieved of duty and Florida LEO certification pulled months ago.

  • @mike smith you gotta be kidding me throwing Scott Israel’s name out here in connection with the writer. If you read articles from 2 years ago and research the author you will clearly get an understanding that he is only in this for the facts.

    You and these other hoodwinked puppet supporters need to face the FACTS. Tony is a fraud. Tony is a liar. Tony is a crook. Tony is not who he claims to be. And phony Tony will be behind bars after a federal indictment drops on him.

    Like @michele said the agency he works at doesn’t even support him. There’s a reason. You think cops can’t spot a liar… the one thing cops don’t ever wanna do is work with or for a dirty cop. And phony Tony is crooked, dirty, filthy and a jackass (a world class donkey).

    The sun setinel gave you fools FACTS on Easter Sunday and before. The Florida bulldog has been consistently ground breaking FACTS but no you mopes live in denial. Just because your sinking with Tony doesn’t mean you have to drown with him. Wake up fool. Wake up. Take your head from between your buttcrack and put it back on your shoulders. Walk away from him just like parkland did and save yourself before it’s too late.

    If the media took the time to give you FACTS on a Sunday where Jesus rose from the dead. Tony will be buried and won’t rise again. Another fact.

  • “Tony will be buried and won’t rise again. Another fact.”
    Not soon enough

  • Attention FBI Agents conducting this investigation! Read and verify all the documentation of this case detailed in these articles, print out all of the Florida Bulldog investigation into Sheriff Tony and that’s basically your Probable Cause Affidavit and the 302! The suspect in this case, was so self deluded that he didn’t break ANY laws regarding this case , he left a paper trail of corruption, even a Police Intern or first year law student from the local college could unravel in one week. Great reporting and hope justice is swift so this agency can try to move on.

  • I have nothing to add, tony/toney. He killed 7 BSO staff members and one 18YOA fellow gang member. LIED on sworn statements and applications perjury is not investigated by Florida’s Department of ethics. Florida’s FDLE the states best LEO’S does not want to see my issues with the MSD report

  • ISRAEL= SCUMBAG AND TONY (TONEY) = DOUSCHEBAG! Israel points fingers and blames his own deputies for his incompetence, AND TONY (Toney) succumbs to “POLITICS” to show who is in POWER and in CONTROL. Now let’s take a look at “FDLE;” FDLE’s Commissioner is Swearingen; Swearingen takes his “MARCHING ORDERS” from Governor Desantis. FOLLOW THE DOTS: Desantis appointed Tony/Toney, on the RECOMMENDATION OF PARKLAND PARENT ANDREW POLLACK, and of which was SUPPORTED BY NUMEROUS OTHER PARKLAND PARENTS…the AFTERMATH OF THE Parkland shooting was POLITICALLY MOTIVATED AND CONTROLLED. Mr. Tony/Toney was going TO DO WHATEVER HIS BUDDY ANDREW POLLACK (QUID PRO QUO HERE), and the other parents wanted him to do; that being, to hold everyone (EXCEPT CRUZ), accountable for what happened on that horrific day. So, let’s cut the crap, be REALISTIC, AND CALL ALL THIS BULLSHIT FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS…POLITICALLY DISGUSTING! It is ONLY A matter of time before Tony/Toney goes down…

  • With Satz finally out of the picture maybe some real Justice will be taken towards Police Corruption.The past history of Law Enforcement in South Florida is disgusting starting with the despicable leadership.Top Cop Top Brass .It seems to me Sheriff Tony minor infractions are nothing compared to the cancerous corruption that flowed through BSO and many Pads…Good Luck Gregory Tony

  • With Satz finally out of the picture maybe some real Justice will be taken towards Police Corruption.The past history of Law Enforcement in South Florida is disgusting starting with the despicable leadership.Top Cop Top Brass .It seems to me Sheriff Tony minor infractions are nothing compared to the cancerous corruption that flowed through BSO and many PDs..Good Luck Gregory Tony

  • That’s sad Gary, its evident to everyone what your “political agenda” is. Apparently you do not research before making comments here. Stick with the facts and you will make it through life better, God is praying for you.

  • What’s really sad is that hundreds of Leo’s who had very lucrative careers and advanced to top positions ,should never have worn a badge and were never prosecuted for there crimes under Dr Do-nothing Satz .No Political agenda just amazed at the injustice in Broward County

  • FDLE I owe an apology to them. I believed that they were letting public servants get away with lying and stealing were not doing their job. Nice work on the Broward Schools Superintendent and the old lady attorney. It seemed that “the Perp walk” would have been nice. The MSD commission stated that there needed to be an update to security at schools gave him money. MSD has 5 BSO guys at that school (the best of the Best by the way), and my research is that one Deputy did the job for many years by himself.
    So with that said, not one person told BSO that the shooter was in the 1200 building. Radio transmission, interviews, and security tapes prove that the Deputy was still looking for the shitbag after he was gone. But because Israels kids SRD and his friend and his employee never spoke to his friend/employee, he started a false narrative to protect himself. How did that work out Sheriff, in sheriff Israel’s defense, his piss poor administration team, I’m sure were behind his demis. His number one adviser Colonel Alvin Pollack (a long time (30yrs +) respected BSO leader, work his way up the ranks) help get him into the office, and the day he started his second term in office he betrayed (fired) him to bring in anther worthless FLPD. One month later, shit hit the fan at MSD. And he handled it with lies, cover-ups, and screwing a Deputy that he knew was a first-class employee. THE DEPUTY NEVER KNEW WHERE THE SHITBAG WAS. But three days after Isreal was chewed up on CNN when he challenged the NRA. They protect an elected official, that did not end well for Isreal
    The truth always comes to the top, God’s watching

  • Amen…Well said Kevin! The POLITICAL involvement in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting is beyond DISGUSTING! “GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY.” Tony/Toney’s recent comments after the Chauvin verdict was that “Police officers are not above the law;” I guess it applies to every ONE else EXCEPT HIM!!! CRIMINAL, MURDERER, LSD USER, AND PERJURER; ENOUGH SAID.

  • Blue Bloods are you getting your info and guidance from Lebron.I believe Toney was never convicted of murder why do you call the Sheriff a murderer a criminal an LSD user and a perjurer.You just told four lies what does that make you ???God don’t like liars… Enough said

  • Hey Lalonde. “Liar, really??? Let’s look at the “FACTS…” First, are you SAYING that Tony/Toney DID NOT COMMIT A HOMICIDE IN PHILADELPHIA, where he took his father’s gun from under the mattress and subsequently shot NUMEROUS bullets into his eighteen-year-old “friend?” So yes, he DID MURDER another person, whether justified OR not. Second, are you saying that Tony/Toney DID NOT “admit,” in his Tallahassee Law Enforcement application to taking “LSD?” If you were informed, you would know that Tallahassee PD DID NOT HIRE Tony/Toney due to his admission on the application of taking “LSD.” Third; FYI, PERJURY ON A POLICE APPLICATION is a CRIME in the State of Florida…see Coral Springs and FDLE applications where he lied; that’s called “PERJURY.” Regarding your “Lebron” comment, I have NO idea if LeBron murdered another person, took LSD, or PERJURED HIMSELF on ANY police application, but I certainly do know that Tony/Toney did! If you can “refute” ANY of the facts that I have just provided, let’s hear them…Enough said.

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