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Broward Sheriff Tony running again even as state ethics and police standards commissions push cases against him toward trial

tony running
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony

By Dan Christensen,

Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony hasn’t filed paperwork to run for re-election next year, but there’s no doubt now that he’s running – despite a mountain of bad news, including findings by two state commissions that there’s probable cause to believe that he’s lied repeatedly under oath.

At the same time, state records show that the first case against Tony, which includes a recommendation that his license as a police officer be revoked, is now set for trial during a two-day hearing on Nov. 1-2.

How do we know Tony wants to be sheriff for another four-year term? Last week, he emailed a select few looking to raise funds “so we can button this race up before it even gets started.” Over the weekend, a copy was obtained and posted on Facebook by Citizens Over Politics – COPS, a group run by Gary Karp, an ex-assistant to former Sheriff Al Lamberti.

“I wanted to personally reach out to you today and ask for your financial support so we can continue to make [the] Broward Sheriff’s Office the best in the country. Would you consider rushing a contribution to my political committee, Broward First?” Tony wrote.

“Since taking office, I’ve led several successful initiatives that have transformed the Broward Sheriff’s Office into the most professional and accountable public safety agency in Florida – and I’m just getting started. I need your help to continue to build off our progress.”

Tony’s declaration that Broward First is “my committee” would seem a risky turn of a phrase to describe a political action committee (PAC) that claims in its organizational paperwork to be “independent.” Yet it does acknowledge today’s sad reality – that it’s true because enforcement is nil.

Attorney Eugene Stearns


“The candidate can’t be communicating and sharing data and whatever with the PAC, but of course it’s honored in the breach,” said attorney Eugene Stearns, a founder of Miami’s Stearns Weaver Miller. “Just read the newspaper every day, those that are left, and look at the extent to which very prominent candidates are doing precisely that.” He noted that includes Gov. Ron DeSantis in his run for the Republican presidential nomination.

Tony was elected in 2020 as more than a million and a half dollars flooded into Broward First – an IRS-ordained 527 organization that can legally accept unlimited contributions. Most of it flowed from the generous checkbook of one man – billionaire S. Donald Sussman, the Fort Lauderdale hedge fund manager and founder of Paloma Partners.

But election records show that today there’s only about $200,000 left in Broward First’s coffers. So, it’s time to restock. The big question: Will Sussman kick in again in a big way?

Meanwhile, as Tony begins to ramp up fundraising, there’s a surprise twist out of Tallahassee’s Division of Administrative Hearings. The first case to be adjudicated will be the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) probable cause findings regarding Tony’s alleged perjury, not charges by the state ethics commission, most notably his failure to disclose his arrest for homicide during the gubernatorial appointment process to become sheriff. The public can attend the hearing, to include witnesses, which will be held online via Zoom conference.

Despite the seriousness of the charges, the CJSTC’s case has been on a glacially slow track. The CJSTC found probable cause in June 2022 to believe Tony showed a lack of “good moral character” after the FDLE cited him for eight counts of “false affidavit perjury” regarding Tony’s driver’s license applications. Because of that, the commission decided, Tony’s police license should be yanked.


While revocation would be an embarrassment that would mean Tony could no longer be a cop or wear a BSO uniform with his unique display of five stars pinned onto his lapels, he would remain Broward’s elected sheriff. Tony, who was certified in 2005, was a policeman in Coral Springs where he rose to the rank of sergeant.

Tony refused to be interviewed by FDLE agents as they conducted a wide-ranging investigation of him that began six days after Florida Bulldog reported exclusively on May 2, 2020 that as a 14-year-old in Philadelphia in 1993 Tony shot and killed a young man. 

Tony was arrested, jailed and charged with murder, but was acquitted in juvenile court. All court records in the case are sealed and Tony’s version of what happened, that he killed in self-defense, took a serious hit when the FDLE obtained and made public Philadelphia police records recounting witness statements to detectives that Tony wasn’t defending himself and killed in cold blood.

Tony never disclosed the killing to Gov. DeSantis before DeSantis appointed him as sheriff in January 2019 to replace Scott Israel, who gained notoriety in the fallout from the infamous Parkland school killings.

In the meantime, Republican DeSantis has suspended two elected Democratic prosecutors – Orange County State Attorney Monique Worrell and Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren – for neglect of duty, but has left Democrat Tony untouched despite his tempestuous administration.


Tony’s lack of disclosure about his arrest for murder, his statements under oath that he did not have his case sealed and certain other instances of alleged lies were dropped by the CJSTC as either “lacking sufficient evidence” or “barred by the statute of limitations.”

Instead, the CJSTC upheld FDLE findings regarding false affidavit perjury for allegedly lying on official driver’s license paperwork in March 2002, February 2004, October 2005, August 2007, December 2013, March 2017, June 2017 and February 2019. That last offense was committed just weeks after Tony was sworn in as sheriff.

But Tony’s Tallahassee lawyer, Stephen Webster, moved on Friday to get most of the case dismissed.

“The CJSTC does not have the lawful authority to prosecute the allegations which are alleged to have occurred in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2013,” Webster argued. He called those allegations “stale and untimely.”

Prosecutor Natalie Bielby, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) assistant general counsel, countered Wednesday that Webster’s argument was “totally incorrect.”

 Administrative law judge Robert Kilbride will decide.

Tony’s ethics case, which had appeared to be moving more swiftly toward trial, reached the probable-cause level when the commission voted 8-1 in September 2022 to find probable cause that Tony not only lied repeatedly while renewing his driver’s license, but concealed his homicide arrest from Gov. DeSantis and lied about his criminal history to both the FDLE and the Coral Springs Police Department to advance his career.

The ethics commission made a second finding of probable cause on the same facts in a separate complaint that was  issued by the commission in December 2022.

That case, before administrative law judge June McKinney, is being prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Melody Hadley, an ethics commission advocate.

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13 responses to “Broward Sheriff Tony running again even as state ethics and police standards commissions push cases against him toward trial”

  1. Ron DeSantis handed Greg Tony a gift via Andrew Pollack. DeSantis was and is too much of a corrupt politician to correct his mistake. Hopefully he gets crushed in the presidential primary. Tony and Hunter Biden are somewhat similar, extremely flawed criminals with powerful people covering up their mess. The CJSTC and Ethics Commission are puppets for Gov Dummy. They’ll slow walk this until DeSantis is out of office. Do not expect them to do their job in November. The Commission can recommend anything they want to DeSantis, it’s not binding. Waste of time and tax payer dollars. The truth is Greg Tony should’ve never been a cop, should’ve been fired, should’ve never been appointed Sheriff and he should be removed. He’s a pathological liar, a hypocrite and he actually thinks people respect him, not his position. If not for DeSantis, Tony couldn’t get a job as a dog walker. The voters of Broward are dumb enough to elect this criminal piece of garbage so we’re stuck with him. The good news is we get to continue listening to him tell us how important honesty and integrity are. 😂

  2. What Jerry Fuller said!!

  3. lidia N peterson Avatar
    lidia N peterson

    The previous NPA candidate from 2020 may run under the Independent party platform, but this is not confirmed. I know there have been meetings with independents and some Republicans to unite. In order to defeat Tony if he is able to run for re-election in 2024. All know a Republican in this county has no chance of defeating him. It would only happen by a Democrat in the primary or if an Independent is able to unite both Independents and Republicans, along with some Democrats who are tired of being lied to.

  4. Jerry Fuller has composed the most accurate description of the crook, Tony, and his actions. Thank you Mr. Fuller

  5. Concerned Citizen 1 Avatar
    Concerned Citizen 1


  6. It appears Desantis has abandoned Broward County and its residents.

  7. Kevin A Bolling Avatar
    Kevin A Bolling

    Well said Jerry Fuller. Let’s not forget the malicious prosecution of 13 Staff members most of them Deputies. These long-time honorable public servants were fired publicly embarrassed and their integrity was questioned. All but two have been made whole because the truth came out that tony/toney a proven liar again. All have been cleared and given 5+ years of back pay, attorney fees, and benefits. Two more are coming and have been cleared and just like the others tony/toney wastes tax dollars with lawyers who tell him he was wrong but they are hired and work for the sheriff. tony/toney has gone against the taxpayers and employees as he bullies and abuses honorable staff, into putting their integrity on the line to support his abuse of power. Please the good people of Broward reach out to your Florida Commission of Ethics 850-488-7864, Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) Mark Glass Commissioner 850-410-7000, and the failed attempt presidential candidate/Governor DeSantis 850-717-9339.
    You may have to call many times because they are not very responsive when complaining about tony/toney.

  8. Toneys blue panties Avatar
    Toneys blue panties

    The fact that Desantis hasn’t vaporized this filthy, blue panty wearing, ball grabbing, drug using, lying, hypocrite shows he will do nothing. Ethics is a joke and so is the governor. Toney and his daddy Desantis have held hands and literally urinated on what was left of the entire profession. But I guess me and the three others that post here are the only ones that despise the blatantly putrid hypocrisy. Rock on toney. Maybe you should be running for president. I mean being a lying, killer, felon hasn’t slowed you down a bit.

  9. We are all saddened by the tragic loss of our BSO brother, Fire Rescue Captain Terryson Jackson in that fatal Fire Rescue helicopter crash. Yes, there is a current investigation by the appropriate authorities. But what is also saddening is that Sheriff Gregory Tony gave an interview/ press conference published in a news article on In that article, Sheriff Tony stated ” In June, he said, he raised concerns about the state of the helicopters. ”
    Sheriff Tony’s words. ” Listening back to my statements in June, you probably heard more awareness in my tone,” he said, of hey, “we need to get this done, because eventually the aircraft is not going to be capable of flying, and the risk factor of one falling out of the sky is too great. Now it has happened.” Maybe it is a bad time to write about this, maybe too soon after the tragedy. But we need answers. Obviously, Sheriff Tony admitted that there was a danger of the helicopters not being safe and wanted them replaced. His own words ( not capable of flying, falling out of the sky ). He did this hoping to put responsibility on the shoulders of the County Commission. Gregory Tony, apparently you knew based on your statements that the craft was unsafe and did not ground them. Once again we have a Sheriff stipulating that old phrase ( Not my fault, not my responsibility). Once again your decisions have costs the lives of the personnel and an innocent civilian. Common sense, if the equipment is deemed old and unsafe and there is the probability of that equipment or lack of equipment to cause harm or death. Immediate action must be taken. I apologize if I seem insensitive at the moment and if anyone is offended, Not you, Tony you should be ashamed of your actions. RIP Captain Jackson and thank you for your dedication of service, your love, and your example of life, how to live as a good testimony to GOD.

  10. The sheriff has been and continues to waste millions of dollars fighting the unjustly terminated deputies. This money could go towards new equipment such as helicopters that took lives of good people. The sheriff takes everything personal instead of doing what’s right by his department and the budget.

  11. Concerned Citizen 1 Avatar
    Concerned Citizen 1


  12. Kevin A Bolling Avatar

    Sick to my core, credit goes to tony/toney the first time I watched him stand up for a Staff member, during FF- BC T. Jackson’s funeral, Thank you, Sheriff. But back to who you really are an untrusted liar, Drug user, bully public servant abuser. The Florida Administrative Hearing Office is not publicly releasing the Hearing info (where and the ZOOM info on Nov 1-2, 2023.

  13. […] is especially true as the incumbent remains highly vulnerable. Investigations have found that the highest law enforcement officer in Broward County lied on a job application, neglecting to […]

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