State ethics commission finds ‘probable cause’ that Broward Sheriff Tony repeatedly misused position

ethics commission

By Dan Christensen,

Florida’s ethics commission today found probable cause to believe Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony provided false information about himself to Gov. Ron DeSantis before the governor appointed him as sheriff in January 2019.

Specifically, Tony omitted mention of his “drug use history and an arrest for homicide,” the commission said.

The commission’s broad finding of apparently serious wrongdoing by Tony is a potentially devastating blow to his career as sheriff. Gov. Ron DeSantis, who appointed Tony in 2019 while declining to await the results of a full background check, is rumored to be considering removing and replacing him.

Florida Bulldog first reported on May 2, 2020 that when Tony was 14 and living in a poor neighborhood in Philadelphia he shot and killed a young man named Hector Rodriguez. Tony was charged with murder, but was later acquitted at trial in juvenile court. All court records of the case are sealed, or have been expunged.

Tony has said he killed Rodriguez in self-defense. Rodriguez’s girlfriend at the time disputed that account, saying Rodriguez was unarmed and that the shooting was prompted by an argument.


The Tallahassee Police Department rejected Tony for a job as an officer in 2004 after he acknowledged once using LSD. He later concealed that fact.

The commission also found probable cause to believe that Tony violated Florida Statute 112.313(6) in several other instances:

  • During the hiring process when he became a Coral Springs police officer he did not disclose information “concerning his traffic citation history, his drug use history, his arrest history and whether he had previously applied for a law enforcement position” in Tallahassee.
  • While sheriff, he completed, signed and had notarized a Florida Department of Law Enforcement certification form indicating he had never had a criminal record sealed or expunged.
  • While sheriff in February 2019, and also while he was a police officer in October 2005, August 2007 and December 2013 he falsely indicated in applications to renew or replace his driver’s license that his driving privileges had never been revoked, suspended or denied in any state. But Pennsylvania had suspended Tony’s license multiple times.

The probable cause order, signed today by chairman John Grant, was unusually strong for a commission that has long been had the reputation as something of a weak sister. It specifically rejected the recommendations of Commission Advocate – and assistant attorney general – Melody Hadley to let Tony walk. Hadley had recommended in an 11-page report that the commission find no probable cause against Tony.

“The commission rejected the recommendation of its Advocate and found probable cause to believe Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony misused his public position,” a commission press release said.

During the commission’s closed hearing last week, Commissioner Willie Meggs, a former Leon County State Attorney, expressed puzzlement at Hadley’s recommendation, and support it drew from Commissioner Michelle Anchors of Fort Walton Beach.

“It just boggles my mind that we sit here as an ethics commission and we have someone who has basically committed criminal acts by omitting and commiting perjury in an application and we can’t find an ethics violation?…I don’t get it,” said Meggs.

Anchors later called Tony’s behavior “despicable,” but nevertheless was the lone vote against finding probable cause. The nine-member commission voted 8-1 against Tony.


Tony was represented at last week’s closed hearing by Tallahassee lawyer Steven G. Webster, who issued this statement, “The Florida Commission on Ethics Advocate’s report clearly outlined that no violation had occurred and recommended the Commission find no probable cause. The Commission’s disregard of its own advocate’s findings and recommendation is unprecedented.

“While disappointed in the Commission’s action, my client looks forward to a swift finding of innocence,” Webster said.

The decision, finding sweeping misconduct by Tony, is even stronger than the June findings of the state Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, which has the power to strip Tony of his license to be a police officer. The CJSTC merely found probable cause that Tony repeatedly lied about his past driving record to obtain driver’s licenses in Florida.

The ethics commission’s findings would seem to clear the way for Gov. DeSantis to remove Tony if he’s so inclined. Florida Bulldog reported in late August that, by law, DeSantis acquired the power to replace Tony once Tony had less than 28 months to serve in his four-year term. That date was passed on September 6.

At the end of last week’s hearing, Commission Chairman Grant urged Webster and Tony to begin discussions with commission staff about settling the case. Otherwise, the case will now head for a trial before a judge in the the Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH).

“A trial with all the evidence coming out and…the press reports on a daily or hourly basis would be something that a sitting sheriff would want to avoid if at all possible. That would be punishment in and of itself,” said Commissioner Don Gaetz, a former state senate president.

The ethics commission’s case began after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement filed its 20-page report about Tony, completed in July 2021. FDLE had recommended that Tony be charged with felony perjury, but prosecutors in Fort Myers overseeing the matter declined.

The ethics commission conducted a preliminary investigation of its own and the matter was turned over to Hadley for her review and recommendation to the commission.

At last week’s closed-door hearing, Tony’s attorney was allowed to make a presentation. A tape recording of the meeting showed that attorney Webster mainly relied on and agreed with Hadley’s recommendations that no probable cause should be found.

It is not known if Tony attended.

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Latest comments

  • Everyone pay attention. Gov DeSantis is not going to do anything to Greg Tony. If he treated everyone the same Greg Tony would’ve been gone two years ago. The ten reasons Gov DeSantis used to suspend Sheriff Israel were investigated by an attorney picked by the Republicans. All ten reasons were found to be unsubstantiated. All of them. Gov DeSantis kicked the west coast State Attorney out of office for a hypothetical comment, think about that. Greg Tony is a proven liar and broke the law multiple times as Sheriff. What is Gov DeSantis doing about it? Nothing. Why? Because Gov DeSantis is a self serving, hypocritical, unethical, dishonest ego maniac. I hope the voters of Broward County treat him the way he treats them. Gov DeSantis has subverted the will of hundreds of thousands of voters to further his political career. I truly hope Broward Democrats show up on Election Day and end his political aspirations. Greg Tony lied about killing someone. Lied about using LSD. Lied about writing a bad check. Lied about his driving record. Attended social events where swapping your wife with other men/women is ok. Etc etc etc etc. Lied to Gov DeSantis’s face when he appointed him to Sheriff. Obviously I could go on and on. The truth is Gov DeSantis and Greg Tony are not worthy of holding elected office. I really hope the voters who see through this disaster send DeSantis packing. Until then Sheriff Integrity gets to tell all of us how lucky we are to have him. It’s a joke.

  • Here’s some more hypocritical comical stuff. The Advocate who works for the Florida Attorney General, who works for the Gov recommended they don’t find probable cause. Greg Tonys lawyer is very upset the Ethics Commission went against the Advocate. I wonder if Tonys lawyer was upset when Gov DeSantis went against the lawyer picked by the Republicans who said Sheriff Israel should’ve been re-instated. My guess is not. Maybe someone in the media will pose that question. Also not happening.

  • Well said Fuller…the “MEDIA???” Now that is a “freaking” joke! The Scum Sentinel (among others) will twist facts If it goes AGAINST their narrative; THE ‘TRUTH’ WILL NEVER BE REPORTED!

  • The Black Controllers of Broward County will make the governors descision for him. The Sheriff should be in prison today except he is not a White Man. This is how things work in todays America.

  • Where’s Barney Fife when you need him?

  • JERALD FULLER, “Because Gov DeSantis is a self-serving, hypocritical, unethical, dishonest egomaniac.”
    I’m a registered Democrat in Broward County and worked for the people of Broward County at BSO for 35 yrs, (retired in 2016). I Live in Parkland and had family that attended and graduated and worked at MSD and were very active in the Parkland community. After the 2-14-18 MSD Shooting, I sat with the families and witnessed loss notifications of the kids and staff. A friend that was struggling in life, and was a great community servant and mentor was killed. The process of telling the family approximately 12hrs after his homicide was cruel and very unnecessary. With that said:
    JERALD FULLER, “Because Gov DeSantis is a self-serving, hypocritical, unethical, dishonest egomaniac.”
    I see it differently, Governor Desaints in removing tony/toney (his pick), was a favor to a victim of the shooting, I think a blind guy can see that. FDLE failed the Governor, the Victims, and the people of Broward County. I believe that he (the Governor) was trying to show the victims he wanted a SWAT Operative in the schools and someone who would make changes in making schools safer.
    He based the hard charger Deputy in the schools, based on misinformation/lying by Isreal and FDLE.
    I don’t think Isreal should have been removed for why he was removed, But for saying his Deputy was a “coward” one day after he had his ass handed to him during CNN town hall meeting.
    1. Two days after the MSD shooting President Trump came to Broward, and said “give these men a raise”.
    Retired Deputy Scot Peterson, declined as he was meeting with Homicide and morning the death of people who he knew and loved.
    2. The system failed at all levels of mental health, the school system, the community assistance teams at Henderson, Lippman center, and the BSO CPIS units all were working with the shitbags family. HIPPA laws and privacy laws need to be changed. (these are the top juvenile assessment professionals in the area, and trust me they have few misdiagnoses of dangerous people).
    3. One day after, the “great leadership” Sheriff Scott Isreal had his democratic-induced “guns are bad”
    CNN Town Hall meeting. His team of “make me look good”, came up with blaming the SRD Deputy as the reason the shitbag came to the school.
    4. So we all know the system fail at all levels, but, not with the only guy who did anything Retired Deputy Scot Peterson.
    a. He was dispatched via school radio firecracker call near the north side of the school campus.
    b. When he arrived at the 1200 building, (the north end of the campus). he NEVER made it to the east side doors.
    C. Before he made it to the doors he heard GUN SHOOTS OUTSIDE.
    D. 1 second later he is on the BSO RADIO and the school radio “I have shots fired” code red. Both are confirmed with security cameras and BSO radio tapes matching up.
    E. He believed and knew in real time that the shots were outside, as my friend was killed outside of the west side doors of the 1200 building. (the shitbag had already killed and wounded everyone on the first floor, the coach was the last person killed on the first floor. That is when Retired Deputy Sheriff Scot Peterson arrived).
    F. The Las Vegas shooting had happened with a “high sniper”, (Peterson) who believed the shooter was on the south side of the building. The shots outside “were the only shots heard outside, by anyone on campus, until the shitbag shootout the third-floor window and everyone was killed or wounded. NO OTHER SHOTS WERE HEARD OUTSIDE.
    G. From the time Coach was killed (outside on the first floor) until the shitbag made it to the third floor it was 44 SECONDS before he started killing again. During that time (Peterson) was on the radio
    getting units responding, and trying to get where the shitbag was. NOT hearing any shots “under Depos” kids, teachers, security, and LEO did not know where the first shots came from. They all under oath advised Football, Baseball north parking lot. NOT ONE PERSON except VP Reed, who was proven to be lying, by the MSD commission, but the Broward State Attorney has her as a witness, knowing she mislead them.
    H. Retired Deputy Scot Peterson was with command staff and when Coral Springs PD arrived and knew the shooter was in the building. They to waited and build a team to enter the 1200 Building. (Peterson) ordered School staff to check the video, that it was not in real-time.

    I’m available for anyone who wants the truth.

  • Well,
    you can make an accurate assumption that Tony’s days as Sheriff are coming to an abrupt end. The Ethics Commission uses a vernacular that provides an avenue for the Governor to remove Tony. It also gives the Governor a cover base (defense), as one commissioner stated, “one would assume, one would hope, had the governor known all there is to know, he never would have appointed this guy,” Tony will be gone, and the governor will walk away unscathed. This will be a one or two-day story. In fact, as early as last evening, high-ranking members of the Sheriff’s Office are already consumed with who the new sheriff will be. Because their personal financial projections can potentially be in peril. BSO was once the pride of South Florida Law enforcement. Unfortunately, it has been in deep decline for the last 15 years. How much lower can it go, and continue to provide public safety, without jeopardizing the safety of its citizens?

  • Who is paying The sheriff’s legal fees for his “dream team” – since this is NOT work related I do not think the taxpayers should have to foot the bill- This was something in his personal life that caused his issues
    or am I wrong that we pay his lawyer bills for everything NON-work related

  • Gregory Tony is a democrat who is also a liar. Coincidence?

  • Kevin, I’m going to make this quick. I’m attending a Ron DeSantis/Greg Tony Seminar on how to not be an Unethical Hypocritical Scumbag Politician. It’s captivating. Your response is well written and I agree with a lot of it. Sheriff Israel wasn’t responsible for Scot Petersons inaction. We can debate that for hours. My issue is Ron DeSantis removed another elected official strictly to help himself get elected. Let’s not forget Greg Tony patrolled the mean streets of Sample/University so let’s not make him Mr SWAT. If it’s ok to remove Scott Israel for doing bad press and going after the NRA why isn’t he removing Tony for being a lying piece of garbage and criminal. Because it makes him look like the actual idiot that he is. Kevin, the truth is this is all a joke. At the end of the day I can complain and be as sarcastic as I want. Ron DeSantis isn’t touching Greg Tony no matter how hypocritical it is. I’m going to see my therapist and move on from this joke. ?

  • Kevin is correct, that the governor wanted to “give” the Parkland families a feeling of power, and control, in a very hopeless sea of loss, with his appointment of a Sheriff. Now it’s time to give the employees of BSO and all the residents of Broward a Sheriff that can truly lead his people while protecting the citizens. Nothing, but time, will ease the pain that the shooter caused. I wish them all some peace, but, I know it will take time.
    Another thing that needs to be looked at, all of those license suspensions for failing to appear. Probably traffic offenses. How many accidents has the Sheriff been in since he took the job??? I heard he’s called “Crash.” Time for a FOIA submission.


  • Calm Down Concerned Citizen, you’ll end up in therapy like me. At the risk of you throwing more capital letters at me all I’ll say is I believe Deputy Peterson should’ve done something. You never heard me say what I would’ve done, it’s very possible I stood there and did nothing. Hopefully I’ll never know. My issue is with Ron DeSantis and Greg Tony, I thought I made that clear. Keyboard hero? Not sure what that means. Anyhow, enjoy your day and take care.

  • Steve, the sheriff has a couple of “advisory board” type groups that in return for big donations, affluent members receive honorary badges and extra privileges. Make no mistake, they have been stroking massive checks to pay for this assclowns antics. So no, its not taxpayer money, but its not coming out of assclowns pocket either- as it should. Hope this helps. Be well and let’s hope this parasite on society is gone quickly as Russ has suggested.

  • JERALD FULLER- thank you for your kind words, with that said:
    So that you know and the world can know I retired under Sheriff Isreal, I know his family our kids played sports and attended school together. As a friend and subordinate, I found Scott Israel’s ego, and circle of friends (former FLPD), to be an iron fist (truth was not important) if they didn’t like you and a blind-eyed if you were in the group that kissed the ring.
    Your quote “Sheriff Israel wasn’t responsible for Scot Petersons’ inaction”.
    Now did you the read factual timeline, Retired Deputy Scot Peterson was the only person on campus to do anything.
    His (Peterson) homicide statement was altered missing the reason he moved to the 700 building was so he could try and figure out where the shitbag was the MSD Commission and the written statement from FDLE took out the words “tactical position of cover” as we were taught in training. He believed in real-time a snipe and/or more than one shooter (plus one rule). Isreal in a depo admitted that Peterson and no one on campus knew where the shitbag was. Hearing no other shots, he stood between the shooter and the main campus. (Perfect placement), I believe by training muscle memory, 32 years of “what would I do if” most cops do that. Isreal was a SWAT operator and a commander of the FLPD SWAT TEAM, I believe he may have handled it better if the 7 days of thinking about and knowing the timeline.
    If Peterson had 7 days to plan his mission or anyone would have told him where the shitbag was, but no one knew.
    1.Hear shots go to them- Peterson was on the east side of the 1200 building approaching from the south, he went straight to where he believed the shitbag was.
    2. He went to where he in REAL TIME believed the shots came from,
    (while pulling his gun, Proven via sworn depositions radioing BSO Radio shots Fired and gave his location all within 1 sec after he heard the shots, school radio code RED) seeing no one and not hearing shots.
    3. Gets to where he believed the shots came from, seeing no one he believes in REAL time the shots came from outside. (they did Coach was killed on the opposite side of the 1200 Building gun pointed west).
    4. Peterson has no idea where the shooter is, and believes the shitbag is a sniper. So he takes a “tactical position of cover” fire alarm, and not hearing any shots as he was taught in training. He believed in real-time a sniper was not shooting, because he heard no shots. So training and P&P says contain, communicate, and wait for the SWAT team.
    5 As other LEO’s arrived, they radioed that the (second shots) were coming from the football field area. A box (perimeter) was set up. Peterson still not knowing where the shitbag was, asked for school staff to go to the video room and see if they can tell him where the shitbag is. Peterson called out via his BSO Radio where the staff in the video room was telling him where the shooter was at, being (unknowingly)
    on a time delay.
    6. CSPD arrived on the scene, ran passed the Deputies without knowing BSO had no Idea or intel that the shooting was inside the building.
    7. The units that did arrive took over 30 minutes to clear the building. Peterson was with his command staff and they told him to work with the SWAT team on the building layout. He was the DIC (Deputy In Charger), and he to this day has never been relieved of command of the scene.

    Monday morning QB,
    WHAT IF:
    1. Peterson arrives at the building, goes in the building, instead of going to the shots he heard OUTSIDE.
    the shitbag is gone. (Remember coach was killed outside, the last first-floor victim outside the stairway doo). This means the shitbag was not on the first floor, but many victims were in the hallway. The shitbag steps over the coach and goes into the main building. Peterson loses because why would he go into the 1200 building when he believes the shots were outside? BAD OUTCOME and possibly more victims>

    2. Peterson arrives at the 1200 building, goes into the building after hearing the shots outside, sees the victims, and runs as fast as he can to get to the west end to kill the killer he has no idea where the shitbag is. The video shows the shitbag was on the third floor in 44seconds. Remember the third floor never heard shots until the shitbag began shooting. Most of the victims were locked out of their safe classrooms. Peterson may have gotten to the third floor by the time the shitbag became a barricaded suspect, and took appropriate action. But not before the victims were shot. NO one is saved because 44 Seconds is clearly not going to happen even if he knew where the shitbag was,

    REAL-TIME INTEL is the key to a successful outcome.

    The MSD commission was not after the truth, I don’t know why. A victim’s Family member was on the Commission and was blown off many times, with we will get to that and we covered that. So the facts are unclear But the Governor’s Office and FDLE know the truth and now the Broward State Attorney’s Office, who failed to investigate the facts about tony/toney and/or charge him. Perjury is not an option, I agree with you the smell test is failing. I’m a betting man I believe the Governor will remove tony/toney and he admits that he made a mistake and fires the FDLE agents that fail him with the background check. The same guy submitted the PC to arrest Peterson, said in a depo he had no PC and that the BSA satz was the one who came up with the criminal charges. Even though the charges exempt LEOs. The DOJ and the FBI will not entertain malicious prosecution unless Peterson is convicted.

    I stand with the truth and everyone who knows the truth or fails to look into it, is as guilty of an injustice as the Governor. Satz may lose the death penalty case because the defense showed that the shitbag was a threat to himself and others and the system, the shitbag said in a video people will say my name. I have not said it, because he gets nothing from me.

  • I appreciate your defense of Deputy Peterson and I have definitely not been overly critical of him. I feel for anyone put in his position. I just have a different opinion. I’ll try to simplify this. Ron DeSantis is a strategic politician who took advantage of the tragedy at MSD, it worked. The issue I have is he sits on his hands when it comes to the garbage he appointed as Sheriff. That’s all. It’s his mistake and to avoid looking like an idiot he ignores Tony. FDLE missed on the background but the person actually responsible is Ron DeSantis. Like I’ve said too much already, what I and we think is irrelevant. Ron DeSantis and Greg Tony are winning. Politicians do/say whatever is necessary to stay in office and voters in many cases are gullible enough to buy their BS. Take care.

  • Condemnation of Governor DeSantis is counterproductive

    The frustration with Governor DeSantis is fully understandable. However, one issue, when compared to almost 4 years of historical success, will have a rippling effect on the Democrat party in Florida, for decades to come. First, most Floridians never experienced the full overreaching authoritarianism of the federal government during the Covid crisis. We have one person to thank for that, Governor DeSantis. When state budgets were crumbling throughout the union, Florida’s economy remained open and strong. He aggressively used the law to address the CRT in the Florida schools (STOPW.O.K.E. Act) when he banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools. House Bill (HB) 1557, Parental Rights in Education. “Prohibiting classroom instructions on sexual orientation or gender identity.” These bills represent some of the strongest legislation ever seen in the country. He signed House Bill 3, a sweeping law enforcement recruitment and retention bill. “The strongest Law Enforcement Recruitment and Support Initiative in the Nation.” Florida now has almost 200,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats (Politico, July 6, 2022). Prior to 2019, those numbers were almost reversed. And for those who complain about The Governor, have you checked the value of your real estate lately? But, what can you say about the latest DeSantis revelation? Two planes of migrants flew from Florida to the swanky Island of Martha’s Vineyard. Up until this recent brilliant strategic move by our governor, there has been almost no media coverage of the border crises. Well, that has abruptly changed. Every media outlet covering the story excoriated the governor in most cases but brought a laboratory of attention and analyses to the real crises, the border, and the malfeasance by the President. This will most definitely affect house races throughout the country.

    Now, in reference to Greg Tony, he will be gone soon, unfortunately not quick enough for some. DeSantis is covering every political angle to protect his political career. Good for him. Many of you find this unethical and immoral. The Tony issue falls under a very litigious environment that requires incredible legal skills. I trust our governor. What everyone should be focused on is who the next sheriff will be, and how you can bring BSO back to preeminent status. It will require people from within, but absolutely nobody from the past or present leadership. BSO has incredible people who are just salivating for the opportunity to lead, and that enthusiasm and pride are exactly what the agency needs for success.

  • Can we all just get along nothing is permanent here on earth we are all living temporary for the moment even if it is 100 years it’s just for the moment this man is a good top cop but because he is really black they are going to threw him under the bus in the Lion den

  • Hey Russ,
    Well said, but the fact that BSO staff is being abused and bullied by a guy who was picked as an honorable gesture, for the MSD victim, who recommended him. FDLE failed the Governor. He has my support as long as this issue is addressed. What FDLE did to the people of Broward taxpayers /and public servants (tony/toney) needs to be addressed. What the same agents did to Retired Deputy Scot Peterson, a 32-year honorable public servant is disgraceful. If you know the facts/truth, and the law Peterson is a victim of malicious prosecution, just like every Deputy who has won their cases when a jury sees the facts. The families don’t deserve to sit through another trial where the Broward State Attorney and the same ASA who has lost every case against Deputies that were bullied, fired, and charged by tony/toney. Please advise the Governor that he has Broward in the bag, just do the right thing for the right reason.

  • According to sun sentinel
    We the broward taxpayers are footing the masdive legal bills for
    TEFLON TONY the teflon “don”

  • Nicely told because I grew up in North Philadelphia and know what it’s like you’ll never be able to judge a person for there past or protecting there family . You will condemn a person to live in the past when obviously it was something that has past. Philadelphia is nothing like Broward County. If you ain’t never lived there please don’t pass judgement. Movies do not tell the reality and in our city it ain’t easy to get away with murder. I’ve seen to many people prosecuted in the city of brotherly love to ever even develop the thought of something being misguided or misleading. If yean never seen it with your own eyes or yean never been in the situation then you can’t pass judgement you only have an opinion.

    The question is :

    What would you do if it was you?

    Who can answer that only you so we cannot speak for anyone else this is an article of clarification. He obtained a leadership position and everyone else is trying to take it.

    Word from Philly “We can make it out the hood but they will try to tarnish us with the things we had to do to defend ourselves.

    All the way to the top we don’t forget we just don’t have to mention.

    Everybody was talking but I don’t think y’all listening .

    I ain’t seen a person yet that can will even say anything but growing up in Philly and getting out is everything

  • Gregory Tony/Toney = homicide, lsd drug user, and perjurer on police applications…ENOUGH SAID; being from “Philadelphia,” has NOTHING whatsoever to do with ANYTHING! Nice try.

  • The bottom line is he is just not the right color for the position. So, the smear campaign will continue until they get him out.

  • I’m pretty sure Sheriff Israel is white and he got tossed for doing what?

  • Dick Johnson, I am about to pass judgement twice here. First, on that filthy killer in uniform. He grew up in a bad area as many successful athletes and business people (and myself) have. He chose to kill someone, then continue his criminal acts and thinking well into adulthood. It wasn’t a one time thing. Many began where he did, yet did well in life, and would be offended at your dismissive attitude.. Tony is a disgusting, lying, parasite on this world, and doesn’t deserve to be where he is. Now you. You clearly think that being born in a rough area gives one a lifelong pass to be the biggest piece of crap that one can be? Homicide, drugs, lying. He checks all the worst boxes. You clearly feel someone should be held harmless for anything in life because of where they once lived?? You, sir or ma’am, are cut from the same cloth as him. You can’t defend the indefensible, yet astonishingly, a couple, like yourself, still try. Maybe if he cowardly shot one of your family members from behind, because he has an animal streak running through his veins that he can’t control, like he did Chino. Would that still be ok with you? Because its not ok with Chino’s family. You and your “got an excuse for everything, blame everyone else ” agenda are very much whats wrong with society today, and I suggest you rethink what is permitted in modern society by someone of any race, because your perception of right and wrong is quite disturbing.

  • To the ‘truth teller,” A.K.A. Montana… WELL SAID! (DROP THE MIKE)

  • Melody Hadley is black, Tony is black. Don’t take a brother down.

  • Here it is. Almost halfway through October, and the dancing parasite still rules Broward. Desantis continues to play God as he prepares for his November win and once again, he is silent on the Toney issue. I thought that he would erase this filth as its a stain on him personally, but I guess the hurricane gave him enough press time that Toney gets to skate. Americans laugh at third world countries because of the blatant public dirty deeds that go unchecked in those places. Well, we are hypocrites as it is many times more expensive to live here, yet the corruption is worse. Whos the fools? The dancing douche has committed every foul act, yet leads a massive law enforcement agency, appointed by a governor who thinks he’s God. Ill stop there…. Be well folks. We tried.

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