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FBI corruption probe at Broward Health allegedly blocked by hospital district’s lawyer

By Dan Christensen and Buddy Nevins, elsanadimemorial1

Broward’s Health’s general counsel failed to cooperate with the FBI, withheld evidence and protected an executive accused of attempting to rape several employees, according to an explosive e-mail sent last week by a private investigator hired by the late Dr. Nabil El Sanadi to look into alleged corruption at the public hospital system.

The email, obtained by, is from Wayne Black, a noted Miami-based investigator, and was received at Broward Health’s headquarters on Friday, just hours after El Sanadi’s memorial service. El Sanadi had been president and chief executive of taxpayer-supported Broward Health for 14 months.

Black’s email blasted Broward Health General Counsel Lynn Barrett.

“I can no longer sit quietly while needed evidence and information is being withheld from the corruption squad at the FBI,” Black told Barrett.

Black wrote that Barrett had shut him out of “various investigations” and accused her of wrongfully asserting a claim of legal privilege to block law-enforcement access to a laptop used by a suspect executive.

“I was complaining in writing that it may appear you were potentially obstructing justice and that the FBI needed to image and take a look at the suspect’s hard drive, owned by BH (Broward Health),” he said. “I understand that even today, the FBI does not have access to that laptop. This is outrageous and the public deserves better.”

Broward Health general counsel Lynn Barrett at last weeks' board meeting
Broward Health general counsel Lynn Barrett at last weeks’ board meeting

“I also hope that after all these months, that executive’s laptop didn’t get ‘lost’ or damaged or wiped. You know very well that there is no possible attorney/client privileged information on the laptop,” Black said. “Even if there was a privilege, the DOJ/FBI has experienced taint teams to deal with any issues.”

Barrett did not respond to requests for comment by phone and email. Black declined comment because the matter is pending.

Black’s scathing email was sent to Barrett, with copies to members of Broward Health’s board of commissioners. The day it arrived, Florida’s chief inspector general also informed Broward Health that she has opened an inquiry into millions of dollars in contracts that the hospital district has awarded since July 2012.

Special meeting expected next week

Broward Health’s board is expected to hold a special meeting next week to discuss the inspector general’s investigation. No date has been set.

Black’s email explains that El Sanadi hired him in April 2015 at the direction of board chairman David Di Pietro to investigate “information and allegations of corruption at Broward Health” given to him by El Sanadi.

“I discovered the irregularities in the security RFP [request for proposals] and Nabil put a hold on the RFP process at my request. There was obvious corruption and the matter is still not resolved to this day. I later developed witnesses regarding kickbacks and other crimes and immediately referred the matter to the FBI corruption squad,” Black wrote. “We (myself and FBI agents) promised witnesses that they would not be known unless they testified. We kept that promise and will continue to do so.”

El Sanadi was informed and told Black to keep working.

“Nabil and I met several times at his home or at a local restaurant to discuss my findings as he felt his office was bugged. We used Nabil’s wife’s email to communicate most of the time because we didn’t know who would have access to sensitive emails,” Black said.

Black’s frustrations with Barrett, who was hired last summer, began shortly after her arrival when “one of your outside attorneys demanded that I turn over the names of FBI witnesses in the ongoing federal investigation. I refused, of course.”

Miami investigator Wayne Black
Miami investigator Wayne Black

The two “bumped heads” again later, Black wrote. “You had no experience with evidence handling in ongoing criminal investigations and I wrote you about that several times. Rather than turning over potential evidence to me for the FBI, your outside law firm, under some privilege argument, made copies and did their ‘privilege research,’ which I am sure, resulted in huge billings to the taxpayers of Broward County. I then wrote you that long memo about obstructing justice appearances.”

Black and Ryan Stumphauzer, a former Miami federal prosecutor working with him, asked El Sanadi “to simply make a decision on who was doing the corruption investigation internally … us or you and your Tampa law firm” – identified by Broward Health officials as Foley Lardner. “He told me it was Ryan and me but that never materialized, even after I organized an off-site meeting with Nabil and the FBI.’’

El Sanadi’s change of heart?

The email suggests a possible change of heart by El Sanadi for the corruption investigations he’d initiated.

“What Nabil promised the FBI about evidence turnover at that meeting never happened. For months, I would call Nabil and ask why the FBI still didn’t get the laptop of the suspect – he would say that the attorneys were researching something,” Black wrote.

Black continued, “Recently, much to everyone’s surprise and after the FBI contacted one suspect employee, it was decided that BH would terminate the employee and give him six months severance pay.” Black said a witness who heard about it said, “it must have been hush money.”

The former executive, identified by Broward Health officials as former purchasing boss Brian Bravo, “was bragging about getting $75,000 from BH to pay his criminal defense attorney,” Black wrote to Barrett. “I texted you and you responded you knew nothing about it. This was untrue according to Nabil. I called him immediately thereafter and he told me that you and HR [human resources] had approved the ‘settlement’ and that there was some confidentiality agreement with the former executive, now suspect.”

Black continued, “The same executive (and you were briefed about this) who according to eyewitnesses drugged and attempted to rape several employees, had sex with female employees in his office at BH, took kickbacks from vendors, created companies to sell goods to BH, had relatives working at BH in violation of policy and was generally uncooperative with internal audit in the past. And there is more from witnesses about which you were not briefed. Imagine what our cooperating witnesses must think.”

Bravo could not be reached for comment.

Black indicated that he’s surprised the FBI has yet to serve subpoenas in the case. “If this were Miami and I was still at the Public Corruption Unit and someone dragged their feet for even days, let alone months, turning over critical evidence … I would long ago [have] served a search warrant. I pray that you will take my advice just this once and immediately give that suspect’s laptop” to the FBI.

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52 responses to “FBI corruption probe at Broward Health allegedly blocked by hospital district’s lawyer”

  1. black hole sun Avatar

    It is an open secret at BH that the consigliere is in way over her reed head. Her greatest accomplishments throughout her career have centered around getting played. Whether at Tenet, Memorial, private practice and Jackson – she’s been rolled. It’s ironic that NES of all people would tag her with BH corruption. Looks like the “Tampa law firm’s” turn bilking BH is over. I wonder what legal hog will waddle up to the BH trough next? Maybe it’s time for regime change at BH.

  2. Why should this shock anyone? HR knew of the sexual allegations for years.
    It was swept under the rug by Denise Morris and Dionne Wong. These women should bring a class action suit against their employer. Only a union can save all employees from abuse.
    HR there is dysfunctional at best.
    The devil certainly wears Prada in this case.

  3. General Counsel and El Sanadi had a competition as to who could be the most wasteful in terms of money. Dig up the more recent expenses for further surprises.

  4. Recent expenses, recent hires and contracts for the new cardiac group. The Zachariah family at imperial point. a ton of money for doctors and no Cath lab or ability to perform open heart surgery.
    Holy cross dumped them, BH politics scooped them up. Pays to give lots of money to Tricky Rick Scott and the Republican Party.

  5. Thank you Florida Bulldog for pursuing the senseless death of a very valuable, highly intelligent physician. It smelled like a criminal act from the get-go Might take a while, but the truth is well on its way to the light of day thanks to your “dogged” pursuit of the truth.

  6. This hospital system is very curript. More wrongdoing will
    Come out.

  7. the art lover from miramar Avatar
    the art lover from miramar

    Memo to Lynn: my dear, it’s not going to end well for you at BH. the board has to terminate you next week. with the money you’ve put into myla’s pockets she’ll take you back. I know it sounds cruel but L you laid down with dogs and you now have fleas. I’m not the kind of guy who says “I told you so” but recall discussing apprehension about NBHD. now your alienating everyone from the board chair and compliance to the medical staff and outside counsel (other than Myla). I love you and think the world of you but now fear for your future. you won’t take my calls so in reduced to communicating with you via a blog. Maintain some dignity and credibility and exit with some grace.

  8. FBI..attention please—– contacts?
    Would someone please look into the marketing department senior vice president and her merry women? Multi million dollar contracts with Miami advertising agencies and media—gifts, concerts and more.—–we watched from across the street. Her husband had one of the largest contacts of Broward Generals physicians. a million a year contract—–that is where tax payers money went
    Absolutely dispicable woman—Frank couldn’t talk without her gift of streaming lies—-FBI please dig dig dig
    You will find skeletons if the computer hard if it baby already been cleaned. Or their home computers

  9. Those of us who have been in south Florida since the 70’s have known since the 80’s that the North Broward Hospital District is as crooked as hillbilly teeth. It’s always been that way. I can remember back in the early 90’s when the CEO was making $400,00 a year. Look how much money all the CEO’s since then have made. Dr. El Sanadi was getting 675K a year just from the district. It’s like this ya see. The board hires a CEO and gives them an obscene amount of salary to look the other way. But the latest CEO wasn’t going to look the other way. He couldn’t. The gubment has it in writing. See settlement offer. What did you expect? 800 million in reserves for a non-profit. Really? There’s gold in them there hills.

  10. Theresa Donovan Avatar
    Theresa Donovan

    Yes, FBI needs to dig, dig, dig into the King NES, may he rest peacefully. Although that will be hard to do. The Board needs to take a ‘hardcore” look at the C Suite. It is polluted with a 6 pack of infectious, poisonous, and scorning Desperate Housewives. This group of revolting wenches include: 1. Dionne Wong, the Vera Wang of Broward Health, who only gives a crap about her clothing and instructs others like it’s a clothing factory.
    2. Denise Morris, who only wishes she was a Vera Wang. Neither of them give a rats a** about employees, instead look to protect the predators lurching through Broward Health. If they truly cared about the Physicians, patients, and employees of Broward Health, the wenches below should be fired. Since they don’t care, the entire 6 pack should be rolled out one by one.
    3. Doris Peek, (Cruella de Vil, a danger to all animals). Doris, a DANGER to everyone!!! NES’s laptop?? Was that an oversight?? Any broken policies here? Protecting the guilty??
    4. Donna Lewis, (Ursula, the mean touting Octupus, who will suck another’s soul so they can live in misery). WTF is she still doing there? Isn’t there a document in HES’s safe (in his office) that details her incompetence? Watch out for skeletons when that safe is cracked open 5. Maria Panyi, previous Chief Internal Officer. How did an executive manage to receive kickbacks for all of those years?? Was it a cover up? Did she receive kickbacks from him? And Drs are leaving??? Why??? Oh, and let’s not forget her Rocky and Bullwinkle, her two sidekicks. Dumber than bats!!!! 6. Lynne Barrett, General Counsel (Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs!!!) Decisions people!! Expired contracts!!! Make a decision!! Pending contracts!!!! Please, make a F**king decision. We know, it’s very difficult!!
    They all deserve to be fired. Broward Health needs a very fresh start and will NEVER come full circle with these HOUSEWIVES!!!!

  11. Can't Take It Anymore Avatar
    Can’t Take It Anymore

    We need the Board to take immediate action and get us a new counsel. Replace her with ms. McCartney or someone who has true counsel experience. Lynn is anything but transparent. She gives her best friend Myla a lot of the tax payers dollars (conflict of interest) and takes credit for everything and responsibility for nothing.. She has completely paralyzed the health system. Her team from Jackson is overpaid, unfriendly and can’t even breath without her permission. Not to mention really doesn’t do any work. Contracts are MESS. The place must be bugged at NES suspected, at any given time of day Lynn is outside of the building on her cell phone sometimes even sitting on the parking blocks to talk…so unprofessional! We see you Lynn. When she’s inside she’s demanding her weak slave Kevin to do something for her, no separation whatsoever. Please go back to Jackson or go work with Myla. P.S. Take Carlos with you. Of all the new people, he is the most unethical, going after young women, smoking on campus and only working a few days a week but getting paid for 40! Not to mention he is super sloppy and super lazy.

  12. Broward Healh employees.
    Are you tired of this mess?
    Are you frustrated by being forced to answer employee surveys positively or get fired?
    Do you need an advocate because HR is not there for you?

    Log on to and join us, WE are there for YOU!

  13. It is better to be an educated housewife than the prior uneducated, unethical, Venus catalog, forever 21, maybelline makeup wearing, fake designer purse carrying wanna be pretty little liars: starting with Alice in Wonderland (aka boobie Barbie, aka Botox queen, aka bubble gum pink suit wearing , hooker heel VP of physician devices, on her knees please, online fake degree) to the lying red head Sara Howley Callari with the butt implants who manipulated everyone and made Frank hire her BFF Michelle ( who was fired previously) and came back only to be fired again! To as NES referred to as Diane Low who spent her final days using work time trying to find a place to obtain an online degree to get another job quickly because she feared the evil Cruela ( and yes she does hate dogs!)

    BH will be better after this is over. As NES said, stein leaders (aka housewives) rise above the chaos. God fearing people win in the end, stop this madness and hate and get back to work.

  14. Aside of the comments being true so far about Broward Health, my question is as follows: If Humpty Dumpty appoints the King and all of the King’s Men, and if Humpty Dumpty appoints the King’s Court, when Humpty Dumpty asks the King’s Court to investigate very naughty behavior among his appointed King and King’s men, is Humpty Dumpty really looking for naughty behavior among his own appointees, or might Humpty Dumpty be looking for any possible breadcrumb trail leading back to him that could result in a shell shattering fall from his wall?

  15. P.S. Who has been the attorney for many of the outrageous non-employed physician medical director contracts, PPUC contracts, etc? Hint: Look within the King’s Men!

  16. Little Chairman of the Board / Big Ego!!! Avatar
    Little Chairman of the Board / Big Ego!!!

    Board Corruption.

    Mr. DiPietro, How do you explain this???

    The community is well aware Maria Panyi, former Chief Internal Auditor, assisted you and additional Board members to push the former CEO, Frank Nask to retire! Maria personally called YOU indicating she wants to be the Vice President of Physician Services without having any experience in finance, budgets, revenue cycles, strategic planning, operations, and physician relations. Your call to Frank Nask that day clearly indicated you didn’t give a s**t, and only wanted your friend to be in an executive position. Just like you did with NES, and look at that result!!!! Frank had no choice but to announce within 24 hours she will be the Vice President of Physician Services.

    Is this a not WHAT you know, but WHO you know? Did you look at her resume? Did it matter she clearly had no experience in an extremely challenging position? Does it matter today the doctors are leaving because of her lack of skills and ability to manage their needs? Does it matter the doctors are taking their patients to neighboring hospitals. Does it matter to you Mr. Chairman of the Board that you have clearly selected your subordinates based on friendship!!!

    IMPEACHMENT may be in order for you little man!!!!

  17. The SEIU comment Makes the most Sense to me. How do we sign up does anybody know please post directions

  18. With no disrespect to SEIU.ORG, how can a union change 40 years of political corruption and cronyism that reaches far beyond Broward Health? How can you impact legislature and Florida law so the seated governor can no longer select the board, the inspector general, etc., which is the seed that belies all of the misconduct? Sure, you’ll make money too, another chunk of change out of the hides of unknowing workers. But you won’t be able to address the real elephant in the room, hence you are not the answer. Florida law needs to be changed so the governor can no longer appoint his friends for their collective financial gain off the hides of tax payers who put their heads in the sand instead of raising their voice! You want change? PICKET! The residents of this county need to march with picket signs outside every BH hospital and office building and demand change to the law and to their practices. The residents of this community need to request documents and hold BH accountable under the freedom of information act. The board of commissioners and the foundation board should be comprised of caring citizens, served by the facilities, who have vested interested in the quality of care and fiscal management; not a bunch of politicians, c-suiters, doctors, and business friends pilfering millions of dollars for personal interest. Take a look at the foundation board: Did one member from the furniture company make money furnishing the entire new corporate office? Is SKANSKA building Chris Evert? Is Sunshine Health Plan’s CEO getting a sweet deal with BH and are all of their fees for residents within Broward Health’s jurisdiction? DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY! And sorry docs. You all got yourselves into illegal contracts full well knowing what you were doing and then were paid secretly not to sue BH after they paid your attorney fees because you cried when your names were associated to your own fraud- one doc got $150k not to sue. Really? The same doctor said he’d hate to see the quality of care compromised if he took a salary reduction, a requirement by law. Are you saying doc, you are going to decide on the quality of my care based on what you are paid? Holy cr*p! Pack up and leave – please do us the favor! Broward County residents deserve MUCH BETTER than this but it can only change if they raise their collective voice and demand changes to the law. Otherwise, do you prefer Northern or Charmin?

  19. Ex IT employee Avatar

    Wow and Interesting AT!!! Have you worked with her??? Having worked in the IT department, and getting the F*** out asap, are you seriously defending Cruela’s harem of evil and wickedness? There are a bunch of desperate housewives who can’t hold a candle to the ladies in your fairy tale. Your DH’s may not be giving ‘blow jobs’ (or maybe they are), but they are blowing smoke!!! Cruela’s grand plan is to spend $30Million on an ego driven, nobody cares about “Care Warrior” campaign. She doesn’t give a dog’s crap about any employee!! Cruela is the devil and her puppies and puppets know it!! And, her degree is so old, it’s buried somewhere in the Archives. I already have enough dogs, but find me one that likes her and I just might adopt it!!! Challenging task AT!!!

  20. Reality Check Avatar

    Come on AT!! Cruela!!! AKA Doris!!!! You are the HATER!!!! Writing offline during work hours. Breaking policy!!!! Why don’t you get back to work!?!!?!

  21. There is so much on the line here; it will discredit what we have to say if we beat each other up instead staying focused on the issues. What is being said is serious and will hopefully bring down the house of cards. Please post comments that will make a difference for the community, that will help clean BH up 🙂

  22. The North Broward Hospital District has always been one big pot of public money that certain private individuals want to get their hands on. Am I the only one who remembers back in the 90’s when Governor Chiles removed a certain well connected Broward Businessman as the chairman amid a shit load of improprieties? A certain lawyer got the boot too. And how long had they both been there? People should have gone to jail back then. But when you’re that politically connected and you know where all the bodies are, not much happens, aside from being removed from your position. Here we are all these years later, and once again, one of the 5 biggest non-profit (ha ha ha) hospital districts in America is still up for grabs. Not a damn thing has changed. Maybe someday we’ll get a governor who makes appointments based on who would really be good for the job as opposed to who is owed a favor. When you have the CEO of a non-profit hospital district making in excess of 600K per year, something stinks in Denmark. I just hope the feds clean-up this cesspool once and for all.

  23. Dear altruistic crusader,

    You are correct about staying on point not using this platform to sling personal mud. However, I somewhat disagree about the union comment.
    What else can an employee do? Do you work there? Do you know how frustrating it is to not be heard and be afraid to express your opinion for fear of loosing your job? Do you clean body fluids from the OR floor for 12 dollars an hour while be harassed by your boss because you don’t do it fast enough.
    Don’t you understand. WE HAVE NO VOICE.

  24. Fully understand, Anonymous! We all remain anonymous because of the black balling that exists throughout South Florida healthcare as a consequence of raising our voice and telling the truth. BH is notorious for paying poorly and under-staffing, and permitting egregious HR mismanagement to pervail. All I am saying is that the union will not resolve political corruption within and linked to BH, or the exsanguination of Medicare, Medicaid, and tax-payer money that is the hundreds of millions of dollars. If you had an honest/invested board that really cared, and if the money intended for patient care actually went there (which includes proper staffing, proper staff pay, and competence), perhaps you would have a much better working condition that I am 100% confident that you and your colleagues deserve.

  25. Raindancer, et al. Under the Freedom of Information Act YOU have the right to receive copies of any and all documents and communications within BH. Perhaps you all should bombard BH with requests via certified mail and take a peek at recent CEO/C-Suite contracts including Nask, Breen, El Sanadi, etc., and also some physician practice group contracts and medical directorships. Look at the payouts they get even if fired for complete and total incompetence. It’s enough for most to retire on. I never got paid out for doing a job poorly! Also look at the RVU payment structure for the employed docs. If higher coding = increased RVU. Good way to do less for more $ in less time. Example: One of their pediatric oncologists took the summer off because his RVU exceeded his contractual cap, a requirement for maintaining his fair market value under the CIA. Who took care of these children with leukemia and cancer while he was off sunning himself somewhere AND still enjoying full time employment benefits? How would you feel as a parent if your doctor said “Gee, I am sorry. I can’t take care of your sick or dying baby anymore because I made too much money?” Way to go BH!

  26. Broward Health has become a total joke lately. Who is making decision at that place? Can someone explain to me how in the world someone likes Richie Persaud, who was very close to Brian Bravo, who himself took thousands of dollars from vendors in exchange for lucrative contracts, got promoted to the Director of Materials and Procurement Officer. Are these people blowing air out of their ass?

  27. Broward Health has become a total joke lately. Who is making decision at that place? Can someone explain to me how in the world someone who was very close to Brian Bravo, who himself took thousands of dollars from vendors in exchange for lucrative contracts, got promoted to the Director of Materials and Procurement Officer?

  28. Ethical previous employee Avatar
    Ethical previous employee

    All those millions Broward No Health receives from Taxpayers of Broward County to help the poor—the only problem is it goes to pay the managers, directors, vice presidents and contracts. You see the contracts are an issue because the managers, directors and vice presidents don’t know how to do the job themselves, so they contract with their friends (who are smarter than they are) to do the work. It’s like a giant meatball of losers who have been promoted – they all know they can’t go anywhere else unless one of their friends get a job their first. The contracted workers do ALL the work on the web site, all the computers upgrades, all the writing for the dumb employee newsletter that no one reads, but it get awards, all of the cleaning, all of the security work. You get the point? Everything is outsources so no one has to do anything….except the poor nurses and cafeteria workers. What a concept!!! And the rest get their 5 year amnesty and get their long term pensions and payoffs. Everyone goes home happy!!!
    Medicaid people wait months to be seen. No one cares. I is obscene. Try to call the Medicaid office appointment desk at BG and there is no answering much of the time. Up to 6 months waiting. BH loves the message machines so they can act like they never received the message.

    It is just amazing how the same names come up over and over again. But will the FBI ever see any of these comments? Take the pensions away from the slackard, scum sucking managers and use the money for the poor people of Broward County!!!

    BullDog please give these comments to someone who can do something about these animals who call themselves a healthcare company.

    FBI grant us the serenity to know you are going to do the things we cannot change, that you have the courage to change the things none of us can, and the wisdom to know there are thousands of us who will appreciate your efforts.

  29. Broward Taxpayer Avatar
    Broward Taxpayer

    Dear Altruistic Crusader:
    You are brilliant.
    Who can make the signs and where do thousands show up? How do we organize this? Please, someone, volunteer and organize us! Most of us who own property pay between $100 and $300 per year as a line item on our taxes. If you have them rolled up into your mortgage, you may not be seeing that line item.

    I will copy what was written as it is BRILLIANT:
    “PICKET! The residents of this county need to march with picket signs outside every BH hospital and office building and demand change to the law and to their practices. The residents of this community need to request documents and hold BH accountable under the freedom of information act.”

    The board of commissioners are truly an embarrassment for this county. They are NOT knowledgeable about running a hospital – what it takes, and what kind of people should be hired. Many of us left because we knew we could never get anywhere as long as all of these Vice Presidents kept hiring their friends. Then the directors hire their friends. This is rampant throughout this company.

    The contracts are frightening because they should have all been bid out. I wonder if anything was purchased correctly? I wonder if the full page color ads in the sun sentinel were worth it. I see the billboard and cringe. At least I can read them now. Before, I wasn’t able to even figure out what I was driving by. If anyone calls, they get an answering machine, so why so many ads?

    Sun Sentinel should be ashamed of themselves for not covering some of this sooner. Were you aware and just didn’t cover it so that the full page ads would keep coming your way? Is it yellow journalism or just being an ostrich? Not sure, but that’s scary, too. Many people rely on your coverage. Maybe you can take a few lessons from BullDog!

  30. its all starting to make sense. thanks AC

  31. Pissed Taxpayer & Family of employee Avatar
    Pissed Taxpayer & Family of employee

    As a taxpayer. I would like to join with others to have this system overhauled. Also, I want my money back. BH/NBHD you have raped not just employees but our entire community for too long. I’m ready for a revolution. Heads MUST roll. Accountability must be instituted. Reaparations must be made.

  32. As an employee why do I have to keep taking tests each year on Stark and Anti-Kickback laws, when I do not have anything remotely to do with it. How come I have not heard of anyone being terminated for the issues which caused the NBHD (BH) to pay nearly 70 million in fines?

  33. Frustrated Employee Avatar
    Frustrated Employee

    Seriously do any of you know what you are talking about. Most of you are talking out of your a–. The test is part of the OIG agreement. All the corruption will come to a head in due time if there is any. Tearing people to pieces is not the answer. We need to all come together and work as a team. This blog is not the answer.

    Please let NES rest in piece and God bless his family.

  34. A.N. Employee Avatar

    We have been tested annually on Stark and Anti-Kickback laws. While the rush for us all to be tested again may have been the result of the OIG agreement. Why test the little fish when the big fish make the decisions and break the laws?

  35. Dear frustrated employee.

    This blog IS the answer because if we speak up at work there is retribution and no support from HR. At least in my area. Perhaps you are a manager or work with the executives that are ruining the organization. In which case you are jaded.
    Second, this has nothing to do with Dr. El Sanadi or his family, so put that card back in the deck where it belongs.
    This is about greed, ego and misuse of power and public funds. Broward Health is dirty, I am ashamed for the first time in over 20 years to tell people where I work.
    So frustrated fellow employee, join the cause. Tell the truth and rise up against the pigsty that our workplace has become.

  36. I am trying to understand how Broward Health works.
    So..A Director is accused of inappropriate behavior with female staff and possible improper relationships with vendors. He gets 75K severance package.
    Someone from HR (you know you are reading this) please answer the following questions.

    If I am not a manger and I get fired for let’s say, tardiness. Do I get a severance package?

    If I am not a manger and I get laid off because you need to cut employees due to mismanagement , do I get severance?

    Does staff get the same severance as managers? If not why?

    I like the idea of requesting documents, I may ask for your HR policies because something is not sounding kosher here. Des not pass the smell test with me. I think there possible discrimination if ALL terminated employees are not treated in the same fashion. Just my guess..any labor attorneys care to weigh in.

  37. Frustrated Employee Avatar
    Frustrated Employee

    Tell me, how do you think this blog is going to help you? Let the people doing the investigation do their job. Criticizing is not the answer!!

  38. Broward County informed taxed payer Avatar
    Broward County informed taxed payer

    Dear FBI and,

    Look deeper into the newly promoted Director of Materials Management! You will find that he had full knowledge of everything Brian Bravo did and did nothing to stop it. Richie actually protected Brian as much as Brian protected him.

    I would like to add my 2 cents as it pertains to Darmindra Persaud AKA Richie Persaud and his recent promotion to Director of Materials Management and Procurement Officer.

    What an absolute disservice to the community and the Broward Health employees to promote Brain Bravo’s most loyal manger and righthand man of over 8 years! The FBI has been interviewing corporate materials management employees and the staff have repeatedly named Richie as a person that was in all those high level and unethical meetings. It is not known if he accepted kick backs from vendors but he definitely knew about Brian Bravo’s unethical behavior and for that reason alone Richie Persaud should be fired but because we are talking about Broward Health, he got promoted! Actually, it is well known throughout Broward Health that Richie knew about Brian Bravo’s unethical business practices and was protected by Brain Bravo which explains why Richie was promoted in the past. Richie was trained by Brain Bravo for years so it is within reason to say, Richie has limited knowledge of Materials Management because his responsibilities within Broward Health were his introduction to Materials Management so how do you go from being trained by the most unethical Materials Director in Southeast Florida to being promoted to Director? If Broward Health does not want to change or if Broward Health is trying to cover something up, I guess Richie would be your guy since he WAS trained on how to cover things up by the “Master”.

    Other facts to consider as you make up your minds about the corruption. No one was interviewed for this position! Richie’s only Materials Management experience was working under Brain Bravo and Brain knew very little about Materials Management to begin with. Richie’s limited Materials Management knowledge is well known throughout Broward Health and his pervious jobs expose him. Richie does not have the respect of his own staff and the ones that are happy with his promotion are happy because they knew that if anyone else was hired, they would all be fired which includes the bulk of the Corporate Materials staff and managers (with the expection of a few). It is well known within the Broward Health Corporate departments that Richie does not have the experience nor the Materials Management ethical characteristics to fix this mess but it’s also abundantly clear that Broward Health is not looking to change anything. The contracts will remain a mess, the staff will continue to be clueless (with the exception of a few) and bad contracts will continue to be signed at the expense of the tax payers. I do not know who made the decision to promote Richie but one has to question your business sense and your ethics!

  39. I wonder if the citizens, who support the district, could initiate a class action law suit?

    Does anyone else want to picket besides me and Broward Taxpayer? Our two little voices are not enough……I will monitor the site, and if a large amount of people want to picket, I will find out the requirements for making it legal and begin painting the signs.

    And my thoughts about Richie and Brian: Minnows in a sea of Great White Sharks.

  40. Frustrated employee II Avatar
    Frustrated employee II

    Frustrated Employee,
    Criticizing and speaking up is the answer. Nobody listens anyway. This is the perfect platform to vent our frustrations. This allows us to speak up and speak the truth without negative results, or getting fired (HR has become famous for firing the wrong people). They only look to protect the guilty. The current issues are a result of the board appointing NES to his kingdom back in December 2014. He was entirely inexperienced. Qualifications didn’t matter then, and they don’t matter now (Kevin Fusco, not the right man for the job). It won’t matter for the future of the NBHD. He will be appointed anyway as the CEO. Because this is how the Board of Commissioners operate. NES’s inexperience resulted in hiring Lynne Barrett, the dumbest General Counsel money can buy. Her and her attorney’s abilities (or lack of) are below sea level at best! Contracts have not gotten done in over the year. They are not getting done now, and they won’t get done in the future. If Kevin had a “set of balls”, he should fire a bunch of people. But he won’t. So, the best thing the BoC can do is FIRE him, then the inexperienced and politically appointed SVP’s, VP’s, Directors, and those HR bitches (Dionne and Denise). These two do an excellent job of covering up disgraceful, discriminatory, and unethical matters, rather than protecting the employees who make a difference!!!! The morale at BH is the worst yet and there is no indication it will improve anytime soon.

  41. Coming to this site has been holding me over until Scandal starts back up tonight.
    But seriously I guess this is a place for employees to vent.
    Unions are not the answer. JMH has their share of issues with SEIU.
    What will picketing do but get you your 5 minutes of infamy?
    In my opinion this all starts with that weasel of a governor and the fact that your board of commissioners gives zero fucks about the people they are to serve.
    Look at the responsibilities as outlined here
    Vote vote vote and hold your elected officials and the idiots appointed to the board accountable!!!
    We need people on the board who care. People who look at infection rates patient satisfaction and outcomes! I remember how great it was going to board meetings when you had someone of substantive value like the dear Cora Braynon.

  42. Shake my head
    We don’t have time to wait for elected officials to get their act together. If Jackson employees are unhappy,,they can vote the union out…but we haven’t
    The SEIU is the answer. I work at Jackson and would gladly work at BH if they had a union to watch their backs.
    I have many friends that work at several BH hospitals, they all say the same thing.They are ready for change, the do not feel supported by HR and are looking for someone to step in and stand up for them.
    So, speak out, I don’t know what you do for a living but I suggest you walk a day in the shoes of those who care for patients and are treated like dogs, have unsafe patient ratios, raises only when it is employee survey years, managers and execs who receive hefty bonuses that impact the bottom line so much, BH was I the RED after the pay out.
    tHis is what I hear from friends working at BH..DO YOUwant to work there?

  43. When it is all said and done, it comes down to a reprehensible betrayal to every clinical, EVS, and nursing support employee. Employees who are on the front lines day in and day out out to care either directly or indirectly for patients and their families at the most vulnerable time in their lives. It is with absolute blind faith that the patient TRUSTS they will be cared for in a genuine, competent, and compassionate manner. Isn’t it ironic that BH employees on the front lines CANNOT TRUST their leadership to have THEIR backs? They give so much and are shown so little respect in return. Just remember BH executives bringing in all of those DIRTY dollars: What goes around comes around. Meanwhile, these flagrantly and arrogantly disrespected employees will still strive to make a positive difference in the lives they touch…true caring, grounded values, and high integrity just can’t be bought.

  44. Re: Real Betrayal’s comment…
    Well said. Truth in the real sense of the word. Sad.

  45. After reading all of the posts and articles contained within the Sun Sentinel and Floridabulldog over the past few weeks, it seems to me this mess will not get resolved without honest federal level intervention, and that it starts with our all-too-dishonest governor and then trickles down. The governor appointed the Florida Inspector General (FIG), the Broward Health (BH) board of commissioners (BOC), and the BH CEO, the latter NOT a position the governor is to appoint yet seemingly done because the CEO had contributed big bucks to the governor’s campaign, and who knows what else. Then there is all of the cronyism, be it outrageously over paid physicians (many of whom also contributed to the governor and other political friend’s campaigns), outrageously overpaid BH executives who also received outlandish compensation packages when termed for pitifully poor performance, or Foundation Board Members who receive outrageously lucrative contracts within BH in exchange for their charitable contributions to BH. Then there is grand larceny, and kick backs within the purchasing department. And last, aside of inept senior leadership, there are allegations of gross (and I mean gross) sexual misconduct in the work place by an apparently known sexual predator. My take on the FBI and Fl IG investigations are this: I believe the FBI is looking into the larceny/kick backs, and the sexual misconduct was a side bar finding that should not deflect attention away from the much bigger federal crime although it should be investigated and resolved on the state level; I believe the governor initiated the FL IG investigation purely because of the FBI investigation, because he must separate himself for his own political survival, and throw some some friends under the bus in order to deflect attention from his own dirty hands in oder to pursue his continued political aspirations; I believe Dave DiPietro is following the governor’s lead, all of a sudden claiming to want transparentcy, thus deflecting attention away from himself, leaving those too stupid and too late on the uptake to see the train headed non-stop,full-steam ahead their way; I believe the purchasing dept director has one heck of a serious mental health problem, including sexual addiction, which I am not giving a pass on, that I hope will be properly managed on the state level, criminally and psychologically, as stated previously; I agree with one blogger who said the law needs to be changed so the governor can’t elect the BOC, and the BOC should be comprised of caring and skilled community servants who have the health system’s and its patient’s best interests at heart; and lastly, I hope the OIG will reopen and broaden their investigations; I hope Medicare and Medicaid will audit every bill submitted over the past decade for upcoding and medical necessity, and take away the right to bill CMS for any doctor found guilty, plus pursue criminal charges; I hope the IRS will perform a 5-year retrospective (or maximum allowed retrospective time frame) audit on every physician found to have been overpaid, or to have entered into a fraudulent medical director contract with BH; I hope the IRS will perform a similar audit of every c-suite executive past or currently employed at BH; I hope the IRS will perform a similar audit on all Foundation and BOC members, past and present within the past decade; I hope monies recovered for any and all of these crimes will somehow be returned to the people from whom it was robbed; I hope the people who are able to read and write , and who have seen all of this ugly news, will raise their voices and demand change to Florida law whereby the governor may NOT elect the BOC, and that the BOC be comprised only by needed, skillful, caring residents of this community. If all else fails, I agree that what goes around comes around, and one way or another they will all pay their piper. This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever read or blogged about.

  46. With all due respect, the real betrayal is to the patient’s who receive inadequate health care not because of well-intended employees, but because well-intended employees are too few in number, and because the overall quality of patient-care products is compromised by thugs who are pilfering off the top.

  47. Wow was waiting for Bravo to get busted ' Avatar
    Wow was waiting for Bravo to get busted ‘

    Was a long time coming but knew it had to catch up. For years sales Reps. Came to my office telling me they had to pay Bravo to get contracts in south Florida.
    I knew some day it would all come around. It’s taken what about 12-15 years?

    The FBI needs to interview every sales Rep. From every company that’s done work at this system. Bravo was Materials Manager of the year once almost made me sick.

    He gave a bad name to those of us that never even had lunch with sales Reps.

  48. When you think of bad management think no education Deborah Hankerson and Janis Mitchel the two evil treat the employees like dogs

  49. how came two sister can wok for compliance shame on DonnaLewis

  50. Central business office there s so corruption with adjusting off in insurance balance

  51. Could it be Risk Scott attempting to block the FBI probe, sending in the FL IG to perform an erroneous investigation into contracts dating back to 2012 because there may be implications for him and his cronies that he wants cleaned up?

  52. Bob, why did you stop reporting on this?

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